10+ Best Cannabis Strains for Multiple Sclerosis

Cannabis is useful to treat a wide assortment of severe, life-threatening conditions, and multiple sclerosis is one of them. Most patients find no alleviation in pharmaceutical medications prescribed to assist them with managing multiple sclerosis; other times, it doesn’t work directly. Explore this post to learn how medical marijuana can decrease pain and other symptoms in a specific disease. Also, have a glance at the best cannabis strains for Multiple Sclerosis.

When we consider the best cannabis strains for Multiple Sclerosisthe strain that comes to our mind is the AK-47 Cannabis Strain; visit the official website!

Individuals searching for an appropriate yet useful option in contrast to medicines have discovered alleviation in clinical cannabis. Patients with multiple sclerosis habitually suffer from debilitating pain caused by irritation.

It is one of the most significant benefits of cannabis – its ability to give fast and effective pain remedies for multiple sclerosis, especially for muscle cramps. Cannabis is notable for its mitigating properties, being an antispasmodic and antidepressant, and it is the ability to address gastrointestinal diseases suffered by patients.

What is Multiple Sclerosis?


best cannabis strains for multiple sclerosis (MS)

It’s a degenerative autoimmune condition that mainly affects the nervous system. It is the degeneration of parts of the nerve cell in the brain and spinal rope. It is a lifelong disease with many symptoms that can be varied for different patients.

Multiple sclerosis patients feel pain, depression, headaches, body aches, and severe nerve pain. These signs often prompt patients to seek out medicine.

Numerous MS patients have reported alleviation with the consumption of cannabis. Marijuana is known to make some individuals “high.” This feeling is a blend of rapture, unwinding, and stress alleviation. It can also go with “the munchies” and “the giggles.”

Some multiple sclerosis patients find that Sativa makes them more anxious or makes it worse than they now are, finding alleviation in Indica varieties. Despite this, numerous people with MS keep using Sativa and Sativa-dominant hybrids; each weed will affect individuals differently after consumption. It’s good to do some experimentation to find the perfect strain for MS.

Cannabis Might Help With MS

Multiple sclerosis is a condition that engages your brain, spinal rope, and nerves. The cannabis plant, or the Sativa plant, has many chemicals that can alter your mind and body.

A national group of scientific institutions reasoned that marijuana, aka cannabis, is demonstrated or highly liable to improve muscle contractions that are normal with multiple sclerosis, at any rate as measured without anyone else reporting symptoms.

Some proof suggests that marijuana or its active compounds, called cannabinoids, may ease sleep-related disease in some individuals with multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, and specific disease. There are many medical marijuana strains for multiple sclerosis that you will find here, so keep reading.

Multiple Sclerosis and Medical Marijuana: Here’s What Research Says

Cannabis could give a possible solution to those coping with regular symptoms like spasticity, fatigue, sleep or appetite issues, and nausea. Other countries like Australia have invested in research programs designed to investigate cannabis’s job in treating multiple sclerosis. But for those in the US, treating Multiple Sclerosis with cannabis may only find conflicting opinions.

The National MS Society published various study studies on the effects of marijuana on MS sufferers. Some of it denies the positive effects on symptoms of MS after MS patients complete their courses. However, the National Institute of Health identifies cannabis as a Schedule-1 drug.

Usage of Medical Marijuana Strains for Multiple Sclerosis

Whether you smoke pot or use extract, you may not precisely always recognize what you’re using. The FDA doesn’t legalize them, so the THC levels, for instance, may frequently change for the same type of medical cannabis. Or on the other hand, you may react differently than others. Note that smoking or vaping can irritate your lungs, influence your memory, and make it harder to think. It also can make you feel:

You shouldn’t use any marijuana products if you:

  • Have a coronary illness.
  • Ever had psychosis.
  • Have Parkinson’s disease.
  • Are you pregnant or breastfeeding?
  • Take clobazam or valproic corrosive for seizures, bipolar disorder, or migraine headaches.

Ask your doctor if and which type of cannabis and its extracts might support you.

