Top 10 Best Cannabis Strains for Yoga

Cannabis Yoga is an exciting topic among researchers these days. The majority of people agree that marijuana helps break mental and physical boundaries. Are you striving for the best cannabis strains for yoga? These ten strains can heighten your focus, make every move feel heavenly, and enhance your yogic life.

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yoga meditation and marijuana

Long gone are those days when marijuana was considered objectionable. The path it is on now has inspired many people to shed light on its magical properties. Interestingly, the best cannabis strains aren’t only for recreational purposes but can offer us much more than our wildest imaginations!

In a general term, the word ‘Cannabis Yoga’ has been around for a while now. Yoga has consistently emphasized an increased sense of awareness. Besides, it helps you arrive at physical and mental enlightenment.

Whom Should We Call A “Stoned Yogi”?


A Sadhu (Sage) smoking a weed chillum

We are interested in the benefits of using the best cannabis strains to upgrade yoga practice. It is exciting to create and explore yoga as a practice, and we’ve been joyfully astonished to find that marijuana can upgrade this exploration.

Our expectation in sharing considerations about combining marijuana, meditation, and yoga isn’t to urge you to go off the deep end but to refine your practice of marijuana usage.

Combining marijuana with yoga is a genuinely dubious subject within the various communities of yogis. Also, there’s a basic understanding that yogis endeavor to achieve liberation from suffering and attain enlightenment by uniting the body, mind, and spirit. How one may strive to accomplish one or more of these will fluctuate from practice to practice. The effects of marijuana empower them to explore their practices more profoundly and with less rational and physical boundaries.

Marijuana: The Sacred (More Than Just A) Plant

As a psychoactive drug, marijuana has its value as a spiritual tool for the last thousands of years, especially in India. Its ability to adjust one’s consciousness in a manner that no other plant or modern drug can have. This characteristic made it significant for individuals seeking to connect to the “Universe,” “Creator,” “God,” or “Divine,” as we probably are aware of it by various other names.

Many of the world’s most unique cultures have used marijuana as a hotline to the gods. They believe they do so to connect with the otherworldly and receive messages from the above!

MarijuanaCannabis in Brief:

Indica type – Gives a Mellow Feeling, Great for Stress/Racing Thoughts

Sativa type – Gives an Uplifting Feeling, Great for Concentration/Intense Workouts

Hybrid type – A Combo of Indica and Sativa

Ruderalis type – Also known as C. Sativa subsp. Sativa var. spontanea (low THC and wild-type), somewhere between Sativa and Indica.

History – Used to enhance yoga and meditation practices for thousands of years.


Recreational (Calmness, Energy, Getting High or Social)

Alleviate Illnesses (PTSD, Cancer, Autism, Pain, Inflammation, ADHD)

Productivity (Task Completion, Sex, Study, Sports)

Spiritual Practices (Chanting, Meditation, and Yoga)

Side Effects – Dries the tissues, causes an imbalance in standing poses, can cause sleepiness or heaviness

Sanskrit Name – Vijaya

Other Names – Marijuana, Weed, Pot, Ganja, Bhang, Hursīnī, Hemp, Charas, Pango, Kevin

Ayurvedic Qualities – Dry, Hot, Penetrating, Holding

The elevated sense of awareness achieved by getting high with this extraordinary plant empowers users to see things differently.

For some ancient cultures, they perceive marijuana as substantially more than merely a medicinal plant. Some saw it as a gift from the gods. Many believe that the basis of several religions rose because some smart and insightful beings consumed pot and entered another world, allowing them to think more clearly about spirituality and life on earth.

Shamans, for instance, continue to utilize plants to speak with ancestors’ spirits. Using a weed’s psychoactive or hallucinogenic characteristics is one route by which shamans lift their consciousness to get messages from spirits. That is why people perceive marijuana as a sacred plant.

Weed’s influence on the brain opens up a new course of thoughts by which we can imagine things in many ways.

The Lord SHIVA and Cannabis

A sacred text of the Hindu religion states that Lord Shiva, the God of Yoga, and the promising Creator/Destroyer had used this sacred plant even before the evolution of time as we know it today.

Lord Shiva is a divine masculine husband to divine feminine Shakti. People also think about him as a part of the group of three incomparable deities (Brahma being Creator – Vishnu being Operator – Mahesh (or Lord Shiva) being Destroyer) in Hinduism. People in India worship lord Shiva and remember him as the god of cannabis!

