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Do you want to know what is a blinker hit?

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If you choose to vape weed, you might use a vaping pen instead of smoking traditionally.

You can hold it in your hand and inhale vape as the device produces it by heating the substance (in most cases oil) you put inside.

So, what is a blinker related to that?

And what does it mean in weed pen or dab terms? Is it safe? Can you hit a blinker?

All of the questions are answered here.

Therefore, for all of that and more, let’s dive straight into it:

What Exactly A Blinker Hit?


First, let’s understand what the term ‘blinker hit’ means.

But before that, you must understand the workings of a vape pen.

Working Of Vape Pen

Vapes or vape pens work on the concept of burning weed ‘substance’ and have an on/off button that needs to be pressed to inhale the vape.

When you tap on the on button, it activates the heating element in the device so that the substance can start to vaporize.

Illustration Of Different Components In Vape Pen

However, there is a maximum, certain amount amount of time for the device’s heating element to be activated.

Due to safety, the heating element is made to automatically shut off to prevent any damages, such as overheating, exploding, or frying components.

This automatic shutoff safety feature even helps prevent damage if the vape pen is in your pocket and you accidentally press or hold the on/off button.

When the maximum amount of time for the heating element is reached, the device blinks, indicating that the firing button will not work again and no vapor will come out until you release the button and press it again.

So, as you have now understood the workings of most vape pens, let’s know what exactly the term ‘hitting a blinker’ means.

What Are Blinkers In Weed Terms?

In context to weed, cannabis, marijuana, or dabbing weed, blinker means taking a hit for so long that the device’s battery blinks.

That’s it!

When the battery starts to blink, it means the power safety feature of the vape pen is activated.

It is to prevent the weed pen from overheated, as you have understood in the working section of the device.

How Long Is A Blinker Hit?

The length of a blinker hit can vary depending on the vape pen’s design, but it generally lasts until the vape pen’s automatic cut-off point.

However, the typical vape pen cut-off time lasts 8 to 10 seconds when the battery light blinks, indicating it’s hitting the end.

Why Do Some Cannabis Users Prefer Blinkers?

There is no single answer for this, as it is a personal preference to hit a blinker.

It depends on several factors ranging from the desired high intensity to competition among peers.

Here’s a deep dive into the possible reasons why cannabis users prefer blinkers:

1. Intense High

For some weed users, they have high tolerance.

And therefore, they don’t get high until they hit a blinker.

Hence, the longer uninterrupted draws, the higher concentration of cannabinoids get into the body, leading to a stronger and more potent high.

The weed vape pen users prefer a blinker hit to get as much draw as possible in one pull.

2. Community And Competition

Another possible reason for hitting a blinker among weed pen users is the community and competition.

The ability to take a blinker can be observed as of experience and a high tolerance level.

And therefore, in some circles, it is even a competitive element.

In some circles, weed pen users prefer hitting a blinker to prove their tolerance or experience level.

However, we’ll talk further about whether hitting a blinker is good for health or not.

3. Immediate High

Another possible reason for hitting a blinker is its rapid onset of effects.

When hitting a blinker, it is directly taken as a direct lung inhalation technique. Therefore, cannabinoids get quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.

Therefore, when hitting a blinker, the direct and quick absorption of cannabinoids leads to the immediate high that one can expect.

Hence, it becomes one of the possible reasons why one may want to hit a blinker in the weed pen users’ community.

What Happens When You Hit a Blinker?

When you hit a blinker, loads of vape clouds are generated from the vape pen.

When you inhale these vape clouds, they directly get into your lungs, where the cannabinoids are absorbed by the bloodstream, leading to a potentially more potent high.

However, if you are new to the blinkers, you might feel extremely high even with just one blinker.

But if your tolerance level is high, you might be comfortable with the single blinker hit.

Here are some possible symptoms that may occur after hitting a blinker:

Coughing After Taking A Hit

THC vapors interact with your lungs differently than smoke.

Therefore, it might take some time for the lungs to adjust to the THC vapor.

And it is why you expect a slight cough after the first blinker, especially if you are new to this.

However, the coughing can also vary depending on your smoking distillate.

A specific premium brand’s wax doesn’t make that much uncomfortable.

Therefore, choosing a good-quality ingredient for your vape pen also affects how you may feel after a blinker.

Quick High

This ultimately happens when you take a hit with a blinker – you get a quick high!

Therefore, it becomes quite dangerous for newbies to hit a blinker as it may risk the overconsumption of cannabis.

However, vape pen users with a high tolerance to marijuana smoking or vape use may not feel overwhelmed with one or two blinkers.

Do Blinkers Drain Your Weed Pen’s Battery?

Yes, blinkers might drain the battery of your vape pen.

However, it’s not because of your blinks but because you take such a long hit and use the device more.

It is fundamental that when you use the device more, the battery gets more used, hence bringing more drained.

A Vape Pen

Therefore, when you hit a blinker, the longer you hit it (the more frequently), the faster the battery drains.

However, with more frequent blinker hits, there are potential risks for damaging your vape pen battery, which we’ll discuss below.

Potential Risks Of Hitting A Blinker

Even though there are different purposes for hitting a blinker, it also leads to potential risks (both for health and for the device).

Here’s what you need to know about the risks of hitting a blinker.

1. Battery Safety

First, let’s talk about the device which remains in your hand.

Depending upon the device design, the automatic cut-off time for vape pens may vary, but it usually lasts 8 to 10 seconds.

