9+ Tips To Get Rid Of Weed Smoker Lips! [DON’T MISS THIS]

Weed smoker lips are common but unwelcome and don’t look good.

So, how can you get rid of weed-smoker lips?

Here are 9+ tips for you!

However, there are several things that you can do to get rid of black lips due to smoking weed.

However, the solution method varies according to many factors, which we will discuss today.

So, for all of that and more, let’s get straight into it:

Weed Smoker Lips Explained


It is a no-brainer that smoking weed causes lip color to get dark.

Moreover, smoking cigarettes exposes them to various hazardous chemicals and diseases like Cancer, apart from making smokers’ lips (darker lip color).

However, today, we’ll focus more on the weed smoker’s lips and not on the disease exposure one gets.

What Does Smoking Weed Do To Your Lips?

When you smoke weed, there are a lot of compounds with which your lips interact.

However, we’ll be exploring it step-by-step.

Smoke And Chemicals

Combustion produces smoke, and smoke is itself a staining agent.

You can experiment to check it even out.

You can try hanging a white t-shirt over a smoky fire and see if the white t-shirt won’t be white for long under exposure to smoke.

Moreover, it is also a fact that weed smoke contains several chemicals and compounds.

Apart from this, many people smoke tobacco with weed (tobacco leaf with weed inside, also known as blunt), which is even exposed to the chemicals of tobacco smoke.

Also, smoking tobacco with weed increases the symptoms of cannabis dependence.

Therefore, constantly exposing your lips to combustion or smoke will cause them to get dark.

However, it is also true that darker lips due to smoking is a long-term effect. That means casual smoking once or twice a month shouldn’t be an issue with your lip color.

Marijuana Resin

Marijuana resin is a sticky and tar-like substance.

When you smoke weed, the resin gets on your lips and sticks.

However, this resin is produced by weed plants to protect themselves against pests, disease, and even the sun’s UV rays.

When you make a joint, the resin builds up and accumulates on the endpoint, which may contact your lips upon smoking.

The resin can discolor your lips as well as stain your clothes.

It is why removing when resin comes in contact with your clothes becomes tough. Thanks to its sticky nature.

Hence, when resin comes in contact with your lips, it may make your lips discolor or get darker.

However, the resin contribution to smokers’ lips is short-term compared to the other factors we’ll discuss.


Smoking produces smoke by burning the stuff inside the joint; therefore, it is a harsh, hot smoke that goes inside your lungs through your mouth.

Therefore, smoking weed quickly causes your mouth to dehydrate, which may make your lips darker.

It applies primarily to regular smokers, whose continuous smoking results in dehydration and dry, darker lips.

However, due to dehydration, smokers’ lips result from long-term smoking, and casual smoking (once or twice a month) shouldn’t affect lip color.


Even though when you are smoking weed, the burns may not be severe or bad enough to notice immediately, those small regular burns can cause lips to turn dark.

When you smoke marijuana joint, you inhale heated smoke very close to your lips.

Therefore, regular exposure to heat and burn can cause your lips to discolor in the long run.

So, these are the possible factors that come into play when you smoke weed.

These factors may cause your lips to discolor or get darker.

Do Your Lips Turn Black If You Smoke Weed?

It should now be obvious that lips discolor and get darker (black) when you smoke weed regularly.

However, it is also true that smoking weed once or twice a month (casual smoking) shouldn’t be an issue with your lip color.

As mentioned earlier, the weed contains resins, a sticky compound, and the more your lips are exposed to it. The more chances are to get smoker lips.

Moreover, your lips may also be affected due to dehydration or burns.

Remember that most of the factors are due to long-term weed smoking.

If you have burnt your lips accidentally due to heat, it may create slight discomfort but shouldn’t make the lip color dark.

Constant heat, smoke, resin, and dehydration exposure can cause smokers’ lips. Short-term exposure shouldn’t be an issue to the color of your lips.

Signs Of Smoker’s Lips

If you doubt that your lips’ natural color has changed, especially when you have started smoking weed or cigarettes, you can look out for primary signs.

These are:

Bluish-Back Discoloration

The obvious sign for a smoker’s lips is the discoloration.

When the lips’ color starts changing to bluish-black, it may indicate a smoker’s lips.

The toxins from cigarette smoke cause constriction of blood vessels, which results in dryness and irritation. Even smoking can cause your skin to lose elasticity, which may also result in wrinkles.

