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Sometimes you don’t want your plants to be seen by every other person in your house. Hiding marijuana plants can keep problems and other complications at bay.

Growing weed indoors can be a problem sometimes, and you have to control the temperature, humidity, and many other factors.

Having a Stealth box solves all those problems.

You can actually build a cheap DIY Cabinet that works well and make the hydroponic system, but that would be a little hard for beginners. The easiest way is to buy stealth boxes online.

Nowadays, it’s effortless to find the best stealth grow box & cabinet online.

BUT do you know what you should be looking for when you are buying?

Do you know which ones are the best brands and products out there?

Don’t worry!

We are here to help you out with that.

We have compiled a list of the Best stealth grow box & cabinet reviews which will help you decide which ones you want to buy depending upon your preferences.

All the stealth grow boxes and cabinets are selected by researching the market; we have chosen and reviewed the best ones for you.

We have also given some of its advantages in the sections below.

Above all, these best stealth grow boxes & cabinets will hide your marijuana plants from prying eyes!

TOP 5 Best Stealth Grow Box & Cabinets 2023


PictureModelWeight (lbs)Dimensions (inches)Link
Best Stealth Grow Box & Cabinet
Supercloset Superbox Grow Box

Supercloset Superbox


18 X 24 X 30
Check Price
Best Stealth Grow Box & Cabinet
Unique-Hydroponics Lowryder Grow Box

Unique-Hydroponics Lowryder


24 X 16 X 9.5
Check Price
Best Stealth Grow Box & Cabinet
Dealzer Grand ma’s secret 3.0

Dealzer Grand ma’s secret 3.0


36 X 20 X 16.5
Check Price
Best Stealth Grow Box & Cabinet
Unique-hydroponics Yield Machine Max

Unique-hydroponics Yield Machine Max


48 X 18 X 13
Check Price
Best Stealth Grow Box & Cabinet
Dealzer Grand ma’s secret 4.0

Dealzer Grand ma’s secret 4.0 (EDITORS CHOICE)


36 X 20 X 16.5
Check Price

Let us show you some of the advantages and the disadvantages of having a Stealth grow box:

  • Less Tedious and more hygienic
  • Encourages better and higher yields
  • Less toxic
  • Saves space
  • Enables you to control odour
  • Little to no pesticide needed
  • Enables you to have control over what kind of light do your plants receive
  • Portable
  • Plants can be grown indoors
  • Complete control over environmental factors
  • Hides marijuana plants from preying eyes
  • Stylish along with being discreet
  • Very durable setup
  • Plug and play
  • Might be expensive
  • Requires some basic research and knowledge
  • Consumes electricity
  • Requires monitoring

Features that you should lookout for!

This section will talk about what basic features you should look out for when buying the best stealth grow box & cabinet online. We will do our best to dig out all the following information for the products we reviewed in this post.


The first and foremost factor is money. If you are starting as a beginner, we cannot advise you to buy expensive equipment. When you are still in the experimenting and learning phase, look out for good cheap options. This way, you get to learn things without straining your pocket a lot.

Although, if you have experience with stealth boxes and cabinets, then you can go ahead and buy the very best ones on the market. They might be expensive but will provide you with way more features and durability.

Check out this Unique-Hydroponic Lowryder Grow box on amazon. It is the cheapest Stealth box on our list.


You need to check out if the grow box is completely lightproof, as you don’t want to let the light escape the box. If there are holes from where the light can escape, your setup would have less efficiency and higher lighting bills.

Another thing to check out is what kind of light is the grow box providing to your plants.

All the stealth cabinets have different lighting systems like T5 lights, CFLs, or LED grow lights. We would advise you to go with the lights which provide you with the longest frequency spectrum. The more the frequencies in the spectrum, the better the plant will grow.

Growing Medium

This is very important! You can get soil-less grow boxes out there. Soil-less grow boxes have hydroponic systems. If you want to grow the plants straight and normal, you can buy the ones that have soil as a growing medium.

Although, if you are interested in a more advanced and more efficient system, you should opt for hydroponic grow boxes. Using this system will guarantee you bigger and better marijuana buds. We have reviewed the Best Hydroponic systems on our website and also added a buyer’s Guide.

