10+ Best Cannabis Strains for Playing Video Games – Joint up & Play HIGH!

Video games and weed go together like fine wine and boldly flavored meats. The feeling of unwinding from smoking a substantial Indica goes perfectly with playing video games. Are you in search of the best cannabis strains for playing video games? These ten strains can make you feel victorious and enrich your gaming experience.

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smoke weed and play video games

The focus you acquire from smoking cannabis allows you to saddle the concentration expected to play procedure games like Elder Scrolls. So, how do you approach picking the best strains to go with your games? 

It depends on what kind of gamer you are. For example, we assume you are a casual gamer, spending nearly two or three evenings weekly with an Xbox controller.

Is it true that you are more of a genuine gamer, a person with a Twitch account who invests their energy in different gaming subreddits, calling individuals “noobs” and complaining about gaming news coverage morals? 

Do you wear a brace because of a worsening tunnel from being at the console every minute? Despite your gaming inclinations, one of the below-referenced strains will be perfect for you. 

Playing Stoned is Fun!


Hardly any activities in life are so pleasant that you can’t put them down for hours. Video games, regardless of the platform, catch our consideration and imagination. They provide both the most joyful and rage-inducing snapshots of our lives. Improve those euphoric feelings with a brilliant addition— cannabis. 

Now you can lift the roller-coaster of feelings or the sorrow of losing companions with your favorite homegrown herb. Every one of these games can be delighted for that mellow evening when just a potent Indica will do. You’ll feel energized when the gathering vibe is in full effect and a bong packed with uplifting Sativa is making the rounds. 

Video games are another reality that catches all the considerations of gamers. Some of the best marijuana strains are ideal for video games if you also like games. 

The reality of video games is brimming with creativity, experience, and threat. It often keeps you in anticipation and requires all your concentration. 

The following ten best marijuana strains for video games will help you focus and place you in the right mood for an extraordinary audacious experience. 

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Does Weed Improve You at Playing Video Games?

It’s evident that weed and video games pair pleasantly together, but how does this relationship work? Several factors lead to marijuana’s performance-enhancing abilities. 

Studies have revealed that ingesting THC promotes gaming performance by boosting focus and memory functions. However, it is surprising since weed is usually known for having adverse effects on cognition and memory. However, numerous gamers swear that cannabis is the main thing that encourages them to focus on gaming. 

Furthermore, smoking weed can also help by relaxing your muscles and reducing anxiety and stress. Staying quiet and prudent while you play video games can dramatically help your performance. 

Stoned gamers often report feeling not tense but rather more engaged with the storyline and procedures. If you need to enhance your gaming skills instantly, cannabis could be the appropriate response. With all of these incredible benefits, it’s nothing unexpected that the ESL has prohibited marijuana use. 

What Kind of Cannabis Strains Can Power Up Your Gaming Session?

Some of the most prominent arrangements in gaming are dropping new video games every Christmas season. And you will need to match your games with the correct marijuana strains. 

Smoking pot and playing games resemble wine and fine dining; some combinations work superior to others. So if you’re playing something fast-paced like Gears of War 4, you don’t want a weed strain that might slow you down. 

Then again, casual gamers can appreciate more calming strains with no consequence. More genuine gamers should investigate strains that provide focus like Sativa. If you’re the sort to toss your controller, Indica-dominant strains will chill you out. So, despiterdered a rundown of the best gaming strains despite your style.

The Science of THC, Dopamine, and Video Games

You don’t need to know the scientific ins and outs of getting high to smoke weed. On the surface, it appears simple: you light up, inhale, and get high. But understanding why so many individuals combine weed and video games requires a more critical glance at the neurological effects of cannabis consumption. 

THC, the weed chemical that makes all those psychoactive effects, joins and absorbs your brain’s naturally existing THC receptors. Studies propose that this process releases dopamine and animates your reward system. So how does the reward system identify with weed and video games? 

The system releases dopamine and causes you to feel great when you complete a task or fulfill a need. For example, smoking weed releases more dopamine, making you feel more practiced and happy with small tasks like completing a game or finding significant plunder items. 

