10 Best Cannabis Strains for Pain In 2024

People all over the world use medical marijuana as a medicine to manage many ailments, including chronic pain, anxiety, stress, depression, muscle soreness, arthritis pain, nerve pain, inflammation, and many more.

There are strains out there for any kind of problem you have. However, not all work the same way with all people. Therefore, you can try different strains with distinct THC and CBD ratios and see how they help you with your condition.

Use of Medical Marijuana for Pain


Best Strains for Pain

Different types of cannabis ingestion methods may act differently on people. Ask your doctor which method will suit your body, and they will guide you better. If you don’t want to tell anyone about this, try using all of the methods one by one and see how you feel. And then, continue with the one that gives you the most relief.

There are four ways you can use medical marijuana:

  • Topical method: Cannabis-infused topicals (oils or creams) can be applied to the body part where you want medical marijuana to act.
  • Smoking: It’s the most widely used method in the world. Smoking will surely give you instant relief as the marijuana will affect you within seconds.
  • Vaporizing: If you don’t like smoking, vaporizing is the alternative. You can buy medical marijuana vaporizers from the market that will heat up the weed and give you a smoking experience. As there is no burning, there is no smoke.
  • Edibles: You can make weed edibles with various recipes. It is slow-acting on effects as the THC has to be digested by the stomach. However, the effects of edibles last longer than smoking or vaporizing.

Top 10 Best Cannabis Strains for Pain Relief

Chronic pain is very difficult to manage the problem. When a person has chronic pain of any kind, it can really be uncomfortable for that person to carry on day-to-day activities. Nearly 50 million people in the USA suffer from this problem, so we thought of bringing you a list of the best cannabis strains for pain alleviation.

Anecdotal evidence shows that medicinal marijuana has helped people ease their chronic pains. If you are going through pain in your body, it would be helpful to smoke the best strains for chronic pain. We have shortlisted this list of strains for pain in different medical conditions.

#1 – AK-47 Feminized Marijuana – Best Weed Strain for Pain

Best Strains for Pain

AK-47 was created by mixing Thai Sativa, Mexican Sativa, South American Sativa, and Afghani Indica strains. It’s packed with THC and a little bit of CBD as well. Both of these things, in combination, are going to help you fight chronic pain.

It’s one of the best medical marijuana strains for pain and will also fill you up with energy and happiness. You are going to forget your joint pains or other types of pain. It can give you relaxation and euphoria as well. All over the world, people use it to manage their pain.

#2 – White Widow Feminized – Best Strain for Depression

As you might already know, White Widow is popular among medical marijuana users worldwide. It’s a 60% Indica and 40% Sativa strain with whooping amounts of THC. Besides, White Widow could make you forget your chronic pain, neck pain, joint pain, or other types of pain without side effects. Sour Diesel is another famous strain for pain management.

Along with pain-related alleviation, your depression will evaporate after smoking this euphoric White Widow strain. You can smoke the White Widow strain during the daytime and carry on with your work. If you want a mental buzz and relief from PTSD, depression, and PMs, this is one of the best medical marijuana strains.

#3 – Blue Dream – Feminized Weed for Neuropathic Pain

Best Strains for Pain

Blue Dream is a mostly Sativa-dominant strain with a very high level of THC. Blue Dream marijuana was made by mixing the haze Sativa with the blueberry Indica strain.

Pain-relieving is easy with smoking Blue Dream as it will send you into a dream where you don’t feel any weight. You’ll feel as if you’re floating around. The taste and the smell of this weed are exceptionally good, and it is a must-try strain.

If you’re looking for one of the best strains for neuropathic pain relief, this will be your go-to weed. It can help you with stress and anxiety as well. Suffice it to say, Blue Dream has many medicinal benefits.

#4 – Amnesia Haze – Remove Anxiety in Minutes

This strain packs 21% THC that can quickly help you kick out Anxiety. It’s one of the best strains for pain as well. Amnesia haze is a very tasty marijuana strain. While you burn it, you’ll smell and taste lemon, sweet and citrusy flavors.

Filled with anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, you can get the benefits of many genetics in just one strain, including Haze Sativa, Cambodian Sativa, Thai Sativa, South Asian Indica, Amnesia Haze Indica, Hawaiian Sativa, and Jamaican Sativa. Afghan Kush and Master Kush is other famous strain for pain management.