He was scorched in the warmth of the daylight when, by a fortunate turn of events, he stumbled over a cannabis plant. It is believed that the bits and fragments of this holy plant were scattered in different places at the time of ‘Churning of the Ocean‘ (Samudra Manthana) by the Gods (or Devas) and Demons (or Danavas). And thus, they got nectar (literally means “Immortality drink” or “Amrita”). People believe that wherever the holy Amrita touched, a marijuana plant grew.

Shiva devoured the plant’s leaves and felt rejuvenated. Hence, marijuana became a favorite part of his diet, and people know him as the Lord of Bhang (edible marijuana drink in India).

There are many other tales about Shiva using bhang, smoking ganja, or smoking it from a slim, cone-formed “chillum” pipe to attain harmony, rest, and revelation. In Hindu culture, people generally perceive Shiva as an admirer of the marijuana plant.

If you notice the god’s portrayals, you’ll see he’s holding a heap of spices or a pipe. Some pictures show him drenched in swirling plumes or even inhaling.

You must’ve heard of the famous Jamaican star Bob Marley, a reggae, ska, and rocksteady pioneer. His worship and love for music, marijuana, and Lord Shiva are widely known.

Cannabis and Yoga: Living Side by Side

cannabis reference as bhang in Veda

Since ancient times, people have utilized this “sacred plant” to accomplish higher vibrations. The Mayans utilized Ayahuasca, Mescaline, and Psilocybin to connect with their gods. The Vedas – ancient Hindi writings dating back some 3500 years also ascribe a sacred component to marijuana. Indeed, the marijuana plant is very dear to the Hindu God Shiva.

For those in modern society who smoke weed, it’s not difficult to understand the possibility that marijuana does lift your vibrations in many ways. Who would know it better than people who smoke Northern Lights or the Hindu Kush once in a while?

Meditation and yoga give many medicinal benefits, allowing us to overcome obstacles that life tosses at us. The combined power of marijuana, meditation, and yoga can take you more in-depth, depending on the strains you use. This fusion can do marvels to help alleviate life’s little downsides, for example, depressive thoughts, aches, chronic pains, digestive issues, anxiety, and stress.

Goals of Yoga

cannabis reference in atharva veda

You’ll find many types of yoga: Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of commitment; Jnana Yoga, the yoga of the mind; Karma Yoga, the yoga of service; Tantra Yoga, the yoga of rituals; Kriya Yoga, the yoga of meditation and Raja Yoga, the yoga—which comes down to us from the sage Patanjali and his ancient codification of yogic practices, with its five styles of yoga:

  1. Yama: Universal morality
  2. Niyama: Personal observances
  3. Asanas: Body postures
  4. Pranayama: Breathing exercises and control of prana
  5. Pratyahara: Control of the senses

However, all these distinct forms of yoga have a shared objective, a classical cross-cultural mystic experience of oneness: Samadhi or Union with the divine.

Different Yoga Practices With Marijuana

blessed flexible yoga

The increasing demand for yoga illustrates this attitude transformation. Yoga is a system known for combining mind, body, and breath to concentrate inwards. It is more than a fitness program; it is a lifestyle that means to promote physical and imaginative absoluteness.

The Yoga Sutra, an accumulation of 195 remarks written by the Indian sage Patanjali, leads the practice and sets its eight limbs: the Pranayama, Pratyahara, Yamas, Niyamas, Dharana, Asana, Dhyani, and Samadhi. Of these eight, merely one involves postures (asana), and even the’s asana will likely invigorate its practitioner the physical expected to meditate for long periods.


This yoga is continuously emerging; one goes into each pose smoothly and then quickly moves out into a different pose. It is speedy and increases heart rate, which is useful for pairing with a Sativa that increases vitality. It can also help you concentrate on maintaining balance while pushing through each pose.


It does what it says, a mellow form of yoga intended to relax and restore the body’s normal being and physical posture. It perfectly combines with Indica as it will help to relax and mend. Furthermore, a strong Indica strain can lure you into the trip of trance to enhance your perception.


Poses are continued for some minutes, allowing both body and brain to connect in a meditative state that allows one to become more aware of their strengths and shortcomings. It can also help you improve your tissue strength.


Focusing on arrangement and posture while stretching and holding poses is the primary substance of this yoga. You’ll increase your stretching capabilities while ensuring your body remains safely aligned and well-balanced.


This yoga’s main thought is to fabricate body heat through a progression of poses, pairing each pose with specific breathing strategies. It’s more challenging and requires a decent measure of vitality to finish.


