Buying Marijuana Seeds in France in 2023

France is one of the slowest evolving reform nations in Europe when it comes to marijuana. The government is taking steps forward for primary decriminalization in the dark freeze of bureaucratic discussion. If you are eager to know where to buy cannabis seeds in France and the cannabis policies, continue reading! 

French regulations are traditional when it comes to marijuana use and possession. Surprisingly for a European nation, they do not yet have a medicinal marijuana program!

Although, the introduction of Macron’s ‘on the spot fine’ for weed users shows a progressive shift in attitude. Despite their strict laws, France continues to be a significant producer of hemp and cannabis.

In this article, we’ve covered the history of cannabis, marijuana laws and regulations, possession, consumption, and buying rules along with the beautiful marijuana world in France!

Let’s begin with the history first!

History of Cannabis in France

Cannabis in FranceCannabis was publicly accessible around the 19th century when French troops returned from Egypt with hashish and cannabis. As time passed, cannabis usage became more popular, especially within intellectual groups.

Numerous of the most famous authors and scholars of the nation wrote about their encounter of using drugs (including marijuana). Alexandre Dumas, Victor Hugo, Charles Baudelaire, and Pierre Gautier were all members of the infamous Club des Hachischins, which was devoted to the research of drug-induced circumstances.

Marijuana didn’t become prevalent with the crowds until the 1960s when service members came back from Vietnam. Then, the weed became an essential part of the hippie counterculture movement, and its popularity began to take off.

Marijuana in France – Illegal but Widely Consumed

France has one of the sternest rules as far as cannabis is concerned.

Despite such a prohibitive law that predominates in France, people illegally use the pot most commonly, followed by cocaine. So much so that 17 million French stated that they had used weed once, the neighboring nation is one of the European countries where people smoke marijuana the most.

A few years ago, a report by the National Institute of Higher Studies in Security and Justice displayed this.

Possession and Consumption Laws for Cannabis in France

French government prohibits the use or possession of marijuana. It also makes no difference between possession for private usage or trafficking. Alternatively, the judge gives the sentence to the offense based on the amount of cannabis they had and their situations.Cannabis in France

Based on the condition, the prosecutor may decide to close the case without penalty. They also have the power to offer options to punishment, such as a treatment program. They also take legal steps if necessary.

If filled with personal usage of marijuana, the offender may face a penalty of up to €3,750 and a prison order of up to one year. It may vary for minors.

Suppose the offender has threatened others while using weed, such as being under the impact while serving in a position of responsibility for others.

In that case, the maximum penalty is up to five years, and the fine raised to €75,000.

In 2008, the government introduced a ‘rapid and graduated’ policy. This indicates that marijuana users might receive a warning and an option to attend a drug awareness course in genuine cases.

If they are not reliant on weed, they may have to give up to €450.

The law revised again in 2018, when the government initiated a new policy, giving police the authority to issue on-the-spot fines of €200 for those found using marijuana.

However, Interior Minister Gerard Collomb stated that the new policy does not decriminalize the usage of cannabis and that given a penalty will not ensure that no more legal action is taken.

Cultivation of Cannabis in France

Cannabis in FranceEven though France has a growing industry in hemp and cannabis production, it is still not allowed for people in the nation to grow cannabis plants.

If found doing so, the offender could be subject to up to 20 years in jail or a penalty of up to €7.5 million.

The constitution doesn’t make exceptions to this. Even if the person cultivated marijuana for private, medicinal objectives, the authorities consider it a criminal offense.

However, in fact, very few marijuana breeders have suffered the maximum punishment. Those who get extensive jail punishments are normally those who are involved in the large-scale growing project.

Medical Marijuana in France

France proceeds to choose a traditional stand on medical marijuana. It is not still legal, though Sativex is accessible on prescription (in theory). 

Cannabis in FranceSativex was allowed in 2014, yet by 2018, it was still not accessible due to pricing conflicts between the producers and the authorities of the nation.

Health Minister Agnes Buzyn openly declared her support for a medicinal marijuana program, but no such plan has been designed.

However, in September 2018, for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM), the French National Agency formed a Temporary Specialized Scientific Committee (CSST), assessing the probability of a medicinal marijuana program in France. This is what they concluded:

It is relevant to authorize the use of cannabis [1] for therapeutic purposes for patients in certain clinical situations and in the event of insufficient relief or poor tolerance of therapies, medicinal or not, accessible (including specialties based on cannabis or cannabinoids available). This use can be considered in addition to or as a replacement for certain therapies.”

[1] Refers to the cannabis plant with the exclusion of pharmaceutical specialties having a marketing authorization (AMM) or a temporary authorization for use (ATU).

It’s assumed that France has around 300,000 to 1 million sufferers that could take advantage of cannabis-based medicinal products. Due to a shortage of availability on prescription, the matter of concern is that a significant number of these patients are shifting to the black market to buy their stock.

Will the Pilot Study Find Effective Solution?

In 2019, France declared intentions to run a pilot study, which might begin in September 2020. The programming of this pilot is to run for two years. The study will dedicate the first six months to recognizing the 3000 patients who will make the most profit from the program.

The next six months will concentrate on recruiting hospitals, special clinics, and multidisciplinary centers where the patients can find particular doctors, physicians, and clinicians.

The pilot is supposed to be fully functional, and the first prescriptions for medicinal marijuana might begin in January 2022.

What about CBD?

CBD oil doesn’t include enough THC, the substance responsible for the ‘high’ to be psychoactive. Hence (technically), the French government authorizes the use and sale of CBD products in the nation. MILDECA, The Interministerial Mission Against Drugs and Addictive Behaviour, has explained that the authorities would allow it only if:

  • The THC level is 0.2% or less
  • The producers should use the goods from approved types of (low-THC) hemp plants.

