Best Indica Strains On Earth 2022 [Top 10+] – Blast of THC & Healing CBD

What makes Indica strains unique? What are the effects of Indica? And most importantly, what are some of the top-rated cannabis Indica strains on earth? If you are excited to put your curiosity at ease, you’re at the right place! Let me indulge you with exciting details of Indica weed while reviewing the top 10 best Indica strains in the world.

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The Strongest Indica Strains on Earth

Cannabis plants have been genetically engineered for decades in the hope of getting more and more powerful, flavorful, colorful, and high-yielding strains. “Indica” is a chemical makeup that mainly differentiates the variety from its counterpart “Sativa” lineage.

First of all, let’s get the basics right!

If a strain contains the Myrcene terpene value above 0.5 percent, it’s considered an Indica strain.

That’s not all; cannabis Indica resembles various other characteristics that I will uncover in the last section. Thanks to expert geneticists, the cannabis market is bustling with a handsome list of mouthwatering, high-yielding, beautiful, easy-to-grow, and potent Indica strains.

Nowadays, you will find a complete catalog of Indicas in most online dispensaries, physical weed stores, and popular coffee shops in the Netherlands.

Indica weeds render penetrating effects to your mind and body. Generally, you’ll experience body stone high while smoking Indica.

While many recreational hard-hitters whiff Indica pots to fascinate themselves in psychedelic trance, most medical marijuana users prefer Indica-dominant or heavy Indica strains to ease their severe symptoms.

Review of Top 10 Best Indica Strains

Are you planning to entice yourself by growing a phenomenal Indica strain in your garden? Explore reviews of the top 10 sensational Indica strains and buy your favorite weed RIGHT AWAY!

#10 – Bubba Kush | High Yielding Indica

Bubba Kush

[Mostly Indica]

Bubba Kush is one of the most popular marijuana strains globally that earned its name mainly thanks to its sedating and calming effects. Interestingly, the parents of this strain are both older versions of Bubba Kush from the mid-’90s!

You can grow this strain indoors and outdoors. It produces resinous buds and large petals that resemble somewhat colorful shades. If you have a smaller growing space, Bubba Kush is the ideal strain to cultivate.

Your Bubba buds will produce a scent of sweet hash and spice that is pungent enough to make you feel aromatic. 

Like OG Kush, this Kush is also one of the strongest Indica strains with high THC, so it’s not your typical daytime strain. But when used at night, the cerebral and physical influence will ease you with utmost relaxation.

#9 – Northern Lights | Evergreen Indica Strain for Long-Lasting High

Northern Lights

[90% Indica + 10% Sativa]

If you’re looking to have the best Indica that’s easy to grow and stimulating, this cult classic is an obvious choice. Northern Light’s precise parent genetics are unidentified, but it is commonly considered an amalgam of the two most popular weeds: Thai and Afghani.

Being a top-rated medical and recreational weed, Northern Lights got “word of mouth” marketing and now enjoys big-time among the cannabis community worldwide.

If you grow it outdoors, a tropical climate will encourage the plant to produce buds faster. You can collect up to 18 ounces worth of yield per square meter indoors and even more flowers outdoors.

Most potent Indica strains render couch-locked effects. Instead, Northern Lights produces a well-balanced high that you’re going to love. As you smoke, the uplifting euphoria and good laughs will indulge you in many ways.

Refrain from overdosing to avoid paranoia and headaches.

Northern Lights is a magnificent weed that can be used to keep your routine physical and mental problems. Thus, treating insomnia is effortless with Northern Lights.

Along with that, people with muscle aches, headaches, arthritis, stress, hypertension, mood swings, and PMS can get relief from this marijuana.

#8 – Granddaddy Purple | Pure Indica Strain for Deep Relaxation

Granddaddy Purple

[100% Indica]

Developed in 2003, Granddaddy Purple is undoubtedly the most popular and probably the strongest Indica weed on the market. Crossbred between two popular strains, Purple Urkle and Big Bud, this award-winning strain is one powerful resulting phenotype widely enjoyed in the US West Coast cannabis culture.

Granddaddy grows compact plants with trichomes coated around the strain leaves. You will enjoy the fantastic zest of grapes and fresh blueberries.

As soon as you smoke this heavy Indica, you will enjoy a deeply relaxed state of mind. With up to 23% THC content, even experienced smokers can feel high for a long time.

Why don’t you try it?

There won’t be any anxiety or paranoia, but you would want to satisfy your munchies. Many users even reported having sexual arousal after inhaling Granddaddy Purple.

Moreover, the mind-bolstering and sedating high can also tackle your anxiety and help you fall asleep faster without feeling lethargic. However, beginners might experience heightened senses to some extent.

The grandfather of ecstasy!

On the medical front, Granddaddy Purple is highly recommended for combat vets. The narcotic effects of GDP can treat many mental problems, including stress, PTSD, depression, and anxiety.

Like most popular Indica strains, GDP may help you to alleviate chronic pain, mood disorders, headaches, and muscle aches.