The tradition of yoga postures is termed asanas. Generally, this sort of yoga is for beginners and is more soothing to the body but requires strength as you have to hold each pose for several seconds with controlled breathing.


This yoga isn’t for beginners. It usually comprises 26 poses and lasts an hour and a half, so we hope to exhaust a lot of vitality and sweat as you flow through the poses using two different breathing procedures. You should generally perform it in a room at 105 degrees Fahrenheit.


You should practice this form of yoga with either an Indica or Sativa in one’s framework. However, it may be best with Indica because meditation and increased self-awareness are a part of this yoga practice and intense vitality expending poses.

Benefits of Cannabis Yoga

  • Cannabis and yoga bring elevated awareness and help to improve the body, mind, and breath.
  • It helps with uneasiness and melancholy issues.
  • It releases blood pressure and increases metabolism.
  • Supports the resistant framework and strengthens muscles and joints
  • Alleviates pain and inflammation: Both marijuana and yoga are useful for relieving pain and inflammation. Together they are a potent tool.
  • Yoga offers bliss and spiritual awareness, and marijuana helps the body react well.
  • Mental prattle and interruption will generally get out, helping to accomplish a deeper meditative state.
  • A sense of well-being and harmony
  • It’s fun and feels great!

Disadvantages of Combining Weed and Yoga

  • The danger of overstretching the muscles
  • Dry mouth
  •  A distracting state of hunger-striking in class
  • Mixing marijuana and yoga could make it difficult to coordinate perfect postures.
  • Respiratory irritation from smoking or vaping compromises the quality of breathwork

5 Factors To Consider While Pairing Yoga With Cannabis

inhale weed quote

If you plan for cannabis yoga practice, you should know your body and different yoga styles before deciding to proceed with marijuana.

If you’re sure you can be safe using marijuana to relax and perhaps ease some throbbing pain before you practice, that is among you and your tangle. Remember five principles before pairing ganja with your next yoga session.

#1 – Focus

You need to be sufficiently clear to focus on the class and stay aware of the instructor, so getting too high may make your mind wander. If you will likely make room for better focus during yoga, start with small doses and note how it influences your ability to concentrate. If your mind is wandering at the bit, reconnect with your breath, listen cautiously to the signs, and go with it.

#2 – Balance

If your yoga class has a crowd, you want to be comfortable and in control while high in that condition. Experiment at home first to be assured that your stability remains rooted.

After smoking this strain, you remain carefree. Smoking a joint or hitting a vape seconds before running into a class could bring impatience if you’re inexperienced.

#3 – Breath

Your breathing could be affected by inhaling marijuana through strategies such as smoking or, less significantly, vaping, which could neutralize yoga’s proper breathing.

If inhalation delivery strategies make you short of breath, you might want to stop the delivery technique altogether before practice starts. Make sure to drink bunches of water to shield your mouth and throat from getting too dry.

#4 – Strain Type

Indica can deliver body high and reduce nervousness. Regardless of what type of Indica strain you want, you might need to search for one that renders focus and strength, such as Blue Dream and the Hindu Kush.

#5 – Dosage

The never-ending problem of getting the dosage right is something to concentrate on. Instead, you should consume it with the right dose at the perfect time to enjoy its effects.

If you take edible before a yoga class, it can be a physically rewarding experience that will prop you up back for more. Remember that yoga may enhance the effects, so you might want to keep the dosage low.

Cannabis Yoga Classes

Cannabis yoga practice

  • Break the Stigma Fitness – Wheatridge, CO
  • Greenlove Wellness, Denver, Colorado
  • Ganja Yoga by Dee Dussault, San Francisco
  • Ganja Guru Yoga – Denver
  • Marijuana by Stacey Mulvey
  • YogaRIOT, Portland, Oregon
  • Secret Stash Yoga – Colorado Springs
  • Bend & Blaze – Denver
  • 420 Yoga Retreats, Colorado

Top 10 Best Cannabis Strains for Yoga

Here’s a review of the top 10 best cannabis strains for meditation and yoga. Known for their medicinal purposes, the most well-known strains for calming your spirit and elevating your mind can also help other symptoms, including improving your productivity and inspiring creativity.

#1 – Blue Dream from ILGM

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is, by all accounts, the fan favorite among marijuana enthusiasts. You can imagine why such a significant number of Leafly reviewers tout its meditative merits if you’ve experienced this blueberry-flavored hybrid’s fantasy-like qualities. Its full-body relaxation and cerebral euphoria will generally begin with a consistent delicacy, allowing you to coast daintily into a peaceful, ethereal state of mind.

