10 Best Cannabis Strains for Ulcerative Colitis

best cannabis strains for ulcerative colitis

Individuals suffering from different health issues, including ulcerative colitis, may benefit from using medical marijuana. Peruse on to explore medical marijuana options, especially in pain management, for this inflammatory disease. Also, explore some of the best cannabis strains for ulcerative colitis.

When we think of the best cannabis strains for ulcerative colitis, the high-quality marijuana strain that comes to our mind is Granddaddy Purple cannabis strain; visit the official website!

Every health condition has a corresponding ordinary treatment. Natural medicines include prescriptions, active recuperation, behavioral therapy, dietary changes, and, in some cases, medical procedure. To get help for some health conditions, you can find options or complementary medicines. These medicines can also include a well-set program for massage, exercise, and homegrown cures, to give some examples.

What is Ulcerative Colitis?


Ulcerative colitis (also known as UC or Colitis Ulcerosa) is one group of conditions known as inflammatory gut diseases. Other ailments of this type include Crohn’s disease.

Even though individuals accepted that UC and CD (Crohn’s disease) were two distinctly different ailments, up to 10 percent of patients could have both these diseases. Medical specialists term having signs of both and Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis as indeterminate colitis.

Lining inflammation of the colon and rectum depicts a portrayal of ulcerative colitis. When your digestive organ gets irritated, it can also get inflamed, leading to UC symptoms. Albeit ulcerative colitis consistently influences the rectum — the lowest region of the internal organ — in some people, it can also alter the whole colon.

Ulcerative colitis occurs from an abnormal immune system. The proteins and cells that hold your immune system support your body from various infections. Nevertheless, when you have ulcerative colitis, your immune system messes up microscopic organisms, food, and anything else in your intestine as an invading matter. Subsequently, your body sends white blood cells into your intestinal lining, producing ulcerations and chronic inflammation.

Historical Cases of Ulcerative Colitis

History doesn’t uncover who initially portrayed Ulcerative Colitis. Like Soranus (AD 117) and Aretaeus (AD 300), doctors referenced different non-infectious bowel movements in Roman literature.

Moreover, in 1745, Prince Charles, Prince Charles, the Young Pretender, had UC and remedied the condition by adopting a dairy-free eating regimen.

In 1859, the condition was first alluded to by that name by Sir Samuel Wilks. A long time later, the Surgeon General of the Union Army also called the disease “ulcerative colitis.”

By 1909, London hospitals examined 300 cases of Ulcerative Colitis. In 1965, Evans and Acheson proposed that the disease influences around one in 1,000 of the general populace.

More studies will find the potential pain-relieving properties and mechanisms of medical marijuana, including minor cannabinoids and terpenes. These elements give the plant its strain-specific properties like fragrance and taste. These studies expect to strengthen the proof regarding cannabis components and whether they have ulcerative colitis symptoms management roles or not.

However, the FDA has inferred that one cannot sell medical marijuana products legally that contain THC or CBD as dietary supplements. Moreover, one cannot legally sell foods with THC or CBD in an interstate business. Regardless of whether you can sell it legally within a state depends on your state’s laws and regulations.

Ulcerative Colitis Symptoms

If you have ulcerative colitis, you’ll likely encounter a scope of symptoms. Some are somewhat irritating, while others can require your day by day life to be postponed until you find approaches to manage them. For instance, Ulcerative Colitis patients may vary among loose bowels (inflammatory bowel disease) and an earnest need to have a stable discharge with no results.

They also usually experience the ill effects of extreme abdominal pain with cramping, rectal pain, and rectal bleeding. Numerous Ulcerative Colitis patients also manage other conditions like weight loss and fatigue. After some time, if not treated, UC results in irreversible damage to your whole digestive system.

The symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Absence of energy
  • Diarrhea
  • Appetite loss
  • Fever
  • Potential weight loss
  • Fatigue
  • Rectal bleeding

UC and the Endocannabinoid System

Your body has a worked in system liable for regulating vast numbers of its inherent capacities, for example, mood, appetite, metabolism, pain, and sleep. It’s the endocannabinoid system, and it manages inflammation in the gut, which is the place symptoms of UC begin. Cannabinoid receptors operate with endocannabinoids in the organs to follow inflammation.

If you have a frail ECS, your body can’t satisfactorily manage inflammation. Using medical marijuana strains can assume a job in managing UC symptoms. The cannabis plant holds natural cannabinoids, stimulating the ECS and helping moderate numerous UC symptoms.

Medical Marijuana and Ulcerative Colitis

So far, medical examination hasn’t found a cure for this disease, but treatment can assist you with managing the symptoms. One of the essential advantages of using medical marijuana strains as a significant aspect of a UC treatment plan is pain decrease.

