8 Best Mold Resistant Strain in 2023

Mold is a multicellular fungus that typically decomposes dead organic things, yet it can also influence living organisms, such as many plants and animals.

Mold can be a big problem for growers, particularly those dealing with moist conditions with limited or no airflow. Mold generally takes the form of a white fuzz present on petals and flowers and is a disastrous sight for growers who may have been halfway through cultivating their crop.

You can usually bypass mold growth in many circumstances. But if you’re cultivating strains that favor a humid climate, you sometimes need to apply caution.

For beginner growers who are just learning the hang of things, you might want to work with strains that are naturally immune to molds.

Marijuana strains with a high resin production can be mold-resistant, killing the need for you to bother about spores infecting the growth. If you’re a grower looking to get rid of the danger of mold in your crop, then read on!

Growing marijuana is a bit tricky to grow on its own. However, it is more difficult to protect your cannabis plants from mold and other diseases. To help you out, we have bought this post to show you the Best Mold Resistant Strain Seeds that are available on the internet!

When I think of the best Mold Resistant Strain, the only thing that comes to mind is Super Silver Haze (fem); go ahead and get it from the official website.

If you are growing cannabis indoors in wet or humid climates, then you would need these best mold-resistant strains. These strains don’t need any extra protection against mold. They are quite strong to fight it on their own.

So, what exactly are mold-resistant strains, and why should you buy them?

Nobody wants to have a bag full of marijuana plants that are encroached on by mold. Yeah?

What people do to prevent mold from getting hold of their weed plants is they harvest the plant very early when the buds are not fully grown and the plants have not even finished flowering completely.

Mold can ruin your cannabis plants by making them very mushy and trashed. You will also notice that mold causes rot in the buds.

There are so many different types of cannabis strains that are really perfect to be grown in a wet and humid climate. They will not only prevent mold, but they will give you great yields.

If you are interested in buying these Best mold-resistant strains of 2023, then carry on reading this post.



No one knows the correct origins of this marijuana strain, but people online believe that it has come from the Haze Strain. They started growing it in a field of strawberries, so it tastes like one.

The demand for Strawberry coughs all over the world is really very high right now. Everyone really loves it, and it also has high ratings online.

It is relatively easy to grow this marijuana strain, and you don’t need to train it or anything, it is naturally very dense and bushy.

Overall this strain is a Sativa plant, which means it has a great high-giving capability that will give you a slow rising high with a mellow feeling.

Perfect for daytime usage, this best mold-resistant strain will not knock you out or get you locked on your couch. You will be totally functional after smoking it.

The effects of smoking this best cannabis strain include being energetic, relaxed, happy, and euphoric.

However, the only downside to this marijuana is that it will undoubtedly make you cough a few times when you take a puff. But after that, you will have nothing but joy and happiness.

Keep liquids near as this is sure to give you cottonmouth.

As the name says, it tastes like strawberries. You will also get very minute undertones of skunky taste after smoking this strain. The smell of this strain includes a mixture of earthy, fruity, and herbal tones.

The overall THC and CBD content on this strain is 18% and low, respectively.

Strain Information:

  • Seedbank: ILGM
  • Sex: Feminized
  • Pack Size: 5,10 and 20 Seeds
  • Variety: Sativa
  • Strain Genetics: Unknown
  • Flowering Type: Photoperiod
  • Difficulty: Moderate/Easy
  • Flowering Time: 56 Days
  • Where to Grow: Indoor and Outdoor
  • Medical Conditions: Anxiety, Fatigue, and Depression
  • Taste / Flavor: Strawberry, Fruity, Earthy, Skunky, and Herbal
  • Effect: Uplifting, Relax, Calm and Mellow
  • Plant Height: Tall
  • THC Content: 18%
  • CBD Content: Low
  • Yield: 14 oz/3sqft Indoors and 17 oz/plant Outdoors


Best Mold Resistant Strain That You Can Buy Right Now – Tough Cannabis Seeds 2019

Want a high which lingers around all day?

Then you got to buy this marijuana strain!

Super Silver Haze is a Sativa Phenotype that will give you a great high and keep you buzzed out all day long. There is a massive 18% of THC in it.

The CBD level in this strain is 10%, which is great if you are looking for a medical marijuana strain.

Smoking this cannabis strain will give you a relaxing, energetic, and calm experience, but it will not make you non-functional. You don’t have to worry about couch locking at all.

The breeders have crossed three different strains to make this awesome cannabis variety. The three weed strains were: Northern Lights Indica + Skunk No.1 + Haze Sativa.

All 3 of these quality strains come together to give you a great, energetic, euphoric, and mellow high feeling.

You are sure to get happiness from this strain. Plus, you will feel like you are on clouds floating while having a euphoric body stone experience.

