10 Best cannabis strains for tinnitus in 2024 [The Most Promising]

Do you know what the best strains for tinnitus are? Tinnitus symptoms are alien to the normal ear, but if we’re talking about some of the best natural resolutions to this ailment, why would we not speak of medical marijuana?

In this guide, you will learn how to treat tinnitus properly, as we will give you the best cannabis strains for tinnitus! Not only that, but we will also put an end to all the hearsay and speculations about how people acquire it!

The cannabis strain considered the best for tinnitus is the Atomic Bomb. This Chemdog cross has been awarded as a famous strain for tinnitus, as well as other similar conditions associated with tinnitus. It will give you mild psychoactive effects that will keep you from that annoying sensation.

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What is Tinnitus?


What is Tinnitus

Tinnitus aurium, or simply tinnitus, is a ringing or vibrating in the ears experienced by patients who have it. This sensation can be chirping, hissing, buzzing, ringing, whistling, or any other uncomfortable sound that can cause distractions to your regular routines.

Different people experience tinnitus differently, and the kind varies on its intervals and loudness.

For most patients, they notice their tinnitus symptoms at night, before going to sleep in a quiet room, or when they are alone and are not talking to someone else.

DID YOU KNOW: Tinnitus is a common condition affecting nearly 50 million adults in the United States.

Now that we’re aware, or we have an idea of what tinnitus is, let us know discuss its mere classifications.

Subjective Tinnitus vs. Objective Tinnitus

In case this is your first time hearing or knowing about this condition, do know that there are actually two (2) types and kinds of tinnitus: subjective tinnitus and objective tinnitus.

Subject tinnitus is known to be the type and classification of tinnitus caused by neurological and auditory reactions from damage or hearing loss.

Objective tinnitus, on the contrary, is the classification of tinnitus that is caused by any physical occurrence related to your ear. This can be any of the following:

  • Overused muscles in the ear
  • Ear canal vibrations
  • Increased blood flow
  • Ear injury
  • And many more

If we take and consider both types, you will see and notice that the primary difference between the two (2) would be the hearing sounds involved. Objective tinnitus is usually caused by external sound, while subjective tinnitus comes or can be heard by the person with the condition even if there is no external sound involved.

What Are the Most Common Tinnitus Symptoms?

Being a rather common condition, tinnitus symptoms vary from the person’s quality of life and overall health. However, there are a few common symptoms experienced by tinnitus patients, and these are:

  • Buzzing sound
  • Clicking sound
  • Roaring sound
  • Hissing sound
  • Humming sound

Causes of Tinnitus

Now that we’re aware of the symptoms, let us know go and discuss the causes of tinnitus. Experts believe that one of the strongest and most influential causes of tinnitus is age-related hearing loss.

Hearing sounds is normal, and when your inner ear or cochlea receives or perceives sound, it triggers electrical signals from your nerve to your ear, to your brain, or the auditory nerve.

For younger people, loud noises that damage the inner ear are among the most common signs. Apart from these, though, other usual causes of tinnitus include:

  • Earwax build-up
  • Exposure to loud noises
  • Ear canal injury
  • Circulatory system problems
  • And others

Its commonness, naturally, wouldn’t be a cause for concern, as millions of Americans experience it. However, there are certain situations where you’ll need to seek proper diagnosis.

When Should You Seek Tinnitus Treatment?

When Should You Seek Tinnitus Treatment

Just like any other type of condition, you should seek professional medical advice or treatment if your case of tinnitus is already affecting your daily routines and programs. Extreme cases of tinnitus can negatively interfere with the person’s quality of life.

Oftentimes, medical professional doctors and wellness professionals say that if your tinnitus is causing you to be unable to concentrate, you need a proper diagnosis of this condition.

Research states that medical marijuana has been found to be effective in treating tinnitus symptoms drastically, as cannabinoids can greatly influence the middle ear.

How Medical Marijuana Helps Tinnitus Patients

Basing it from a scientific perspective, the National Library of Medicine, the world’s largest biomedical library, said that there is no scientific evidence that tinnitus sufferers can be guaranteed alleviation of the condition using cannabis.

According to the Journal of the Frontiers in Neurology, though, it has been said that cannabinoids have been part of the few treatments for tinnitus perception based on contrasting real-life results.

Further research and animal-based studies tried to determine the extended relationship between tinnitus-related behavior and cannabinoid receptor agonists.

Using rats as the guinea pigs, a particular study done by Yiwen Zheng, Paul F. Smith, and Peter Reid said that cannabinoid receptor agonists never decreased. Still, it may have increased acoustic trauma-induced tinnitus in them.

Overall, more research is needed to find out the relationship between marijuana strains and tinnitus.

If we, however, look at it from our own perspective, though, we know for a fact that certain cannabis strains are used for medical and therapeutical purposes. For example, several medical marijuana strains are used to relieve pain, stress, anxiety, as well as other indicators of sickness and conditions because of their neutralizing and overall deep relaxation effects.