Pain is firmly associated with inflammation. In light of its ability to decrease inflammation, medical marijuana sneaks up suddenly for UC patients. Certain medical cannabis strains also assist with two other ulcerative colitis symptoms: fatigue and appetite loss.

Legitimate nutrition and satisfactory rest are essential whenever you’re dealing with the disease. Some patients even find alleviation from the runs when they utilize medical marijuana.

Crohn’s can have severe issues, like malnutrition, bacterial overgrowth, ulcers, and intestinal blockages. 60-75% of Crohn’s patients may require medical procedures at some stage due to potential difficulties. Furthermore, the kind of system will rely on the disease’s severity and territory in the intestines.

Presently you understand how medical cannabis can support you and what are the side effects. We should take a gander at the approaches for cannabis treatment to treat ulcerative colitis symptoms:


You can opt for alcohol-based extracts that you append to your sustenance and drinks.


You can blend unrefined and new cannabis leaves with some healthy juice. Drinking juice is a tolerable choice if you have little appetite. Juices don’t usually have side effects on the body.


Cannabis sprays show up in an assortment of mellow flavors.


Smoking medical cannabis gives you instant remedies and is inexpensive. On adverse side effects, smoke could hurt your lungs due to some harmful chemicals.


Many dispensaries sell medical cannabis in suppository form. You can purchase suppository kits in health food stores, or you can get them online. Many food stores out there offer cannabis-infused food for many years.


Vaping gives fast alleviation, doesn’t make you smell as much as smoking, and isn’t as severe on your lungs as smoking a joint.

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Are cannabis and cannabinoids safe to consume?

After many years of the research program, many have raised concerns about the safety of the plant and its cannabinoids; some of them are:

  • Teenagers using cannabis strains are four to seven times more likely than adults to build up weed abuse.
  • The use of cannabis strains, especially continuous use, has been linked to a higher risk of developing schizophrenia or different psychoses in individuals over the years.
  • Smoking cannabis during pregnancy may lower birth weight.
  • Marijuana may cause orthostatic hypotension (dizziness on standing up), possibly creating adverse effects of fainting or dizziness.
  • There have been statements of contamination of cannabis/cannabinoids with microorganisms, pesticides, or different substances.
  • The FDA has informed people not to use vaping devices with THC due to adverse lung effects. Products of this sort have been subject to many reported cases of severe lung injuries over the years.
  • Numerous reports of unintentional consumption of high THC weed strains by youngsters lead to severe enough illnesses requiring emergency treatment. Among a group of individuals who turned out to be sick after unintentional exposure to candies containing THC, the teenagers generally had more severe symptoms than the adults and need to stay longer in a hospital due to its harsh effects.
  • The excessive use of marijuana may enhance the risk of motor vehicle accidents.
  • Some long-term users of high dosages of weed have built up a condition involving repetitive severe vomiting.
  • People who use cannabis create cannabis use disorder, which has symptoms such as craving, withdrawal, absence of control, and adverse impacts on personal and professional responsibilities.
  • Many cannabis/cannabinoids hold amounts of cannabinoids that deviate substantially from whatever information is available on their labels. Don’t use such buds if you find the labeling doubtful.

Prescriptions for Ulcerative Colitis

There are four essential medication categories for Colitis Ulcerative; they are:


This gathering of hostility to inflammatories comes in oral and rectal forms. These eliminate inflammation in your colon lining. Even though they’re usually well tolerated by the vast majority, aminosalicylates can cause rashes and sickness.

Biologic Agents-

You can take it by injection, and biological agents act against moderate or severe ulcerative colitis. However, these meds can lower your immunity.


You can take immunomodulators in pills, and they set aside some effort to work. It might take as numerous as a few months before they arrive at their pinnacle effectiveness. Along these lines, you’ll find that doctors may combine immunomodulators with another treatment.

You’ll have to go for blood tests when on this drug. Immunomodulators can provoke liver abnormalities, low white blood cell tallies, liver and bone marrow toxicity, rash, sickness, pancreatitis, and infrequently, lymphoma.


Steroids are available in IV, oral, and rectal forms and can effectively reduce your symptoms. Unfortunately, steroidal meds can have severe symptoms, including osteoporosis, waterfalls, increased susceptibility to infections, raised blood pressure, weight gain, etc. For this reason, steroids settle on a poor choice for long-haul use.