#7 – Afghan Kush | Unique Hashish-Like Experience

Afghan Kush

[100% Indica]

Emerged from the Hindu Kush Mountain range and perfected by Sensi Seeds, Afghan Kush is one of the best strains to experience knockout body stone effects.

This strain is also used to produce well-known Afghani Charas and Black Hashish. It goes without saying; Afghan Kush can ease out even the most stressed-out people!

It can be grown indoors and outdoors without any fuss. Your Indica plants will be ready in around 9 weeks. As this strain is resistant to pests and diseases, outdoor growth can get you more sticky buds.

The THC levels in this strain can go up to 19%. Consequently, you will enjoy deep relaxation and a night of peaceful sleep. Once you lit up a joint, it fosters amazing euphoria and relaxation.

The effect is irresistible, making you feel like things are happening in slow motion!

Forget everything and feel heavenly with every whiff!

Many medical marijuana patients and veterans use this strain to get instant relief from stress, depression, insomnia, headaches, and chronic pain. It’s a classic smoke before going to bed at night.

Excellence delivered right here, folks!

#6 – Hindu Kush | Legendary Indica Landrace Strain

hindu kush cannabis strain

[100% Indica]

Just a few puffs of Hindu Kush, and you will know what true relaxation is!

Hindu Kush cannabis is a 100% Indica strain originating from the great valleys of the Hindu Kush mountains. Hindu Kush landrace fathers many popular strains like OG Kush and Purple Kush. The universal popularity of OG Kush is all thanks to this great parent.

If you are after a naturally potent strain with medical benefits, Hindu Kush is the most suitable weed in my experience.

You will get to enjoy creamy and cloudy smoke that will entice you into its delightful musky, piney, and herbal flavors, like fresh grass from the forest!

A pure & potent Indica gem!

With 20% THC, the penetrating effects deliver a stupendous experience to all weed lovers. It can put even the most anxious people to sleep in a snap. This creeper will absolutely take over your mind and body to leave you couch-locked and at utmost relaxation.

Besides, It can help you relieve pain, chronic stress, insomnia, migraines, depression, muscle spasms, and anxiety. Switch to pure and potent Hindu Kush to get quick relief.

Powerful, sedative, and perfect for nighttime!

#5 – Black Indica | Easy-to-Grow Indica

Black Indica

[80% Indica + 20% Sativa]

Emerged from Spain, Black Indica is a resulting strain from two of the strongest cannabis strains out there— Afghan and Pure Kush.

With 12.94% THC and 2.5% CBD, this Indica-dominant hybrid can be used medically or recreationally, making it an excellent addition to your stash of happiness.

The difficulty level of growing this strain is very easy, and you can cultivate it indoors and outdoors. The marijuana plants can get you 200 grams worth of buds outdoors and 400 grams of buds indoors. 

Black Indica is a heavy-hitter, but it won’t make you couch-locked. Further, it can make you extremely relaxed while letting you socialize without any anxiety. You will feel tingling sensations throughout your cerebral state, leaving you with happy vibes all around.

Due to ample CBD levels, it helps you combat bodily pain and muscle aches. Moreover, this strong Indica works tremendously well in inducing relaxing effects at aching body parts. If you smoke it at night, you can lay down, relax, and have a profound sleep.

#4 – Banana Kush | A Tropical Sensation for Kush Lovers

banana kush cannabis strain

[60% Indica + 40% Sativa]

This iconic cannabis is a hybridized strain between original Skunk Haze and Ghost OG. The perfect fusion of Haze and Skunk lineage produces this fantastic weed that is highly sought-after among medical and recreational cannabis users.

You will get around 500-600 grams worth of compact buds. Once you lit up your blunt, the limonene terpene will render a wave of tangerine and earthy hints.

You will feel knockout body stone and absolute head high as soon as you start smoking it. Like OG Kush, this Indica-dominant strain is highly sedative, so patients with insomnia regularly use Banana Kush to sleep better at night.

Besides, if you suffer from muscle aches, glaucoma, pain, or stress disorders, using this medical marijuana can help you get rid of them.

#3 – Do Si Dos | Modern & Strongest Indica Hybrid

Di Si Dos

[70% Indica + 30% Sativa]

If you’re tired of trying old-school landrace classics, get hold of this modern world’s finest strain that’s sure to entice you immensely. Regularly testing at nearly 25% THC levels, DoSiDos (or Dosi) is one heck of a powerful marijuana strain out there.

Easy for beginners, this Indica-dominant hybrid thrives well in semi-tropical climates. It will take 8 to 10 weeks to produce bright lime leaves and dense buds. Along with that, the pale green nugs will be tangled beautifully between lavender shades.

Crossed between Face Off OG and Girl Scout Cookies, it’s one of the strongest Indica strains that stimulates a more profound sense of introspection.

The cerebral rush hits hard and leaves you euphoric for a few moments. Later, the intense rush will be felt in your spine and limbs, making you glued to your bed.

