Can you smoke wet weed? 4 Easy Methods to dry your weed

Nothing is more heavenly than whiffing a few puffs of your favorite weed after a long tiring day. But wet weed can ruin your enjoyment. How can you smoke wet weed? Is there any way to do so? Or methods to dry wet weed? All you can find in this blog.

Let’s agree! Smoking wet weed can e a disastrous experience! And all of us, at some point in time, experienced those damp buds!

Whether the cannabis is damp or hasn’t dried entirely, it’s a problem many people will experience. If you smoke long enough, you will undoubtedly encounter it and have to deal with it.

Cannabis market, where cannabis prices are decreasing, you anticipate your marijuana to meet reasonable standards when you buy it. But sometimes, the provider doesn’t sell the properly dried weed.

There can be a lot more reasons for encountering wet marijuana. While nothing particularly happens when you smoke wet weed, you will find it difficult to grind. Thus it is not advised.

While wet-smoking weed doesn’t change anything, it isn’t easy to grind. Thus it is not recommended.

However, even once marijuana has dried, some people are reluctant to smoke it. So can you smoke wet marijuana, then? What occurs when you do that?

For the reasons we discuss in this write-up, trying to use cannabis in this state is bad. We also provide some pointers on how to proceed if you have wet marijuana.

Why Smoking wet weed is a Nightmare?


Can you smoke wet weed ?

Is smoking weed wet so bad? Why is it considered a nightmare?

Indeed. Even there are many risks associated with wet smoking weed. It’s not less dangerous than

You have to understand why you should never consider smoking wet cannabis. Read below:

There are 5 risks associated with wet smoking weed.

  1. Hard to grind
  2. It’s hard to burn properly
  3. Prone to mold growth
  4. Bad Taste
  5. It may not make you high

Hard to grind:

Being a wet weed, you will feel difficult to grind it to powder. Thus it is hard to roll a joint from these wet buds.

If you’ve ever smoked, you’re aware that the weed needs to be crushed into powder or fine nugs to be smoked.

It is extremely challenging to roll a joint while your marijuana is wet since it is nearly hard to break down into powder because it will just keep sticking together. Also, It is challenging to finely grind plant material because it gets stuck in the grinder. Rolling a joint is difficult when the marijuana isn’t properly ground.

It is hard to burn:

Another challenge is to burn your wet buds

We know that damp materials do not burn properly. Likewise, damp weed makes it exceedingly challenging to smoke a wet joint.

Even if you succeed in lighting a bong bowl or joint with wet marijuana, it is most likely that it won’t stay lit for very long.

Wet marijuana makes it much tougher to experience an exhilarating high. The amount of THC is unaffected by dampness. However, burning damp buds is challenging. You’ll probably become frustrated attempting to ignite your cannabis repeatedly.

When you attempt to ignite your marijuana, it typically sputters and spits instead of instantly combusting.

In the end, it is unable to illuminate fully. In the end, even if it eventually starts to burn, it will be highly smokey and tasteless.

Horrible smell and tastes bad:

If you ever experienced the damp weed, I can bet you never want to repeat that experience.

It’s terrible!

Wet cannabis buds can turn you off and spoil your mood for longer.

When weed is not dried properly, the moisture and the smoke simultaneously produce a terrifying taste and pungent smell that stays long.

Though, THC crystals remain the same and unaffected.

Prone to mold growth:

Moisture inside wet things attracts fungi, bacteria, and molds to grow. Similarly, the moisture inside your damp buds becomes a loved place for molds and fungi to grow. This becomes a breeding ground for molds and bacteria.

While mold and germs flourish in moist cannabis, this becomes a factor in the importance of the drying and curing processes.

Smoking moldy weed is annoying. Inhaling moldy weed may cause serious health risks like breathing problems, headaches, and pneumonia.

Doesn’t give you impressive ‘High’:

You do not get as high when you smoke wet marijuana, which can be heartbreaking. However, dampness does not directly affect THC or other active ingredients.

Further, keep in mind that you may have been tricked. If your marijuana is fairly damp, you most likely paid too much. Just keep in mind that dealers charge by weight. Cannabis that is still wet is heavier than dried cannabis. Your 3.5 grams might only weigh roughly 2 grams after drying. Your money can go wasted as they don’t taste good as well.

You wind up wasting a lot of pot just trying to keep the wet weed burning, though, because it is so difficult to spark and maintain a flame.

Needless to mention that it is not a good idea to try on wet weed ever.

Hopefully, you know the risks of inhaling mold spores and unhealthy wet weeds.

So, what is the solution? What if you have already bought it or accidentally spilled water or other liquids over your weed that made your weed wet?

Should you throw it away?


