10+ Best Cannabis Strains for Better Sleep – Natural Insomnia Relief

Sleep is essential for maintaining our psychological and physical health, yet it eludes numerous adults. One of the most generally cited reasons for using cannabis is alleviating insomnia, as numerous cannabis varieties are proficient at promoting profound, restful sleep. Explore this fantastic article to learn how medical marijuana can infuse sleep and offer relaxation. Also, browse through the best cannabis strains for better sleep.

When discussing the best cannabis strains for better sleep, the cannabis strain that comes to mind is the Granddaddy Purple Cannabis Strain.

Certain strains of cannabis are especially well-known for their ability to instill a good night’s rest within a short period. 

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You may find yourself wide-awake at 3 am, with a whirlwind of thoughts racing through your mind or an episode of anxiety killing your sleep. More often than not, prescription drugs are of little consequence. You might then need to resort to cannabis strains for support. Here are a couple of selections from the best strains for sleep to help you avoid long nights awake in bed. 

Introduction: Best Cannabis Strains for Better Sleep

Insomnia, known as sleeplessness, is a sleep disturbance defined by either having trouble falling asleep or problem remaining asleep. 

The consequence of insomnia usually involves daytime drowsiness, depressed mood, irritability, low energy levels, and a generally pessimistic and cynical attitude. The likely hazards of insomnia can include difficulty in learning and maintaining focus and impaired motor skills. 

The absence of proper sleep can harm your body and overall wellbeing. The marvelous thing is, cannabis can benefit, to a certain extent.

Insomnia is associated with depression, chronic pain, coronary illness, menopause, and can also be caused by excessive consumption of caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine. The prescription drug can be addictive and can have serious side effects. 

The best way to manage insomnia without prescription medicine is to practice good sleep habits that include regular everyday exercise regimen, visit exposure to sunlight, and consistent sleep time and wake up routine. Your room’s condition is also essential; it should be clean, ventilated, calm, and dim. 

Cannabis can be useful to help treat insomnia. But it’s essential to choose the right strain and consume the right sum at the right time. 

Different types of insomnia

Insomnia usually affects the old more than young individuals, but increasing numbers of young individuals have sleeplessness in the last decade. One study also suggests that one in four Americans are prone to encounter insomnia. 

There are several kinds of insomnia. Sleep-onset insomnia is exposed by being helpless to fall asleep at night and is firmly associated with anxiety-related ailments

Chronic insomnia

It’s a long-term pattern of trouble sleeping. Insomnia is typically considered chronic if somebody has difficulty falling asleep for three nights a week for three months and above that period. Some people with chronic sleeplessness have a long-standing past of trouble sleeping. Chronic insomnia has many causes.

Comorbid insomnia

It’s insomnia that transpires with another disease. Psychiatric indications — such as stress and sadness — are associated with alterations in sleep. Some medical situations can either induce insomnia or make a person annoying at night (as in the case of back pain or arthritis), making it hard to sleep.

Maintenance insomnia

It refers to the failure to stay asleep. People with maintenance insomnia awake at midnight and have trouble returning to sleep.

Acute insomnia

It’s a brief experience of sleeping struggle. Acute insomnia is generally caused by certain life events, such as a stressful transition in a business, getting bad news, or stressful travel history. Generally, sufferers can settle acute insomnia without any treatment.

Onset insomnia

Onset insomnia relates to difficulty falling asleep at the beginning of the night.

Cannabis for profound sleep: Here’s what the science says

There are four principal stages of sleep, which include: 

  • Half-awake stage: first 10 to 15 minutes of sleep 
  • Light sleep stage: pulse slows down, body temperature drops 
  • Profound sleep stage: It happens 35-45 minutes after falling asleep. It is the most vital step in the sleep cycle, where the body’s excellent comfort and healing occur. 
  • REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage: It happens after an hour and a half of profound sleep. It is also the stage where dreams happen. 

When we are affected by tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the study shows that we fall asleep swiftly, which makes us spend more time in the third stage of sleep. 

It increases regeneration and heightens energy levels during the following day. Additional time spent in the third sleep phase also diminishes the term of the REM stage, so, many believe that we don’t dream when we are high. 

Is Indica or Sativa better for sleeping?

