How Much Does A Weed Plant Yield Indoor?

No one can exactly say how much a cannabis plant will yield! But here’s the catch: You can estimate this. However, the right answer to this question: how much cannabis plants will yield indoors depends on numerous factors. Therefore, it is the reason that you can’t exactly predict how much you can harvest with indoor

Rust Spots On Leaves During Flowering [Causes And Fixes]

Do your cannabis plant’s leaves have a rust color? Are you observing something unusual with your cannabis plant? Then it may be something serious! If you spot rust color on your cannabis plant, it indicates that you must do something to save them. However, there could be single or multiple reasons for having rust spots

Do Seedlings Need 24-Hour light?

Do Seedlings Need 24-Hour light

Light is almost everything for a plant. With the help of light, plant photosynthesizes to make food. Growers optimize light cycles according to their need to increase the yield or fasten the growth process in mature plants. But what if you have seedlings or baby plants and you provide 24 hours light? Will 24 hours

Do LED Grow Lights Work?

Do LED Grow Lights Work

You might have heard about LED grow lights a lot in a garden. But do LED grow lights work in real? We will be finding this out in today’s guide. Previously when the technology was not that advanced, there were not many options available for grow lights for an indoor gardener. However, nowadays, there are

11 Reasons Your Cannabis Leaves Curling Up [Get Instant Solution!]

11 Reasons Your Cannabis Leaves Curling Up

Some of the most common causes for the curling or clawing of cannabis leaves are overwatering, nitrogen toxicity, temperature, bad soil, etc. But mostly, newbies find it hard to diagnose. Cannabis leaf curling is an issue that can occur to anyone growing it, irrespective of expertise. Therefore, cannabis leaves curling, or “the claw,” is one