Mars Hydro 1600W LED Grow Light Review in 2023

Mars Hydro is no more interesting to you. We realize that. This organization has such high notoriety in the LED grow lights advertise. You can vigorously depend on this organization. Yet, we presented to you our Mars Hydro 1600W LED Grow Light Review to disclose to you how solid this specific grow light model is and is it going to satisfy your requirements or not.

This model was propelled as of late, so you will discover fewer audits about this one. Presently, when you are not having greater signs, which can help you in choosing as a purchaser, we are here with a pail loaded with pieces of information for you. A major can! We have brought you so much information, that in the wake of perusing this review, you will have the capacity to settle on a choice in just a bit of time.

Mars Hydro 1600W LED Grow Light Review in 2023

Mars Hydro 1600W LED Grow Light Review
Mars Hydro 1600W LED Grow Light Review

Mars Hydro 1600W LED Grow Light Review : The firs glance

This grow light for intermediates, who have effectively figured out how to grow, and need to move on a nearly greater growing task than going on with only a few plants. With this grow light’s inclusion zone, we grew twelve cannabis plants, and all were great. The number we will give you later on in the specs part.

This 1600W model fulfilled our master analyzers, yet not completely. There are a couple of things, which are not excessively satisfying in this grow light. We have not concealed anything from you and will talk about the negative part extremely well with you.

On the off chance that you care much about accreditation and trust just affirmed items, let us let you know, this grow light is confirmed by ETL, CE, and ROHS and is penny percent safe to utilize. Now, ready for the numbers game in specs?


MarsHydro 1600W Led Grow Light Review Specs
Mars Hydro 1600W LED Grow Light Specs
Product Dimensions 20 x 20 x 3.5 inches
Item Weight 33.06 pounds
Replacing capabilities 800W HPS light system
Vegetative Coverage 4.5×4.5 ft
Flowering Coverage 6.5×6.5ft
Avg. Power Draw 755-775W
LED chips quality 320 5W
LEDs Angle 90 degree and 120d degree
Input Voltage AC100-240V
Frequency 56-60Hz
Lifespan: 50000-100000 hours
Warranty period 3 years
Money back guarantee period 30 days


Features of this 1600W model are adjusted. They don’t disappoint you and don’t full you with happiness either. You will go over a couple of issues here in the features as it were. Along these lines, have a sharp experience.

Full spectrum of lights

MarsHydro 1600W Led Grow Light Reviews Full Spectrum.jpg
Mars Hydro 1600W LED Grow Light Reviews Full Spectrum.jpg

You were at that point anticipating this, isn’t that so? Definitely, this model provides you with a full range. The parity of different lights is great in this range. It is something like: 400-410nm,440-450nm,450-460nm,630-635nm,650-660nm,730-740nm and 2700K-3000K. IR and white light are available, yet UV is missing. Be that as it may, don’t stress, the light has been fruitful with regards to the yield.

Good qaulity LED used

320 LED chips are utilized in this model, and every single one of them is 5W. Anyway, these chips are made by the main brand, yet at the same time, the reviews are partitioned when we talk about the toughness. Some are glad, while some are irate and grumbling that the sturdiness of the LED chips of this grow light is the main thing to gripe about this grow light.

We tried it. Everything was fine. In any case, that isn’t making any point.For checking the sturdiness, one needs to utilize that grow light for a considerable length of time and years. We are not going.

Along these lines, you should choose in the wake of perusing the client audits as it were. We can simply give you a clue, that we have tried many grow lights, where identical LED chips were utilized, and they all were very fruitful with solidness. The sturdiness of these chips may be hurt because of unseemly use too.

Daisy chaining

A big number of readers will agree with me that this feature is an exceptionally beneficial one. A flat-out learner probably won’t think about it might be, however intermediates and propelled level producers appreciate this element a ton. In the event that you are an amateur, let us clarify. With this component, you can connect many grow lights together and shape a colossal growing area.

For instance, in the event that you have brought this one, in addition to several more, you can connect every one of them three utilizing certain settings, and get a 3X grow area. That is the way this feature works.

Wow, what a cooling system

You get five fans in this model, run altogether. There is an immense aluminum warm sink too. It’s obvious, don’t pursue the publicists, who state that LED grow lights don’t create warm. They do deliver, yet in less sum in contrast with HID/HD/HPS lights. For removing this warmth, the cooling framework must be immaculate.

Despite the fact that this cooling framework is very proficient, however, there is an issue too — the high commotion issue. It won’t blast your eardrums, yet when we tried it, we found that the commotion level was 20% more than the other four comparative sorts grow lights that we were trying together.

Awesome PAR value

MARS HYDRO 1600W Led Grow Light Reviews PAR value
MARS HYDRO 1600W LED Grow Light PAR value

Before buying a LED grow light, you must surely be knowledgeable with the numbers of PAR output.This model satisfies you with its PAR yield. At 18 inches stature, you get 1732 umols, and from 24 inches, 1299 umols.

You may contrast it and different models, which are near its Watt esteem yet in addition center around the value distinction. We infer that with that much cash, you are getting extraordinary PAR value. Not just that, regardless of whether we keep the value factor aside, at that point likewise there are not very many grow lights, which furnish with a greater PAR yield.

What were the results?

You can check the pics HERE!

Hey Amazon, what do you have to say about Mars Hydro 1600W LED Grow Light?

The positive rate is significantly more substantial, and the client surveys additionally state the equivalent. Despite the fact that, there are only 50+ reviews there on Amazon, yet the rating is sound. 4+ stars are the thing that it is.

Complains are mostly regarding the durability, which is normal when we talk about the LED grow lights. Other than that, there are no serious complains by customers regarding the functioning or lack of any feature.

Mars Hydro 1600W LED Grow Light Review : Cons

However in terms of features, this LED grow light provides you with all luxuries, but there are a couple of matters to concern here. Functioning and performance is all OK, but the issue start later on. Now, are you feeling curious for getting knowledge regarding these cons? Have a look, I have explained well.

Poor customer service

Above all else, they are working only eight hours every day. At the point when the purchasers run over any troubles with respect to the working of their grow light and contact the guaranteed benefit, they don’t react well — such a burden.

Less durability

Presently, when we talk about the LED, the toughness has been an issue. In spite of the fact that they are Zener protected and work separately and freely, yet at the same time is a couple of them goes out, it exasperates the entire range. Other than that, the fans likewise are somewhat more noise producing than what they should be.

Certain gripes were there, where the fans began making much progressively high commotion following a couple of months. In this way, durability is the thing, that might give you some tension.

  • One of the best at that price segment.
  • Deeply satisfying coverage area.
  • A huge power saver.
  • Daisy chaining feature available.
  • Outstanding PAR value.
  • Veg and Bloom switches are present.
  • 3 Years limited warranty.
  • 30 days money return guarantee.
  • The fans make a bit higher noise.
  • Warranty service doesn’t respond well.
  • The LED chips are less durable than the competing models.

Mars Hydro 1600W LED Grow Light Reviews : The final verdict

At this value level, this grow light is a decent decision. You can depend upon the quality. A couple of toughness issues are there; however, that occurs with the greater part of the grow lights out there. The PAR value and genuine power draw please you. The light has not attracted a big number of buyers, but I am sure that the number of buyers is going to increases significantly in the upcoming time.

I highly recommend you to buy Mars Hydro 1600W LED grow light, as I am sure that if you use this light gently, you are going to come across perfect yields!

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