Indeed. Wet weed can be harmful. Yet it would be best if you did not throw it. Rather we are mentioning ways to dry your weed.

Have a look!

Methods and Techniques to Dry Wet Weed:

There are drying methods that can help you dry your wet weed.

But patience is the key!

The Rice method:

Rice has been used for ages to dry moisture. This is because rice grains are excellent at absorbing moisture.

Here is how you proceed!

There is no rocket science in using the rice technique. It is the same way you try to dry your mobile phones!

Put your marijuana in a jar or bag with some dry rice for a fantastic way to dry it out. Yes, this method is used to dry off a wet cell phone.

The weed will immediately lose its moisture to the dry rice. You will have dried weed at the end, but it will take a few days to work completely.

Most individuals keep rice in their cabinets, which is the easiest way. The following describes how to use rice to dry wet marijuana:

  • Put rice in a glass mason jar or airtight container with your cannabis.
  • Make sure the jar is placed in an area with enough airflow. You can use a dehumidifier in the space as well.
  • Leave the jar for at least 24 hours.
  • Before removing cannabis from the jar, be double sure that you won’t find moldy marijuana.
  • Touch it, smell your weed. I found it dried enough, then used it.
  • Else repeat the process of the rice method.

The Paper towel Technique:

Paper towels are, again, a cheap and feasible way to dry wet weed. The paper towel method is easy to try at home.

  • Wrap paper towels around your weed.
  • Leave it for a few hours and check it again.
  • If paper towels are found soggy or damp, replace them with a new ones.
  • Wait again. Repeat the process until these are sufficiently dried.
  • You will find that the paper towel remains dry.
  • Don’t forget to check for mold growth!

The Brown Paper bag Method:

Paper bags work well when you try to dry wet weed.

We are emphasizing here to use of brown paper bags. This is because it is better to keep weeds in dry and dark places for drying.

  • The buds should be stored in a bowl or container for 4 to 8 hours in a dark, dry area.
  • Fill a paper bag with the moist buds.
  • After softly sealing it for 4 to 8 hours, put the bag in a cold, dry, and dark location.
  • Check for moldy weed; if not, use it if properly dried.

The Humidity pack technique:

Perhaps this option is the most expensive technique and will take a lot of patience. Humidity packs are very effective for drying weed.

  • Purchase a humidity pack and put one in the Mason jar to store the wet cannabis.
  • Only occasionally per day should you open the container; keep it closed.
  • The cannabis may not be ready for several weeks because you are essentially curing it.
  • Only use the humidity pack technique after using one of the other two drying techniques to reduce moisture in your buds.
  • The humidity pack technique is good for wet drying cannabis and absorbs excess moisture from your wet bud.
  • It would help if you exercised patience to get the good stuff through this drying process.

You can choose any of the techniques mentioned above to dry weed.

Things you must keep in mind while drying wet cannabis:

It would be best if you did not try the following ways:

Don’t use Microwave:

Do not ever use the microwave to dry weed. This is the easiest way you can destroy your buds’ quality.

Don’t use a blow dryer:

Similarly, a blow dryer would leave you with low-quality weed that you won’t even want to try!

Don’t use Grow lights:

Using grow lights can be equally harmful. Your cured weed may become very brittle to enjoy.

Sunlight is not a good option:

Sunlight is ineffective for drying cannabis since it might start to damage the cannabinoids and terpenes, turning THC into CBN and thus altering the herb’s potency.

Similarly, harsh chemicals must be avoided to dry wet weeds.

FAQs: Can you smoke wet weed

What is the difference between dry weed and sticky buds?

The key takeaway is to be careful not to confuse sticky cannabis with wet weed. While wet weed will feel sticky to the touch, be very heavy, and possibly leak, it won’t be sticky.
You must know you have high-quality marijuana if it adheres to your fingertips and feels like it has been infused with honey.

How to store weed properly to avoid being wet?

The shelf life of your cannabis can be extended by up to one year with good storage. Proper storage lowers the likelihood of moisture or mold formation.
For optimum shelf life while storing your marijuana:
Use an airtight glass jar.
Please keep it cool, dry, and dark below 70 degrees.
To manage the moisture, use a humidity pack.
Never put your marijuana in a plastic bag, refrigerator, or freezer.

Conclusion: Can you smoke wet weed?

Indeed. Having a wet bud is frustrating. It can spoil your evening with friends and your chill time.

Try to follow the guidelines and tips to get rid of the excess moisture in your weed. The best course of action is nearly always tossing out wet cannabis because it quickly develops into moldy cannabis.

Be aware that if you store your herb, mold growth is a possibility. Stay cautious if you decide to dry your ganja after saving it, and try the various methods.

All the best!

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