As you might know, Deep Water Culture Hydroponics is a perfect way to grow the best marijuana plants. Check out this Dealzer Grand ma’s secret 4.0 Grow box on amazon, which uses this system to allow you to grow bigger and better buds.


You will find that this odor control is presented as a percentage on many websites. This percentage will tell you how good the grow box is in containing the marijuana smell. The higher the percentage, the better the grow box’s capability to conceal the odor.


Your grow box’s lighting system may exert a lot of heat. Be careful and choose a lighting system that exerts very little heat; otherwise, people may become suspicious of this nice little cabinet in your room. Typically, LEDs give out the least heat when it comes to lighting systems.


OK, who wants a cabinet in their room that is making humming and buzzing sounds? Right?

It’s a dead giveaway! So make sure to check out how quiet the fans are inside your chosen stealth box.


The foremost reason for buying the grow box is to conceal your setup in plain sight, right? Therefore, check out the model photos before you buy anything online, make sure it looks normal, boring, and insignificant. You don’t want people asking you – Wow, that’s a cool-looking cabinet; can I check it out?

Looking for a very compact and discreet grow box? Then, the Supercloset Superbox Stealth grow box is the best contender for that.


Some top models of stealth grow boxes can function completely on their own. Check out with the manufacturer if the grow box is completely automatic.


You need to decide the number of plants you want to grow inside the stealth box and decide how tall your plants will be. This information will help you choose a grow box with sufficient dimensions to accommodate all your plants.


Generally, you want the grow box to have more wattage. Having more wattage means how bright is the grow box, generally the wattages indicate the type and power of the lights fitted inside the grow box. With wattage, you can also guess the amount of electricity the grow cabinet is going to eat.


If you already have a preference, then check this section out. We have categorized the grow boxes according to their best features. Although, if you want to know more about the stealth boxes, check the detailed reviews in the sections below.

BEST Automated Product

Supercloset Superbox – If you are looking for the best-automated stealth grow box; then this is the top choice. Check out its detailed review below to find out more about this product.

King of Masking Odour

Unique-Hydroponics Lowryder – This grow box will ensure that your roommates or guests do not get that sweet marijuana aroma. It will completely hide the odor of the weed plants.

BEST Dual Lighting Grow Box

Dealzer Grand ma’s secret 3.0 – We love the lighting system on this stealth grow box. It provides you with both VEG and BLOOM lighting. As you might know, your plants need a different kind of light when in different growth stages. This Grow box will make sure that your plants get everything they need from a light source.

Stealth Grow Boxes With Lots of FREE Stuff

Unique-hydroponics Yield Machine Max – You will love this grow box if you love getting free surprises! They provide you with lots of free marijuana-growing goodies like nutrients and CO2-enhancing tablets.


Dealzer Grand ma’s secret 4.0 – This grow box is our favorite amongst all. The reason for that is their lifetime warranty along with the Deep Water Culture Hydroponic method of growing marijuana plants. If you are confused, buy this stealth cabinet, and we are sure that you and your plants will absolutely love it!

Supercloset Superbox -Automated Grow cabinet

This cabinet is very compact; you can basically keep it anywhere you like. Be it a kitchen, garden area, or bedroom, this grow cabinet will protect your plants and be discreet at the same time.

The overall dimensions of this grow box are 18 X 24 X 30 inches.

We have included this grow box in our Best stealth grow box & cabinet list because it is an award-winning full automatic grow box. It includes its own carbon filtration as well.

The outer door can be locked to prevent others from opening it.

The material with which the body has been made is 16 gauge steel, so you don’t have to worry about its strength or durability. It is also fully fireproof.

You can place up to 10 plants inside the grow box; these plants will get their light from a RED Spectrum 200 Watt CFL light.

The best thing about this complete stealth hydroponic grow box is that you get all the accessories for free. These include things like: hydroton rocks, nutrients, fans, TDS meter, Rockwool cubes, etc.

They also have a youtube channel where they show tutorials on how to use this Grow box. Please go HERE to their official website to see the list of videos.

With a 3-year warranty and 24/7 customer, grow, and technical support available, this is sure one of the best stealth grow boxes & cabinets on the market right now.

