10 Reason Why Marijuana Should Be Legal

If you’re NOT one of the people who constantly give reasons out on why marijuana should be legal, we’ve prepared an article that would outline certain factors affecting it. When we say “legal,” we mean the recreational type of legal with varying rules and conditions.

Taking it into perspective, many people oppose the legalization of the substance. However, to what extent should it be?

For us to understand that, let us briefly go through the brief history of marijuana in the country. Let’s try and look for a pattern that would help us better understand why cannabis should be legalized.

Cannabis Legalization History in the Country


Well, it’s safe to say that the country does not have it implied to be legal 100% of the way. The debate has been through a rough patch, and it isn’t as smooth as many think it is. Cannabis is not legal in the sense that some states don’t have the same thoughts and insights about it as some do.

So, let’s get inside this time machine and shuffle through the marijuana law in the United States.

  • In December of 2012, Washington state and Colorado legalized marijuana, starting licensed sales in 2014.
  • This was followed by Washington D.C., Oregon, and Alaska in 2015
  • California and Massachusetts, in 2016 legalized recreational cannabis – their medical cannabis legalization was way back 1996.
  • Nevada and Maine also entered the scene in 2017. All states up to this point legalized cannabis via the initiated ballot measure.
  • Vermont and the Northern Mariana Islands up next at 2018, and they had it effective via a legislative bill.

These movements sparked the legalization of cannabis in other areas of the country – 37, of which, in total are currently up for medical cannabis and 21 of those come with recreational.

So, did they choose the right path? Or could have they done better not allowing it at all?

Let’s look at some of the reasons why we think they did.

Why Marijuana Should Be Legal: 10 Reasons Why

So, we present to you 10 reasons why marijuana should be legal! We’ll give you concrete evidence and proof from major sources, aiding us in explaining the significance of marijuana

Reason #1: Marijuana is Safer Than Alcohol and Tobacco

Marijuana is Safer Than Alcohol and Tobacco

The first, and probably the most reasonable out of all is the fact that marijuana is a lot safer and more bearable than alcohol and tobacco – as well as combined. Not to mention other prohibited and illicit drugs moving in the market, it is a lot more stagnant and calmer.

President of the Doctors for Cannabis Regulation and Clinical Psychiatrist Dr. David L. Nathan said that in some occasions, sugar is bigger of a threat than marijuana.

“In several respects, even sugar poses more of a threat to our nation’s health than pot.”

If alcohol and tobacco are regulated, knowing how negatively impacting it is to the health of the people, then so should marijuana.

Reason #2: They Have Lower Health Risks Compared to Alcohol and Tobacco

They Have Lower Health Risks Compared to Alcohol and Tobacco

Following up to the first reason, cannabis, in itself is a lot safer and less damaging to our system. Although this does not save the substance from having adverse effects, but, compared to tobacco and alcohol, they’re milder.

If we put alcohol and cannabis side-by-side and look at health benefits, red wine has antioxidant properties, while beer helps reduce fibrinogen or blood-clotting. However, people tend to overdose on consuming liquor knowing how well they wouldn’t be apprehended by it.

Marijuana, on the other hand, helps relieve pain, nausea and vomiting, as well as promote sleep for people experiencing chronic pain. Overall, marijuana helps improve your overall mood and quality of life if done in moderation.

Reason #3: There Are Many Cannabis Laws and Regulations Not Properly Enforced

There Are Many Cannabis Laws and Regulations Not Properly Enforced

By legalizing cannabis, rules and regulations toward it will strictly be followed and implemented. There have been cases and instances where people found current rules absurd.

The American Civil Liberties Union or the ACLU reports that black people are 3.73 times more likely to be arrested for possession of cannabis than white people. Should marijuana be legalized, there will be equity in terms of possession, consumption, and personal cultivation all across the country.

Legalization can even actually open doors up in stopping racism, since everyone will be one in terms of carrying, consuming, and using marijuana. All of those done legally and without fear of experiencing repercussions.

Reason #4: It Will Create More Jobs = More Income

It Will Create More Jobs = More Income

What many opposers don’t understand is the fact that when marijuana becomes legal, businesses would start pouring in. Physical and online stores will be opened and the need for manpower will exponentially multiply.

Marijuana legalization can actually bring forth tens of thousands of jobs with decent pay. A Nevada RCG Economics and Marijuana Policy Group Study said that recreational marijuana legalization can build up and open 41,000+ jobs until 2024. Not only that, it can also generate $1.7 billion in labor income – what more if that was taxed?

But wait, there’s more! Secondary industries that are related to cannabis and marijuana could also generate jobs! These include farming, processing, packaging, distributing, and even selling marijuana in various channels. In addition, other sectors that can be directly tied up to cannabis will also reap benefits. We’re talking construction, financing, accounting, software development, pharmaceutical, and many more!

Reason #5: Multiple Investment Opportunities

Multiple Investment Opportunities

If more jobs will be created, then what do you think the root of that is? – Yes, more businesses, more investment opportunities. It would attract business owners and investors to the country more, and it could increase benefits on both a local and global scale.