There’s no uncertainty that cannabis can produce a range of effects on sleep, as it can encourage us to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Also, it helps us experience a more restful sleep cycle. It doesn’t make any difference if you suffer from the occasional wakeful night or chronic insomnia, marijuana is a characteristic sleep help that almost every cannabis user has gone to at some point. 

If you’re using cannabis for sleep assistance, possibilities are one of your next issues is whether Indica or Sativa cannabis are more suitable for sleeping. The brief answer is that Indica cannabis is usually better sleep aid than Sativa, which are more energizing marijuana varieties. We don’t have scientific proof of why Indica is better for sleeping (differences in genetic makeup, terpenes, etc.) 

However, its effects are usually more relaxing and soothing than those of Sativa. However, the most intense Indica strains have high content levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which can hurt sleep and exacerbate one’s anxiety and insomnia. 

It is just a piece of what makes understanding whether an Indica or Sativa will be more desirable for sleeping a very subjective topic. We can’t ignore that everyone feels differently and that additional factors become an essential part when examining Indica and Sativa cannabis strains as sleep aids.

How to ingest marijuana at night to fall fast asleep

sweet dreams weedMost individuals ingest marijuana by smoking it as a joint or with a pipe. If you don’t enjoy smoking, need to protect your lungs, or dislike marijuana’s signature odor, have a go at vaping devices, or THC-rich tinctures, which you can place under your tongue. Both are standard ways of utilizing cannabis for sleep. 

Furthermore, the question is how much marijuana to use for this situation. It might need some experimentation to seize the dosage that is right for you — so don’t attempt this during a work week! If smoking or vaping, you’ll need to start with just a couple of puffs. 

Studies note that a little goes a long way. Overdoing it can prompt grogginess the following morning. If you have to re-dose at night, that is fine too. But you should keep a strategic distance from re-dosing if you awaken within four hours of when you should be up. 

Observe how you feel after you smoke the pipe. Feeling “high” can differ from feeling slight euphoria to a slowed sense of time, to upgraded sensations such as the cottonmouth. 

Timing your intake for sleep time

Timing is essential when it comes to using cannabis, especially for sleep. That is why edibles are the best options. They are unpredictable about when they’ll kick in. Sometimes it’s around 60 minutes, other times; it can be more similar to a few hours.” 

It can also influence us for longer than intended and cause grogginess in the morning. As cannabis in edibles process through the gut to the liver, the span can be longer, up to 8 to 12 hours. While everyone’s biology is different, it’s customarily better to ingest marijuana, in any event, an hour before sleep. 

It’s ideal to consume marijuana an hour before sleep because cannabis will work for around three to four hours, helping you fall asleep. Sometimes, individuals don’t feel the effects right as they go to sleep, which can cause excitability and prevent sleep. 

Remember this before you fall asleep

stoned by weedNot all sleep aids work for everyone similarly, and cannabis is no exception. Individuals with ongoing coronary failures or poor cardiovascular health should refrain from cannabis use because of increased myocardial infarction. 

Also, while cannabis is often useful to reduce anxiety, some individuals find that high-THC strains make them more anxious or suspicious. If you’re one of these individuals, experiment with different strains, or let your dispensary realize when you’re fancying your strains. You might discover that a distinct strain can cause sleep without increasing your anxiety

More research on marijuana is coming. This spice, which is legal in some states and still illegal in others — has a wide range of medicinal effects that may work as effectively as other medications and with fewer side effects. 

There are many studies on sleeping disorders associated with alcohol, and there needs to be a better comprehension of the impacts of cannabis on sleep and wellness. Using marijuana to assist you with sleeping is a short-term fix, however. To sleep restfully, you’ll need to practice good sleep hygiene and incorporate other behaviors that support a lifestyle that promotes good sleep.

Top 10 best cannabis strains to sleep like a baby

We’ve compiled a list of soothing strains to guide you on your next visit to the cannabis store. However, keep in mind that different strains influence each person differently, and obtaining the best cannabis strains for better sleep may need some trials.

1 – Granddaddy Purple from ILGM


Because GDP is a classic Indica, it can make an intense mental high, leaving you to quiet down and generate a fresh brain buzz. For those seeking a profound and relaxing recreational high, Grand Daddy Purple offers just that. It is a powerful sleep-help, which makes it the ideal nighttime puff. 

Not only does it assist you with unwinding and let go of all your stresses, but it also leaves you feeling happy and content. It is what makes it an excellent ally for a warm air pocket shower toward the day’s end. 