Pain management is easy with this strain, you are going to be filled with positive thoughts and happiness. It will also give you the energy to work all day. This strain is one of the best strains for pain sufferers. Besides, it can also help remove stress from the body and mind.

#5 – Northern Lights Feminized – A Ray of Hope for Stressful People

Best Strains for Pain

The Northern Lights strain is an Indica-dominant weed that can manage stress very well due to its high THC content. The parents of this strain hail from Thailand and Afghanistan, brought together in the Netherlands in 1985 to make this beauty. It’s one of the most well-known strains worldwide, even today. Afghan Kush is another pure Indica landrace strain that people use for sedative effects and pain management.

No matter if you have physical body stress or a stressed mind, Northern Lights will help you with the first puff itself. It can help you forget work or university and engulf you in its calm and soothing experience. With the first puff, you will feel the stress is going away!

#6 – Jack Herer Weed Strain – Perfect for Muscle Pain

Best Strains for Pain

Jack Herer medical cannabis is famous for giving smokers a burst of energy. You’ll be filled with motivation and energy. Besides, this marijuana could also help with chronic pain, muscle spasms, and leg cramps. Just smoke it while you’re chilling on the couch and see the difference it makes.

You can even smoke it if your muscles are very sore after a session at a gym or any sports activity. The THC in this strain will quickly take over your whole body and give you ultimate relaxation with its anti-inflammatory properties. It’s one of the best medical marijuana strains for pain.

#7 – Green Crack Marijuana – Best Strain for Epilepsy

With 40% Indica and 60% Sativa, it provides the best effects of both worlds. Smoking will not make you lazy or couch-locked, and your reaction time will remain intact.

Moreover, it induces happiness and confidence in you. Additionally, it can also handle neuropathic pain, stress, and anxiety very well. So, if you think you’re suffering from seizures, you should try Green Crack marijuana and see how it helps you.

#8 – Cannatonic Weed Seeds – Best strain for Arthritis Pain

With a 1:1 THC and CBD ratio, Cannatonic is a high CBD medical cannabis strain. MSNL has done a lot of breeding to get to a point where they can say, “Yes, this strain is the one for pain relief.” If you’re looking for the best strains for the pain of arthritis, high-CBD Cannatonic is worth a try for its anti-inflammatory properties and balanced THC and CBD ratio. The THC content is very low, and the CBD content is high to offer the full benefits of CBD.

With high CBD content, it won’t get you high, but it relieves pain related to arthritis. People have used this medical cannabis strain as a pain killer for morning stiffness and joint pains. It’s also a great weed to make edibles like cannabutter or cookies.

#9 – LA Confidential Feminized – Best Strain for Inflammation Relief

This 80% Indica phenotype strain holds a very high THC level of up to 25%. This hybrid is a crossbreed between the OG LA Affie with the Afghani. It could relieve pain and render strong psychoactive effects, followed by an overall soothing experience.

Get ready to be sedative after smoking it. LA Confidential can also be used for inflammation pain relief. Moreover, smoking this weed will make you happy, cozy, and warm.

#10 – Gorilla Glue Marijuana – Power Punch Straight to Bed

Best Strains for Pain

Gorilla Glue holds 26% THC content. That’s enough to get you knocked out. You’ll sleep like a baby once you smoke this hard-hitter weed before going to bed. The majority of people all over the world can vouch for the same. This medical marijuana can relieve pain and sleeplessness and is widely prescribed to people with insomnia.

Along the way, this strain can also help you fight stress, depression, and anxiety. Gorilla glue was developed by crossbreeding Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel. The name glue was given to it because the buds are so sticky with THC that even the trimming scissors are going to stick!

Final Words

Medicinal marijuana strains are surely going to push out all pharmaceutical medicines. Cannabis is a very natural alternative to the medicines that are sold through these companies. These medicines, although good, are essentially chemicals after all. If you have got a natural alternative from which you can get relief, you should try that first. Apart from the above-listed strains, Master Kush, Afghan Kush, and Sour Diesel are also suitable strains for pain management with high THC and CBD ratios.

Research on medical marijuana with perfect THC and CBD balance is going on all over the world, and everyone is trying to find new ways to make weed medicines for people. Even the breeders are very helpful in this process as they keep on making new strains to help people with different ailments and problems.

All of the above suggested best strains for pain are sold at ILGM marijuana seed bank. You can order today and start growing your own marijuana. If you need help learning how to grow cannabis indoors, then you can check out our extensive step-by-step guide.

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