How to put out a blunt and Save it later

put out a blunt

Being a weeder, you must master the skill – How to put out a blunt correctly and saving it for later. There are several easy methods that you can learn through this blog and make your joint reusable.

Believe me! This 10 minutes investment in this article can save you a huge sum of money.

So, go on!

Smoking cannabis joints has been a trendy thing for a long time. There have been moments when you didn’t want to finish the whole thing at once, yet you had to. Half-smoked joints can be used for later.

Wasting should never be an option. So, let’s learn to save your blunt for later use.

Ways to put out a Joint


A joint is a rolled cannabis cigarette that often contains a small bundle of crushed flowers and is fashioned of rice or hemp paper.

It can be constructed manually or with the use of rolling tools. You can roll fat blunts or skinny toothpick joints, select your filter, and give them straight or coned forms if you do it yourself.

Additionally, you can add a few drops of CBD extract, kief, or tobacco to your ground marijuana.

Given that tobacco and weed burn in different ways, lighting a joint and putting it off are two different areas you need to master!

What happens to a half-smoked joint

When you light up your joint, the crushed marijuana reacts violently with the oxygen to burn and release smoke. This is the combustion process, which is crucial for activating and transporting your marijuana but also results in smoke byproducts.

During the combustion process, your marijuana goes through a lot! THC and CBDa are converted into THC and CBD via the decarboxylation of the cannabinoids.

At the same time, all chemical constituents, including the terpenes and flavonoids, are being changed or destroyed.

You should know that these changes take place very rapidly. Meanwhile, when you try to put out a joint by interrupting the process, you can also save it for later.

Let’s see how?

Learn the ways to put out a joint correctly: Save the burning cherry

The cherry is crucial when setting out a joint. The portion of the joint ignited before it burns out and falls off is known as the cherry. It would help if you took care of the burning cherry so it would not get destroyed.

You can put out your joint in several ways without damaging it. The simplest way involves smothering the joint and shutting off the cherry’s air supply. The aging process will slow down when the supply of oxygen gets halted.

To keep the joint fresh so that it can be used for later use, you can try out any of the following ways:

Stub the joint:

In the same way, cigarettes may be stubbed out, and so can joints.

To put out a joint, gently press the tip of the pipe against the ashtray.

Press the tip gently on a firm, flat surface until the burning stops. Be mindful that exerting excessive effort can easily squash the remaining joint. So, be as cautious as possible to keep the joint in its proper shape.

The technique is helpful, though, if you don’t want to keep your joint lit for a long time before relighting. Alternatively, you can place your joint in an AshTrapThingy, a need for all cannabis users and was made for these storage needs.

However, using it too roughly when stubbing out a blunt will have an adverse effect. It will harden the top of the blunt rather than compressing its length.

So you must take care!

Knock the joint:

Knock the joint on the corner of the ashtray or any other hard surface as directed by the wording. However, exercising extra caution and gentleness is crucial because doing so runs the risk of damaging delicate joints.

It is important not to apply too much force!

The knock method entails hitting something nearby, like the side of your ashtray, with the blunt’s side.

You are striking the flame with your blunt till it goes out. You’ll probably need to strike the tray with your blunt numerous times. Make sure the flame is extinguished by checking it again. This is the most damaging method of extinguishing a joint and is probably not useful when you are thinking of reusing your joint.

However, if you are storing weed joints carefully, it may work for you. Thanks for the tobacco wrapping


You can also gently tap the flaming cherry against the ashtray to encourage it to drop out of the joint’s tip.

Grazing is essentially just a more subtle kind of stabbing tobacco cigarette. So run the tip of your joint across your ashtray to graze it. The burning cherry fall will ultimately be eliminated by this, allowing you to store your joint. While it could take a few more seconds, this approach won’t be as likely to break your blunt as stubbing.

This seems to be the easiest technique, as you must gently rub the blunt onto the ashtray. The burning cherry will eventually fall out, as a result, leaving the remaining weed unharmed.

This is not so easy, at least for beginners. One has to be careful to keep the leftover joint unharmed.


How do you extinguish a fire? It’s submerged in water. Putting the flame of your blunt into a small amount of water is how the drowning method works.

Since there is no possibility of an unintentional fire, this method has the advantage of being extremely safe.

That’s simple! Isn’t it? But it’s not!

Use a small amount of water to put out the cherry if you prefer to do so rather than remove it. For example, a dry joint won’t be able to light again, so take care not to make the rest of the joint wet.