Get Rid of Weed Smoker Lips For Good

As you know, weed-smoker lips occur with long exposure to weed smoking, and they don’t look good even though it is pretty common among regular smokers.

Therefore, getting rid of discoloration of lips or weed-smoking lips is a must.

So, here are the techniques and tips that can help you eliminate weed-smoker lips.

How To Get Rid Of Darker Lips From Smoking Weed? 9+ Tips

Several methods and techniques available on the internet can help you eliminate black lips or discoloration of lips due to smoking weed.

Many of them can help your lips return to their natural color.

But here are some of the best 9+ tips for getting rid of black lips or discoloration of lips:

First, we’ll be looking at the natural remedies and methods by which you can help your lips come back to their natural color.

1. Hydrate Your Lips

Your lips need hydration to stay in the natural color.

And when you smoke marijuana consistently, your lips become dry and wrinkle. Due to long exposure to heat and marijuana smoke, the color changes.

Therefore, one of the natural ways to retain natural lip color is by keeping your lips hydrated.

You can use lip balm to regain moisture to your lips, which should be fine afterward.

You can even purchase many lip-hydrating products from Amazon. However, prefer the natural ones and avoid the chemically made lip hydrating solutions.

2. Exfoliate

One of the common ways to regain the natural lip color is by simply exfoliating your lips.

For those new to exfoliation, it is the process of removing the old and dead skin cells underneath.

There are many exfoliating products available in the market. You can buy any of them to get started.

One can even try the DIY method by using a couple of tablespoons of sugar with a tablespoon of honey. Then, use the mixture by rubbing it on your lips for a few minutes.

The purpose of this method is that honey will hydrate your lips while the sugar granules will work for exfoliating.

It is a common method you can apply when you are out of products. However, you may need to do it with the exfoliating products for proper results.

3. Hydrate Yourself

Keeping yourself hydrated is a healthy habit.

If you find your lips discolored due to dehydration, you can repair them by keeping yourself hydrated.

Drink enough water according to your body’s requirements, and you should be doing good.

It is recommended especially for regular smokers who smoke daily. Even they might need more water to keep their lips hydrated.

However, in such cases, lip balm may also come in handy.

4. Anecdotal Methods

Another natural way to lighten dark lips is by applying lemon or lime juice for 10 to 15 minutes daily.

It is believed that the acid in lemon or lime juice can quickly lighten dark patches on the skin. However, there are also many products available on the market that claim to lighten the dark lips.

5. Washing Your Lips

As mentioned earlier, when you smoke a joint, your lips may have resin left on them.

And when your lips have resin that is not dried yet, one of the best ways to prevent them from causing discoloration is by washing it off.

You can even use acceptable hot water to wash off the resin stains on your lips.

Moreover, when the resin is quite sticky and plenty, you might also consider using some soapy water.

Just make sure you don’t get the soapy water inside your mouth.

6. Rubbing Alcohol

Another method to remove the weed resin is using alcohol and rubbing it against your lips.

This is one of the methods that many stoners use.

You can apply this technique when plenty of resin on your lips.

To do so, you can take a paper towel or a cloth and then consider taking a good amount of rubbing alcohol and then rubbing your lips with it.

Remember that your lip’s skin is quite sensitive; do it gently.

The rubbing alcohol dissolves resin and helps you clean your lips from the marijuana resin.

7. Lip Masks

According to some anecdotal evidence, lip masks can help you reduce the darkness of lips or Smoker’s lips and regain their natural color.

The lip masks consisting of turmeric and lemon juice can help to lighten the lips. You can even add vitamin A or E oil for more added benefits.

There are many lip masks available likewise. After using lip masks, you can also use some premium lip balms for care.

Even after you regain the natural colors of your lips, it is essential to care for them, keeping them the same.

8. Lip Laser Treatment

Lip laser treatment can also help you get rid of darker lips.

It uses concentrated pulses of light penetrating deep into the skin layers to bring back the natural colors.

However, consulting an expert medical practitioner is the first step to getting the lip laser treatment.

But still, we don’t recommend it because you can try other natural methods.

Above all, whatever color your lip is, it is acceptable.

9. Moisturizing

Like lip balms, a rich moisturizer containing tretinoin can help build collagen and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the lips.

It’s a good pair with the lip balm, or you can find a lip balm that works as a moisturizer.

