King Plus 1200w Review – 2023 {How good for your MONEY?}

King Plus is a handsome one in all aspects. But remember, there are always some hidden things present, which buyers like you do not come across easily before buying it. I have brought you King Plus 1200W review for helping you out in the same case.

Throughout the review, we are going to measure this grow light on all grounds. That is going to be interesting as well as informative!

Reading this review till the end is very important for you, as I do not want you to face any sort of surprises after you already buy it. So, better you know everything about this grow light before investing your valuable dollars. I hope I am right. So, what are we waiting for? Here is the review for you.

King Plus 1200w Review in 2023

King Plus 1200w LED Grow Light Full Spectrum reviews
King Plus 1200w LED Grow Light Full Spectrum reviews

King Plus 1200w Review : The first glance

It is a white rectangular piece, with KINGLED written on the side. It is a lightweight LED grow light, that is meant for beginners especially. Look at the back side, you will see three fans there. Now, keep on unwrapping, you will find a power cord and hanging hooks. Installing of this LED grow light is not going to take much of your time, it is a simple task.


King Plus 1200w PAR value.jpg
King Plus 1200w PAR value.jpg
Product Dimensions 15.75×8.39×2.37inches
Item Weight 6.61 pounds
LED Type Epistar LEDs (120pcs*10w)
Max Coverage Area 3.5 x 5.2 ft
Lifespan 100,000hours
Working Voltage 85v-265v
Working Frequency 50~60Hz
The working environment -20~40℃,45%RH~90%RH.
PAR at 24 inches 529 umols
focusing angle 90 and 120
Actual power draw 235W
Replacing capabilities 800-1000W HPS
Warranty 3 Years


There is no doubt that this 1200W model is a highly featured one, but something is missing as well. Yes, there is a twist. Let me explain you fully the features of King Plus 1200W LED grow light and also tell you what all could be better, or is not that good.

A complete spectrum:

King Plus 1200w Review spectrum.jpg
King Plus 1200w Review spectrum.jpg
King Plus 1200w Spectrum report.jpg
King Plus 1200w Spectrum report.jpg

Your plants need various colors of light to grow, and most importantly, these color requirements differ according to the growth phases. Now, is it important for me to tell you that your grow light must emit all these essential colors for best health and growth of your plants?

With King Plus 1200W LED grow light, you are getting a full 12 bands spectrum, and the most important thing is that both IR and UV are included. So, not just the cannabis, but you can grow much more varieties of plants if you want. I have also provided you with a couple of diagrams so that you can understand this spectrum in a better way.

Perfect LED chips used:

Now, the company name you already read in the specs. Usually, 3W and 5W chips are used in the making of most of today’s date LED grow lights. Here, King Plus has used 10W chips, which are more powerful, provide a better canopy penetration, and emit denser light.

A total of 120 LED chips are used in constructing this 1200W model. These include 42 Red pieces, 32 white pieces, 36 Violet and Blue pieces, 8 for orange light and 2 for IR. I call that a perfect balance. If you use this grow light in an adequate way, your cannabis and marijuana plants are going to thrive high and dense.

One of the biggest benefits with King Plus 1200W is that the bigger and brighter chips you are getting with this one, you usually don’t get with other models of the similar price level. The same thing is with the spectrum. It is hard to find UV, IR, White, Blue, and red light in such a tremendous balance with that much money.

Vast coverage area:

When you make a plan to buy a LED grow light for yourself, you definitely know about the coverage area. Don’t you? I know you are shaking your head there. So, the coverage area is on the positive side of King Plus 1200W. You are getting 3.5 x 5.2 ft as your veg coverage, which is brilliant at that price level. You can easily grow six cannabis plants with that much space!

Heat management is absolute fine:

This LED grow light is designed so perfectly for the heat dissipation. Three top quality highly efficient and fast cooling fans, and the upgraded aluminum heat sinks along with that. They never let temperature rise more than the limit in your grow tent. The holes on the front glass panel are highly supporting in cutting the heat off.

Bring this model home, and you will hardly ever feel the requirement of complaining anything about this heat dissipation system. Besides that, the noise levels are low always.

The warranty

The success of any product highly depends upon the fact that how a customer is treated after he has bought the product. We have Amazon, so if we feel inconvenient, we can write a review there. So, other buyers come to know how good or bad the customer service is. If there are many complains on Amazon, the buyers are going to drag there feet back.

Here with this 1200W model, you are enjoying standard King Plus 3 years limited warranty. You are getting fantastic customer support, and your complaints are listened at any time of the day. As a result, Amazon review are also good. I will throw more light on that a bit later.

What were the results

See guys, I am a cannabis lover. So, whenever I have to test a LED grow light, I test them by growing cannabis first of all. Then I write a review based on the real-life happening, not on what I hear from people. But I hear from my expert teammates. Cannabis results were par excellent with King Plus 1200W LED grow light. That is the thing that matters.

Now, if you are more curious, I have shared a few pics up there. You can check the pics HERE!

Hey Amazon, what do yo say about King Plus 1200W LED grow light?

Since this model got launched in the market, it is touching the heights of success. Its reviews were never bad. 900+ Reviews were there on Amazon when I wrote this review, and 4.5+ out of five was its overall rating. Just imagine! If I tell true, then you cannot say that all features are present in this model, but still, the reviews and rating are so good. I ask you why?

The answer is simple, the results. We can complain this thing is bad, or that thing is missing, but if at last, you are getting your desired cannabis, you are a happy one.

King Plus 1200W reviews : Cons

Oh yes! here comes my part! I always like to point out the cons and make you familiar with some facts, which you were completely unaware of. So, without any halt, let us move further.

Hey daisy chaining, why are you absent?

“The makers never gave me a chance,” says the daisy chaining! You are happy with such a huge coverage area, but the absence of daisy chaining feature is a thing that you feel sad about. Now, that is not a complete limitation. You can link this LED light with the other daisy chainable models, with the support of that six feet long power cord, that company provides you.

Veg and Bloom switches, you are also absent?

Yes, said the Veg and Bloom switches just now. It means that you are not having any sort of manual control over the spectrum. So, the whole game depends upon the height of the hanging only. But there is one benefit as well. Now, if you are a beginner, it is common that you make a mistake with the operating of the Veg Bloom switches. Then you destroy your yield. I myself did that in my early days when I just entered this 420 scene.

So, it is a deficiency, no doubt, but it is not going to make your life hard.

  • The price tag is pocket-friendly.
  • Highly durable model.
  • Outstandingly powerful, and can replace 800-1000W HPS lamp.
  • Beginner-friendly and easy to operate.
  • Highly effective heat dissipation system.
  • Consumes only 235 Watts from the wall and saves much energy.
  • 3 years limited warranty and brilliant 24 hours customer service.
  • 30 days money return policy.
  • Absence of daisy chaining feature.
  • Absence of Veg and Bloom switches, so not manual control over spectrum.
  • Doesn’t feature a timer, but you can use an additional one.

King Plus 1200W review : The Verdict

My expert team and I took a lot of time in testing this LED grow light. We are entirely happy with the results and didn’t come across a single piece of inconvenience. Although a couple of features are absent there, but as I said, the result is the only thing that matters the most, and it has been highly successful in providing desired results.

It is saving a lot of energy and meager complaints about durability. If you ask me what are the two biggest advantages, I would say the complete spectrum and the huge coverage area. Filled with joy, I highly recommend you to buy King Plus 1200W LED grow light, and later on, you can say me thanks for the guidance!

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