This incredible Sativa dominant Hybrid stems from Blueberry Indica and Sativa Haze parent plants, creating a cerebral and relaxing high. A sweet berry fragrance reminiscent of its Indica parent intoxicates your senses from the start whiff.

As you break apart the vaporous buds, a dusting of gems fills your bowl. All you need to lelf to this potent strainpuffing and breathingeath out. Both euphoric yet calming high is best for patients dealing with high levels of pressure or misery. Besides, you can smoke for the day without feeling too depleted.

#2 – Yogi Kush

yogi kush marijuana strain

Yogi Kush is the making of California’s Elemental Wellness Center. They made this strain in 2012 by blending the two fantastic Sativa-dominant strains, Sour Diesel and Northern Lights #5.

The THC level of Yogi Kush routinely tests around 25%. Smoking or vaping Yogi Kush mixes a sour-citrus taste into the skunk and gasoline flavors. The Yogi Kush pieces are thick and comprised of short, winding, firmly pressed forest and armed force green leaves that are more reliable with Indica.

Not just does Yogi Kush bring constant cerebral incitement, but it appears to upgrade the mind-muscle connection. It’s a decent choice for medical cannabis users with ADD, but if you participate in physical activities that require mental focus.

#3 – ACDC from Crop King Seeds

ACDC marijuana strain

Need to get a bit of sweat on this yoga strain? Wrench up some ACDC. You’ll be back in the dark and sopped in sweat. From novices to vets of the tangle, ACDC is extraordinary compared to other marijuana varieties for yoga and meditation. This particular weed is high in a substance known as CBD.

CBD has opened the door for clinical marijuana to become legalized. However, on account of CBD, clinical cannabis can benefit people with arthritis, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, and ADHD.

Because of its high levels of CBD, ACDC has a ton of antioxidants and mitigating capabilities. It is perfect for any individual looking to gain strength through yoga.

4 – Bubba Kush from ILGM

bubba kush marijuana

Bubba Kush seeds have gained worldwide consideration among recreational and medical marijuana communities. It conveys powerful properties that sedate worries while offering a euphoria that places its users in a marvelous state. This is the go-to strain of choice for those fighting the effects of pressure.

Bubba Kush is an unusually effective muscle relaxant. Your muscle pressure will relax with two or three puffs of this strain. Also, you will watch a pleasant and overwhelming euphoria.

If you are trying to remain focused, this isn’t the strain for you. Bubba Kush has a cloudy and soothing high that plunges you into a fantasy-like state with an intense head high with visuals. It can cause relaxation and laziness if taken in high dosage.

#5 – Kali Mist by Serious Seeds

kali mist marijuana strain

Kali Mist is known to give you a relaxing high while boosting your vitality. Kali Mist is one of the top-class marijuana strains in the world, and as a tribute to how extraordinary this strain is, it has won several awards.

Most users suggest using Kali Mist in the morning. Because it quiets the mind, some people suggest it for individuals who are into arts, and that is because of its capacity to produce inventive insights to get productive outputs. The cerebral high it brings isn’t the kind that makes you move but more on freeing your mind and improving your focus. Thus, it is also best for meditation and yoga.

#6 – Hindu Kush by ILGM

hindu kush marijuana strain

Perhaps the hardest part about learning to meditate is shutting up that voice in your mind. Don’t get defeated; figure out how to train the blabber inside.

You can’t close your brain off because you are human and all. That would be a misfortune! Instead, it would be best if you turned down the chatter inside of it.

You will quickly notice the Hindu Kush’s natural fragrance when you consume it. Incense is also interchangeable with the art of meditation. This aroma will improve the experience, preparing you to clear your mind!

Lastly, the piny flavor of Hindu Kush brings a calming feeling to the body. That is because the unique mixes in marijuana help ease pressure signals throughout the body. They do this by promoting your body to make relaxant hormones, for example, dopamine.

#7 – Kryptonite by Seedsman

kryptonite marijuana strain

Kryptonite is a potent marijuana strain. But rather than making you sick, this strain quiets you down and brings you to a leisure state. It has up to 28% THC. Thus, this Indica-dominant weed carries a powerful calming effect that makes it mainstream among individuals who want to manage stress, anxiety, nervousness, and constant pain.

As referenced, this potent strain gives you a substantial body buzz that could leave you feeling lazy. In other words, it makes your body relax. Add to that the solid cerebral head high, and you may soon seem like Superman levitating and floating in space. But once you become accustomed to this strain, Kryptonite’s positive and relaxing effects inspire inventive thinking. Also, it might be acceptable to utilize if you are into yoga or meditation.

