10 Best Bongs for Sale in 2024

Take that unforgettable toke with these top 10 best bongs in the market. Are you planning to put your money into some exquisite weed accessory? Explore the review of the world’s best 10 weed bongs.

If you grow cannabis indoors or outdoors, you must be in pursuit of finding the right tool to light up your buds. You may have tried pre-rolls, joints, vapes, oils, blunt wraps, or edibles, but bongs will give you one immersive cannabis consumption experience.

Whether it’s a water pipe, glass bong, fancy tube, gravity, or party bong, this guide covers something for every type of user.

Choosing The Perfect Bong Has Never Been Easier


The bong is one of the fanciest choices for regular weed smokers. Many users have reported enjoying cannabis with bong than any other method. And, why not? Bongs are specially made for that purpose only, to give you a pleasant marijuana-smoking experience

Some bongs provide extreme kicks, while some are gentle on your throat. There are different bongs for different techniques.

For example, you can buy a water pipe that produces smoke after passing through a water-filled base and arrives at the mouthpiece.

Gravity bongs are also famous these days. Through that, you can enjoy some of the most extreme whiffs that can be too hard to handle. 

You should try it once!

Apart from that, you will also find bongs with percolators that are some of the high-quality cheap bongs in the market.

Choosing the finest bong should not be that confusing. Even if we have hundreds of trendy bongs out there, you can read this guide and easily find the best pick worth your money.

I have used some of these bongs and also asked experts to share their experiences. After all this hard work, I have collected the below reviewed top 10 bongs.

Shop your favorite bong right away and enjoy smoking weed like never before.

So, let’s begin!

Top 10 Best Bongs in 2024

Bongs for absolute euphoria and fast-acting high!

Smoke like a king! Get your hands on these highly enjoyable bongs. I have collected reviews from bong experts and put my firsthand experience into play to make this classic guide.

Discover the top 10 bongs; buy your favorite one RIGHT NOW!

#10 – Roor 14″ Straight Ice Pinch Glass Water Pipe – World’s Best High-End Glass Bong

Are you looking to buy a bing that is elegant and simple? If the answer is yes, the RooR 14-inch ice pinch bong is one of the best high-end glass bongs in the market.

This bong comes with a 14″ straight neck pipe that’s crafted with high-quality glass. It has a 50mm diameter and 5mm wall thickness. Interestingly, all bongs come with the signature of the artist who made that bong.

That’s something new and appreciable!

On the other hand, as the brand creates handmade bongs per order, you have to wait for 2 to 4 weeks after ordering to receive your piece. 

Users have given positive reviews and top ratings to this RooR bong. They say that the high produced after toking this bong is exceptional. It works really well, and the gray smoke will cheer your lousy mood for sure.

When you continue to buy this bong, you will get an option to choose the Bake-On color on the glass. These color options are:

  • Black 
  • Camo
  • Orange and Blue

You will get a free Herb Bowl glass add-on with this purchase. Along with that, you can get glass add-ons and pipe add-ons by paying just a few more dollars: These add-ons are:

  • Quartz Banger (glass add-on)
  • Vented Nail (glass add-on)
  • 1 Poké Herbal Grinder pipe add-on (POKEBALL GRINDER)
  • 1 Small Hemp Wick pipe add-on (ITALWICKSM)

The company offers 50% off on pipe replacement for 2 years as a part of the pipe protection warranty. The Pipe Protect Glass Warranty comes from the Hippie Butler online store.

The company offers discreet shipping so that you will get a plain and unmarked package at your destination. As soon as you order, you will also get tracking details for your order. 

#9 – Session Goods Bong – Your Modern Pick of The Day

This Session Goods bong got real famous for its beauty and usability. The clean and modern look could just kindle any of your home parties. 

When you continue to buy this bong, you will have below alternatives to pick your favorite color:

  • Charcoal Gray
  • Indigo Blue
  • Celery Green
  • Horizon Orange
  • Blush Pink
  • Moonlight Purple
  • Paradise Yellow

Moreover, it comes with a low waterline to help you pull up effortless puffs. Besides, replacement pieces are there in the box. 

Overall, almost 28 users have given this bong 4.9/5 ratings on the web-store. They really must have been enjoying this marijuana bong for quite a while.

Surprisingly, this bong comes much cheaper than some other brand bongs that have the same functionality. With a thick body and silicone footer, it nails the strength parameters.

With style, functions, and cost, Session Good bongs have really come along as a winner. It’s one of the best bongs in the cannabis accessory market.

#8 – Diamond Mini Bong with Perc – Top Rated Mini Bong

If you love flask-shaped bongs that are short and easy to use, go with this 9-inch bong that comes with a showerhead percolator and Diamond glass. It’s one of the best glass bongs that features a widened tube.