  • 3 year warranty
  • Free nutrients
  • Free accessories
  • Lockable door
  • Fire, air and light proof
  • 24/7 Grow and technical support available
  • Made with strong steel
  • Can store up to 10 plants
  • Fully automatic grow cabinet
  • The Grow light provided inside this grow box is a CFL and not an LED. (LED is better than CFL, if you want to know the differences between them then go to our Buyers Guide for Lighting systems HERE.

If you really want the very best in the market, then this is it! It is a fully automated grow box with enough storage area for 10 plants. You get everything you need to start growing cannabis right away. You will only need less than 90 minutes to start your growth. If you have a big budget, this is the very best thing you can buy.

Unique-Hydroponics Lowryder Grow Box – Expert in hiding marijuana odor

The company guarantees that you will love the product! They can say that with confidence because they have been developing grow boxes for the past 10 years.

That’s a huge collection of experience, right?

We have added this product to our best stealth grow box & cabinets list only because of this perk. They know what they are manufacturing and selling. They have so much confidence in their product that they provide you with a lifetime warranty!

You can clone, vegetative grow, or even grow seedlings with this 6 plant stealth grow box.

If you are just a beginner in the stealth hydroponic grow box system, you shouldn’t worry as they have a complete manual inside the package that will provide you with instructions and growing tips. They even have a dedicated team of customer services that are on 24/7.

Best part?

This best stealth grow box comes with a 6 month supply of plant nutrients, so you do not have to purchase any extra. They even provide you with other accessories like bulbs, oxygenating bubbler, intake and exhaust fans, air pump, net posts, carbon activated filter, and tubing.

The 3 lighting bulbs they provide are rated at a lifespan of 10,000 hours.

What’s more?

You also get a 6 month CO2 enhancing tablets with the package.

The total dimensions of this box are 24 X 16 X 9.5 inches.

  • Compact
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 6 months of nutrients and CO2 enhancing tablets provided for free
  • All accessories included
  • Perfect for controlling odour
  • Good quality
  • Made by an experienced manufacturer
  • The weight of the product is not mentioned

If you are looking to hide the odor of marijuana, this complete stealth box is perfect. It has an odor trapping carbon-activated filter system. Any air going out is filtered through it, which makes the odor of marijuana disappear like magic! So, why not head on to amazon to check the latest price?

Dealzer Grand ma’s secret 3.0 – Grow box with both VEG and BLOOM lighting

If your priority is getting the best stealth Grow Box that has lighting for both the growing stages of your plant, then this one is for you!

The company provides you with a lighting system with both VEG lighting 6500K grow bulbs and BLOOM lighting 2700K flowering bulbs. These lights are built on a YoYo system that will help you adjust and control the height of the lights.

Awesome, isn’t it?

With the best of both, you don’t have to worry about plants not getting enough light to do proper photosynthesis.

The size of this CFL stealth grow box & cabinet is 36 X 20 X 16.5 inches. You will be able to place 9 plants together inside it. Which is a decent number of plants from a grow box.

As this 9 plant grow box is tall, you will plant those plants that gain height after maturing.

You will also get free moon dust and 2 year supply of plant nutrients with purchase.

The accessories pack contains the 125W CFL bulbs, 9 net posts, 9 starter plug airlines, air pump, bubbler, powerful 80mm fans, carbon filter, lockable lathes, and stone timer ONA block odor terminator.

This best stealth grow box & cabinet comes with a lifetime warranty and lifetime technical support.

  • Lifetime warranty and technical support
  • Powerful fans
  • ONA block odour terminator
  • 2 year supply of nutrients and moon dust
  • Include both Flowering and Veg CFL grow lights
  • YoYo system to adjust the heights of grow lights
  • Perfect for beginners
  • It is not made of metal, instead they have used wood as building material

This one is for the people who want a proper lighting system with their grow box. The company makes sure that your plants get proper light all the time by providing the grow box with both VEG and BLOOM grow lights for different stages of plant growth. So, if you prefer a bigger nutrient pack and adjust the lights’ heights, then go for this one.

Unique-hydroponics Yield Machine Max – Grow box with LED lighting system

With this best stealth grow box & cabinet, you can grow marijuana from seed to full plants simultaneously as an outdoor plant.