Best Cannabis Strains for Ulcerative Colitis

#1 – Grandaddy Purple by ILGM

Granddaddy Purple strain

Granddaddy Purple (GDP) is the world-prestigious cross of Big Bud and Purple Urkle. Ken Estes, an incredible figure in the cannabis world, made this strain in 2003. GDP is one unique Indica-dominant strain. A GDP plant’s thick nugs are super-sized and come in deep purple shades.

Not just does GDP look and taste amazing, but it is extreme, too. The GDP holds nearly 23% THC, which is well over from only 1% CBD.

Granddaddy Purple is also renowned for its purported medicinal benefits. Aside from this current strain’s uplifting effects, medicinal buyers state that it has mitigated and pain-relieving properties. These properties may settle on the GDP as the correct choice for those suffering from Colitis Ulcerative symptoms.

However, GDP is also an ideal choice for users because of its hypnotic effects. For this reason, this strain is just suitable for evening time use. It’s one of the best strains to manage IBD and Ulcerative Colitis symptoms.

#2 – Hemp World Haze by CBDHemp.Direct

Hemp World Haze cbd flower cannabis strain

If you love Hawaiian or Honolulu Haze, you will be surprised to find some anti-inflammatory properties in this strain.

This strain is a lot lower in CBD content, but you’ll experience chronic pain relief in Colitis Ulcerative. This soft measure of CBD might be quite alluring for some, especially the individuals who experience drowsiness.

One of the most prolific terpenes in this cannabis strain is beta myrcene. It can work against pain and inflammation. Hemp World Haze is also paramount in alpha humulene and beta-caryophyllene, which can cause super effects together. Moreover, they are frequently combined with other traditional Chinese medicines.

Hemp World Haze makes long buds with an exact shade of pine green, with some golden hints, and presents a floral, fruity, and damp fragrance.

#3 – Lifter by Tweedle Farms

lifter cannabis strain

Ever so marginally on the Sativa dominant side, Lifter will neither cause you to feel tired or cheated, so you don’t have to worry about it giving you the jitters.

The Lifter is known for the pleasant effect it gives, making you feel well and slightly euphoric while also providing a vibe of unwinding and harmony.

One of the terpenes that help advance this feeling of quiet is alpha-pinene, which can also improve non-REM sleep. It is superb for individuals who need to keep their blood pressure down, as receiving an adequate sleep measure is an essential piece of a valuable lifestyle for your heart.

More importantly, however, alpha-pinene can control inflammation by shutting off the immune system’s inflammatory reaction. The Lifter can be a great source of help for those with inside inflammatory disease.

#4 – ACDC by Crop King Seeds


ACDC is a balanced (50:50) hybrid medical cannabis strain that is popular across the USA. This cannabis has a high CBD content compared with THC, which is 20:1. Therefore, patients can receive medicinal benefits without getting too high, making it a fantastic medical marijuana. Patients of inflammatory bowel disease also use this strain to get relief.

Medicinal marijuana users say that ACDC has anti-inflammatory properties that are beneficial in managing IBD symptoms. They state that ACDC is a very social strain, and such a large number of victims gravitate towards it. Some state that it can assist with alleviating sickness and pain and also can clear your head.

Gritty and sweet in both smell and flavor, ACDC is a strain that will make users strive for it more. With mild THC levels of just around 1%, there are no intense adverse effects.

#5 – Sour Space Candy by Dr. Ganja

Sour Space Candy cannabis strain

If you need a little treat to check gastric inflammation and feel loose, Sour Space Candy is your go-to strain. It is known for promoting relaxation, curbing pain, and improving mood. Sour Space Candy originated from Sour Tsunami and holds flavors of chem and sour.

The primary terpene in this strain is myrcene. It effectively decreases inflammation while acting as a narcotic. Myrcene can help you sleep well. However, it’s not relatively high enough in this case. Nonetheless, Sour Space Candy marijuana utilizes myrcene to advance a feeling of unwinding in the body and mind.

#6 – Hawaiian Haze by Mr. Hemp Flower

Hawaiian Haze hemp flower

This anti-inflammatory strain is relaxing in Colitis Ulcerative. However, the user can still feel social and ready while enjoying it. If you need a strain that will lessen anxiety and loosen up your gut, this very somewhat Sativa-dominant strain is directly for you.

One terpene that shines in Hawaiian Haze is limonene, which makes lemony notes. This cannabis strain holds citrus rinds and can provide numerous health benefits to the individuals who use it.

Limonene works like an antidepressant and stress-reducing agent and gives inflammatory benefits that can significantly benefit gastrointestinal issues. For example, several examinations indicate that the limonene in essential oil has the calming potential to go about as a standalone medicine for gastrointestinal disorders and IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease).