CBD Oil for MS

Cannabidiol is another compound the cannabis plant produces that helps manage the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

Some individuals report no effect from Cannabidiol oil. Other individuals report tender feelings of unwinding or help from stress or headaches with CBD oil.

Most plants make chemicals that are extraordinary to that plant. Cannabinoids are specific chemicals that lone originate from the cannabis plant.

When cannabinoids were first discovered, some thought CBD was the substance generating a “high” feeling. We currently realize that it is mostly THC which gives the intoxicating effect.

However, CBD and other cannabinoids still influence us in ways that aren’t understood. Different individuals report different effects from distinctive combinations.

Top 10 Best Cannabis Strains for MS

These are the top 5 most popular strains among multiple sclerosis patients:

1 – Harlequin from ILGM


This dominant hybrid is a great smoke when looking to find some psychological release without feeling exhausted. Harlequin has received all its positive results from its origin. This variety is a remarkable relaxant, with an ability to quiet the mind and stay focused.

Harlequin is uplifting and a happiness-inducing weed. This Sativa-dominant cannabis will let you keep your productivity at 100 percent. It means that it’s the ideal smoke to start a day because instead of slowing you down, this strain may assist you with your stuff well and get it done while feeling inspired and creative.

Harlequin is excellent at keeping you focused and will let you complete your usual tasks with ease. It’s one of the best medical cannabis to manage the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

2 – Blackberry Kush from ILGM

blackberry kush cannabis strain

This Kush is excellent for MS patients and is usually beneficial to users coping with pain, anxiety, and insomnia. It will provide you with a fantastic high without side effects with only a minimal dosage.

Blackberry Kush feels like the name hints and will give you a smooth, relaxed, and sleepy feeling. Besides, it also delivers deep body-high and pain relief. It is excellent for managing OCD since a small quantity will reduce stress, spasms, and pain. On the other hand, higher doses will make your nervous system lazy.

Like other Indica strains, it’s the most satisfying cannabis for MS for night use but might leave you with a cottonmouth and dry eyes. Thus, make sure to keep some water and refreshments nearby to avoid these side effects at the time of using it.

3 – CBD Chronic from Dinafem Seeds

CBD chronic cannabis strain

CBD Chronic is a cross strain between CBD Crew and Serious Seeds. It arises from the well-known Chronic strain, Remedy, a therapeutic strain with high CBD content. The overall ratio of THC and CBD provided by this plant is 1:1.

The sample with the most potent overall amounts claimed 7.88% THC and 6.93% CBD. Same as the original Chronic strain, CBD Chronic is very easy to grow. Besides, it’s one of the strains that beginners can try. If you’re a patient, keep the dosage right for your treatments.

It is the best weed strain that first gets trials in therapeutic research for MS patients. Many people use CBD Chronic for its anti-inflammatory properties. Along with that, extracts such as ointments, cremes, lotions, and CBD oil help MS patients reduce MS symptoms such as severe pain and muscle spasms, and it even contributes to necessary treatments.

4 – Critical Haze from i49

critical haze cannabis seeds

Critical Haze is the outcome of hybridizing the Afghan Haze with Critical Mass. The cannabinoids of Critical Mass offer many patients excellent treatment for muscle spasms and severe pain relief. Besides, its genetics are 50% Afghani, 25% Haze, and 25% Skunk, making it a one-of-a-kind variety to experience for your MS treatment.

People have been using Critical Haze for years. However, the combination of cerebral buzz and psychoactive effects renders a body high if taken in a large amount. Still, due to its Critical Mass parent, it is suitable for people looking for a treatment for a range of diseases and conditions like pain, seizures, MS, pre-menstrual cramps, sleeps problems, and even muscle spasms.

5 – Papaya from Seedsman

papaya cannabis strain

Papaya is generally a pure Indica variety, while sometimes it holds some Sativa qualities as well. However, the strain’s effects remain for nearly one and a half hours on the body, and it should be a prominent relief for MS patients using cannabis.

The CBD content is averaging near 1%, but this medical marijuana can help you with stress, pain relief, anxiety, and many other treatments without side effects. If you’re an MS patient, keep the right dosage to experience comfort in your body.