Gaming achievement you have while playing any game feels more rewarding when you’re high. It partially explains why such a large number of gamers smoke. Include symptoms like euphoria, improved creativity, and full-body relaxation. Moreover, it’s easy to perceive how smoking weed can make games more enjoyable. 

The ‘Stoned’ League of Gamers

stoned gamers

Even though the ESL has restricted cannabis use from their group, there’s still trust in gamers who need to smoke a blunt and play competitively. The Stoned Gamer League connects cannabis with gaming for a state-of-the-art sports experience. Anybody is allowed to play with this group as long as they’re high while they’re gaming. 

The Stoned Gamer League, established by Zeus Tipado, is facilitated at the Stoned Gamer Arena in Downtown Los Angeles. If you want to play here, you must visit the ‘Altitude of Booth‘ to consume some THC. Bongs and spot rigs are ordinarily set up for gamers to use. 

Playing distantly with this class online is allowed, but even still, gamers must submit videos of themselves smoking as “proof of height.” Whether playing at the field or at home, comfort, smoking weed, and getting high are fundamental to the Stoned Gamer League. 

Best Cannabis Strains to Play Video Games

For every strain that helps creativity and focus, you know there’s another one to lose your notch. It might be that substantial Indica that overcomes your feeling of direction in the game or that buzzing Sativa that maintains your focus jumping from one insignificant detail to the following. How about we review some of the best cannabis strains for playing video games? 

#1 – Game Changer by Pacific Seed Bank

game changer cannabis strain

This hybrid cannabis strain is uniquely a Game Changer, so it has a proper title. It can turn someone’s mood around in no time and is therefore highly well known in the emotional well-being community, as it can have an immense effect on somebody’s attitude and viewpoint. This bud allows users to remain calm, quiet, and gathered, even under tension. 

This bud was made by crossing Purple Dragon with a Thai Sativa, resulting in a complex and fruity profile. Game Changer strain can inspire you to be upbeat and think positively, and you will feel more than content to kick back to allow this strain to assume control over your mood entirely. This hybrid plant will cause you to feel uplifted, and you will need to impart your high vibes and energy to your dearest companions. 

Game Changer strain has numerous useful applications in medical cannabis. It is growing in popularity among patients seeking an elective treatment method for chronic pressure. The plant can cause you to feel free from musings, allowing you to process everything with a reasonable head rather than an alarm. Game Changer strain is one of the best cannabis strains for playing video games.

#2 – White Widow by ILGM


One of the unique hybrid strains, White Widow, will give you small explosions of energy interspersed with increased focus and cognitive abilities. We find it the most suitable for playing riddle games like Portal. Moreover, White Widow also makes playing shooting games like GTA-V super fun. 

Sativa-dominant hybrids like White Widow are useful for FPS gamers who should be mentally ready. White Widow is a 60/40 Sativa dominant strain with exotic guardians: Brazilian pure Sativa landrace with a South Indian Indica. The strain produces a comfortable, energy-filled high, perfect for hours on the lounge chair playing Call of Duty. 

#3 – Pie Face OG by Pot Valet

pie face og cannabis strain

Pie Face OG, Pie Face for short, induces a similar effect and is appropriately named after the game. Its fast-acting beginning leaves one giggling wholeheartedly. But, simultaneously, its intense Indica-dominant effects help users unwind after a long day. 

Document Seed Bank crossed its well-known Face Off OG strain with the delightful Cherry Pie in creating the spice. The former is a potent Indica-leaning bud with uniquely relaxing effects that dissolve the face-off. Then the last is prestigious for its fruit-flavored terpene profile. 

With a THC level of 16% to 19%, Pie Face OG is an amazingly potent spice. While its recreational potential is intense, it remains medically suitable as the equivalent psychoactive compound contains various benefits.

#4 – Green Crack by ILGM


Green Crack is a highly enthusiastic strain and euphoric strain that will, in general, have very not many adverse reactions. It wins it a spot on this rundown. Not at all like the name would recommend; Green Crack is a bit more mellow. 

Moreover, Green Crack is one of the most stimulating cannabis strains. It makes it the ideal strain for long-term, genuine gaming. Think Civilization or Mass Effect. 