You have to keep your favorite liquids nearby because this strain will give you cotton/dry mouth.

Best part?

This best mold-resistant strain has won first prize in three different years in High Times Awards.

Cool, yeah?

The overall aroma of this strain is skunky along with hints of sweetness and sour citrus-like taste. You will also get an herbal and spice taste while smoking it.

As this best marijuana strain has a lot of CBD in it, it is perfect for medical usage. You can get help for the following ailments and illnesses:

Strain Information:

  • Seedbank: ILGM
  • Sex: Feminized
  • Pack Size: 5 and 10 Seeds
  • Variety: Sativa
  • Strain Genetics: Skunk No 1+ Haze + Northern Lights
  • Flowering Type: Photoperiod
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Flowering Time: 65 Days
  • Where to Grow: Indoor and Outdoor
  • Medical Conditions: See above
  • Taste / Flavor: Sour, Citrus, Herbal, Lemon, Skunky, Earthy, Spicy, Diesel, Citrus and Sweet
  • Effect: Creative, Energetic, Euphoric, Uplifted and Happy
  • Plant Height: Compact
  • THC Content: 18%
  • CBD Content: 10%
  • Yield: 19 oz/3sqft Indoors and 15 oz/plant Outdoor
  • Outdoor Harvest: Mid October


Best Mold Resistant Strain That You Can Buy Right Now – Tough Cannabis Seeds 2019

Looking for an ancient African marijuana strain?

Well, this best mold-resistant strain was developed by crossing an original African strain with a very potent Dutch Skunk strain.

The result is a strain that is mold resistant and perfect to be grown in hot weather and outdoor climates.

Cool right?

This marijuana strain will grow in almost all kinds of conditions. You can grow it indoors, in greenhouses, or outdoors.

The taste of the weed is sweet along with spice flavor. Spice flavor comes from hints of aniseed, cinnamon, and licorice.

After smoking this cannabis, you will get a good trippy high, which has soaring high tendencies and will bring giggles and movements out of you.

If you are with a bunch of friends, then this is one of the best marijuana strains to smoke.

This strain will require skills to grow it to the fullest. You will need knowledge, experience, and patience to grow it. But once you have done the hard work, you will be rewarded with dense and very solid buds that will just blow you away.

The first time when this strain was out was in the ’70s, so you can imagine the quality and high of this strain if it’s still in the market.

It is a Sativa which means you will have a great yield and a very high amount of THC in it.

Strain Information:

  • Seedbank: MSNL
  • Sex: Regular
  • Pack Size: 10, 20 and 30 Seeds
  • Variety: Sativa
  • Strain Genetics: African + Dutch Skunk
  • Flowering Type: Photoperiod
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Flowering Time: 12 to 14 Weeks
  • Where to Grow: Indoor, Greenhouse, and Outdoor
  • Taste / Flavor: Spice and Sweet
  • Effect: Uplifting, Energetic, Trippy and Relax
  • Plant Height: Tall 180 cm to 220 cm
  • THC Content: 15% to 18%
  • CBD Content: Low
  • Yield: 500 to 600 g/m2
  • Outdoor Harvest: Mid October


Colombian Gold marijuana strain is a Sativa and will grow out to be a huge, tall, and very strong plant. You will get a lot of side branches in it and a more than average flowering time of about 11 to 13 weeks.

But we can wait to get excellent buds, right?

The strain was developed over the years by mixing different kinds of strain in the Santa Marta mountains in Colombia.

The local people there have used this cannabis strain from decades as a medicine. They have also helped cultivate and mix the strain into what it is today.

If you have a lot of frost and generally bad weather, then you should grow this best marijuana strain indoors inside a greenhouse. Doing so will give you great control over the conditions.

You will need to have a good air filtration system which can remove the smell of marijuana, remember this strain has a very strong smell.

The weed plant will give you an approximate yield of about 450 to 600 grams per plant if you grow it outdoors. In case you grow it indoors, you can expect a harvest of 350 grams per square meter.

The overall smell of this strain is very sweet and has undertones of fruity flavor. After smoking this marijuana, you are going to get potent, cerebral, and psychedelic highs, so make sure that you are ready for a roller coaster ride on your couch.

Strain Information:

  • Seedbank: Seedsman
  • Sex: Feminized
  • Pack Size: 3, 7, and 12 Seeds
  • Variety: Sativa
  • Strain Genetics: Santa Marta Colombian
  • Flowering Type: Photoperiod
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Flowering Time: 11 to 13 Weeks
  • Where to Grow: Indoor, Greenhouse, and Outdoor
  • Taste / Flavor: Sweet and Fruity
  • Effect: Cerebral, Powerful, Potent and Psychedelic
  • Plant Height: Tall
  • THC Content: 19.3%
  • CBD Content: Low
  • Yield: 350 gr/m2 Indoors and 450 to 600 r/plant Outdoors
  • Outdoor Harvest: Late November


This marijuana strain is a strong F1 hybrid strain that was developed in the USA in the 90s. The breeders mixed the Fat Indica along with the South African Sativa to make this marijuana strain.

