GoGrow G5 LED grow light review 2023 – Must Read

Hey buddies, today I have brought GoGrow G5 LED grow light review for you as there are numerous things that you have to think about this grow light before you burn through cash on it. A large number of you won’t be that familiar with this company. Try not to stress; we are dependably there to spare you from putting bucks in the wrong thing.

We will administer profound information about GoGrow G5 LED Grow Light, and make you feel 100% in choosing for the situation to get it or not. Must peruse totally, as regardless of whether you avoid a minor part, you may pass up a great opportunity something very significant. To start with, we will begin on with the fundamental data, and afterward, we will get further and more profound.

So, let us start digging how good or bad is GoGrow G5 LED grow light for you.

GoGrow G5 LED grow light review in 2023

GoGrow G5 LED grow light
GoGrow G5 LED grow light

GoGrow G5 LED grow light review : The first glance

This grow light is worked for business growing and has done extraordinarily well. In spite of the fact that this grow light isn’t that well known, however on the off chance that we talk about those, who have utilized it, are much content with its execution.

In the event that you talk about the claim to fame of this grow light, which makes it stand separated from others, at that point, it is the PAR esteem. On the off chance that you are an indoor cannabis producer or a weed cultivator, this grow light is such an appropriate for you.

The grow area is additionally enough with that much cash, and it has substantiated itself a major vitality saver too. In the event that you need everything in numbers, you should peruse the survey, as simply giving the numbers isn’t sufficient. Clarifications are required for appropriate direction, and that is our main objective.

GoGrow G5 LED grow light 1
GoGrow G5 LED grow light 1


Product Dimensions 32 x 26 x 3.3 inches
Item weight 46.5 pounds
Quality of LED chips 332 x 3W US made LED chips
Lifespan 50,000 hours
Input voltage AC 100-277V
Avg. Power Draw 140W
Working temperature -20-40 degrees C
Working Frequency 50-60Hz
Veg Coverage area 5 x 5 feet from 24 inches height
Bloom Coverage area 4 x 4 feet from 18 inches height
PAR value 1113 umols from 24 inches
HPS replacing capability 1000W HPS/HID
Warranty period 3 Years
Money return guarantee period 90 days


It is an essential part of the review. Presumably, it is a feature-rich grow light. On the off chance that you are getting that numerous advantages from a grow light, in the wake of paying only that much cash, at that point, you have the motivation to feel chipper! Here we investigate the highlights of GoGrow G5 LED Grow Light.

Brillian PAR output:

GoGrow G5 LED grow light 2
GoGrow G5 LED grow light 2

The PAR output decides the light power and furthermore what hues the light is transmitting. We regularly ascertain the PAR an incentive from the tallness of 24 inches, at it is the standard stature of setting the vast majority of the grow lights amid the veg arrange. With GoGrow G5 LED Grow Light, you are getting 1113 umols as the PAR from 24″.

With that much high PAR esteem, your cannabis and weed will flourish like a fantasy! The results heavily depend upon the fact that what is the PAR output of your grow light.

Fabulous cooling system:

The solidness of a grow light superb relies on the productivity of its cooling framework. Further, in the event that we talk, the achievement of a grow light depends vigorously upon the strength. Here, with this 1000W LED light, you are getting a splendid cooling framework.

This cooling framework can give an intense finish to the cooling frameworks, which we get in much costly grow lights. It holds right temperature in the grow tent, where your plants are flourishing.

This cooling framework wouldn’t present to you any inconvenience while working in nature temperature of – 4F to +104F. Along these lines, you shouldn’t work this grow light in the earth, where the warmth has crosses 40 degrees C.

Low power draw and fantstic HPS replacement:

I know this part of my review is going to clear some of your doubts. Despite the fact that it is a 650 Watt demonstrate, that doesn’t imply that it will suck 650V from the wall. In

the event that it was that, it would have been awful! 140W is its real power draw. In spite of the fact that the company has not furnished with an appropriate number in regards to HPS supplanting capacity, so we will give you the number, which we have gotten by testing it. 1000W HPS/HID is the thing that GoGrow G5 LED Grow Light will supplant effectively.