10 Best Strains For Tinnitus

The cannabis industry has been bombarded by a lot of new strains, combinations, and experimentations in the past decade. Although more research is required for some of them, there have been quite a few marijuana strains that have been found to be effective for tinnitus.

Atomic Bomb: Editor’s Choice

Atomic Bomb

The first and best marijuana strain we consider for relieving and treating tinnitus is none other than the Atomic Bomb. Contrary to other popular and famous strains, the Atomic Bomb is not as famous.

This cannabis strain is a perfectly balanced hybrid, with equal parts of sativa and indica. It’s neither sativa dominant nor indica dominant, which is perfect if you’re looking for mild, but potent effects.

Users report that this cannabis strain can easily relieve nausea, chronic pain, muscle spasms, and other things that can be due to any prevalent condition. So, this is the go-to by most tinnitus patients.

The mild strength of this strain, partnered with its psychoactive effects, is perfect for inflammation. Users reported the sensations they were feeling and experiencing in their middle and inner ears.

By nature, it gives you this tingly, giggly, and happy sensation and has this earthy pine and pungent strain. 100% of the users who consumed and tried it out said that it helped a lot with inflammation.

Cannatonic: Runner-Up


Coming next is the Cannatonic strain. This CBD marijuana strain is made by the crossing of G13 Haze and MK Ultra, which is perfect for a mellow high, helping out in terms of tinnitus as it is an exceptional strain for sprains, pain, migraines, anxiety, and many more.

It has a CBD level of 9%, with a 4% THC. This strain leans more on the side of medical marijuana because of its excruciatingly relaxing and calming effects.

Its woody, spicy, pine-like taste is what makes it a favorite by both recreational and medical patients. The Cannatonic will have exceptionally effective endocannabinoid system effects, assisting and helping out with your tinnitus.

Cannatonic is an excellent strain for tinnitus and other symptoms and conditions related to it.

I don’t know about you, but when I hear the word “Cannatonic,” I immediately think about strength and resilience.

Glass Slipper: Best Cannabis Strain For Pain and Insomnia

Glass Slipper

After the Cinderella strain came to be, there needed to be something to partner it up with, and thus, the Glass Slipper strain was born. This particular strain has been far more popular than many other strains because it’s often used as medical marijuana.

And while many people, at first glance or when they first hear the term, they think about something magical, they are correct – in a sense…

Many users are medical patients that need help in soothing certain conditions such as depression, stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

This sativa dominant strain is a cross between two (2) of the most famous strains there, Pineapple and Cinderella, and has THC levels that can go as high as 20%. Made up of 70% sativa, the Glass Slipper is the perfect booster for a person’s quality of life as it helps boost energy and change the mood of users to happy, merry, and overall satisfied.

Death Bubba: Best Cannabis Strain With a High-THC Content

Death Bubba

Death Bubba, one of the most famous and favorite strains for tinnitus and other similar conditions, is said to be the strain containing the highest THC, which can go as high as 27%.

It’s a cross between Death Star and Bubba Kush, and if you know the effects of those cannabis strains, then it would be easy for you to identify how it can help not just with one ear, but both!

It is made up of about 70% indica and is the strain that will leave you breathless and swept. The annoying sensation you’re feeling in your inner ear will instantly be replaced by this radiant, rapid, and robust head high that will not only clear your mind but free you from the sensations in the physical realm as well.

Often used as medical cannabis to relieve phantom limb pain, fibromyalgia, and many other disorders and similar symptoms.

Alien Grapevine: Best Strain For Cramps and Pain

Alien Grapevine

For a more physically-inclined medical condition, the Alien Grapevine is the strain you won’t ever forget. This Tahoe Alien and Blueberry Underdog cross is an exceptionally effective indica-dominant hybrid that produces the perfect mix of a body and head high that trigger relaxing effects in the brain.

It’s considered one of the most effective strains for tinnitus because it will help you get the cerebral and sleepy effects that flow naturally.

The sweet flavors and diesel, fruity type of aroma it offers will be more than enough for you to love it, ultimately helping you get to the underlying cause of the pain you’re experiencing.

Any disorder that causes seizures is considered a life-threatening condition, and if that is the case, the Alien Grapevine should definitely be part of the list of strains you are going to patronize.

Candy Jack: Best For an Uplifting and Relaxing High

Candy Jack

It sounds kid-like, but did you know that the Candy Jack is one of the best medical marijuana strains you can get, especially for situations that involve depression, stress, anxiety, and even appetite loss?

From what it’s called, you will already know the overall physical attributes of the Candy Jack. If it’s not yet obvious, it’s sweet, earthy, and has this kick of herbal flavor to it.

The aroma is pungent and flowery, which is not going to point you in the direction of drug use! Overall, the potency, efficacy, and relevance of the Candy Jack are no joke.

It can help you even if you have long-term tinnitus by placing you in a very calm and relaxed state of mind.