As with all the hybrid marijuana plants, this strain is also a great performer and has a great growth boost. In the Netherlands, they use these kinds of marijuana strain very much in order to get huge harvests.

The buds produced from this strain is also very valuable and excellent for smoking. Once you smoke it, you will be very social and comfortable with people.

The overall taste and smell of this strain resembles with pine.

If you are looking for a cash crop, then this is an ideal choice. Additionally, it also prevents mold from ruining the marijuana plants.

This cannabis strain will grow in harsh environments as well!

There is a musky and pungent smell to the plant, which is really great for people looking to buy Kush like tasting and smelling weed.

Strain Information:

  • Seedbank: Seedsman
  • Sex: Regular
  • Pack Size: 10 Seeds
  • Variety: Indica
  • Strain Genetics: Original Power Plant + White Widow
  • Flowering Type: Photoperiod
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Flowering Time: 56 to 70 Days
  • Where to Grow: Indoor, Greenhouse, and Outdoor
  • Taste / Flavor: Kush-like, Pungent and Musky
  • Effect: Talkative, Relax and Chill
  • Plant Height: Short 60 cm to 100 cm
  • THC Content: High
  • CBD Content: Low
  • Yield: 400 gr/m2 to 500 gr/m2


This best cannabis strain has been sourced directly from the mighty Amazon Rainforest.

The type of phenotype of this strain is purely Indica and has one of the best mold-resistant properties. The plant will grow up to show very thick and hard to press buds along with a dense structure.

The amount of time required for flowering is less than the normal average of marijuana plants, and it will smell and taste like citrus flavor. The aftertaste of this marijuana is bittersweet along with fruity.

The smell of this plant is very strong and will let everyone know that its growing well and good.

Approximately, you will need about eight weeks of time for the flowering to start if you have this cannabis strain indoors under the Best LED grow lights.

You can even grow this best marijuana strain outdoors and in greenhouses as well. It will provide you will get a good amount of yields as well.

What else?

Indigenous people of amazon rain-forests use this best mold resistant strain as a pain reliever for women who are undergoing childbirth.

The overall THC content in this marijuana is 18.1%, which is really high to give a great punch. As time passes, this sudden punch will convert into a more of a sedative and relaxing experience.

Strain Information:

  • Seedbank: Seed Supreme
  • Sex: Feminized
  • Pack Size: 3, 7, and 12 Seeds
  • Variety: Indica
  • Strain Genetics: Brazilian
  • Flowering Type: Photoperiod
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Flowering Time: 8 Weeks
  • Where to Grow: Indoor and Outdoor
  • Medical Conditions: Pain and Sedative
  • Taste / Flavor: Citrus, Bittersweet, and Fruity
  • Effect: Cerebral, Uplifting, Powerful and Sedative
  • Plant Height: Medium
  • THC Content: 18.1%
  • CBD Content: Low
  • Yield: 400 gr/m2 Indoors and 500 to 600 gr/plant Outdoors
  • Outdoor Harvest: Late November to October


Best Mold Resistant Strain That You Can Buy Right Now – Tough Cannabis Seeds 2019

This marijuana strain has come from islands of Ko Chang in Thailand. It is a pure landrace Strain.

Landrace strains of marijuana are the strains that are found exclusively in an area. They have grown naturally over many decades without ever crossing with any other cannabis strains.

These Landrace strains are perfect for the local climate, and they are resistant to local diseases as well. You can check more about Landrace strains here.

Cool, isn’t it?

This marijuana strain is one of the highest THC strains in the world right now in 2023.

The overall flowering time on this strain is shorter than other weed strain, and it also provides more harvests every season. The buds that grow on these plants are large, solid, and very good.

Love Asia?

If you like Asia, then this marijuana strain will take you there with its smell and taste. Additionally, this is one of the best mold resistant strains right now.

You will get a smell of anise and rotten fruit from this marijuana.

Strain Information:

  • Seedbank: Seedsupreme
  • Sex: Feminized
  • Pack Size: 3, 7 and 12 Seeds
  • Variety: Sativa
  • Strain Genetics: Ko Chang Islands
  • Flowering Type: Photoperiod
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Flowering Time: 11 to 12 Weeks
  • Where to Grow: Indoor and Outdoor
  • Taste / Flavor: Rotten Fruit and Anise
  • Effect: Cerebral, Uplifting and Potent
  • Plant Height: Medium to Tall
  • THC Content: Very High
  • CBD Content: Medium
  • Yield: High
  • Outdoor Harvest: Late November


Best Mold Resistant Strain That You Can Buy Right Now – Tough Cannabis Seeds 2019

Looking for a hybrid F1 Marijuana?