With up to 20% THC content, puffs of this weed help MS patients to often experience mood changes in no time, making your system feel relief like never before. If your MS diagnosis is not going in the right direction with a standard prescription, Papaya weed might give you relief in your symptoms of MS and chronic pain.

Even great pains have been shown to decrease by the wayside with some Papaya puffs. In addition to reducing pain, its capacity to cheer moods can overcome the depression that occurs with the disease.

6 – AK 47 from ILGM

ak47 cannabis strain

AK-47 is a notably amusing cannabis strain that ensures all kinds of positive vibes. Its first noticeable effect is a soothing, clear-headed relaxation. Besides, the effect is powerful enough to elevate your mood. Sometimes, it can put you in a lofty feeling where you see yourself just lying down, giggling, and observing things without knowing why!

With nearly 20% THC content, AK-47’s swift and pressing euphoria gives relief after some puff, gently reducing your disease symptoms. Whether you prefer to stay idle or desire to do something creative, its relaxing and uplifting influence ensures a pleasant time.

The effect of this weed will often last longer than usual and can provoke chuckles in no time. That is why AK-47 is one of the famous high THC strains over many years among pot smokers who want to relax at the end of a bustling day.

Experience this medical cannabis as it might often help you reduce your disease symptoms and treat muscle cramps, pain, and loss of appetite. Over many years, numerous people in the United States who conducted MS diagnoses used this weed often to feel comfort in pain.

7 – CBD Charlotte’s Angel from Dutch Passion

cbd charlottes angel cannabis strain

Charlotte’s Angel is Sativa-dominant cannabis with high CBD content up to 10 to 16 percent. It holds low THC levels, nearly below 1 percent. It’s a non-psychoactive type that allows medical advantages without being high, often giving a strong body effect and pain relief.  If you’re a patient, keep the dosage right for your treatments.

Charlotte’s Angel is famous among marijuana lovers who desire to enjoy a joint without getting high and do focused work. You get a pleasant experience with the same flavor and fragrance as a high-THC strain. You might feel medicated yet will not get high; it provides the user with a certain feeling of well-being; it is almost tough to explain unless you try it!

8 – White Rhino from ILGM

white rhino cannabis strain

White Rhino was grown by Green House Seeds and is comparable to another well-known strain, the White Widow. The precise genetics are unexplored even after many years, but many consider a White Widow was hybridized with an unknown cannabis strain from the USA.

White Rhino can be beneficial in treating depression due to its powerful mind-lifting attributes. It often supports adjusting mood strikes by inducing cheer and positive thoughts. Patients can also get help from the sedating influence of the White Rhino, which will help them get healthy rest.

This weed is also an appetite-inducer, beneficial for people with cancer whose cravings have been altered by methods like radiology and chemotherapy.

This cannabis strain challenges that nausea by generating “the munchies” so the sufferer can eat healthful meals for better healing. White Rhino is both a stress-reliever and an efficient painkiller.

9 – Strawberry Cough from ILGM

Strawberry Cough cannabis strain

Strawberry Cough is a distinguished Sativa that is recognized because of its strong strawberry taste. Although its precise blend of strains is different, it delivers clear thoughts. Moreover, it can be more effective on the average state of mind but normally toes the line pretty consistently and is a ‘laid-back’ cannabis strain.

Its immediate effect is that you will explode into a cough as your throat might tingle after one or two puffs. Nevertheless, when that powerful effect fades, Strawberry Cough becomes more refreshing.

It’s not a fast-acting cannabis strain, and there will be a mixed feeling in its influences, as they will smoothly fall on you. A fresh boost of strength can appear on your body, and Strawberry Cough will make you jump out of your comfort zone and do things. It will make you embrace its stimulating effects.

This Sativa strain will actuate relaxation and make you imagine a trail of motivational ideas. Furthermore, Strawberry Cough is a pretty ideal strain when you are depressed and need a little boost to perform tasks. Besides, it has the power to loosen you up without making you feel any pain.