#7 – Chemo Cannabis Strain


Some people believed that this Indica-dominant Chemo came from Canada that manages chemotherapy’s adverse reactions. Another title for this strain is UBC Chemo. Some people used this strain at the University of British Columbia, which gave it the name UBC Chemo.

Chemo’s hereditary qualities originated from Jordan of the Islands (Canadian seed bank), whose version is most famous for its woody smell and potent medicinal effects ideal for patients treating sickness, appetite loss, IBD, pain, and sleeplessness.  It’s also one of the best strains to manage Ulcerative Colitis disease.

#8 – Purple Kush by ILGM


Purple Kush is a pure Indica variety that holds nearly 27% THC. This strain is a potent hybrid of the Purple Afghani and Hindu Kush strains. Moreover, High Times magazine named Purple Kush one of the Top 10 Most Powerful Strains in the World in 2016!

This strain’s Indica qualities offer relaxation and sedation. Medicinal buyers state that Purple Kush has excellent pain-relieving properties, which may help moderate colitis symptoms and IBD symptoms.

The natural and sweet fragrance of Purple Kush attracts you, but it’s the rich flavors that keep you coming back for more! With warm and red wine tones, it is one of our favorites to smoke!

It is vital to remember the Purple Kush’s intensity. This marijuana strain is so potent that it isn’t suitable for an amateur cannabis buyer. Also, this strain has substantial sedating and hypnotic effects. Therefore, it is just ideal for evening time use and consumption by a seasoned cannabis user.

Remember, the right dosage is the key to managing symptoms. Some buyers have reported flare-ups in headaches, increased neurosis, and dizziness after consuming this marijuana strain.

#9 – Cherry Soda

cherry soda cannabis strain * Best Cannabis Strains for Ulcerative Colitis

If you like the taste of Cherry Wine, you will get to cherish this Indica-dominant crossbreed cannabis. These buds’ density ranges from medium to high, but you will get an enormous size that is surprisingly dense with each flower.

Feel free to enjoy the most overflowing terpene in Cherry Soda — beta myrcene, which isn’t uncommon to search in numerous marijuana flowers. Myrcene provides a ground-breaking insomnia relief. Besides, it does significant work to render many benefits, whether a strain is Indica or Sativa dominant.

Additionally, beta myrcene is known for its pain-relieving effects and eases inflammation by acting as a narcotic. Moreover, one examination demonstrated that beta myrcene could prevent ulcers’ advancement, making it beneficial for individuals with Crohn’s disease.

Another exceptionally high terpene in Cherry Soda is geranyl acetic acid derivation, giving marijuana buds a floral, fruity fragrance. However, geranyl acetic acid derivation is known for its ability to eliminate microorganisms. It holds high microbial properties, preventing inflammatory erupt, making it one of the best weeds to manage UC symptoms.

#10 – Pineapple Haze by ILGM

Pineapple Haze Best Sativa Cannabis Strain

Combined with the tropical sweetness, the Pineapple Haze marijuana delivers cerebral high. Pineapple Haze marijuana plants made up of a 70% Sativa and 30% Indica, making it a Sativa-dominant marijuana strain, with enticing effects and flavors.

Pineapple Haze’s THC levels can reach up to 19%. So, the euphoria is quite intense. Some have even called it practically overpowering. Therefore, this Sativa-dominant cannabis isn’t suitable for occasional or first-time smokers. This marijuana is one hard-hitting strain, even for experienced users.

Moreover, cancer patients benefit significantly from Pineapple Haze weed and subordinates. In general, radiation and chemotherapy medicines will cause headaches, fatigue, and sickness, which prompts loss of appetite. This strain of cannabis has medicinal properties that help with these issues.

Final Verdict

The information is free on the internet, and everyone gets time to explore it for the sake of their health. The medical cannabis community has risen to the interests of medicinal marijuana treatment to make health better. It doesn’t have the stigma it once had to provide ample justification.

In case you are looking for the best way to deal with your UC symptoms with medical cannabis, filter for the best medical marijuana dispensaries to find the suitable strain for ulcerative colitis.

We trust that our top ten strains help alleviate the symptoms of individuals with Ulcerative Colitis. It is not enough to pick only ten strains; however, the most beneficial ones made our final list.

Remember that using strong cannabis results in ruining your experience, so do some work and feel free to conduct the whole research to get the dosage right. Make sure to counsel a medical professional before changing or stopping a drug.


Content in this article is intended strictly for informational purposes. We do not advertise any product or represent any vendor to treat any medical condition. Moreover, we cannot guarantee that information furnished is error-free. We are not liable for any reader’s actions in the influence of this report. Besides, we do not endorse any user reported information, strain, product, or organisation. 

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