#5 – Acapulco Gold by Herb Approach

acapulco gold cannabis strain

One of the most unbelievable strains in cannabis culture is Acapulco Gold, a Sativa-dominant landrace local to the Guerrero Mountains and Acapulco, Mexico. Also called “Mexican Sativa,” Acapulco Gold came north of the United States’ southern border in the mid-1960s and has been sought after for its astounding taste and potent effects by cannabis lovers (and all through the world) ever since. 

The covering of brilliant yellow, orange, and red hairs and shining trichomes make the buds look like stout gold chunks. Acapulco Gold has the notoriety for being probably the most grounded strain one can experience, and it’s because this strain consistently tests between 15-23% THC. 

#6 – Durban Mango

durban mango cannabis strain

It is becoming the new cannabis pattern for gamers. Its folks are Mango and Durban. Durban is a pure Sativa landrace that gives a highly stimulating effect that Durban Mango renders. 

After taking the Durban Mango, you ought to prepare for a slow form of playful, cerebral effects combined with a body high that won’t cause most users to feel sluggish or sofa bolted. You can hope to feel the effects last several hours after smoking. It is the perfect cannabis strain to smoke when you’re going to suffer gaming for a few hours. 

#7 – Chocolope by ILGM

Chocolope Cannabis Strain Review

This sweet, chocolatey strain that tastes like your favorite mug of coffee makes the perfect gaming partner. This tasty treat will generally have more cerebral effects that lean more towards the euphoric and innovative, so it’s an extraordinary strain for games that require creativity, for example, Minecraft. 

Chocolope will generally be the socially off-kilter gamer’s go-to strain for online gaming because they find it supportive in social situations, which would otherwise be too upsetting for them. Elder Scrolls, Osiris, and Marvel Heroes are the best games to play with this strain. 

#8 – Lemon Kush

lemon kush cannabis strain

Lemon Kush is incredible for those days when you need to unwind and pull out the classic Nintendo console. This citrusy, natural joy will cause you to feel quiet and floaty, making this cannabis pair great with classic SNES games like Super Mario. 

It’s extraordinary for those occasions when you’ve had an unpleasant day at the office and need to kill your negativities. Super Mario World, Castlevania, Super Metroid, and Mario Kart are some of the best games for this strain. 

#9 – Sour Bubba

sour bubba cannabis strain

Sour Bubba is a strain that temporarily softens the pressure away. It delivers a delicate euphoria surge that uplifts spirits and improves moods before it forms into a soothing sensation that covers the body in unwinding. Its 15% THC provides patients with therapeutic relief against an assortment of symptoms. 

Users may exploit the quiet mind and body high to let out any pressure gathered for the day of the week, either by rolling around the bed playing games, enjoying a lighthearted satire on Netflix, or meditating in bed. Even though the probability of falling into a profound, unhampered sleep is high – especially when taking a couple of additional puffs of Sour Bubba’s restorative smoke. 

#10 – Blue Dream by ILGM

Blue dream cannabis strain

Blue Dream is one of the best cannabis strains for playing video games that are so pleasing that you may think you’re walking around in a video game! Thus, it bodes well that it’s perhaps the best strain to go with your favorite games. 

This strain is also intensely relaxing, which assists with the rage that can sometimes (more often than not) go with online gaming. The euphoria with this strain makes it ideal for playing games that would generally baffle you. 

The best computer games to contest while high on Blue Dream are games with an involved and complex storyline like Star Wars, Chrono Trigger, and Final Fantasy.

Final Verdict

Presently, most gamers acknowledge that cannabis causes them to play better, but few would have speculated that gaming and smoking could produce neural health benefits. 

In the end, whether or not you function better at video games while using cannabis may come down to the individual and the type of game. However, there are some definite benefits, but there are also some potential disadvantages. Perhaps the best method to find out is to try it yourself. 

In any case, most research appears to support the consensus that the gaming world is approaching. Marijuana improves joy-stick balance and performance rather than hindering it. 

There’s no better way to relish a relaxing weekend than by smoking pot and playing games. Cannabis can improve the gaming experience with more fun and vivid sense of abilities. 

play video games while highYou can get high on weed before your next gaming session and check whether it impacts your performance. You ought to be top-notch in the race with your desired game and favorite strain!

Keep blazing and play amazing!  


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