Huge coverage area:

One of the biggest advantage of having a GoGrow G5 LED Grow Light is that you get such a humongous grow area. You get a 4′ x 4′ grow area for the sprout arrange and 5′ x 5′ zone for the veg territory. In any case, recall, dependably the maximum inclusion territory is considered. This area of 5′ x 5′ is determined from the 24 inches tallness.

Above all else, you have to comprehend why these grow areas change. Essentially, on the grounds that the grow region relies on the stature of grow light straightforwardly. You need to increment and diminishes it according to the growth stage. Subsequently, the grow area additionally increments and diminishes in like manner.

The warranty

GoGrow G5 LED Grow Light comes with a warranty period of 3 years. Now, those three years do not stand for free repair and replacement throughout. After a certain time, you will be asked for shipping charges, and after that, you will be paying charges of labor as well.

The company stands on a money return promise for 90 days, which means they will return back your full payment if you return this product within that era of 90 days.

What were the results?

Now, if you receive such a brilliant yield of cannabis after paying just that much, not only me, but you will also jump in the air! Cannabis was truly unbelievable! The odor was heart winning, and if you, being a professional successfully grow such quality cannabis, your business will go up like a rocket.

You can check the pics HERE!

Hey Amazon, what do you say about GoGrow G5 LED Grow Light?

100+ clients have composed reviews on Amazon, about this thing, and it has gotten 4+ stars out of five. That is acceptable, not splendid. As a matter of first importance, it’s anything but a high moving grow light, other than that, there are a few insufficiencies also, because of which it couldn’t go above 82% tasteful check.

Now, I will not mention what all inconvenience did the users put forward because then I will not have anything to mention in the “Cons” section. Don’t worry; the next paragraph is “Cons” only!

GoGrow G5 LED Grow Light review : Cons

The vast majority of the issue was raised in regards to the intensity of this grow light. Clients have referenced that in spite of the fact that the company asserts that it is equipped for supplanting a 1000w HPs, they state the truth is somewhat unique. It is significantly less bright in contrast with other grow lights, with similar HPS supplanting capacities.

A couple of clients didn’t get a decent yield. They reviled this grow light. Indeed, we don’t know whether this LED grow light didn’t perform well, or it was their very own slip-ups. Like, for instance, setting the light at the wrong tallness. Or on the other hand possibly not presenting the plants to the light for the time required. Once in a while, the fans neglected to please.

As we referenced before, that can occur because of an assembling deformity. As, when we tested GoGrow G5 LED grow light in my lab, we didn’t discover anything amiss with its cooling framework.

Now, besides that, Neither you have the daisy chaining feature, nor you have the Veg and Bloom switches. As a result, I will not recommend this grow light for those, who are bigger scale growers.

  • Highly efficient cooling system.
  • Low price.
  • Full spectrum.
  • High power saving capabiities.
  • Large coverage area.
  • 3 Years warranty period.
  • 90 days money return period
  • Absence of Veg/Bloom switches and daisy chaining feature.
  • Less IR and UV chips.

GoGrow G5 LED Grow Light review : The final verdict

This grow light has been effective in giving a good quality yield, that implies this grow light is altogether proficient. You simply need to utilize it appropriately. In spite of the fact that IR and UV are less, as we stated, it wouldn’t have that colossal effect.

The guaranteed benefit is great, as is sturdiness. Other than that, you are not paying much either. Along these lines, we do prescribe this grow light, yet not exceptionally suggest. By saying that, we mean there are a couple of other grow lights, at a similar value level, who have fulfilled a greater level of clients than what GoGrow G5 has.

The principal purpose for it is that we can’t disregard the bothers of the clients, referenced in the shopper surveys. GoGrow G5 LED grow light is a decent incentive for cash; however it is positively not the best one.