Being allowed to operate in the country legally could change the entire plain of the stock market. Marijuana or cannabis-inclined businesses and companies will be able to list their stocks on exchanges freely, developing liquidity and giving access to more investors.

Forbes said that legalizing marijuana will help in generating over $132 billion in tax revenue, creating 1 million plus jobs. It’s not just for investors and big companies, but small businesses, too.

Reason #6: Implementation Would Be Easy

Implementation Would Be Easy

Did you know that back in 2018, about 66% of Americans support the legalization of marijuana? From that data alone, the government wouldn’t have a hard time implementing rules for it. It will be as easy as a walk in the park!

The story goes like this – back in 1969, the poll had an underwhelming 12% support from the people. Then, in 2011, it was able to go above 50%, and finally, in 2018, it was at a record high.

Furthermore, people would also more likely to comply with the rules and regulations that’ll be set because they have been waiting for this all their lives!

Rason #7: It Will Have Better Environmental Impact

It Will Have Better Environmental Impact

Right now, most of the growers and cultivators of cannabis pursue their processes in secret, forcing them to perform several steps in the production and manufacturing of their merchandise. It can go from using banned pesticides, endangering the health of users to diverting waterways, leaving waste because the production is not regulated.

Legalizing marijuana will give them more space to comply with whatever activity they are doing. They will closely be more monitored and will be subject to several environmental laws by standard.

Overall, this will have a positive impact to the environment and to how nature responds to it. Marijuana is a soil-grown plant anyways, it’s natural for them to be grown and cultivated, they are, in no way, harmful to the environment if processes are appropriately set and standardized.

Reason #8: It Will Be Regulated For Consumer Safety

It Will Be Regulated For Consumer Safety

In places where marijuana is illegal, consumers don’t have an idea about the substances they’re ingesting. The only reliable information they receive would be from where they purchased it. But, imagine if marijuana is regulated and is required to display all the necessary information about it.

More people would buy it. In fact, people who weren’t consuming it before might now consider to because they specifically know what they are ingesting and consuming.

Furthermore, legalizing it will give the government the room to restrict age and to provide requirements before purchase. No minor would be able to get their hands on cannabis if that’s the rule!

Reason #9: It Will Phase Out Cannabis in the Black Market

It Will Phase Out Cannabis in the Black Market

If marijuana is kept in the dark, then, the black market will strive, paving way for organized crime, streets, and cartels to run the business. With the government having a full hand at it, they’ll be able to aid in overcoming these.

The National Public Radio (NPR) was able to get the words of a Mexican cannabis farmer. As per the farmer, their business will eventually lead to a stop if the US government continue to legalize and to standardize cannabis.

Just from the legalization of cannabis in both Washington and Colorado, Mexican drug cartels lost about $2.7 billion in profit. Just imagine if we’re able to transfigure that into tax revenue.

Reason #10: It Will Help Divert Enforcement to Real Crime

It Will Help Divert Enforcement to Real Crime

And last, but most definitely not least, of course, would be the fact that law enforcement will be able to focus on real crime instead of keeping their eyes on people who are carrying or consuming marijuana. We’re not saying that marijuana is 100% safe with everybody, it is still an illicit drug in most states, but, hundreds and thousands of other crimes are being committed by the hour.

By swatting cannabis-related federal emergencies off the list, law enforcement will have the ability to keep their eyes open for risker and more dangerous feats of crime.

These are the top 10 reasons why governments should look into the legalization of marijuana. Of course, all these would only be effective if the usage of marijuana would be accompanied by varying laws, from how much an individual would be allowed to carry publicly, how many plants are allowed to be grown at home to the allowed levels of THC found in the body.

There will be a lot of ups and downs during the first few years of effectivity; it will only be the beginning. Nevertheless, a lot of hopefuls are fighting for their belief that legalizing marijuana will be advantageous to the government and the society.


We know that we’ll be swarmed with questions, so, we prepared some of the most popular ones regarding this topic for you not to try finding it elsewhere!

What is the Economic Impact of Legalizing Marijuana?

If legalized with appropriate terms and conditions, it has the capacity to create more job and investment opportunities, which is an upside to any nation. In fact, back in 2021, states that legalized marijuana for personal consumption were able to generate $3.7 billion in annual tax revenue.

How Many States Have Legalized Marijuana?

As of writing, there are a total of twenty-one (21) states that have accepted marijuana as a recreational drug. Thirty-seven (37) states, furthermore, have announced the legality on medical use. These, of course, are all under jurisdiction that consumers must be at least 21 years old.

Can Marijuana Be Beneficial to Businesses?

Yes, they can – if implemented the appropriate way. It can draw more maps in the business industry and give tens of thousands of jobs to people. In addition, it’ll also open more opportunities for both local and foreign investment that could further escalate revenue for the government,

The Bottom Line

The debate about the legalization of marijuana has been awfully long. One thing is for certain – if it does, and only if it does legalize, it will be chaos for the first few months to a few years.

So, the key to this would be unity and clarity. Imposing laws that revolve around cannabis should be done equally. For the sake of justice, recreation, and economic success, we need to go through legalization in a way that would help all businesses be led to the path to success.

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