A sense of rapture is one of the effects of Grand Daddy Purple. And, it renders a sense of happiness, and a strong desire to laugh. Sometimes, GDP can encourage a voracious appetite but isn’t present in each user. 

2 – God’s Gift by Seedsman

gods gift cannabis strain

God’s Gift cannabis strain comes from California. However, the features on this are entangled. This heavy-hitter is a potent Indica that is popular among recreational consumers and those exploring a way to treat their ailments.

God’s Gift is unquestionably a gift from the heavenly kingdom. This strain is particularly relaxing and offers an energetic all-over high due to its high THC content. This Indica will inspire a sense of peace in you that will make you settle into your couch to experience the warmth.

This strain is very beneficial at making you feel sparkling, and in many instances, will make you laugh. You will feel generally feel satisfied and softened, and often it will make you sleepy. It means that falling asleep on the bed can be anticipated after smoking some puffs of this weed.

3 – Tahoe OG Kush by The Cali Connection

tahoe og kush cannabis strain

It is a legendry strain in the famous OG Kush lineage. Tahoe OG Kush owns strong pain-killing abilities, coupled with a high THC level, usually in the range of 20-25%. Its above-average CBD content has made this hybrid a handy accessory in the medical marijuana world.

Immensely enjoyed by most Kush lovers, Tahoe OG Kush is famous for its effects among all its cousins. This strain provides the classic OG high that brands its parentage, infused with the medicinal influences for it is explicitly recognized.

The strain is the ultimate relaxant and will make you feel bound in a big marshmallow blanket. It is excellent to make you feel total fuzzy and comfort you into becoming sleepy and ready for a restful night.

4 – Martian Candy from Seedsbay

martian candy cannabis strain

We can describe the Indica leaning Martian Candy as a minty surprise that users can use. It produces a euphoric high, which could improve the precision of users. Besides, its body buzz allows one to influence like a well-oiled engine to execute light physical tasks. Eventually, its Indica genes take over your mind and soothe users to bed like a magnet. 

This strain has a slow-acting effect that generally takes around 20 minutes to realize. It begins with a soft charge of euphoria that levitates the pleasure, eliminates sadness, and inspires a feeling of peace. Infrequent users will find thoughtful clarity and a confident mindset. It generates a space for ideas to a, but it also enhances motivation and focuses the minds. It creates a space for ideas to a recurring pattern, but it also increases inspiration and clarifies the senses. 

Forty minutes to an hour after the first dosage, a tingling excitement complements the euphoric high. It makes the body flexible by clearing stress from the muscles, reducing tightness throughout the joints. Taking a couple of extra puffs enhances the relaxing body buzz into a sedating one. So, one will require to search for a suitable place to rest. After all, the power that falls into the limbs can support a profound sleep. 

5 – Northern Lights from ILGM

Northern Lights Best Strains for Pain

It is one of the purest Indicas in the market and has accomplished legendary status among clinical and recreational users. Northern Lights is highly suggested for a nighttime drug because of its powerful Indica properties, helping you mend from a profound sleep while treating dystonia muscle spasms.

Because it’s so relaxing, Northern Lights is one of the most widely recognized strains for insomnia. Abstain from using a lot of this strain if you will, in general, get neurosis or headaches.

6 – 9 Pound Hammer

9 pound hammer cannabis strain

“Why nine pounds of the hammer?” you ask. Well, that’s a noble question and one that we have also considered. However, we can guarantee you with confidence that nine pounds of this sticky, weedy hammer are more than sufficient to beat the crap out of your good night’s resting problems. 

It is an 80% Indica cross strain with a THC composition that can be up to 23%. It will knock you over the head with pleasant leisure time. Smoke or vape a little and observe your shallow breaths digging as your limbs get heavy, and your muscles relax. 

Recreational users may complain about the couch-lock that accompanies using too much. Still, people looking for assistance from insomnia will be relieved to find themselves stable in bed for a few moments before they transition flatly into dreams. 

Plus, this weed can provide you the munchies, so it’s good to have something delicious around. The fragrance is citrus and grape with a hint of woody pine flavor. You can feel a note of lime when you puff out the smoke. It is earthy and tasty, but not as berry as you might suspect.

