Is weed legal in Dominican Republic: Everything you need to KNOW

Are you planning to visit the Dominican Republic? Do you want to know whether you can buy, sell or consume weed in the country? Is weed legal in the Dominican Republic? Know Here. A must-read!

If you are concerned about all these, then read along…

The Dominican Republic is a Caribbean country famous for its rich culture and blessed nature. The country is the second-largest one among Caribbean countries. The country has been fetching a large number of tourists every year.

But, if you are a cannabis lover and want to visit the Dominican Republic or try to get some marijuana there, then beware!

Because using Marijuana is a punishable offense in the country. Yes! It’s illegal.

I know you want to know more about the cannabis laws in the Dominican Republic; stay with us!

Cannabis laws in the Dominican Republic


Indeed, you would not like to visit the Dominican prison when you are on vacation. However, the country has stringent penalties corresponding to weed usage.

In a nutshell, using or possessing medical or recreational Marijuana is a severe criminal offense. The police and Narcotics department are pretty active there, and if drugs are found with you, you will end up in jail.

I will tell you in detail.

Hence you must be aware of the rules and regulations of the country.

The Law: Categories and Penalties of the offense

Dominican Congress had approved a law 50-88 dealings with Narcotics on May 30, 1988. The law states that the possession of any quantity of Marijuana, whether for medical or recreational purposes, is entirely illegal.

The punishment and penalties imposed fall under the following categories. The distribution of legal categories depends upon the number of drugs one possesses:

Category one:

In this case, the guilty person is an individual accused of possession of Marijuana.

Defined as simple possession of Marijuana -20grams or less.


Defined as possession of Hashish – 5 grams or less

Penalties under Category one:

Minimum Sentence: Imprisonment- 6 months; and fine- $1,500 Dominican pesos.

Maximum Sentence: Imprisonment – 2 years; and fine – $2,500 Dominican pesos.


In Simple Possession, the Principal offender and deemed accomplices are eligible for the same penalties.

Category Two:

Accused may be Distributors or vendors.

Defined as possession of Marijuana -20grams to 1 pound.


Defined as possession of Hashish – More than 5 grams or less than 1/4 pound.

Penalties under Category Two:

Minimum Sentence: Imprisonment- 3 years; and fine- $10,oo0 Dominican pesos.

Maximum Sentence: Imprisonment – 10 years; and fine – $50,000 Dominican pesos.

Category Three:

The guilty one is considered a drug trafficker.

Defined as simple possession of Marijuana -1 pound or more.


Defined as possession of Hashish – 1/4 pound or more.

Penalties under Category Three:

Minimum Sentence: Imprisonment- 5 years; and fine- $50,000.

Maximum Sentence: Imprisonment – 20 years; and fine – $ 50,000 Dominican pesos.

Traffickers have to pay a fine of no lesser value, or we can say of exact value of the seized controlled drugs but no less than RD$50,000.

There is one more category, Stick to the article.

Category Four:

Suppliers, Financiers, and Patronizers fall under this category. And the penalties corresponding to this category are undoubtedly the most serious ones.

Penalties under Category Four:

Suppliers, Patronizers, and Financiers have to pay a fine of no lesser value or the exact value of the seized controlled drugs but, in any case, no less than 1,00,000 Dominican Pesos.


It is important to note that from category two to category four, accomplices will be eligible for the penalty immediately inferior to the principal person.

You must have understood now that carrying, buying, or selling Marijuana in the Dominican Republic is not wise. So don’t even think about weed, and stay out of trouble.

To know more about the laws, Please refer to the following links.

Know from the official site of the organization of American states.

More queries? Refer to our next segment of FAQs.

FAQs: Is weed legal in the Dominican Republic?

Q1. Is there any chance that weed will become legal in Santo Domingo in 2022?

Ans: No, according to the latest study in 2020, The Dominican Federation for the Fight against Drugs (FEDELUCD) has not accepted the proposal to legalize Cannabis in these American states.

Q2. Why is the government of the Dominican Republic so reluctant for legalization?

Ans: The government of the Dominican Republic has many concerns regarding health and safety. They believe consuming Marijuana may increase the number of road accidents. Also, side effects caused by Marijuana could be problematic. Moreover, they also believe that their youth will become nonproductive if they indulge in weed.

Q3. Is jail punishment flexible?

Ans: No, not exactly. Usually, it is fixed. But in the case of suppliers and financiers, the exact sentence is determined by the judge who questions the guilty and is taking a trial.

Q4. Can I grow Marijuana in DR?

Ans: No, not a good idea. It’s a severely punishable offense. You will pay a heavy fine or may be sent to prison for at least two years.

Q5. I am a medical marijuana user and planning my trip to DR. Will I get weed there?

Ans: Buying and selling weed would lead you to jail. Forget Cannabis till you are in DR.

Q6. I have found someone in Punta Cana whispering whether they want weed in tourists’ ears. Should I buy from him?

Ans: only if you love jail or you can take so much risk. That’s up to you.
We recommend forgetting about weed!

Q7. Is medical Cannabis allowed?

Ans: No, It Doesn’t matter if you are taking Marijuana as a medicine or for recreational purposes; you will end up in jail.

Q8. Can I use CBD oil in DR?

Ans: CBD oil is again a cannabis product. Hence CBD is illegal. Please don’t put yourself into trouble.

Q9. I have a medical marijuana card from another American state. Am I safe in the Dominican Republic?

Ans: Unfortunately, if you are caught with the stuff, you will have to face the trial. DR doesn’t allow tourists to use or keep Cannabis. So beware!

Q10. How to stay engaged in DR without Marijuana? I am addicted to it.

Ans: Definitely, you will miss weed there. But, DR is full of natural beauty. The state has beautiful beaches with lush greenery. Enjoy the nature here.

The Essence:

Certainly, weed in any fashion is illegal in the Dominican Republic. 420expertadviser highly recommends not using or even thinking about Marijuana if you stay or visit the Dominican Republic. The country is not friendly to cannabis connoisseurs.

Therefore, stay away from weed, as jails are not a nice place to spend your life.

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