Gorilla Seed Bank Review in 2024

Gorilla Seed Bank has grown from a very small company to one of the best online marijuana seeds bank. They are professionals at handling their customers in a very nice manner.

The seeds they sell are of high quality and packed in nice safe packaging.

The gorilla seed bank is not a very old company. Still, they have made their name in the marijuana sector.

The UK based company has customers buying their high-quality cannabis seeds from all over the world. Let us tell you about these fantastic people in details in the Gorilla seed bank review below.



Gorilla Seed Bank Review – 9.1/10 Star Rating by 2,200+ Customers

Company Reputation

Gorilla Seeds is a well-known brand for buying marijuana seeds. People love them, and the proof is the high ratings that customers give them.

Trustpilot 451 has 9.1-star ratings out of 10.

This high rating has been given by 2,00+ genuine customers who bought marijuana from Gorilla seed bank. Their policy of treating every single customer with personalized customer care is one of the most important reasons behind the company’s rise in a short period of time.

Gorilla seed bank team is active on forums and other marijuana-related websites; they regularly post and solve people’s questions and queries.

If you want a personalized experience of buying marijuana seeds and after-sales support, then you ought to try them once.

History of Gorilla Seed Bank

Although the company is new, the people who work there have more than 40 years of experience in the marijuana field. A lot of experts who were working on their own and were good at stuff just came together with each other to make this awesome Gorilla seed bank.

Initially, the founder of Gorilla seeds Alex used to order marijuana seeds from various other seed banks. He was being disappointed by other seed banks and was tired of not finding that one good seed bank which checked all the marks.

So next, he made up his mind to make his own cannabis seed bank in the year 2020. Slowly and steadily, other experts joined under his banner and started to give people personalized marijuana shopping experience.

The idea behind this seed bank is to give people personalized service.

If you would like to know more about them, just head over to their About US page.

Online Store Website

You go their homepage and boom! You get to see all the cannabis seeds right at the center of the homepage. No BS, straight to the point, we like it!

There are the menus on the top which redirect you to their best seller marijuana strains, feminized strains, list of seedbanks, autoflowering seeds, and many other options.

It’s really easy to follow this website and navigate all the pages. We don’t see any jumbled and clutter design anywhere on their website.

You can even browse cannabis strains by their types, like High Yield, High THC, Beginner Strains, CBD Strains, etc.

Cool, right?

Quality of Seeds at Gorilla Seed Bank

Gorilla seed bank team is constantly on the lookout for the best strains on the market. They test their seed to maintain high-quality standards.

All the seeds that are available on Gorilla seed bank are sourced from various seed banks and seed breeders like Dutch Passion, Sweet Seeds, Big Buddha, Dinafem, etc.

Because these seeds come from different kinds of breeders and seedbanks, all of them are going to have different levels of quality.

Gorilla Seeds have their own selected seed bank from where they order seeds, so they do have an eye on the seed quality of the seed banks.

All the strains they have selected to sell are really famous and are only selected when they think they are of high quality and will satisfy the customers.

The whole stock of Gorilla seed bank is well-curated and made up of high-quality seeds only.

Gorilla Seeds Strains Variety

No matter if you love greenhouse growing, indoor growing or outdoor marijuana growing, Gorilla seeds have something for everyone.

They also have feminized seeds, regular seeds, autoflowering seeds, high CBD and high THC cannabis seeds, and many more.

Check out the most selling marijuana seeds on Gorilla seeds below.

You will be disappointed if you are thinking of browsing thousands and thousands of different strains on the Gorilla seeds store. They only store fresh and high-quality hand-picked strains only.

They have stock from more than 60 seed banks and breeders, which is quite a huge collection but not as big as other seed banks who have more than 2500+ strains on their store.

You can browse through the 1663 marijuana strains they have, which is more than enough for anyone to find their favorite marijuana.

Using their Seed wizard tool, you can find exactly the cannabis strain you are looking for.

Remember, Gorilla seeds focus on giving only the high-quality seeds to their customer, so the comparatively smaller number of strains are justified.

