10+ Best Inline Fan Reviews in 2024 # Awesome LIST

Best Inline Fan Reviews: You need the best inline fan to boost your plant growth and keep them healthy in your grow room or tent.

Hundreds of inline fan brands are available in the market, masquerading as the best option for your indoor grow environment.

But to be honest, most of them are not a good option.

So, what are the best options available for the inline fans now?

Worry not!

My team and I have come up with the top 10 best inline fans for grow tents that can ensure you get the best ventilation system for your indoor plants.

HydroFarm inline fans and Vivosun being one of the best inline fans brands, you will find all sorts of inline fans according to your grow tent and budget.

Let’s find the best one for you:

Top 10 Best Inline Fans For Grow Tents [No.1 Is The Best]


After filtering from various parameters, this list has been made.

Therefore, you can choose accordingly depending upon your grow tent size, need for a ventilation system, and budget.

All of them are one of the best inline fans in the market.

Now, it is the time to get one for your grow tent:

#10. Vivosun 4- Inch Inline Duct Fan – Entry Level

Vivosun 4- Inch Inline Duct Fan


  • Lightweight
  • 2500 RPM for 195 CFM
  • 5.9 feet long cord

Vivosun 4-inch inline duct fan is the best option for entry-level inline fans for grow tents.

It is one of the inline duct fans that work perfectly to give you 195 CFM with 2500 RPM fan speed at a low noise level of around 30 dB.

Moreover, with its easy assembly feature, you can easily set this fan in your grow tent. And you can also detach the impeller and blades for cleaning and maintenance.

The best part?

This inline duct fan’s motor is ETL listed; therefore, it features an automatic reset function that protects the fan from overheating.

Also, the electrical junction box is made with fireproofing components to ensure you get extra safety with this electrical tool.


  • Cheap price
  • Highly reputed brand
  • Comes with fireproof components
  • High-quality inline exhaust fan
  • Easy assembly


  • It could be more durable
  • A bit noisy compared to other fans

Do you need the best entry-level inline fan?

Don’t miss this Vivosun 4″ inline duct fan!

From fireproof components to an ETL-listed motor for protection, and with a long cord and easy assembly, you get one of the best inline duct fans for such a low price.

#9. AC Infinity Cloudline T6 – Best For Grow Tents

AC Infinity Cloudline T6


  • Mixed flow design
  • Temperature-humidity controller
  • Water-resistant

AC Infinity Cloudline T6 is one of the best indoor duct exhaust fans.

With a completely wireless remote, you can operate this fan depending upon temperature and humidity.

The best part?

Give this fan timing or schedule according to your need, and then leave the rest of the things on it.

Also, connect with the app, view notifications and alarms with the alarm system, and watch the climate of your grow tent to take necessary action accordingly.

Overall, you get a mixed flow design and wireless control over everything inside your grow tent related to the ventilation system.


  • Quiet and energy-efficient operation
  • Complete wireless control
  • Alarm system feature
  • Dual ball bearings for enhanced performance
  • Less noise (around 32 dB)


  • Improvements needed for the controller

Buy this inline fan if you want control over everything inside your grow tent relating to the ventilation, temperature, and humidity.

#8. Vivosun 6-Inch Inline Duct Fan – Best For Large Grow Room Ventilation

Vivosun 6-Inch Inline Duct Fan


  • Air filtration combo
  • 6-inch carbon filter
  • 8-feet ducting

Want a complete package of ventilation systems?

The Vivosun 6-inch inline duct fan has got them all!

Under the budget price segment, this 3-part kit has a powerful motor to give 440 CFM output with a speed controller.

That means you can provide optimal ventilation to your grow tent.

On top of that, the 6-inch carbon filter ensures your grow tent odor does not bother you.


  • High suction power
  • Virgin Australian charcoal carbon filter
  • Completely avoids smell
  • Easy to setup
  • Sturdy ducting


  • Short power cord

Get your hands on this Vivosun 6″ ventilation kit and provide one of the best ventilation systems for your indoor plants.

