10+ Best Cannabis Strains for Male Arousal: Stoned Sex + Pleasurable Orgasms

Have you ever blazed a bowl before making love? If not, you’re missing out! Humanity has invoked cannabis for its aphrodisiac properties for thousands of years, and the herb continues to keep sex exciting and passionate to this day. Are you looking for the best cannabis strains for male arousal? These ten strains can make you feel heavenly and enrich your sex life.

While selecting the best cannabis strains for male arousal, the strain that comes to our mind to intensify men’s sexual desire is Blue Dream Cannabis Strain.

cannabis usage for better sexual satisfaction

As you’re most likely informed, diverse strains render different effects on individuals. Some classes will leave you willing to welcome your partner, while others will have you longing solitude or snacks. If you’re looking for a sexual thrill, you’ll want to pick your weed strain wisely.

Introduction: Best Cannabis Strains for Male Arousal

More romantic men will want a likewise relaxing strain as women. However, to support them get into their swing, more stimulating cannabis strains will give enough energy for when the mood is proper.

Anxiety and undesirable thoughts can instantly ruin sex for men. Performance anxiety can make it hard for men to reach and maintain an erection. Such a state of mind can further make them finish way before they’ve pleased their partner. Most of the cannabis strains mentioned in this article below contain terpenes and cannabinoids to facilitate both the mind and body.

History: Usage of Marijuana for Sex in Ancient India

using cannabis for sex in ancient IndiaThe history of ancient India is closely associated with cannabis usage as it has been used for at least 3,000 years, or much longer. The Indian Ayurvedic and Unani Tibbi medicine practices adopted cannabis to overcome impotence, improve libido, and get rid of many illnesses. They also used opium containing marijuana for aphrodisiacs. Some names include Roghan Bhang, Uttama Vajikarana, Shrimadananda Modaka, and Majun Falaskari.

By the eighth century AD, people who followed Tantrism utilized cannabis in sex and yoga practices correlated with the goddess Kali. Those associated achieved a ‘spiritual awakening’ by fusing sex, yoga, and cannabis. 

The process was to consume a drink called bhang. It consists of crushed weed leaves and flowers. It also incorporates cardamom, pepper, and almonds (to make Vijaya) and continues to be popular in India to this day.

They consumed the Vijaya around 90 minutes before sex. Presumably, users assumed that marijuana allowed them to remain aroused for a longer period. Besides, some manuscripts also describe intimate rituals lasting for eight hours!

Sex and Weed: Here’s What The Science Says

Individuals figured out a long time ago that weed can improve sexual pleasure. The Hindu tradition of tantra incorporated the spice into a variety of sexual positions and practices to accomplish spiritual awakening. Modern science has also been investigating the possibility of cannabis as an aphrodisiac

While the analysis remains limited, a 2017 research from Stanford University School of Medicine found that cannabis smokers tend to engage in intense sex. 

Of course, correlation doesn’t approach causation, but the survey of more than 50,000 people found that cannabis use doesn’t appear to hinder sexual performance or the desire to engage in intercourse. Quite the opposite, it appears to increase sexual activity! 

Older data also supports these findings. Surveys dating back to the 1970s discovered cannabis users to report increased sexual desire, sexual enjoyment, and feelings of pleasure and satisfaction. 

We don’t know why cannabis appears to boost sexual desire in some individuals. From an anecdotal perspective, however, most smokers understand that cannabis enhances sensory pleasure, making everything from music to sex feel more divine.

Cannabis and Sex

Before discussing cannabis as a treatment for sexual dysfunction, it is essential to understand that there are pros and cons to combining it with sex. Highlighted below are some benefits and risks to using cannabinoid therapy for sexual wellbeing. 

The Enthusiastic States

struggle and weedCannabis may upgrade enthusiastic bonding and release inhibition, helping the user to “let go.” Many feel the improved perception of sex is related to increased, passionate bonding between partners. Couples can relax despite a background of financial stress, demanding challenges, and general life struggle.

Cannabis can improve sexual capacity by merely lessening anxiety. Cannabis can calm performance anxiety as it helps individuals get out of their heads and go into their bodies. On the other side, too much or the wrong chemovar can prompt an absence of inspiration or oversedation, where individuals may lose the desire for sex.