Blog & Promotions

They have a blog on their website where they post articles related to marijuana. You will find articles like Top Fast buds, Weekend winner strains, etc.

Gorilla seed bank even posts flash offers and discounts on their blog as well.

Make sure you keep an eye on their Official blog to be aware of all the sales discount and offers they provide.

Love freebies/Free seeds?

If you spent more than 36.99 GBP on their store, then they will give you a selection of FREE MARIJUANA SEEDS.


At the time of the writing this post, the following were the 3 great offers on their seed bank.

Germination Ratio

All the seeds sold on Gorilla seeds are sold for collection purposes only, so they are not going to discuss about the germination of the seeds. They are based in the UK, so they can’t openly talk about germination.

Although, seeing all the positive reviews, we are fairly sure that you are not going to face any problems in germinating the seeds purchased from them.

If you bought the seeds and did not decide to germinate, then you can even send the seeds back to them to get a refund.

Really amazing, isn’t it?

You just have to pack the seeds in a padded envelope and keep the original packaging of the seeds to get the refund of unwanted cannabis seeds.

This is one service which we have not seen on any other online seed bank. Full points for this to Gorilla seeds!

Shipping Timings & Rates

All the orders at Gorilla seed bank are processed and shipped within 3 days. However, if the seeds that you ordered air not available, then the breeders can take about 1 to 3 days to send Gorilla seeds with new fresh seeds. But this rarely happens.

If you are ordering from the UK, then you would get the parcel in 1 day. If the destination is outside the UK, then it might take up to 3 weeks.

Package Protection

Worrying about hiding your seeds from prying eyes?

Don’t worry!

You can get the extra stealth shipping option from Gorilla seeds. They will send out the seeds hidden inside a regular non-marijuana related item like a DVD case, T-shirt, etc. anyone who opens or sees the parcel will not think about the marijuana seed at all.

Additionally, they even do guaranteed delivery as well. If your parcel is lost or intercepted, then they will send a new one for free.

There is also a tracking service available when you order from Gorilla seed bank.

Cool, eh?

You will have to pay 4.99 pounds for the delivery. If you need a tracking service, then you got to pay 9.99 pounds.

All orders have free shipping if their total is above 100 GBP.

Are the Seeds Safe in Parcel?


All of the marijuana seeds are packed in a very safe and reliable packaging. The envelopes or the parcel will have extra padding to ensure that no seeds are damaged during the transit.

Is Gorilla seed bank parcel Discreet?

All of the orders sent out from Gorilla seeds are 100% discreet. No one is going to doubt after seeing the parcel.

The parcel is really well packed and dull and bore to look at. Nothing flashy or eye-catchy. No marijuana details are printed on the outside of the parcel, and it would just look like a normal courier.

What are the different Payment Methods?

You can order the best marijuana strain seeds from them by phone or email.

Ordering from the Gorilla seed bank is very safe and secure. You can either pay with a debit card, a credit card, or even Bitcoin.

Other payment options include Bank transfer and Cash orders.

You can send them cash in the post, and they will send you’re the seeds, cool right? Checkout their payments page to get more information.

Is Gorilla Seed Bank Customer Services good?

Gorilla Seeds believe giving the customer great personalized support is the most important thing you can do to gain their loyalty.

The customer support is really nice and helpful at Gorilla Seeds. You can ask for help via phone, email, or post. But before asking a question, make sure you visit their FAQ section to see if you find your answer there.

Check out their FAQ section to see all the general questions and answers.

You can even ask them about the latest offers and promotions.

Last Words

Overall, Gorilla seeds wins out trust!

They are a small and growing marijuana online seed bank. They focus on earning the loyalties of their customers, so they always thrive on giving you only the best marijuana seeds along with giving exceptional after-sales service.

The user-friendly website, Seed wizard and a collection of more than 1600 marijuana strains are some of the reason you should give them a try for your next cannabis seeds order.

We here at 420expertadviser would be glad to receive questions and feedback from all our readers, feel free to drop a comment down below.

See you around!

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