Is Weed Legal in the Bahamas?

Is weed legal in the Bahamas? No, weed is illegal in the Bahamas. The country even doesn’t accept medical marijuana. Weed in any form comes under the category of dangerous drugs. So if you have plans to smoke this ‘dangerous drug’ in the Bahamas, get educated about the cannabis laws in the country.

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A beautiful beach landscape strikes your mind when you think of the Bahamas. Indeed, the Bahamas is one of the most visited places to chill around the beautiful beaches. So if you think that you call roll your favorite joint or enjoy your strain, Stop by! Smoking weed in the Bahamas national commission in the public domain is entirely illegal.

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Marijuana in the Bahamas:


Cannabis in the Bahamas is NO, NO. Interestingly, the country against making marijuana legal today was once the primary place for drug trafficking.

So, how come the Bahamas become so resilient toward cannabis legalization?

To understand this, let’s see the History.

History of Marijuana in the Bahamas:

Until 1960 the Bahamas was once a transit country for cannabis materials; even in the dawn of 1991, more than 22 kilos of cannabis or 300 pounds were taken from Jamaica to Bimini.

As per the latest incident, the Bahamas was the focal point of drug smuggling from Jamaica to the USA in 2010.

The law Enforcement: Dangerous Drugs Act

At present, marijuana comes under the dangerous drugs act, through which cannabis is entirely illegal and is considered a “dangerous drug.”

The drug laws are stringent and enforce heavy fines and jail time:

  • Upon conviction, possession of cannabis up to one ounce in the Bahamas may fine you $125000 or 10 years of jail time.
  • While upon summary conviction, you may be charged upto $50,000 or 5 years of imprisonment.

And the punishment will get stricter if a person is involved in possession of two or more packets supplying the cannabis goods:

  • The penalty of $500000 or 30 years of strict imprisonment.
  • While upon summary conviction, the fine would be $250 000 or 5 years of jail time. And if someone tries to sell weed to a child or young adult, the amount satisfactory would reach up to $750,000 or 40 years in jail.

You should not try to go against the legislation. Instead, the government takes all notes to keep cannabis.

Bahamas Cannabis laws are stringent.

What is the present-day status of marijuana in the Bahamas?

What does the public want?

The public of the Bahamas wants marijuana legal. According to a survey in 2018 by the Public domain, almost 71% of people want to get at least medical marijuana legalization.

What is the government planning to do?

At an event at Abaco, Bahamas Prime minister Dr. Hubert Minnis also stated in the year 2020, “The government is in the process of now completing legislation to bring to Parliament to legalize medicinal marijuana so that medical marijuana could be grown by Bahamians here –- utilized and exported – medicinal marijuana,”

He further stated that due to harsh laws, the young people who are found culprits of possession of cannabis have lost their future. They cannot travel to the USA. Also, they are finding it difficult to get jobs. So it’s time to rethink “our outdated cannabis laws” in favor of the country.

However, he refused to accept marijuana use for recreational purposes. This statement has filled Bahamese people hoping to get their medical cannabis soon.

For this, the Medicinal Cannabis bill proposed in 2021 is under process. So, we can see the decriminalizing of cannabis in the Bahamas for medicinal purposes very soon.

What is the Medicinal cannabis Bill?

According to the Medicinal Cannabis Bill 2021, the Medicinal cannabis authority would be established to enforce and supervise the bill.

Before that, in 2018, in a municipal event in the town hall meeting, the Caribbean Community Regional Commission (CARICOM)on marijuana distributed a report suggesting the declassification of cannabis as a dangerous drug and keeping it as a normal one.

According to the proposed bill:

  • You will be eligible to use and apply for cannabis only at or over 21 years.
  • The authority can grant or refuse the application for the license.
  • The authority would provide licenses for manufacturing, research, cultivation, import, export, and transport according to the bill.
  • Cannabis we import or cultivate its materials will be available to sell commercially only for medicinal use.
  • The license will be for 3 years, with $10,000. The license fee will be non-refundable. Also, there is a clause to renew your license at least a month before its expiration; else, you need to pay a late fee of $1500.
  • Under the Mental health act, a practitioner can prescribe medicinal cannabis to the patient.
  • Any pharmacist must give medical marijuana after verifying the patient and the prescription.
  • He can supply cannabis for 30 days maximum.
  • Also, the health minister has complete authority to change the amount for cultivation, possession, or even prescription of the controlled substance.

So, we have seen that the Bahamas has taken a step further toward marijuana reform. Still, the bill is pending to get approval. The final report is in the process. So you can check the final report.

What is more towards the decriminalization of marijuana in the Bahamas?:

You can say that the government is moving in the right direction in decriminalization.

When Prime minister Minnis said in favor of the legalization, it was the after the impact of actually a report given by the Economic recovery Commission(ERC).

Which says that just moderate legalization or decriminalization of marijuana can bring enormous revenues for the country as the other neighboring countries do.

Also, the report suggested,

  • There should be government-owned land to allow cultivation by small-scale farmers.
  • Exempt hemp and CBD-derived products with no or least THC from the regulation.
  • Allow recreational use of weed up to 2 ounces as simple possession. The amount of cannabis more than this should come under punishable offense.
  • Government should provide licenses to Cafes, resorts, hotels, and guest houses to promote tourism in the Bahamas. In addition, it is essential to attract tourists to the country.

Where can you find marijuana in the Bahamas:

As marijuana is not legalized yet, strict laws are after the people having cannabis. Still, there are a few places you can get marijuana in the Bahamas.

People suggest taking the help of cab drivers, and They are pretty well known the places to get the weed. So tell them what you are looking for. So, focus on them.

A straw market can be your next good move. Many people share posts and suggest the place. So, you can go there. A black man usually asks you to have cigars.

Disclaimer: We are not suggesting any place or drug. So, research well before proceeding!


Can I get weed in Nassau?

Some people suggest that it is an excellent place to get marijuana. However, we don’t recommend it.

What is the future of marijuana in the Bahamas?

Seems bright. As the National Committee is a good move toward legalization. At least medicinal cannabis can be available for use. And hence cultivation also grows.

What is the cost of cannabis in the Bahamas?

It varies, but you will get $20-$40 for a handful supply.

Can I take cannabis to the Bahamas?

Transition and transportation are illegal in any country, and they will get legal status.

Can marijuana be put on sale after decriminalization?

We cannot say this as we don’t know how the Bahamas national commission moves with the bill.

Can marijuana be legal in 2023?

Till now, the prime minister making recommendations doesn’t mean it is legal now. The process takes time and is slowed due to covid.

Can local people help me in getting the herb?

It would help if you tried it on your own. Maybe if you are lucky, you will get it. But we don’t recommend it. Better wait till it becomes legal.

Can you suggest some good online dispensaries?

MSNL and Cropking are good dispensaries.

How can I get medical marijuana in the Bahamas?

Till now, it has been illegal. However, you may get it through the practitioner’s recommendations after decriminalization.

Is Weed Legal in the Bahamas: Final Go!

As of now, you cannot possess or cultivate cannabis in the Bahamas. However, it seems that the future is bright for medical marijuana.

Of course, the government has to look at the heavy revenues that cannabis brings. Also, its health benefits should reach ordinary people.

Marijuana is a drug that can do wonders in a regulated environment. And, we see that the Bahamas is on the right track!

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