#7. Mars Hydro 6-Inch Inline Fan – Inline Fan With Digital Controller

Mars Hydro 6-Inch Inline Fan


  • 6″ diameter fan
  • 33 feet of ducting
  • Temperature and humidity controller

With one of the largest ducting, Mars Hydro’s 6-inch inline duct fan comes with a digital controller.

That means you can observe the climate inside your grow tent and control the fan speed for optimal temperature and humidity to ensure optimal growing conditions.

Above that, with 2800 RPM, Mars Hydro inline fan can circulate air to provide 350 CFM in your gro environment.

The cherry on the top is its superior carbon filter that blocks all the odor from your grow tent to make sure you are not getting disturbed.


  • All digital control
  • Superior carbon filter
  • Powerful inline fan
  • Temperature and humidity control
  • Large ducting with double-layer aluminum


  • A bit noisy

Get this inline duct fan system when you can’t check your grow tent manually more frequently and want everything to be controlled digitally in real-time.

Monitor everything in real-time and control accordingly to provide the best growing environment for your indoor plants.

#6. TerraBloom 6″ Inline Fan – Best Inline Duct Fan Under $100

TerraBloom 6″ Inline Fan


  • 288 CFM
  • Energy efficient
  • High-quality built

TerraBloom is one of the top-of-the-line products.

Its 6″ inline duct fan is one of the best options for having a high-quality inline fan under $100.

The fan has a speed controller to operate according to the desired need.

The brushless EC motor and durable jet-type blades give you around 288 CFM, providing optimal ventilation to grow tents.

On top of that, the variable speed controller allows you to decrease or increase fan speed without background noise or hum.

Therefore, you get one of the best inline duct fans for your grow tents that you can control according to your need.


  • Low power consumption
  • Upgradable to the wireless controller
  • Multiple applications


  • The fan becomes loud at max fan speed

Get this inline fan under $100 if you are on budget pricing and want one of the best ducting fans for your growing environment.

For the price, it is 100% worth it!

#5. iPower 12″ Inch Inline Duct Fan – Best Inline Fans Around $100 Price

iPower 12″ Inch Inline Duct Fan


  • Ceramic coating
  • Permanently lubricated bearing
  • 1060 CFM for high output
  • 12″ large size
  • 71 dB noise level

Whether you need to remove excess heat or want to circulate air more in your grow tent, just get this iPower 12″ inline duct fan and see the magic!

The iPower 12″ inline duct fan gives you one of the best outputs with 1060 CFM and instantly removes excess heat and air from the grow tent.

The durable ceramic coating can resist atmospheric corrosion and gives the fan a longer life.

With an easy-to-install setup and 5-feet pre-wired cord, you get one of the powerful tools for the ventilation system.


  • Easy to install
  • Durable build quality
  • Longer life
  • Multi-functional
  • Highly powerful


  • Noisy

If you need a larger inline fan, don’t miss the iPower 12″ inline duct fan that is one of the best options around the $100 price segment.

From a durable build to high output and multi-functionality, it is your best investment!

#4. iPower 6-Inch Inline Duct Fan – Inline Fan With Variable Speed Controller

iPower 6-Inch Inline Duct Fan


  • Comes with a variable speed controller
  • Low noise level (<35 dB)
  • Composite fan blades for less noise
  • Universal mounting brackets
  • 395 CFM

6″ inch inline duct fans are indoor gardeners’ most common and used options.

And iPower 6″ inline duct fan is one of the best medium-level duct fans.

With 395 CFM, you can easily move air through your grow tent efficiently. Also, the fan speed keeps the noise level as low as less than 35 dB.

Also, with a variable speed controller, you will have fan speed control in your hand. Therefore, you can increase or decrease the fan speed according to your grow tent need.

Further, this inline fan is multi-functional; therefore, it can be used for indoor or commercial purposes.


  • Highly effective
  • Control fan speed
  • The best medium-level inline fan under budget
  • Easy installation
  • Produces less noise


  • Control through a knob

Get this inline fan if you need around 300 CFM, and you need to control the fan speed.

Around the $50 price segment, this is the best option as inline fans for grow tent.

