Banana Leaf Blunt Review In 2023

Banana Leaf Blunt Review: Banana Leaf Wraps have been arguably one of the best, safest, and most sought-after blunt wraps on the market.

The reason why may actually turn your heart over to it, too.

In this review, I’ll indulge in this one-of-a-kind banana leaf rolling blunt wrap in the best way I can.

Of all the different banana leaf blunt wraps I’ve tried and tasted, I would consider the Million Bananas Pouch from Smoke Cartel my favorite. It’s tobacco-free, gives a slow burn, and it has an improved taste that will give users the premium smoking experience they’ve been looking for.

What Are Banana Leaf Wraps?


Banana leaf wraps, from the term alone, are wraps that are made from all-natural, organic leaves.

Unlike your usual rolling papers, these blunt wraps are non-GMO, vegan, and made with legitimate Musa Paradisiaca Linn leaves, giving you a treat and an experience you have never tasted and tried before.

Today, you’ll find a ton of banana leaf blunt wraps, but two (2) of the best and most purchased products are Million Bananas Wraps, and the Natives Banana Leaves Blunt Wraps.

Natives vs. Million Bananas Leaf Wraps

Both are extremely tasty wraps, but how do they differ?

The Natives Banana Rolled Leaf Blunt Wraps are made with extremely natural and organic products. Rolling out from Los Angeles, California, they’ve brought users and consumers the treats they have been looking for worldwide.

Their inspiration stems from healthier alternative options for smoking.

The Million Bananas blunt rolls, however, are a different story. Made from cured banana leaf sheets, they’re engineered and made specifically for people to be able to roll a blunt in the best, healthiest, and earth-friendliest way.

Both are non-GMO products, requiring you to be in the legal smoking age to purchase. Though different, both are able to deliver the exceptional cannabis smoking experience I was looking for.

I just leaned more toward Million Bananas because of the improved taste it offers. Moreover, I can confirm the efficacy and the quality it can give smokers they have never experienced.

4 Best Banana Leaf Blunt Wraps

Out of all the different banana leaf blunts I’ve tried and tested, I consider these four (4) the best and most reliable.

Million Bananas Banana Leaf Blunt Wrap: Editor’s Choice

Million Bananas Banana Leaf Blunt Wrap

The Million Bananas paper wraps are what I consider the best because of its overall stature. They are unbleached, organic, and they don’t have any other type of chemical combined with them.

You can use the Million Bananas leaf blunt if you want to enhance the taste and flavor of your blunt while caring for your health, overall.

Shop for Million Bananas now through their website, but if you want a faster, better, and a neater transaction, visit Smoke Cartel’s site and search for the best vegan blunt you think is perfect for smokers like you!

NOTE: The packaging doesn’t need to be discreet because they’re just paper!

Natives Banana Rolling Leaf: Runner-Up

Natives Banana Rolling Leaf

Sourcing their leaves from the far land of Jamaica, these wraps can give you the smooth cannabis session you’ve been looking for.

Although they don’t have pre-rolled banana wraps, you won’t have a hard time rolling it because you only need to moisturize one side of the leaf because it is completely organic!

The taste is not modified in any way, and the experience is truly phenomenal.

Jungle Blunt Leaf Blunt Wraps: Best Wraps For the Health

Jungle Blunt Leaf Blunt Wraps

Jungle Blunt’s innovative leaves are one of the best for your health. Made from Ayurveda herbs, this all-natural premium wraps will blow your mind.

Hand packed and hand rolled, it’ll help you fulfill your satisfaction. Indulge in the smooth smell, taste, and feel with your friends without the fear of inhaling something intoxicated.

NOTE: They also come with bamboo tips that can be cleaned using a vinegar and water solution.

Mellow Fellow Banana Leaf Wrap: Best Tobacco Alternative Wrap

Mellow Fellow Banana Leaf Wrap

Last, but most definitely not least is the Mellow Fellow smoke wrap. I haven’t tried this one yet, but based on customer reviews, this is the perfect alternative for tobacco smokers.

The slow and smooth drag of this organic wrap will keep you wanting more. Get a tobacco-free experience while smoking your favorite buds and roll it as fast and as easy as how you would with regular rolling papers.

How to Roll a Banana Wrap Blunt?

The process of rolling an organic leaf blunt is not far from how you roll regular tobacco blunts.

  • Lay the wrap out open.
  • Fill it with the buds or whatever content you want.
  • Compress it, but not too much that there’ll be no air left.
  • Lick the edges and make sure that you moisturize it.
  • Lock it in place and finish the roll!


In case you feel like you need more statements or questions answered, here are frequently asked questions about them.

Are Banana Leaves Safe to Smoke?

Yes, you can use banana or other similar types of leaves that are cured for smoking. You just have to make sure that the leaves you’re going to use are processed naturally and organically, and that they don’t have harsh chemicals in them.

How Do You Dry Banana Leaves For Smoking?

For a DIY approach, you can get and dry banana leaves for smoking by placing them upside down on the newspaper. Make sure that the edges aren’t touching.

Can Smoking Banana Peels Get You High?

A journal by A.D. Krikorian titled “The Psychedelic Properties of Banana Peel” said that it was an underground hoax that has continued for decades.

Final Words

Whatever banana leaf wrap or blunt you use, it’s better, tastier, and more organic than the usual rolling papers you’ve and plan on using.

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