As the company claims, you will enjoy smooth and filtered smoke on each puff. The percolator holds water in a small area and makes room for an ice catcher. Moreover, you can get a mind-boggling high as the smoke hits your lungs.

Upon buying, you may have options to choose the color of your bong. At availability, this bong comes in one of the following colors:

  • Clear
  • Green
  • White
  • Amber

Glass water pipes, bamboo bongs, ice bongs, acrylic bongs, and straight tube bongs are popular among users. In contrast, stündenglass gravity bong, honeycomb bong, and thick borosilicate glass are modern picks among recreational users.

Some top-quality water pipes come at a high cost. However, this one beats some of these expensive bongs as it comes at a comparatively lower price.

Undoubtedly one of the best bongs in short size!

Interestingly, this bong earns 5-star ratings among 38 users. That’s all the good reason to shop this bong and enjoy your weed.

#7 – Glasscity Beaker 10 Inch Ice Bong – High-Quality Ice Bong

This beaker bong features high-quality borosilicate glass, ice notches, and an 18.8mm ground joint.

The Glasscity has done a pretty excellent job by extending its cannabis accessory product line with some premium bongs. Besides, water pipes, bubblers, dab rigs, and vaporizers are some of its top-rated products.

As of writing, this bong comes with transparent glass with black accents. We hope that the brand may introduce other accent colors to offer a premium look.

Moreover, you will receive a black keck clip that can help you manage the diffuser safely. Besides, as the smoke gets lifted from the downstems submerged slits, it will be comfortable on your throat.

You can add ice cubes in the bong’s straight tube or glass bowl to enjoy some cool smoke.

That’s heavenly, what do you say!?

As this bong offers smooth hits, 578 users have given this bong an average rating of 4.8 out of 5! If you are into cannabis, it’s the must-try glass bongs for you! Go ahead and get it.

#6 – Maverick Glass Bong – Best Tube in The Market

This 18-inch glass bong with a straight tube from Maverick is one of the slimmest bongs out there. You can use the ice pinch to generate refreshing and enjoyable smoke.

This bong includes a 14mm male bowl and a 14-18mm removable diffused downstem. Besides, the glass diameter is 50mm, and the thickness is 9mm.

Furthermore, you will get the below-mentioned color option to pick your bong:

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • Purple
  • Green
  • White

Moreover, the 19mm joint will let you enjoy an effortless toke. Interestingly, this is a made in USA bong that comes from a premium bong brand. If you live in the USA, you will be eligible to get free shipping on your order.

The slimmer design makes it a fancy bong for your weed party. If you prefer straight percolator bongs for smooth hits, purchasing smoking bongs from Maverick is your best bet.

#5 – Hemper Rocket Ship XL Bong – Fancy Flower Burner

Pull smoke in style! It is one of the coolest marijuana-smoking accessories you may want to add to your bong collection. Hemper Rocket Ship XL is the best bong in fancy weed-smoking gadgets.

The rocket bong has a base showerhead perc and domed perc to offer cool hits every time you smoke herbs.

These two percolators are packed in a high-quality and durable glass with a 4-inch wide and 11-inch tall base. The 14mm male joint flower bowl makes it easy for you to use the bong.

Not just blue, but you will have the following alternatives to choose your favorite color:

  • Blue
  • Black
  • Red
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Teal

The airflow, function, and overall quality are excellent perks of this bong. The double filtration works perfectly to give you a pleasant and smooth smoke.

Get ready to blast off!

The price of this bong settles between the high-end to very cheap categories. But what’s more interesting is that it gets a 5-star rating from almost all buyers!

#4 – Single or Double Showerhead Perc Beaker Bong – Classic Water Pipe

Enjoy a smoother hit with this best bong in the market. Single or Double Showerhead Perc Beaker Bong from UPC features some top-class components.

First of all, it comes with high-quality water pipes. Furthermore, it comes with a single or double 8-arm tree perc that works really great for diffusion.

Moreover, the beaker glass, clear glass, male bowl, removable 3.5-inch downstem, straight neck, and male flower slide are several praise-worthy components of this bong.

You will get a 14.5mm female joint and a bowl with your purchase. Interestingly, it’s one of the best-selling products that gets featured in the top 4/20 deals!

Try it and enjoy smooth smoke!

Maintenance, filtration, ease of pull, and build quality of this UPS bong have earned over 90% of positive ratings among users.

As it comes with the highest quality glass and elegant design, this 8-Arm Tree Perc Beaker Bong gets 4.63/5 ratings among 212 online shoppers.