10 – One to One

one to one cannabis strain

It is the resembling strain to Sativex that you can discover – and it’s worth obtaining. Imagine ‘feeling high’ without ‘getting high.’ That’s probable because of the strain’s excellent 1:1 THC-CBD ratio and Sativa to Indica proportions, precisely the degrees Sativex is formed to contain.

This 1:1 THC-CBD ratio maximizes CBD’s therapeutic influence while restricting THC’s psychoactive outcomes. This variety is beneficial in reducing muscle pain, anxiety, and cramping in multiple sclerosis.

It also restrains seizures, general body pain, and the anxiety caused by the daily hurdles of dealing with MS. There’s no intense high after consuming, and any mental influence will be cerebral, with continued focus. This strain may be the most useful way to allow patients to reduce MS symptoms while remaining active.

Final Verdict:

Marijuana contributes a potential solution to the intricacy and is what you should strive for before opioid drugs. Marijuana is comparatively safe and doesn’t create addiction the way opioid drugs do.

If your multiple sclerosis treatment isn’t providing you the relief you require, you may be interested in how medical marijuana might heal you.

Studies show that many individuals with MS already use marijuana, and many would consider it if allowed. So far, the proof for that is disordered.

For the people suffering from MS, it may not be transparent how marijuana can benefit yet. But further research will help. With more awareness and promotion to people with MS, it might be accessible globally for treatments.

Celebrity Montel Williams has utilized medical marijuana to carry out his symptoms. Thus, more medical alternatives and best directions may be accessible on the right effects of marijuana on an MS patient. We hope you list out the best marijuana that can treat your MS symptoms.

That’s plenty to keep up the high hopes!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is CBD effective for multiple sclerosis?

CBD is generally regarded as harmless, and some study suggests that it may aid in treating pain and spasms caused by MS. On the other hand, the FDA has not authorized CBD to treat MS or its symptoms. Therefore, it would be beneficial if you discussed the use of CBD to treat MS with your healthcare professional.

What foods should you avoid if you have MS?

Certain foods, such as processed meats, refined carbohydrates, junk foods, trans fats, and sugar-sweetened drinks, are advised for patients with MS.

What cannabinoids are the most effective for MS?

They found that nabiximols (Sativex oral spray), oral cannabis extract (OCE), and synthetic tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are probably beneficial in reducing patient-reported symptoms of spasticity in patients with MS based on this analysis. Despite this, OCE and synthetic THC were ineffective in reducing physician-administered measures of spasticity.

Is CBD effective for multiple sclerosis?

CBD is generally regarded as harmless, and some study suggests that it may aid in treating pain and spasms caused by MS. On the other hand, the FDA has not authorized CBD to treat MS or its symptoms. Therefore, it would be beneficial if you discussed the use of CBD to treat MS with your healthcare professional.

Is CBD safe for those with Multiple Sclerosis?

CBD is generally regarded as harmless, and some study suggests that it may aid in treating pain and spasms caused by MS. On the other hand, the FDA has not authorized CBD to treat MS or its symptoms. Therefore, it would be beneficial if you discussed the use of CBD to treat MS with your healthcare professional.

What foods should you avoid if you have MS?

Certain foods, such as processed meats, refined carbohydrates, junk foods, trans fats, and sugar-sweetened drinks, are advised for patients with MS.

What factors might worsen MS?

Diet and Medications.

Is Sativex a hallucinogen?

Some Sativex users describe a ‘high’ comparable to cannabis smoking. However, this is not particularly frequent. THC causes it in Sativex.

Is CBD useful for reducing muscular spasticity?

According to research, CBD appears to aid muscular stiffness in persons with MS. Research conducted in the UK discovered that physicians did not notice a significant improvement in spasticity in persons who used supplements. On the other hand, people who took CBD reported less spasticity than those who took a placebo. As a result, Multiple Sclerosis patients believe CBD is likely beneficial for spasticity.

How can you use CBD to relieve MS pain?

The majority of the study on CBD for MS pain has been conducted utilizing oral supplements and nasal sprays. Some people claim to have had better results by smoking CBD flowers or cannabis. However, when deciding how to utilize CBD to treat MS pain, it’s essential to consult with your healthcare professional and examine the legal status of CBD and cannabis in your state.

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