You get everything you need to grow weed in this best complete stealth Grow Box; you have to get some seeds.

Talking about the lighting system, you get a 150 Watt UFO LED lighting system. This system is also movable vertically.

Although you can also buy another version of the same product with a 300 Watt LED grow light with dual exhausts.

Best part?

You will get free bottles of FloraGro, Floramicro, and Floraboom nutrients. These high-tech nutrients are made by General hydroponic company and are of excellent quality.

If you want to know more about the nutrient, then General hydroponic have made an extensive FAQ section on their website, which is very helpful; follow this link to see it.

You will be able to grow 9 plants simultaneously in this stealth grow box. There are two large cooling fans and a carbon filtration system as well to mask the odor.

Other accessories include: pumps, bubble, timer, net posts, grow cubes and CO2 enhancing tablets. They will also provide you with an ONA block pro odor eliminator.

The overall dimension of this grow box is 48 X 18 X 13 inches.

  • Free FloraGro, Floramicro and Floraboom nutrients
  • Can grow 9 plants
  • CO2 enhancing tablets provided
  • Very tall
  • Lots of free accessories
  • ONA block pro odour eliminator
  • 150 Watt UFO LED lighting system
  • No mention of warranty
  • No weight mentioned on their website

This is really a decent product if you are interested in a reputed grow box. You can grow up to 9 plants in this grow box, and they also give your FREE general hydroponic nutrient bottles. Isn’t that awesome? You also get a 150W LED lighting system, which is very beneficial for the plants. With the provided accessories, you will only need to buy the seed of marijuana to start growing it at home.

Dealzer Grand ma’s secret 4.0 – Editors choice for Best Stealth Grow Box & Cabinet

This DWC hydroponic grow box is made in the USA by industry experts.

The dimensions of this grow box are 36 X 20 X 16.5 inches; as you can imagine, 3 feet tall grow box will be perfect for growing marijuana.

This is the best stealth grow box & cabinet because it comes with a MARS hydro LED lighting system. It is an excellent full-spectrum lighting system, which provides your plants with all the light frequencies to make them grow faster and better.

Another great feature of this product is that the interior of this best stealth grow box is made out of a reflective film, which will reflect all the light and will also act as an insulator.

As this is a Deepwater culture hydroponic product, it has a strong 40 GPH pump that will ensure that the water is fed continuously to the plants and back to the reservoir. The reservoir capacity is 3 gallons.

Along with all that, there is also an in-built air pump that will provide oxygen to your plant’s roots.

You will be able to grow 9 plants together inside this stealth box. Also, you will get all the things you need to start growing marijuana.

These include things like: Dual outlet ground timer, RX Green nutrients, Ozium scent equalizer, carbon filter, starter plugs, and lockable latches on the door.

Isn’t this the best product from the list?

You also get a lifetime warranty and unlimited technical support via email and phone.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Free RX Green nutrients
  • Deep water culture hydroponic system
  • Mars hydro LED lighting system
  • Timer included
  • Ozium scent equalizer along with carbon filter included controlling the odor.
  • Can grow 9 plants simultaneously
  • Powerful 40 GPH pump
  • None

You can’t go wrong with this best stealth grow box & cabinet system. You will get mars hydro LED lighting system which is very good for both the VEG and BLOOM growth stages of the plant. It also has great reviews online and is one of the most sought-after grow boxes on the market. We recommend this product to every marijuana grower out there. With the DWC system, you will be growing plants that have a faster growth rate and provide you with the best yields! Head on to amazon to check out the latest price!

So that’s it for this post!

You might have already made up your mind about which grow box you are buying, great! Go ahead and buy it from amazon and start growing those sweet buds.

But just in case you are still confused, then read this:

As per our research and liking, the Grow boxes’ obvious winner is the Dealzer 9 Plant LED Grow Box Grandma’s Secret Garden 4.0

The company will provide you free nutrients and all the accessories to grow marijuana at home. Along with a lifetime warranty, they also provide you unlimited technical support via phone and email. What more can you ask when buying the best stealth grow box & cabinet?

I hope you liked it and enjoyed it! Check out our other reviews on this website to enhance your marijuana growing operation today!

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