Mars OG: Best Happy and Giggly Strain

Mars OG

This indica-dominant hybrid strain is one of the strains that will help you get more and a better understanding of uplifted and happy feelings; and by crossing two indica strains, Mars and OG, it resulted in this medical marijuana strain that helps you sneeze out.

It will act on your endocannabinoid system abruptly, helping trigger the needed things to keep your mind away from tinnitus.

Many users and patrons of the Mars OG reported to have experienced less pain and less stress and dozed off quickly. So, if you’re ever being bothered by certain disorders and conditions, this cannabis strain will knock you off your feet.

Sugar Biscuit: Best For Complete Mind and Body Relaxation

Mars OG

Also referred to as Sugar Biscuits, this indica-dominant strain is the result of crossing Do Si Dos with Animal Cookies. It’s a regular-looking strain with white trichomes spread all over its light-to-moderate green buds.

The Sugar Biscuit is the strain that’s considered to have some of the Kush and Cookie kingdoms’ best genes.

It will give you this outburst of energy with the feeling of being sedated, calmed, and effectively relaxed. You’ll find it to have a skunky, pungent aroma with a centered, focused diesel and sugary sweetness.

Many people consider the Sugar Biscuit medical marijuana strain to be one of the simplest and best solutions they have for depression, insomnia, and even other conditions and disorders.

Love Potion No. 1: Best of the Aphrodisiac Strains For Tinnitus

Love Potion No. 1

Last but most definitely not least is one of the most popular aphrodisiac marijuana strains out there, the Love Potion No. 1. According to the legend, a single drink of this love potion will activate all sensations and sensory nerves you have, making you feel more aroused and relaxed.

Tinnitus patients also consider this G13 and Santa Marta Colombian gold cross to treat tinnitus because of the overall sedating and calming.

Always remember that marijuana use has never been a medically accepted way to treat tinnitus. However, a lot of patients with this prevalent condition choose cannabis as a potential treatment because it is natural and won’t require that much.

What Are Some Adverse Effects of Tinnitus?

Tinnitus, in itself, is already a negative condition, especially if your life is constantly bombarded with its effects. To help you with it further, here are some of the other negative effects and aftermaths of tinnitus:

  • Headaches
  • Memory problems
  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Sleep problems or insomnia
  • Depression
  • Stress, anxiety, and inability
  • And many more!

Tinnitus is a condition that should never be ignored. It might not be as dangerous and as deadly as others, but it sure is something you need to attend to.

Does Tinnitus Cause Hearing Loss?

While a lot of people think that tinnitus causes hearing loss, it does not. Mayo Clinic states that this particular condition can interfere with your hearing, but it does not cause hearing loss.

It is a symptom that is especially associated with tinnitus and other kinds of ear disorders.

Treating tinnitus can also help out if you are burdened by severe hearing loss, as it will help you get rid of uncomfortable and unwanted feelings.

To answer the question, though, tinnitus does not cause hearing loss; it is the other way around.


Have more questions up your sleeve? Don’t worry; we’ve gathered some of the most frequently asked questions about it!

Does Indica Help Treat Tinnitus?

No scientific evidence states that indica or even Sativa (and other types of marijuana) can help diminish tinnitus symptoms based on animal models. Therefore, it’s difficult to say that indica, in itself, is a category that aids people to hear better if they’re presented with tinnitus symptoms.

How Can You Calm Severe Tinnitus Symptoms?

There are numerous ways how you can get relief from tinnitus, but the best ones, according to some experts, would be by using dehumidifiers, fans, and air-conditioners for it.

On the other hand, medical professionals and experts also suggest using masking devices that are worn in the ear to help block out the sounds of tinnitus.

Sound therapy can also be a solution for this, especially for people experiencing pulsatile tinnitus.

Marijuana users who are also suffering from tinnitus recommend smoking certain medical cannabis strains to keep them calm, relaxed and uplifted at the same time.

Can CBD Make Tinnitus Worse?

An Indica strain (or even just an Indica-dominant strain) has higher and more abundant levels of CBD, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it has low THC levels. CBD, in itself, does not make tinnitus worse. In fact, according to Healthline, a combination of CBD and THC can worsen and aggravate tinnitus symptoms.

Can Cannabis Treat Pulsative Tinnitus?

Overall, the connection between cannabis and tinnitus has never been backed by scientific evidence, marking it as not a proven and effective way to treat tinnitus, let alone pulsatile tinnitus.

Is Tinnitus the Same as Meniere’s Disease?

No, it is not. Tinnitus and Meniere’s Disease are two (2) totally different conditions that affect the middle ear and require surgery to treat and alleviate them.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re experiencing the infamous symptoms of tinnitus or if you know someone who is, therapy could be far from judgment. For a more natural treatment, you can make use of certain cannabis strains to relieve tinnitus symptoms.

If you want to find out the best strain for tinnitus, make your pick from this list!

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