#3. TerraBloom 10″ Inline Duct Fan – Energy Efficient Inline Fan

TerraBloom 10″ Inline Duct Fan


  • 100% variable speed controller
  • Energy star and HVI certified
  • Metal case
  • Quiet operation
  • Multiple applications

If you want a powerful inline duct fan, go for TerraBloom 10″ inline fan.

This inline fan is built with a cutting-edge brushless EC motor and dual jet type blades that give you 946 CFM with just 126 watts at max fan speed.

TerraBlooom powerful inline fan can strongly create negative pressure or work as an intake fan to pull air from outdoors.

Therefore, depending upon your need or application, this inline fan can work in multiple ways.

TerraBloom inline fan is HVI certified and meets the energy star standards to ensure you have an energy-efficient tool.

The best part?

You get 0 to 100% variable speed controller with this fan. You can manually choose how much airflow you need from the TerraBloom inline fan.

One feature gives you full control over your ventilation system’s main component – the fan.

And, you can maintain how much air movement you want.


  • Highly energy efficient
  • 100% speed controller dependent
  • It can also be upgraded to a wireless remote control
  • Steel housing for durability
  • High-quality motor for better active air movement


  • A bit noisier than premium inline fans

In short, TerraBloom is a great choice if you need more air circulation with around a 946 CFM fan.

With complete speed control, you can ensure how much fresh air circulation you need by controlling the fan speed from 0 to 100%.

The cherry on the top is its energy-efficient working mechanism, ensuring you get billed as little as possible.

#2. Vivosun Air Filteration Kit 8″ – Best Inline Fan Kit Under Budget

Vivosun Air Filteration Kit 8″


  • 1050 + RC 48 activated Australian carbon filter
  • High-quality Aluminum duct
  • 740 CFM capacity
  • Low noise level while operating
  • Cost-effective

Want a complete air ventilation kit for grow room under the budget?

Look no further!

Vivosun air filtration kit of 8″ size is one of the best ventilation systems you can put in your grow tent if you are on a strict budget.

Under an affordable price segment, the kit has everything you need to set up the inline duct fan in your grow tent.

Apart from the inline fan, the kit involves 25′ Aluminum ducting with a high-quality activated Australian virgin charcoal carbon filter that ensures you don’t get any odor.

Also, the carbon filter is quite large compared to the other inline fans kits; therefore, the carbon filter blocks it all regardless of how pungent the odor is.

On top of that, the whole ventilation system operates at a low noise level. Therefore, you don’t get any disturbances from your grow room.

The best part?

The cost-effective use of this ventilation kit makes you use it anywhere apart from the grow room ventilation system, such as in the bathroom or kitchen.


  • All that you need in one kit for a ventilation system
  • Energy efficient
  • High-quality carbon filter
  • Operates at a low noise level
  • Steel ducting clamps
  • 8″ inch diameter fan for more fresh air flow
  • One of the most reputed brands for inline fans


  • Less powerful

If you are starting your indoor cultivation journey and want everything in one shot for your ventilation system, then the Vivosun air filtration kit is the best option.

Under the budget, it gives you everything that you need.

From a high-quality motor to provide 740 CFM to Aluminum ducting and a powerful carbon filter, don’t miss this golden opportunity to have one of the best inline fans in your grow tent.

#1. HydroFarm 12″ Inch Inline Duct Fan – Editor’s Choice

HydroFarm 12Inch Inline Duct Fan


  • 12-inch bigger size inline fan
  • 8 feet pre-wired 120V cord
  • Metallic build quality
  • Clamp mount
  • Bearings will not require any lube

HydroFarm inline fans are one of the best in the market, and its 12″ variant is the best choice on our list.

The thermally protected AC motors and metallic housing with durable ceramic coating give one of the strongest built to it.

The best part?

With 969 CFM, you will surely have one of the best ventilation in your grow tent.

Whether you have a small size or a bit larger grow room, HydroFarm 12″ inline duct fan maintains airflow excellently.

On top of that, the low noise level ensures you don’t get any kind of disturbance.