Improved Touch sensation

Physical contact, including touching, hugging, caressing, and being held, releases the feel-good hormone oxytocin. It is well established that cannabis enhances skin sensation and physical closeness, likely attributed to the wealth of cannabinoid receptors on the skin. 

The improved touch sensation can prompt increased sensitivity and arousal, resulting in heightened pleasure and satisfaction. Cannabis also slows the temporal perception of time, prolonging the feeling of pleasurable sensations. 

Sexual Physiology –

The endocannabinoid system is appearing as a significant regulator of sexual capacity. Cannabinoid receptors work in brain sections that control sexual capacity, including the hypothalamus, prefrontal cortex, amygdala, and hippocampus. 

Serum levels of endocannabinoids, the cannabinoids that humans produce within the body, increase in states of arousal, and after masturbation, warrants further research on their specific impact on sexual health. 

Sexual Function –

Despite long-standing beliefs that cannabis impairs sexual capacity, ongoing proof refutes these myths. Individuals initially thought that cannabis caused ineptitude because of dopamine increases. However, in clinical practice, sexual capacity is improved. In ladies, cannabis has increased sexual capacity, including prolonged and various orgasms

Libido –

Cannabis can increase sexual recurrence, especially in lower doses. In higher doses, it can hinder libido. A 2017 survey of reproductive-age people in the United States sought to identify and define the relationship between cannabis use and sexual recurrence. 

Surveys were conducted with 28,176 ladies and 22,943 men. Groups were subdivided into a week by week users, everyday users, and never users. All four cannabis consuming groups had significantly higher sexual recurrence when compared with non-smokers. 

Orgasms –

roll it spark itNumerous studies have reported increased orgasm, enjoyment, and intensity when using cannabis. In one study, ladies who used cannabis regularly (and not just before sex) doubled the probability of having a satisfying orgasm. 

Non-cannabis men were more prone to arrive at orgasm too quickly, too slowly, or not. Male cannabis users had the option to defer discharge for longer. The orgasms themselves are reported to be prolonged, although it is muddled whether this is equitably obvious, or identified with the time distortion that cannabis sometimes causes. 

Sperm Count –

The conviction that cannabis decreases sperm count has been challenged. An ongoing Harvard study reported men who had never used cannabis before had sperm that were 28% less intense than men who formerly used cannabis. Current users were slightly less intense than former users. 

It might be a contributing factor in other findings showing the legalization of cannabis was associated with increased recurrence of sex, decreased condom sales, and an increase in the birth rate. 

The authors presumed this was a result of heightened risk-taking behavior and not couples increasing bonding and intimacy. Because of an increase in fertility, risk-taking, or family bonding, the ability to conceive does not seem to be an issue. 

The Role of Terpenes in Cannabis

Terpenes assume a significant job in the high you’ll experience from a specific strain. THC underpins the psychoactive effect, but specific terpene profiles determine the nuances of each experience. 

The entourage effect explains how cannabinoids and terpenes work together to upgrade each other’s effects. Terpenes such as myrcene provide more of a relaxing effect, whereas limonene stimulates and energizes

Choosing the Best Method of cannabis Consumption

Today, there are more than enough alternatives when it comes to consuming cannabis. 

Smoking –

Easy to use, with a quick onset and a titrated dose. The effects enter less than three minutes and can last anywhere from 1-3 hours. 

Vaping –

Like smoking, it will take effect in 1-3 minutes and lasts 2-3 hours, making dosing very easy. When vaporizing the cannabis flowers, you extract the highest number of cannabinoids and terpenes possible. Vaporizing oil (vape pens or cartridges) releases some terpenes in the process. But it is convenient and has little to no odor. 

Edibles –

These long-acting medications can take anywhere from 40-120 minutes to take effect. The dosing can be inconsistent from one clump and even individual item to the following. Some of the most unpleasant dosing errors can happen with edibles, so new users should use alerts. 

If you have the foresight to consume your food 60-120 minutes before your sexual encounter, this might be the right choice. Numerous users report increased tactile sensitivity with edibles. 

Tinctures –

For practical purposes, think of a tincture as anything absorbing the mouth instead of the stomach. That would include oil and alcohol-based tinctures, RSOs, mouth sprays, and so on. They start their effect in 15-30 minutes and last 4-6 hours. In contrast to edibles, they will produce a consistent and predictable effect. 