Then you will love this strain!

The breeders at the ACE seeds combined the Yunnan Chinese Indica with the Vietnam Black Mother Strain to create the best mold-resistant strain of 2023.

Vietnam Black mother has a huge production quality along with very resin-rich buds. Whereas the Yunnan Chinese Indica has a short height and a very quick flowering time.

So, you can imagine the result of mixing this two of the best strains of 2023. The result is pure genius and a completely Sativa-dominant plant.

You can grow it indoors or even outdoors if you want.

The quality of the buds is really impressive, and the THC content on them is between 14% and 16%, which is great for getting high any time during the day.

The start of high starts from a creative high and then turns into a very powerful and strong all-body high. People love this strain because it gives all the user s very psychedelic stoned experience.

If you want mind-bending high, then this is it!

This marijuana strain is resistant to a lot of diseases and will survive in warm or cold weather.

The smell, when the plant has grown fully, will be very raw, organic, and deep. There would be a lot of smell of mud as well.

Strain Information:

  • Seedbank: Seedsupreme
  • Sex: Feminized
  • Pack Size: 1,3 and 5 Seeds
  • Variety: Sativa
  • Strain Genetics: China Yunnan + Vietnam Black
  • Flowering Type: Photoperiod
  • Difficulty: Moderate/Hard
  • Flowering Time: 63 Days
  • Where to Grow: Indoor and Outdoor
  • Taste / Flavor: Mud, Raw, Organic and Deep
  • Effect: Strong, Cerebral, Mind-bending and Psychedelic
  • Plant Height: Medium <130 cm
  • THC Content: 14% to 16%
  • Yield: High

Last Words

We hope we have helped you find the Best mold-resistant strains online. All of the strains above can be bought from reliable and high-quality seed banks.

If you need more information about marijuana-related things, then you can go through our website. We have a wide variety of posts on our site.

If you have suggestions or questions, then feel free to drop a comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Purple Kush resistant to mold?

It is 100% indica. It is bushy and grows low to the ground. As a result, it isn’t easy to develop correctly outside. In addition, purple Kush is quite sensitive to rain and high humidity. Although this variety is pest and mold-resistant, it is susceptible to illness if allowed to become moist.

What exactly is Mold Resistant Strain?

The anti-mold strain was created by crossing Swiss Sativa and Swiss Indica strains. As a result, the strain is tough, long-lasting, and highly cerebral. This variety performs admirably in indoor and outdoor environments with minimal effort from the grower.

Is the Blue Dream mold-resistant?

Finally, knowing which strains are mold-resistant, such as The Farm Genetics Blue Dream, is a potential method of combating mold via biological adversity.

Which strain is the most mold-resistant?

Undoubtedly, Super Silver Haze. The plant’s tremendous resin production is likely what makes it mold-resistant, which is excellent news for inexperienced gardeners. In addition, this strain has a sage-like, skunky scent acquired from its pedigree, including well-known strains like Haze and Skunk No. 1.

Does Blue Dream have a strong odor?

Blue Dream’s scent is typically solid and deep, so don’t expect it to smell like “ordinary old cannabis in a jar.” Typically, it contains the smell of sweet berries with citrus hints. Blue Dream leaves traces of fragrance wherever you go.

Is granddaddy purple mold-resistant?

Apart from that, Granddaddy Purple is naturally resistant to mold, pests, powdery mildew, and diseases. So, at the very least, this part of the developing process will be low-maintenance. Grandaddy Purple may be grown both inside and outdoors, but it requires a well-ventilated environment to thrive.

Is the Northern Lights mold-resistant?

Northern Light is a well-known name in the cannabis community, a strain recognized for its indica purity and potent high. In addition, this strain’s excellent resistance to mold is a huge plus for gardeners, as it may put them at ease throughout the blooming period, knowing that they can endure this menace.

How do you develop blue dreams outside?

Keep the Blue Dream strain as seedlings in a temperature range of 72 – 78 degrees Fahrenheit and 30-50 percent humidity. After a few weeks, you may gradually increase the humidity to around 55%. However, this is still lower than the 70% humidity level recommended for other strains at the start of the vegetative stage.

Is it possible to get mold by growing marijuana indoors?

Marijuana growing in houses may also produce mold. For example, mold is a fungus that is dangerous in normal conditions. It can even grow in a Greenhouse as well.

What is causing my weed plant to mold?

Mold is frequent in outdoor cannabis gardens after heavy rain, mainly when buds are huge and thick at the end of the season. When breaking apart buds, watch for mold to identify in your cured product. On the interior of buds, you should be able to recognize them.

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