Further, the permanently lubricated bearings require no fan maintenance while the high-quality molded impeller meets all the requirements for the fan to produce better air circulation.


  • Reputable, trusted brand in the industry
  • UL-recognized components
  • Low noise level
  • Comes with all that you need in one pack
  • Fully metallic built for durability
  • 100% worth it for such a price
  • High CFM for grow room ventilation


  • Button controller

HyrdoFarm is one of the most famous, high-quality brands for building grow equipment. And its inline duct fan is one of the best inline duct fans for grow tents right now.

With durable build quality, high CFM, UL-recognized components, and the capacity to move more air at such an affordable price, this is the best option among the other inline fans.

What to look for when buying an online fan?

Now that you know the best inline fans for 2024, let’s look at the parameters you should consider while searching for the best inline fan for grow tent.

Size Of Your Grow Room/Tent

Size matters!

When deciding the best quality duct fan for your grow tent.

You need to calculate the size of your grow space and consider whether your selected inline fan is powerful enough to move out the air through the tent.

Also, ensure that it is not overpowerful so that it becomes noisy and produces vibrations.

A 6-inch inline duct fan will work fine for most indoor growers.

CFM Rating

CFM stands for Cubic Feet per Minute and measures how many cubic feet of air the inline fan can exchange every 60 seconds.

With the CFM rating of your inline fan, you can know if it is the right inline fan that can bring fresh air flow to your grow room.

However, before choosing an inline fan with a CFM rating, you need to calculate the CFM of your grow room.

For example, for a 4x4x6 grow tent, you can figure out the cubic feet as per:

Length x Width x Height

You get 96 cubic feet here.

According to it, you need an inline fan with a CFM of more than 96 cubic feet, considering the filter and other factors that reduce the air movement through an inline fan.

It is how you calculate the fan’s CFM, decide how much airflow you can achieve through CFM rating, and decide the right duct fan for your grow tent.

Noise Level

Noise level matters if the grow room or tent is established in a living area. For example, your bedroom or balcony.

The excess noise level can disturb your peace. Therefore, you also need to consider the noise level of an inline duct fan.

Fan Speed Controller

You need to control the fan’s speed of your inline fan according to your needs. It is where the fan speed control feature comes into play.

Nowadays, various inline fans come with speed controllers, allowing them to control the fan speed.

Energy Efficiency

Inline duct fans run most of the time daily; therefore, you need to consider energy efficiency.

An energy-efficient duct fan will reduce the bills as you might have already invested mad cash while setting up your grow room.

FAQs About Inline Fans

Do I need an inline fan in my grow tent?

Indeed an inline fan will create optimal environmental conditions for your plants and help them grow fast and healthier.
Therefore, you need an inline fan for your grow room or tent.

Which inline fan is the best?

According to our list, currently, HyrdoFarm 12″ inline fan is the best option, followed by Vivosun and TerraBloom inline fans.
You can also opt for various sizes depending upon your grow space.

What size exhaust fan for 4×4 grow tent?

For an area of 4×4 (with an approximate area of ~106 cubic feet, a grow inline tent fan with ~200 CFM rating can get the job done.
For example, Vivosun’s 4-inch inline duct fan will work fine for such grow space.

What size exhaust fan for 10×10 grow room?

For a grow room of size 10×10 with a height of 8 feet, you may need an inline fan with around 400 to 700 CFM rating.
The HydroFarm 12″ inline or TerraBloom 10″ fan will work perfectly with your grow space.
However, do calculations and your own research before choosing the one because you need to carry out some other factors along with these calculations.

Should grow tent vents be open or closed?

It is good to keep the grow tent vents open as they help you properly ventilate hydroponic grow rooms.
Also, you need an intake source for the airflow in your grow space or room.

Get Your Best Inline Fan Now!

An inline fan is the most important component of grow tent ventilation system.

And if you have made it here, you know the top 10 inline fans of 2024.

Therefore, you can easily decide which inline duct fan is the best for you.

However, the no.1 inline fan on our list remains the HydroFarm inline fan, followed by the Vivosun ventilation kit.

Tell us which one you chose and why.

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