10. Fruit Acid Peels

One of the natural ways is to use natural peels around the lip area that reduce wrinkles and lighten the dark patches.

Even the deep peels can help get off the wrinkles if used correctly.

How Can I Avoid Black Lips from Smoking Marijuana?

The best way to prevent black lips from smoking marijuana is NOT to smoke marijuana at all.

However, if this seems complicated to you, there are other methods by which you can reduce the chances of a smoker’s lips or discoloration of lips while smoking weed.

1. Using a Water Bong Or Vape

Nowadays, different electronic equipment can provide you the marijuana hits.

One of the main components of marijuana is the resin that discolors your lip. Therefore, using a water bong can help your lips avoid most resins.

While using a water bong, most of the resin stays in the water and will not reach your mouth.

Additionally, vaping is also a cleaner method. A vape pen doesn’t let the resin stain sit on your lips from smoking.

The cherry on the top is that these methods prevent your lips from getting burned.

2. Using Mouthpiece

Want to avoid the marijuana resin while smoking a joint?

Use a mouthpiece or filter!

It will also protect you against lip burn.

As the name suggests, a filter will catch most of the resin before it reaches your lips. Also, there are many mouthpieces available in the weed market.

You can use any of them to use with your smoking sessions.

3. Wiping your Lips After Smoking Sessions

If you do not wish to buy any filter or mouthpiece, then there is one simple habit that you can implement to reduce the chances of Smoker’s lips.

Wiping your lips after smoking sessions.

Doing so lets you quickly get resins off the lips, if any.

It will help your lips stay clean while reducing the chances of smokers’ lips after smoking.

4. Hydrating Your Lips

As you already know, dehydration of the lips can cause lip wrinkles and other issues. Therefore, you can keep your lips hydrated by using lip balm.

Moreover, you can keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water to help you keep yourself well-hydrated.

5. Exercise

Sometimes, the lack of blood flow and oxygen causes lip issues.

Therefore, you can follow some exercises to increase the circulation.

You also have to focus on a healthy diet as well. Regular exercises and vitamin B are the best ways to increase circulation and keep your lips healthy.

Does Smoking Weed Make Your Lips Smaller?


Smoking weed doesn’t make your lips smaller.

However, regular smoking can cause your lips to dry and have wrinkles, leading to Smoker’s lips, but there is no relation between the size of your lips and smoking.

Regular smoking can even result in a poutier shape or make your lips fuller.

Prevention Tips For Smoker’s Lips

There are many ways by which you can prevent the Smoker’s lips. Some of them are already mentioned in the section above.

However, here are some additional tips that can help you prevent Smoker’s lips:

  1. The best way to prevent Smoker’s lips is just to quit smoking. If you quit smoking, you can avoid further damage to your lips and then follow the steps to lighten your lips and regain their natural color.
  2. Using a filter or mouthpiece while smoking cannabis is one of the natural ways to keep weed resin away from your lips that causes darkening of lips.
  3. Washing your lips after every smoking session is one of the good habits to follow, which can help your lip area stay clean and in natural color.

FAQs Related To Weed Smoker Lips

Here are some frequently asked questions to weed smoker’s lips.

Do Smoker’s lips go away?

Yes, a smoker’s lips can go away if you follow the proper steps according to your situation. Specific methods like natural remedies, balms, creams, and even laser treatments can help the Smoker’s lips go away.

What are Smoker’s lips?

Smoker’s lips are a slang term for the lips of the regular Smoker, which turns darker and discolors from its natural appearance.

Does quitting cigarette smoking improve your skin?

It is believed that quitting tobacco smoking can help your appearance to improve as it helps in good blood flow and gives your skin more oxygen and nutrients.

It helps your body stay tobacco-free and develop a healthier complexion.

What’s a good lip balm for weed smokers?

There are many lip balm brands available in the market. You can go for any of them. You can try looking for a lip balm that can also work as a moisturizer, as it will help your lips stay healthy and in natural color.

Verdict: Weed Smoker Lips And How To Get Rid Of It?

If you have made it here, you know that smoking weed or cigarettes can cause smokers’ lips or weed lips in the long run.

However, now you are also aware of the preventive measures you can take to avoid darker lips and maintain their natural color.

The best way to keep your lips healthy is to avoid smoking completely. However, if you smoke once or twice a month (casual smoking), then it shouldn’t cause much harm to your lips.

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