Is Weed Legal In India? Know about the rich Cannabis history and laws

Cannabis in India is famous with various names – Bhang, charas, ganja, and marijuana. Do you know that cannabis has been an integral part of Indian history? Still, if you ask, Is weed legal in India? The answer is NO. Quite Strange! Isn’t it? So, if you want to know more about weed’s cultural and

Is weed legal in Chile? Laws & Do’s and Don’ts you must know in 2022!

Like many other Latin American nations, Chile is making slow but significant progress towards the legalization of cannabis. So, Is weed legal in Chile? Well, to find out the answer, go on reading! Chile- is the Southernmost country of the world and witnesses the varied forms of weather, from desert to snowy Antarctica. This lovely

Is weed legal in Cambodia? What is Happy Pizza? Should you try ?

Have you ever heard of ‘Happy Pizza Shops’ in Cambodia? Or still stuck with the question, Is weed legal in Cambodia? Though cannabis is illegal in Cambodia, there is much more to explore and fun! How? Sharing all about marijuana in Cambodia. Where the World is looking to make marijuana legal, there is a country

Is weed legal in Romania? Know Everything Before Stepping In Romania

Is weed legal in Romania? Will I find legal weed in Romania? Can I smoke in public there? What are the cannabis laws in Romania? If these queries trouble you, then you are in luck as you have landed at the right place. Romania: Romania is a Centra South-Eastern European country that is located in

Is Weed Legal in Alaska? A Must-Read Guide in 2022

Alaska- The largest but the least populated state in the USA. It is located in North America’s northwest extremity. The state is known for its rejuvenating atmosphere and picturesque scenic views. Moreover, the state is also known for being the paradise of stoners. So, is weed legal in Alaska? Know here. Alaska decriminalized cannabis in

Is weed legal in Botswana? Everything you need to KNOW

Cannabis growing has a long history in European countries. Marijuana was first introduced to Botswana 500 years ago, and it is grown today as a traditional crop. Due to the country’s difficult economic times, many farmers rely heavily on Cannabis. But Is weed legal in Botswana? is a major question. Unemployment rates in many neighboring