Where to Buy Marijuana Seeds in France

As France goes forward with the significant modifications in their nation that are currently on the horizon, you might be questioning what buying marijuana seeds in France might look like.

Though it is not legal to have cannabis in France, seeds are actually a separate matter solely since they are not technically marijuana.

It looks like French seed banks are not far off, mainly if the pilot study with medical marijuana generates affirmative results within the nation. 

It can be predicted that with the success of the study results, French residents might be able to cultivate their marijuana. You can’t find any French seed banks at present. That doesn’t imply that you can’t buy marijuana seeds from inside France.

You always have an option to order it online with the seed banks that ship to France!

If you’re after CBD products, you can locate many online suppliers that ship high-quality CBD products to France. However, some of these firms are global entities — so they may not rigorously follow the rules in place by the French administration.

Hence, you must take a few precautionary steps to make sure you are in line with the law.

What is the Government’s Take on Cannabis?

Very few political parties in France are in favor of legalizing marijuana, though most do accept its medicinal gains. President Emmanuel Macron has spoken out to support limited cannabis reformations, such as substituting prison penalties by on-the-spot fines. Watch the Video Here!

Cannabis in FranceThe government also indicates that this is a pragmatic way to reduce the time spent by police and that it should not be seen as the first move towards decriminalization.

However, there are significant exceptions. In 2009, socialist MP Daniel Vaillant, the former Minister of the Interior, suggested legalization of marijuana in Le Parisien.

Vincent Peillon is the Minister for Education and Cecile Duflot, Minister of Territorial Equality. He put forward a claim for legalization, saying that it was a better solution than extending the ‘war on drugs.’

They were asked to order by the administration, and their remarks were seen as ‘not subject to debate.’

Another party worthy of mention is Cannabis Sans Frontières, which is managed by the famous activist Farid Ghehioueche. The party has stood in for the European and parliamentary elections, though senators gathered less than 1% of the votes in each case.

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The World of Marijuana in France

France does not produce hashish regionally, though it does develop illicit herbal cannabis.

Much of the hashish in France is trafficked into the nation from Morocco. Dutch marijuana is also common, though Dutch exports have reduced in recent years due to the more restrictive laws in the Netherlands.

France is also a transition point for drugs which are for the UK, the Netherlands, Italy, and Belgium.

Coffeeshops in Paris

In 2018, two French administrators made the most of the relaxing marijuana laws of the government, which allowed the sale of marijuana products comprising 0.2% THC or less and inaugurated two Dutch-style’ coffee shops’.

Cannabis in FranceJoaquim Lousquy, the keeper of Cofyshop, told The Telegraph that there is no psychotropic effect. It’s not a medicine or a relaxant. He would not advertise anyone to smoke cannabis. They sell it like any other item, just like a furniture shop sells tables or chairs.

Stephane Bélaiche, the owner of E-Klop (a similar establishment), spoke to The Telegraph that he does not sell CBD products so they can be smoked in a joint, but so that people can find another flavor to enjoy.

However, both stores have encountered protests from locals and the governments alike. MP Pacome Rupin went to one of the shops and told French journalists that he was ‘closely watching’ its movements.

Neighboring residents have also criticized the store saying, “It smells of hashish in the street.”

Cannabis Events in France

France hosts some major cannabis events during the year. These include the followings:

Cannabis in FranceUFCM I-Care

UFCM I-Care was initially started in 2012, by Bertrand Rambaud. It is one of the most significant medicinal marijuana conferences on the continent. It gives specialists worldwide the chance to share their expertise and experience.

Cannabis in FranceCannabis Europa Paris

Scientists, policymakers, academics, and international marijuana firms visit Cannabis Europa Paris for the opportunity to interchange opinions and listen to essential speakers in the field.

Cannabis in FranceCannabis Business France

This two-day event organized by Manetch focuses on the marijuana and hemp business in France, intending to educate businesspeople about the upcoming possibilities in the industry. It’s also an occasion for networking opportunities.

New Arrival in 2020?

Cannabis in FranceCanamour

This brand-new cannabis event, Cannamour, programmed for 2020, seems like it will offer an expo/conference experience, focusing on both the marijuana and hemp trade.

We don’t have further details, though it appears that the event will be in Marseille.

Few things you might know!

If you are traveling to France, it is beneficial to know the following details:

  • Despite strict regulations, people smoke marijuana extensively in France. In fact, according to the latest report, the nation ranked sixth in terms of the number of people who smoked it.
  • 21.5% of grown-ups around the age group of 15-34 years old use cannabis in France.
  • The potency of seized marijuana varies notably. For herbal cannabis, it’s 0 to 28%; for resin (hash), it’s 0 to 70%. It is incredibly potent! It’s uncommon to see such a high potency, and this was likely a type of distillate.

Last Thought

The path for legal marijuana in France and Paris, more precisely, remains dubious.

Although weed in France is still illegal for private usage, it remains a widespread drug in the French Republic. There are also exceptions for some CBD products which allow medical treatment.

The reports have estimated that the marijuana sector will serve up to 80,000 new employment opportunities in France alone; France could profit from national legislation as the prevailing unemployment rate is around eight percent.

Given the conventional approach of France to the use of marijuana, it seems doubtful that the government will legalize it any time soon. However, it is feasible that the authorities also form a decent medicinal marijuana program in the near future – mainly based on rising public demand.

Watch this video to know more about cannabis in France!

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