7 – Chronic Widow by ILGM

chronic widow cannabis strain

Chronic Widow seeds’ plant produces an energetic high. After just one puff, you’ll feel stoned. It holds a spicy yet creamy taste, with extremely high THC content.

Chronic Widow is fast-flowering and delivers pretty extraordinary yields. The strain is 65% Indica and 35% Sativa. Moreover, people commonly use it for recreational and fun; it has some beneficial therapeutic benefits.

The Chronic Widow marijuana strain will hook you quickly. After just a puff or two, you’ll find yourself feeling spacey and energetic at the same time. Furthermore, its high Sativa effect is hard-hitting due to its very high THC content, which can range between 22 to 25 percent.

The rich smoke of this strain is creamy, added with a spicy flavor. It’s a blend of Indica and Sativa characteristics that make it an effective way to become stress-free. Moreover, you’ll also get very relaxed, making you more comfortable to unwind and get a stable sleep at night.

8 – Afghan Kush from Crop King Seeds


It is a top decision for patients looking for a relaxing high. This landrace strain can give long-lasting alleviation, sometimes as long as two hours straight. Afghan Kush is beneficial to treat sleeplessness, muscle spasms, and dull pain while sending you off into a state of profound relaxation without interruptions.

The THC and CBD levels in Afghan Kush are equally high, making it a highly valued strain. Afghan Kush also makes for a delicious smoke thanks to its mango smell. Plus, points for it not being harsh on the throat at all. Afghan Kush is also useful to treat insomnia, stress, depression, absence of appetite, and pain. 

9 – Forbidden Fruit by Growers Choice Seeds

forbidden fruit cannabis strain

Forbidden Fruit is a delicious blend of Tangie and Cherry Pie. It produces beautiful dense flowers with dark green foliage, lovely purple shades, and light yet beautiful orange hairs.

Forbidden Fruit is the strain you need when you want to forget about your difficulties and feel high. Its effects are stimulating, loosening your body into a profound, trance-like nature while relaxing the mind. Your mind enters a sort of thoughtful state that lets you forget your worries.

The Forbidden Fruit strain delivers mind and body euphoria with a calmness that instantly drives a stone high. It is a mood lifter with an adequate high that will make you sleep peacefully. 

Its deep relaxation and cerebral high make it just appropriate to reduce minor bodily discomfort and decrease stress and stabilizing moods. The strain is more influential than most, so be sure to keep the dosage low to avoid reactions of paranoia. Therefore, Forbidden Fruit is most beneficial to use in the evening time.

10 – Critical Kush by i49

critical kush cannabis strain

This high-quality Critical Kush strain is excellent for many purposes. Its well-balanced effects make it an excellent choice for pot smokers. It is an Indica-dominant strain having many medical benefits, making it a favorite choice in the medical marijuana community.

Furthermore, the effects come in racingly, providing a profoundly relaxing impression. Critical Kush can make you couch-lock, and therefore, you should take it with caution. It is a successful strain in making many stressed-out minds peaceful.

Critical Kush is cannabis best experienced in the evening time, making you feel happy and rendering feelings of positivity and comfort. Besides, it can also make you feel sleepy, particularly with higher doses, so it is imperative not to have any intentions to be productive when vaporizing this unique Indica-dominant cannabis.

It’s 90% Indica-dominant hybridized weed that will induce a sense of euphoria. Apart from that, it makes you feel invigorated and animated, making you feel immediately motivated. Critical Kush will encircle you in a giggly haze that will make you more talkative than average and stimulate you to become more social and generate positive vibes.

Final Verdict

Please note that you may respond differently to medicine than a colleague or family member. The same is accurate if you’re using the natural herb for sleeplessness. Also, take note that that each cannabis may have different levels of effectiveness.

Furthermore, knowing if an Indica or Sativa is better for sleeping depends on many things, including your personal needs and how a specific strain affects you. For now, we can only suggest that an Indica is better than a Sativa for sleeping.

Having a healthy sleep pattern can have a significant impact on your life’s wellbeing. Before you take addictive sleeping pills, consider utilizing cannabis to put your sleeping regime back on the right track. It is a fast-acting, affordable solution with compelling effects.

As with all medicines, the best cannabis strain for one person may not be the best for others. The best strain for sleep is different for each person, but we are sure that you will get a strain that will render positive results for your sleeping troubles from the above-given list.

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