The high concentration of THC does not make this weed complete if you want one that maintains your energy. However, as the effects start to fade, you might get sluggish, which makes this a decent strain for use in the evening. If you use it in a high dosage, it may leave you couch-locked.

#8 – Girl Scout Cookies by ILGM

Girl Scout Cookies GSC

If you’re one of the weed users who don’t do well with Indica strains because they make you too hungry or tired, there are other marijuana types you should try.

One alternative is to go with a balanced hybrid strain like GSC (formally known as Girl Scout Cookies). This mainstream strain is sweet and earthy, with hints of a treat-like fragrance. It’s beloved by numerous individuals for its grounded high, which doesn’t empower or quiet, but leaves the shopper feeling energetically balanced, quiet, and uplifted.

Another benefit of GSC is the strain’s powerful body high, easing the pressure, pain, anxiety, and nausea. The cerebral high of this strain is also powerful. And while most who take it remain genuinely practical, it can prompt a feeling of time slowing down, enhancing a yoga experience.

#9 – Zen by Seedsman

zen marijuana strain

Zen originated from the Japanese way of expressing a Chinese word that alludes to meditation. Because reproducers often name their hybrids after traits, it is reasonable for some that the strain can do that – to incite profound musings. That isn’t accurate in the case of this hybrid. Instead, it advances soothing effects.

Zen accompanies around 10% THC making it underwhelming for psychoactive characteristics. However, it has a whopping 8.6% CBD content. While it may not engage people who want a more grounded hit, it has many users, especially medical marijuana users.

The nearest that marijuana comes to meditating is that it frees the mind. Usually, following subconscious clarity and concentration, users also experience an uplifting emotion. Such a feature can swing the state of mind and render happiness. Soon, the reinvigorating effects creep into the body. Therefore, users can feel stimulated and relaxed — a perfect strain for yoga.

#10 – Super Lemon Haze by ILGM


Indicas and Hybrids are usually suitable for new marijuana yoga practitioners. But if you’re comfortable with cannabis strains and realize that Sativa works best for you, Super Lemon Haze is an incredible Sativa-dominant choice for cannabis yoga.

Super Lemon Haze is sweet, tart, and lemony with solid citrus notes, an energetic and fiery strain. It’s a highly energetic strain, making it an incredible alternative for the individuals who get drained during yoga and need an additional lift—either before or after the workout.

It’s also an incredibly uplifting, euphoric, and relaxing strain (for the individuals who can handle the vitality). Super Lemon Haze also imparts a pain-relieving body high and a reasonable, relaxed cerebral high that fits in with any yoga practice.

Then again, for those sensitive to Sativa’s enthusiastic effects, this cannabis strain could cause adverse effects like uneasiness or cerebral pain. If you find that you respond along these lines to Sativa, adhere to a hybrid or Indica strain for your cannabis yoga practice.

Final Verdict

The combination of cannabis and yoga could be your best experience. But, as we mentioned, if you are an amateur in smoking a cannabis strain, start with a small dosage and gradually advance until you are comfortable.

Whether you’re looking for an Indica, Sativa, or hybrid, these different types of weed for helping you meditate are for clinical marijuana patients and recreational smokers.

If you need something for your temperament climb or a profound yoga session, some extraordinary strains to help are Hindu Kush, Blue Dream, and Super Silver Haze. Vote up the best strains for meditation, and include any missing strains that have helped you feel more spiritual.

It’s best to utilize marijuana for the best outcomes if you are acquainted with your yoga and meditative practice. Understanding your physical and mental obstructions can help you find the perfect strain to address your one-of-a-kind needs. Getting too lit and going to yoga class isn’t the best approach to finding nirvana!

If you get super high and go to yoga, will you accomplish Samadhi and skyrocket off to nirvana in your crow-to-handstand transition towards finishing your yoga session? That is likely not how it works, but let us comprehend what strain you utilized in the remarks below if you experience enlightenment. Namaste!

yoga with cannabisWe hope, with cannabis, you achieve the mystic trance of oneness!
Keep blazing and stay amazing!




Cannabidiol products from hemp (with less than 0.3% THC) are allowed at the federal level. However, they are still banned in some US states. CBD products originating from cannabis are regulated at the federal level. Still, they are legal in some states. Therefore, you should review your state’s laws before using them. Also, remember that the FDA does not recommend nonprescription marijuana products.

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