Lubes –

Cannabis-infused lubes are gaining in popularity, but have little scientific backing behind them. It can relax the blood vessels, which support arousal and upgraded sensation. 

In some cases, you can’t get high from the lube. While the mucus membranes of the vagina will promptly absorb THC, the dose and quantity of cannabinoids will be so low as to likely not produce a psychoactive effect.

Top 10 Best Cannabis Strains for Male Arousal

Choosing cannabis strains to promote male arousal can be complicated as you don’t want one that will calm him to sleep. Also, you don’t want one that will turn his mind too far away from you.

So which marijuana strain will you prefer for your next passionate session? We went ahead and made it simple for you in our rundown of the top 10 best cannabis strains for male arousal.

#1 – Blue Dream by ILGM

Blue dream cannabis strain

Blue Dream has been one of the weed lovers’ preferred marijuana strains for a very long time. This Sativa-dominant hybrid is as resembling a perfectly stable high as you can notice. Blue Dream’s soft and pleasant high makes it a universal strain for beginners and pro users.

Because you can anticipate a long-lasting high from this strain, it’s excellent for a second-round energy boost or an all-encompassing period of foreplay. While this strain can be considered Sativa-dominant, users can experience both the practical effects as well as a body high.

If you like the cerebral effects of Sativa and the body high of an Indica, Blue Dream is a great way to experience both in one night.

#2 – White LSD by MSNL

White LSD cannabis strain

The buds of this weed strain will be thick and difficult to press. All of the buds are in the front of dense THC crystals. Crossing LSD and White Widow Max, White LSD is one of our most potent psychoactive strains. The strain is an Indica weed with a Sativa dominance. LSD is an extreme hybrid strain that creates a sense of euphoria, uplifted spirit, and creativity.

This strain gives the total-body high of an Indica with the energizing properties of a Sativa, making it a must before you hit the room. You’ll feel comfortable in your skin with each kiss, touch, and groan.

#3 – Berry White by Pacific Seed Bank

white berry cannabis strain

Berry White is limonene, and Indica-dominant cross-bred between the Blueberry and White Widow. It is well famous for its fruity blueberry notes on the nose and sense of taste. It is also very well known for elevating and uplifting the mood while simultaneously inducing a gentle and enveloping body high.

Its Indica dominant traits make it the most appropriate nightcap. Berry white, much like its sister Blueberry, always leaves a path of admirers because of its incredible fragrant presence that turns heads.

#4 – Sour Diesel by ILGM

Sour Diesel cannabis strain

There are not many marijuana strains equipped for helping you go wild more than this Sativa-dominant (70%) hybrid. Having a THC concentration of up to 22%, Sour Diesel is a powerful beast. So much so, that if you’re not used to its potent effects, you could feel anxiety. It has a strong ‘fuel’ scent, and its epithet is ‘Sour D.’

This strain was made in California in the 1990s and is probably a cross of Chemdawg and Super Skunk. However, its exact background is unknown, and this demeanor of mystery just adds to the strain’s considerable allure. Sour Diesel also provides the ideal ‘upper,’ as it hits you with profound cerebral experience and virtually no love seat lock.

You should feel a charge of energy within moments after puffing Sour Diesel. It makes it ideal in the moments leading up to the “big event.” After taking a couple of hits, you’ll probably need to dispense with foreplay and go at it like rabbits. Best of all, though, the effects of Sour Diesel can last as long as five hours, a sure-fire way to upgrade your notoriety for being a stud!

#5 – Schrom by Pacific Seed Bank

schrom cannabis strain

Schrom is genuinely favored in popularity Sativa yet will still leave you feeling slightly Happy and Uplifted. Need a congratulatory gesture when nobody is near? Then get raised with Schrom as this strain sits above 90% of strains that uplift you, taking you to higher ground.

Whether you are rising to the top of the corporate stepping stool, or just want to concentrate on a project, Schrom will drive you on a satisfying ride of boundless potential. There’s a purpose why it’s in the list of top 10% of strains that activate consideration.

Is it honest to say that you are feeling a bit restrictive, anxious, and troubled? Abolish that feeling with Schrom as it is in the top 10% of strains for providing some relaxing effects. Schrom’s stimulant and sedative properties make it an outstanding strain for individuals who suffer from hopelessness and uncertainty. Numerous individuals had encountered dry mouth when they smoke Schrom strain.