#3 – GRAV Gravitron Gravity Bong – For the Biggest Hit You Can Handle

This bong is wholly made from high-quality glass. It’s one of the cheapest bongs out there. Even if you are a beginner or an expert, this gravity bong can please you greatly!

All smoke generated in the chamber remains in there, so you get to inhale dense and heavy smoke that can hit you hard.

Get ready to take a damn good hit and get high with your favorite weed strains. 

Intergalactic bliss is just a pull away!

As it comes with a custom fitting, you can even use it with a  bubbling downstem. These gravity bongs arrive in either glass or silicone material.

You will have below-mentioned two options to select the size of your bong:

  • 11 inches
  • 14 inches

Moreover, there’s peace of mind with this bong as all the parts are replaceable, and you can get them at a low price. Besides, it comes with a random Decal color as per the availability.

If you include add-ons with your purchase and place an order above $79, you will get free shipping. Interestingly, you can buy this bong with four interest-free payments with the Sezzle payment system.

Gravitron Gravity Bong from GRAV comes from an authorized retailer. As it got 4.6/5 ratings among 36 users, it’s one of the best bongs for people who love weed gravity.

#2 – Snoop Dogg 11 IN Water Pipe – Premium Water Pipe for Parties

Who likes party bongs?

Light up this Snoop Dogg bong and get lit up in a snap! The Snoop POUNDS G2 bongs are some of the craziest and most satisfying bongs out there. Some may call it the best bong in the world!

I’ve tried smoking some flowers with this bong, and it fostered a really, really strong high and filled my mood with euphoria and happiness.

Blow out some stunning clouds in the air!

This Snoop Dogg bong features an 11.25-inch water pipe. Moreover, the inline pendant percolator makes it trendy and easy to use. Besides, you will get a 14mm male bowl with this package.

Furthermore, there are three color options for you to choose from:

  • Milky Jade
  • White
  • Black

Even though this bong does not feature ice percs, you will experience smooth tokes with each pull. Luckily, if your order exceeds $50, you will be eligible to get free shipping.

Moreover, the Snoop Dogg logo on the top of the pipe looks elegant, feels premium, and adds charm to the product display. The smoke pulling is clean and effortless. You can enjoy a delightful cannabis-smoking experience without any pain.

#1 – Marley Natural Smoked Beaker Glass Water Pipe – The Editor’s Choice

Marley has invented some of the coolest and high-quality bongs for cannabis connoisseurs. Show off elegance by having this premium weed bong at your place.

Not only that, but this percolator bong also offers an ecstatic kick that you’ll cherish.

Experience that delightful smoke you’ve ever had!

Marley bong comes with an impressive thick base, downstem, bowl, and Marley Natural Smoked glass water pipe. Besides, the manufacturer composed it with borosilicate glass for strength and long life.

Fill the bowl with water through the mouthpiece up to 1 inch. Then, add your herb to the bowl. While you hold the smoke chamber with one hand, rip through the mouthpiece while heading the bong with another hand.

Plus, you can clean it up quickly as the perfect design offers easy maintenance. Along with that, the high-grade material and general design of this bong are spectacular to use.

Definitely worth every penny! 

Interestingly, you can buy this bong with a per-month payment installment from the ViaBill payment system. It’s a great way to split your payment and get the benefits of interest-free installments.

Overall, this stunning 16-inch beaker bong is undoubtedly a clear winner.

The Quality Parameters of a Good Bong

As a veteran marijuana user, I have tried many bongs. Therefore, I understand the importance of the quality parameters and design of a bong. 

However, if you are a beginner and want to buy a new bong for your enjoyment, look for the following questions to see how good is the bong.

  • Is the bong made with high-quality glass?
  • Does smoke get diffused and filtered?
  • Does the bong offer smooth and clean smoke?
  • Is the bong easy to use and maintain?
  • Does the bong chamber hold enough smoke?
  • Is the bong brand reputable?

If you tick ‘yes‘ in most of these queries, it means that you have picked the right bong for your needs. Rest assured that creamy smoke and fast-acting high are guaranteed with such a piece of equipment.

Types and Parts of a Bong

You will find several types of bongs for an immersive marijuana smoking experience. Different bongs offer diverse smoke release and a variation in high.

Here are some of the finely crafted bongs that you can buy online.

  • Beaker base bongs
  • Scientific bongs
  • Bubbler bongs
  • Gravity bongs
  • Recycler bongs
  • Straight tube bongs
  • Percolator bongs
  • Multi-chamber bongs
  • Mini bongs

Bong is created by assembling different units. As modern and stylish bongs have varieties of parts, simple bongs have fewer components.

In any case, here are some essential elements that evaluate the quality of any bong.