You can even use saliva if there isn’t any acceptable water nearby.

If you unintentionally wet too much of your blunt, it won’t ignite again later. This is the main disadvantage of the drowning method. However, blowing on the joint will remove excess moisture from it.

Although it is not generally recommended, drowning can be used to put out a blunt. However, you must be cautious not to submerge the blunt too deeply. If you use too much water, moisture will get inside the remaining blunt, making it more difficult to relight.

Cutting Off the tip:

This is probably the best way to put out a joint.

For novice cannabis users, cutting off the joint’s tip with the burning cherry inside can be advisable.

All you need for this method, which gives you more control over the procedure, is a pair of sharp knives or scissors. Then, put out the cherry after extracting it, then store the rest of the joint for another time.

Use extra-sharp scissors or a knife to remove the cherry from a blunt.

This procedure will be a little more difficult for blunts since tobacco paper is more durable than the delicate paper used for joints. However, it is worthwhile because it provides the most sanitary disposal procedure.

Just be extra careful while cutting the tip, as you must not let the weed be wasted!

Blowing the tip:

It can seem silly to blow into the joint to put it out. However, the cherry will burn faster due to the returning airflow. The cherry is separated from the fuel by the air blowing from the burning end of the joint, which accelerates the burning cherry.

It allows the flaming cherry in your joint to burn out on its own by separating it from the rest of the marijuana in your joint.

The unfinished joint is now safe to consume.

Utilize the inverse airflows theory and blow on the blunt to put out the fire. Blowing firmly on end will cause the cherry to self-destruct. Some claim that this requires good lung capacity.

A pro tip to put out the cherry- blow diagonally; otherwise, you’ll merely make it burn more quickly.

Flicking the joint:

Another efficient method for removing the scorching cherry off the tip is to flick the joint and the most used one.

To flick the cherry out of the joint, use your fingernail or, if you want to be extra cautious, the bottom of a lighter. Holding it between your fingers will allow you to achieve this. Using this technique, the joint won’t burn all the way through.

You can flick out the burning cherry from a blunt just like you would a cigarette’s ash. Removing the ash and not smoking the blunt will ultimately cause the cherry to go out, even if you cannot flick out the full cherry.

Effective storage methods to store joints and save them for later:

Keeping your joint fresh is an art. And thankfully, it is possible.

Look at the following ways to store your unfinished blunt:

Glass mason jar:

Glass Mason jars are the standard way of storing weed. These are available in different shapes and sizes.

A glass Mason jar will work whether it contains a simple bunch of marijuana or a partially consumed jointly.

Surprisingly, storing joints in a glass Mason jar can also have an attractive look and an airtight lid. However, the airtight container jar’s airtight seal is more crucial than its appearance. It’s preferable if you get a jar made expressly for marijuana storage to be sure of this.

Ziplock bags:

Ziplock bags are part of every household and are perfect for temporarily storing blunts.

Because they let more moisture inside and are more vulnerable to physical harm from the outside, zip lock bags are less efficient than the other two choices.

Nevertheless, they are a very practical choice and are still preferable to simply leaving your blunt on the counter.

However, not suitable for accidental breakage.

Doob tubes:

Instead of a glass mason jar, a doob tube is made exclusively for holding blunts. These are cylindrical containers in shape and best fit to hold the pre-rolls, dab rigs, and blunts.

Doob tubes are incredibly good at containing odor and keeping your joints fresh. Doob tubes, whose form is only a little bit larger than the blunt itself, may help keep your blunts and pre-rolled cones fresh for longer because they do not allow as much air within.

These tubes also have the advantage of being more easily portable; they can easily fit in a pocket, handbag, or even a backpack.


What are the safety precautions to be taken while storing weed?

To store weed with a longer shelf life, you must take care of the following points.
Keep in mind that a joint is burning, and if disposed of improperly, it could do significant harm. The guidelines to follow when getting rid of your used joint are as follows:
Before discarding it, be sure the fire is completely out.
Don’t throw your joint into the bushes to prevent animal eating and bushfires.
Instead, keep used joints out of the trash; they are frequently combustible and can start fires.
Do not use plastic bags to store weed. Plastic baggies do nothing to save your blunt and harm the environment.

What are the other methods to store weed?

You can use reusable cans and Titanium tubes.


In a nutshell, you have learned the effective methods to put out a blunt and also how to save it for later.

Hopefully, we have succeeded in solving your query about saving the blunt.

Smoke well and enjoy. Why waste such beauty? Try out the methods and thank us later!

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