#6 – Ancient Kush

ancient kush cannabis strain

Though predominantly Indica, Ancient Kush differs from strains like it for its ability to make users feel energized. Its initial onset enhances mood. In doing so, it also clears the mind so users can take advantage of their creativity. With gears going, the back and forth movement of thoughts become seamless until one is brimming with ideas.

In time, the rush of energy from the temples courses through the muscles and invigorates the body. Feeling inspired and curious because of the persistent mental effects, most enthusiasts fall back to their chairs, hunch on their desks, and complete tasks without feeling tired from the long periods of concentration.

Without a doubt, the episode of productivity can prompt casual users feeling aroused. After all, the electrifying shock is mentally and physically stimulating. And, as a characteristic aphrodisiac, such effects must be anticipated from Ancient Kush. For this reason, perhaps the best an ideal opportunity to use the bud is hours before sleep time or in the late afternoon – preferably with a friend or family member at that. By then, it is just a short time until both falls asleep.

#7 – Auto Lemon Haze by MSNL

auto lemon haze cannabis strain

Auto Lemon Haze was made blending Super Silver Haze, Lemon Skunk, and Lowryder. It is one of the most impressive autoflowering strains in ages.

Known for its extreme “up” high, which comes on quick and lasts long, the buzzing soon satisfies your mind and body yet keeps your head functioning. As you would anticipate from its Sativa dominance, it will promote energy and inspiration when smoked.

You will welcome a sense of tranquility almost immediately, making this an excellent choice for users prone to depression, anxiety, and fatigue. If you use it extensively, it will carry munchies, so have a lot of snacks on hand if you need to get involved with Auto Lemon haze.

#8 – Ken’s Kush by Seedsman

kens kush cannabis strain

As in most cases, there’s the “best”… and then theirs the rest! Ken’s dislike any Kush strain that you have ever attempted. With a mouth-watering aftertaste of sour pine and no after taste and a highlight of skunk smell, it makes this moist, pungent spice a superb organic medical strain.

The plant’s rich green buds are dense, small and almost round, similar to sweet “balls of paradise” with just a little leaf. The dull orange and red fibers enclose the buds by what looks like a winter wonderland of crystals.

Frosty with fresh smelling resin, this variety is well balanced and complete with the heritage and class that distinguish a great strain from a good one. Perhaps the best an ideal opportunity to use the bud is hours before sleep time or late afternoon – preferably with your cherished ones.

#9 – Strawberry Cough by Crop King Seeds

strawberry cough cannabis strain

As the name suggests, this is a delightful weed that will make you cough even if you’ve been smoking it for years, which isn’t awful. Moreover, we heard through the gossip that coughing makes you higher.

Strawberry Cough is an intense Sativa mixture, providing you a relaxing body high while the cerebral effects make you cheering its effect.

This energetic Sativa dominant strain is the genuine article. Perfect for a cerebral experience with just a bit of body high to make you feel relaxed, Strawberry Cough is perfect for a great night out. Take advantage of its enemy of anxiety benefits and uplifting high when trying something new in the room.

#10 – Grandaddy Purple by ILGM

Granddaddy Purple strain

Thanks to its arousing blend of relaxing high and cerebral euphoria, getting aroused after some puffs of this Indica is guaranteed, which leads me to say Granddaddy Purple is green (or you can say Purple!) Viagra.

Generally used to diminish pain, stress, insomnia, and muscle spasms, those effects with pleasurable sensations make everything feel great. It makes Granddaddy one of the best arousal strains that you can ever have.

Granddaddy Purple is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain between Purple Urkle and Big Bud that is high in relaxing myrcene, anxiety-curbing caryophyllene, and uplifting pinene.

Final Verdict

There are still more puzzles than resolutions when it comes to marijuana and stoned sex. With the research in its premature state, it is difficult to make general deductions.

There is as much genetic variation between cannabis plants as there is between individuals consuming it. If you think cannabis may benefit your sexual health, perhaps you currently have some information to start experimenting safely and therapeutically.

Sex, for the two people, usually requires some degree of relaxation and focus. In the above context, we have incorporated a list of ten best cannabis strains for male arousal, emphasizing both.

Individuals have been utilizing cannabis for an aphrodisiac. Smoking weed before having sex can assist you with letting your guard down more, which will eventually allow you to be less frustrated and free you while having sex.

weed leaf and loveSometimes, a little weed is all you need!




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