Bowl is the central part where you put your dried buds to burn.


It’s the bottom part of the bong that comes in different designs and sizes.


Percolators or water pipes are equipped inside a bong to make smoke diffused so you can have an easy hit. 


Downstem is a tube that lets smoke reach the base from the bowl.


A tube that gets filled with smoke and leads to the mouthpiece for you to pull the smoke. You can put ice blocks here if it comes with an ice pinch.


It’s a hole to pull the smoke and clear the chamber.

Final Verdict on Top 10 Bongs USA:

Bongs work in a very straightforward manner. Additionally, the chamber, pipe, and mouthpiece make it easy for you to inhale purified smoke. After all, it can give you more pleasure and fun than smoking blunts.

Moreover, you can buy large or small-sized bongs according to your needs. If you need something better, you can even shop for a bong with freezable glass coils. It replaces ice cubes and offers great marijuana smoke.

With modern filtration systems, you get to enjoy clean smoke that hits your throat with ease. With cooler temperatures, steady pulls, and richer smoke, there won’t be any unpleasant experience.

Bongs with glass pieces are pretty popular among cannabis users. You can invest your money into it without any second guess. You will also find some cheap bongs in this rundown that can generate fantastic smoke to indulge you.

Many users have reported having a smooth toke and enjoyable high after using these unique smoking tools. All you need to look for is the quality and usability of the bong you want to purchase.

You deserve the best smoke; enjoy!

FAQs on Best Branded Bongs:

Which is the best brand of bongs?

Bongs from Marley and Snoop Dogg brands offer some of the finest and easy-to-use bongs that provides excellent filtration system and smooth diffusion.

Besides, if you look for large bongs or smaller bongs, all the bongs reviewed in this guide are the best bongs that offer a much smoother hit.

How do I choose a good bong?

Smoking devices like bongs include different parts that assemble as per the bong design. Look for a more substantial beaker base, bud vase, downstem diffuser, glass piece quality, honeycomb perc, and carb hole. It will help you take a cool rip of your dry herb.

Moreover, you can also check the quality of an ice catcher and ice disk in ice pinch bongs. Plus, tiny holes and easy removable cleaning are necessary to enjoy the ease of use.

Do bongs work without water?

Yes, you can use some bongs without water, but a dry puff may hit your throat harshly. Water dilutes the harshness of the smoke. Consequently, the filtered smoke feels tasty and highly enjoyable. So, you can enjoy a smooth smoking experience without coughs.

Do small bongs get you higher?

Not necessarily! The design of the bong varies according to the parts and assembly of the whole unit. Therefore, different kinds of bongs offer diverse types of high.

It all depends on how much smoke the bong produces. Bongs with large chambers generate large smoke, making you higher, and vice versa. However, mini bongs are your go-to gadgets for cheap alternatives.

Are bongs illegal?

Being part of the drug paraphernalia category, bongs are illegal to import, export, and sell. However, possession of bongs is not an issue. Everything is fine if you do not break the federal paraphernalia laws.

Bongs have been sold for tobacco usage, and vendors may sell them by advertising in that manner. However, it’s advisable to keep the updates of your state laws as some states like Washington have banned the use and possession of bongs.

What are the many types of bongs?

There are various types of bongs available in the market.
> Bongs with many chambers.
> Bong with a percolator.
> Bongs are made from beakers.
> Bongs are handcrafted from scratch.
> Recycler Bong
> Bongs are made of straight tubes.
> Bongs with zigzag patterns.
> Bongs with a bubble or spherical base.

Is the shape of a pipe significant?

The significance of the shape of the bong implies how comfortable the pipe is in your mouth. For example, straight pipes work best in your hand, while bent pipes work best in your mouth. However, this is best left to the smoker.

Are more giant bongs smoother?

The more the percolation, the bigger the bong. This is due to the airflow allowing for air filtering that results in percolation. And because more excellent percolation results in a smoother, more relaxed, and cleaner hit, a giant bong is undoubtedly the way to go.

Do little bongs help you get high?

While smaller bongs may not get you as high as larger ones, different forms, variants, and percolators can increase the size and smoothness of smaller pieces.

How can you know whether a bong is of high quality?

A professional artist created a bong with smooth seams between pieces, and while some artists may produce outstanding results with lesser materials, most will not use less expensive glass. A bong with warps or uneven welds is of lesser quality and may have been produced using inferior materials.

Do dabs have an odor?

Dabs have an odor. They don’t have the same odor as cannabis smoke, but they can be an excellent substitute. Because dabs emit vapor, their odor is not unpleasant or evocative of something burning. Instead, it has an earthy, herbaceous odor.

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