How to Make Cannabis Edibles? Butter or Brownies – This is How You Do It

how to make cannabis edibles

If smoking cannabis is the king of all consumption methods, then making weed edibles should be the queen. Dabbing may usurp your joy for one day, but smoking and ingesting are next level. But before you unload your bag of weed into your favorite brownie blend, there are some essential points to consider in your

Top 9+ Best Kush Strains in The World

best kush strains

Kush, a cannabis genotype that arose in the Hindu Kush mountains, is famous among medical and recreational users. Here’s all you have to know about Kush marijuana strains. Let’s discuss the topic and also explore some of the best Kush strains in the world. While researching the best Kush cannabis strains, the strain that comes

9+ Best Cannabis Strains to Smoke on Your Birthday

best strains to smoke on your birthday

Many individuals think of liquor as the classic addition to their social or birthday parties. On the other hand, Numerous individuals stay away from cannabis use during social events as they generally don’t get it. However, many people have claimed that cannabis made them relaxed with parties and people around them. Explore the best cannabis

Top 10 Best Online Seed Banks That Ship to USA Very FAST 1 is our Fav.

In many states in the United States, both medicinal and recreational cannabis has now been legalized. Growing your own marijuana is better than buying it from a dealer since you can control every phase of it, from its flavor and smell to even its features. However, it’s essential to locate seed banks that ship to

Top 10 Best Seed Banks for Autoflower Seeds in 2021

Are you looking for the best autoflowering seeds but new to the cannabis game? Read this post to find the top 10 best seed banks for Autoflower seeds. Autoflowering seeds are relatively new to the cannabis family. They will transfer directly from seed a short vegetation stage to the flowering stage irrespective of the light