#2 – Bianca | A Potent Punch of Aroma

Bianca strain

[85% Indica + 15% Sativa]

Crossbred between White Widow, White Quen, and Afghan, Bianca is one of the most potent Indica strains. This dazzling weed is one of the fantastic Indica-dominant strains for its distinct flavor profile, potency, and yield.

Bianca produces a large yield indoors and outdoors, creating high demand among beginners as well as expert growers. Your cannabis plant yields 525 grams per square meter indoors and 550 grams per square meter outdoors. 

As soon as you open the jar of Bianca, it will fill your room with a pungent aroma. Once you lit up, the hashy smoke will delight your taste buds with a woody and hashish flavor. As you smoke, all of your negative thoughts will vanish.

Truly tantalizing euphoric buzz for mental clarity!

The high THC content in this strong Indica strain is constantly measured between 20 to 30%. That’s the reason why beginners should keep the dosage low to moderate. Sometimes, it might also get you aroused!

Unlike any regular Sativa strain, Bianca is perfect for nighttime and can be used to eliminate many medical conditions, be it aches, anxiety, chronic stress, or nausea.

#1 – Purple Kush | Perfect for Recreation & Medical

Purple Kush cannabis strain

[100% Indica]

Purple Kush is a potent, fast-flowering, and pure Indica strain embraced by many West Coast weed lovers. It was crossbred between the Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani strains.

Cool climates are preferable for this Kush. As it produces thick and compact stature, you’ll need some experience growing it. The Screen for Green (SCROG) method works like a charm in developing this strain.

Your plants will be filled with purplish buds within 8 weeks. It renders a little bit of earthy smell with sweet, grape, spicy, and pungent undertones.

Feeling mouthwatering? Me too!

With a full-body high, you will be amused digging through your pleasant mindset. Contrary to Sativa strains, this Kush is guaranteed to deliver much-needed relaxation. Many would want to just crash out in dreamland.

Perfect for therapeutic use, Purple Kush can stimulate appetite and help you eliminate eating disorders, muscle aches, and chronic pain.

Popular Indica Strains

Indica strains not only differ in appearance, but they also widely vary in physical and mental effects. When we talk about the strongest Indica strains, we mostly address their short plants and sedative effects. But actually, Indica cannabis strains have many more qualities to offer.

Here’s a glimpse of what Indica weed plants embrace:

  • Vastly emerged from India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan
  • A volume of Myrcene terpene is greater than 0.5 percent
  • Shorter and thicker flowers
  • Chunky and broad leaves
  • Earthy and skunky aromas
  • The relatively high THC content
  • Penetrating effects (sedative)
  • Induce body high, euphoria, and relaxation
  • Slight paranoia, anxiety, or couch-locking at a higher dose
  • Appetite booster and great sleep aid
  • Relief in inflammation, pain, stress, depression, arthritis, and PTSD
  • Very beneficial for medical marijuana patients and combat vats
  • Most beneficial for nighttime use

Many exotic Indica strains are the dream of so many weed lovers. With that in mind, check the following list of top-rated Indicas; they are truly remarkable. Even in 2022, the popularity of these jackpot strains has not faded away a bit. You can even check the exotic weed packs!

  • Super Skunk
  • Girl Scout Cookies Extreme
  • OG Kush
  • Blue Cheese
  • Grape Ape
  • Zkittlez
  • Black Domina
  • Skywalker OG

The catalog of Indicas has never been so perfect!

Final Words

It is essential to have a little knowledge about the strain you want to buy. The above review section helps you understand the Indica genetics, origin, terpene and flavor profile, growing conditions, effects, and medical usage of each strain.

Smoking random marijuana strains would definitely make you happy to some extent. But understanding the genetic makeup and effects of marijuana strains will precisely help you choose the one that can make you exuberant at all levels.

After all, it’s about being happy, isn’t it?


What is the strongest Indica strain in the world?

With mind-boggling 27% THC content, Banana Kush is the top-shelf strongest Indica strain in the world.

Which is the best Indica strain in 2022?

All the above strains are undoubtedly famous even in 2022, but if you want to try a modern and exotic Indica strain, go for the Do Si Dos weed to indulge yourself with a unique experience.

What does Indica strain feel like?

Indica marijuana strains render the body high that induce relaxation and euphoria. As many Indica strains contain aphrodisiac properties, you may use them to relieve your pain, aches, cramps, stress, depression, mood swings, and more. Many people use Indicas at night to get a peaceful sleep.

What strains are 100% Indica?

Hindu KushAfghanBubba KushPure IndicaPurple Kush, and Granddaddy Purple are the strongest, 100% pure, and popular Indica strains.

Is Indica a downer?

Most Indica strains are penetrating and may sedate you at higher doses. With full-body highs, you may feel super relaxed after consuming Indica cannabis. Therefore, unlike Sativa, most Indica marijuana strains are downers.

Is Kush an Indica or Sativa?

Most Kush strains you see out there are Indica-dominant or pure Indica weed strains. However, hybridizing Kush with other strains of Sativa could result in a new Sativa Kush strain.

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