Why Does My Mouth Taste Like Weed? Explained Everything! [MUST READ]

If you are wondering why does my mouth tastes like weed, then you are not alone!

Several people have reported online getting a taste of weed in their mouth.

However, there are two scenarios for this situation to happen:

  • Either you have smoked or eaten edibles a few times back
  • Or either you haven’t smoked weed for quite a long time

We’ll look into the possible reasons for both of these scenarios today.

So, let’s get started, shall we?

Why I Am Getting a Taste Of Weed In My Mouth?


Getting a taste of weed in the mouth is common among stoners.

It happens especially after you have smoked. 

Smoking cannabis dehydrates your throat and dries your mouth. Also, the THC and terpenes inhibit your saliva glands, which causes the aftertaste.

That is why after smoking weed, you taste it even after some time.

Although there is no scientific research on this, one can only speculate on possible reasons for the same.

Moreover, many stoners also report that sometimes their mind might be craving weed, resulting in a taste of weed in the mouth.

Why Do I Taste Weed In My Mouth When I Haven’t Smoked?

So now, let’s talk about the scenario where you haven’t smoked but are getting a weed taste in your mouth.

If you have been into the weed world for years, you probably know the term’ terpenes.’

In simple words, terpenes are the reasons why marijuana possesses a strong taste and odor.

When you smoke marijuana, these terpenes provide the taste and odor that makes you feel good.

However, marijuana has the substances that are salivary inhibitors. That is why marijuana dries out your mouth.

Therefore, not having enough spit in your mouth to wash down the taste can result in weed flavor staying in your mouth for quite some time.

Hence, even if you have not smoked, you still get the taste of weed.

Taste Weed In My Mouth Without Smoking: Explained

One of the possible reasons for getting a weed taste in your mouth without smoking is that you might have smoked earlier.

And now, you are getting a taste of it even without smoking because marijuana terpenes inhibit your saliva glands, causing xerostomia (a scientific term for dry mouth).

It is also why your mouth gets dry after smoking weed.

Another possible reason is that you might have eaten edibles.

If your body is having trouble processing it, then it may cause indigestion and lead to some of that cannabis taste coming up to your throat and your mouth.

However, apart from this, some stoners also believe it may be due to your mental state.

When you leave smoking weed for a few days, you might be craving it, or your mind may play tricks on you so that you may feel the taste of marijuana in your mouth.

How To Get Rid Of Weed Taste In Mouth?

There is no harm if you get a weed taste in your mouth after smoking a joint.

It is common, as discussed earlier.

However, if you are concerned about it and want to get rid of the odor, here are some methods by which you can improve your mouth odor.

1. Water

Hydrating yourself is the simple and best way to improve your teeth and mouth odor after smoking.

You can gargle with some water and improve the odor instantly.

Also, it is one of the best methods when you don’t have any other things right next to you, such as gums, fruits, or mint.

With water, you can spit out the debris and the cannabis flavors quickly.

2. Get Some Mints, Gums, Or Fruits

Another standard method to treat or deal with weed odor in your mouth is to chew gum or eat apples and citrus fruits.

These will hydrate your mouth and neutralize the bad breath.

Remember, the goal is to eliminate the THC components in your saliva and mouth to avoid odor.

Therefore, you can do so by water or chewing other fruits or gum.

The best way is to gargle with water if you cannot get anything.

Mint is also a great option to freshen up your mouth quickly.

Is It Common To Get a Random Weed Taste in Your Mouth?

Yes, getting a random weed taste in your mouth is common, especially among daily smokers.

For instance, if you are a daily smoker who hasn’t smoked yet today, it could be related to your mind and body craving for weed.

However, stoners also report that even after smoking weed, if you haven’t freshened up your mouth or hydrated your throat, you may get an aftertaste even after some time.


Why can I taste weed in my mouth when I haven’t smoked?

The THC and other components of marijuana lead to dry your mouth and inhibit the saliva glands.

When you don’t hydrate your mouth, you are more likely to feel the aftertaste even when you haven’t smoked.

You can try some other ways or have food that can override the previous taste or odor.

However, of course, there is no specific research yet, so that one can speculate only on the possible reasons for it.

Why does my mouth feel weird smoking weed?

It is a common phenomenon if your mouth feels dry after smoking weed.

The weed smoke is heated while inhaling and dries out your throat and mouth.

Why do I get hungry when I smell weed?

There is no scientific research on why people feel hungry after smoking joints.

However, it is one of the common symptoms of feeling hungry after you smoke weed.

Why does my mouth get dry after eating weed?

Eating weed edibles doesn’t make the mouth as dry as you experience from smoking cannabis.

When you smoke the cloud vapors of cannabis, it is heated up, making your mouth dry.

Therefore, it is recommended to keep hydrating when puffing weed.


There are several possible reasons why your mouth tastes like weed. As discussed earlier, there may be different scenarios as well for tasting weed in your mouth.

It could be due to the dryness of your mouth, or maybe you haven’t smoked for a while, and your mind is being tricky with you.

Sometimes, craving for weed can also be the reason for getting a weed taste in your mouth without smoking.

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