This is the time after which the device gets shut off to prevent overheating, leading to potential damage to the device and substance.

However, with regular blinker hits, you might be pushing the limits of the device, which can shorten the battery’s lifespan or even pose a safety risk (heating, which can lead to damage) in extreme cases.

2. Overconsumption Of Cannabis

One of the most primary concerns while hitting a blinker is the overconsumption.

When you hit a blinker, whether for competition or on purpose, it is pretty easy to consume cannabis more than intended.

And overconsumption of cannabis may also lead to uncomfortable effects like paranoia, anxiety, and dizziness.

So, one must be careful about the dosage of cannabis as well.

3. Respiratory Irritation

The vape cloud generated from the vape pen consists of high heat.

Therefore, intense inhalation with blinkers can lead to respiratory irritation.

If practiced regularly, the vapor cloud can be harsh on the lungs, leading to coughing, shortness of breath, or long-term damage.

Are Blinker Hits Safe?

Blinker hits are not safe.

It doesn’t matter how much tolerance you have built; hitting blinkers is unsafe, considering the potential risk to your health and your vape pen.

There are multiple potential risks that we have already talked about.

Here is the summary of the risks that you get yourself into with regular blinker hits:

  • Overconsumption
  • Coughing and irritation
  • Long-term damage if regularly done (in extreme cases)
  • Faster draining of vape pen battery
  • Overheating of battery and device (if regular blinkers are hit)

Hence, taking a blinker is not good for your health, as well as a vape pen.

However, if you are ‘really’ into vape pens and want to hit blinkers, responsible use can be an alternative way, but ideally, one must not hit blinker.

It is especially recommended for not hitting a blinker to those who are new to the vape pen world as it might lead to overconsumption of cannabis, which can then potentially lead to possible overconsumption symptoms like paranoia, anxiety, etc.

Are There Any Health Risks To Taking Blinkers?

Well, there is no proven study yet which claims that blinkers are risky to health.

But if we look logically, some potential health risks are involved with regular blinker hits.

Even there have been cases of people’s lungs collapsing after taking blinkers for long periods.

Here’s a similar video available on YouTube:

Moreover, you already know about the effects of regular blinker hits, such as the risk of overconsumption and getting a high tolerance level of cannabis.

Especially if you are a beginner, you may be more risky to the regular blinker’s consequences.

Symptoms like coughing, irritation, and even paranoia or anxiety may appear if you take more than a tolerance level of blinkers.

Therefore, in a nutshell, you can choose to be on the safe side rather than take risks.

However, it is also true that many people use vape pens and are involved in blinker hits (even if they boast about it).

What Does It Mean When Your Weed Pen Blinks?

When your weed pen blinks, it has reached its automatic shutoff level and is about to turn off until you don’t release the button and press it again.

The automatic shutoff level is the level that is provided in the vape pen device so that it doesn’t overheat.

It’s a safety feature that protects your device and you from getting any harm due to overheating.

Responsible Use Of Vape Pen

At first, we don’t recommend hitting blinkers as it possesses several risks.

But even just for vaping weed, there are some tips that, if you follow, can reduce the potential risks to some extent.

These are the responsible uses of vaping pens:

Know Your Tolerance

To reduce the very first risk of overconsuming cannabis, which is in your control, you have to understand your tolerance level.

Overconsumption may lead to symptoms like paranoia, anxiety, coughing, and more.

If you are new to the vaping world, then probably you might have a low tolerance level to cannabis vape.

Therefore, you are recommended to start slow.

Don’t get into peer pressure or try to cross your tolerance limits. Remember that the goal is to have fun and enjoy, not discomfort or harm.

Quality > Quantity

When choosing cannabis products, prioritize the quality.

Quality cannabis products will be free from harmful additives and are more likely to be compatible with your device.

Cleaning And Maintenance

Regularly cleaning the vape devices can ensure uncontaminated vapor path and a better overall experience.

With frequent cleaning and maintenance, you can avoid the potential health issues of vape pens.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Blinkers

How will I feel after taking a blinker?

Taking blinkers is never recommended to someone new to vaping and vape pens.

However, if one takes a blinker, it might lead to coughing, shortness of breath, or even choking in extreme cases.

Regarding the benefit, hitting a blinker only provides a quick and intense high, posing potential risks (overconsumption, etc.).

Is there a point in taking blinkers?

Different people take blinkers for other purposes. Therefore, it is solely on their personal preference.

The reason may vary from a competitive peer to showcase your tolerance level to getting intense and quick high.

Even after building a tolerance level, one can even go for too many blinkers which is another risk for health and device.

How long is a blinker weed when smoking?

When vaping, a blinker usually is about 8 to 10 seconds. However, it depends on the design of the device.

Another key point is that when you see the device start to flash, you know that it’s done.

How many blinkers are in a 1g cart?

The different carts have different types of oil, and hence, it will give you different results.

A typical 1 G cart can give you from 20 to 40 blinkers, whereas STIIIZY 1G pods can even go up to 50-70 blinkers.

Verdict: Should You Take Blinkers?

As you know what a blinker is and why it is termed so, it’s the perfect time to understand and decide whether or not you should take blinkers with weed pens.

The answer is a big NO!

You should not take blinkers as they pose several health and device risks, which we have already discussed.

If you use a vape pen, you can use it slowly or normally.  

Hitting a blinker or going to the upper limit of the device to produce smoke is also not good for your health apart from the device.

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