Top 10 Best Cannabis Strains for Music

We assume you need to hop and jamming at a show or music festival, not crashing. So it’s essential to pick the right strains when attending festivals. Besides, Indica-dominant strains will make you dull in a lively group. We set up a list of strains that will keep you happy and energetic while listening to live music. Let’s discuss the topic and also explore some of the best cannabis strains for music.

While researching the best cannabis strains for music, the strain that comes to our mind is the Granddaddy Purple cannabis strain; visit the official website to buy high-quality marijuana seeds.

For as long as anybody can recollect, hotter climate and summer months have been almost synonymous with music: dancing in the warm air, blowing hair, and no concern for tomorrow. Perhaps you always spend your summer excursion on the seashore with an unpolished getting lost in an energetic song, but 2023 has changed everyone’s plans. 

While numerous music festivals were postponed in 2023 and the rest of the summer music festivals are not a long way behind from either changing their dates or taking another course, music is still something to be enjoyed from your place this summer. Here’s how to perfectly combine your favorite cannabis products with the music genre that matches your vibe. 

Matching the precise strain to the right music


There’s never been a better and ideal opportunity to be a music fan. All you need is digital access to a close collection of artists and songs from all over the world, sound gear, and perhaps the most important thing of all—a dazzling selection of weed to enjoy. But matching the particular strain to the right music is essential to the experience, and we are here to help. 

Why weed makes music sound better?

Cannabis alters the manner in which you perceive time. Because music is fundamentally an element of time, it also influences how we hear melodies and rhythms as they create and pass. 

As per the book “Altered States of Consciousness,” events seem longer when we’re high. The impression is that outer time must have stalled while the bodily experience stays at the same tempo. There is not the impression of speed, but the time available to the magnified user. 

A professor of McGill University and famous psychologist Daniel Levitin hypothesizes that marijuana’s effect on short-term memory is perhaps the reason why music listening experiences improve. Because listeners can’t unequivocally remember the song or to think ahead to what music might come straightaway, individuals stoned on pot will hear music from note to note.

Augment Your Music Listening Experience

As with many weed smoking experience, it just takes proper experimentation to find that perfect strain. Of course, if you get hallucinations or compulsion, you will miss the good times. Therefore, it’s best to stay away from incredibly intense edibles or THC-substantial strains.

It’s also good to start just by smoking a tad if the goal is to enjoy music. If you smoke a lot, it will make it difficult to focus on anything—let alone with the bass part. 

Relaxation and Celebration

One of the most notable impacts of cannabis, of course, is that it tends to be relaxing. It doesn’t work in the same manner for everyone, but strains high in CBD, a part of the cannabis plant, are supposed to be an effective treatment for anxiety.

It can allow calmness to sit and listen to a whole record instead of jumping from track to follow. Some Sativa weed strains can also increase alertness, allowing the listener to get on instrumental parts that they usually would miss. 

We must say, pairing music with cannabis is fantastic! 

Top 10 Best Cannabis Strains for Music

The best marijuana strains for a day of live music on your feet are Sativa-dominant. Sativa strains will, in general, be associated more with a head-high and less with the body so that you won’t get slow. Explore the best cannabis strains for music listeners and music creators. 

#1 – Super Lemon Haze


Possibly you’re a big fanatic of an energetic high and a good head-banging. Regardless of whether you were a SOAD kid or preferred throwing it back Iron Maiden, this Spotify playlist is an all-encompassing substantial mental experience. The sharp and energetic Super Lemon Haze is the classic Sativa for a solid evening of BAZZ in your living room. 

#2 – Blue Dream from ILGM

Best Strains for Pain

Blue Dream is one of those complete strains for music. It’s 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. Besides, it got the best of the two cannabis varieties: a euphoric cerebral high coordinated with relaxing effects. Furthermore, it’s perfect for hanging back in the group, swaying your arms from side to side, and feeling the music. 

The smog has a taste of pure blueberries from it’s Blueberry lineage. Since it’s creation on the west coast, Blue Dream has skyrocketed in the market. 

#3 – Sunset OG

Sunset OG

If you’re less involved in dancing and prefer being driven away by old-school bands, you must be in the right mood. Weed has its spot in every music genre, but sunset and hip bounce have a special relationship. This Spotify playlist has numerous favorites, and what better approach to indulge in than with some Sunset OG? The Indica-weighty hybrid is perfect for chilling out and vibing to the classics. 

#4 – MAC (Miracle Alien Cookies) Strain

MAC Miracle Alien Cookies strain

From its development in the 1970s to today, disco and funk have had a firm place in nightlife worldwide. This soft funky Spotify playlist contains a smidgen of everything and is excellent for a day of drying up on your roof. Pair it with a line brimming with Occidental Hills’ MAC, a Sativa-dominant hybrid that will leave you feeling dreamy and innovative, moving your hips to the beat. 

#5 – Forbidden Fruit

forbidden fruit cannabis strain

Jazz and weed have always performed hand in hand, taking turns influencing each other throughout the long term. This jazz playlist is stoner-specific and perfect for a musical evening. Pair it with some Forbidden Fruit to give proper respect to all the jazz musicians who dared to create that wonderful rhythm all those years ago. 

#6 – Millennium Cannabis Strain

Millennium strain

Thousand years is a marijuana strain that boosts users’ inventiveness and gets them in a pleasant, relaxed state. It is also relatively close to the term ‘millennial.’ And, they are so self-obsessed that you realize they’d love a cannabis strain named after their generation. 

#7 – Trainwreck (fem) by ILGM

Trainwreck strain ILGM

Though any of the strains referenced above are suitable for dancing, Trainwreck brings an especially active high, great for the move floor. It not only promotes the beauty of the music, but it should also energize you to keep on movin’. 

#8 – Jack Herer


This strain is becoming as legendary as the cannabis activist — Jack Herer. Jack Herer is a Sativa-dominant plant, providing users with a more focused high. Then again, Jack Herer users find themselves in an inventive state of bliss, which is excellent for listening to and interpreting music. 

#9 – Pineapple Express

pineapple express

Pineapple Express is the brand-new leader of stoner flicks for the millennial generation. You can listen to your desired music while getting high on puffing this Pineapple. So many millennials have been enjoying this strain for many years. 

The above-average THC level, up to 25%, will make you dive deep into those soulful lyrics. A feeling of pleasure will creep in on you when you inhale Pineapple Express.  

#10 – Granddaddy Purple


Millennials have a ton of stress in their life. Student credit obligation, low occupation market, older generations are destroying the globe and ruining Earth’s eventual fate. So forth, Granddaddy Purple is an excellent marijuana strain for millennials looking to alleviate some of that stress from their lives. 

Final Verdict

Cannabis alters our perception of time, and music is a phase of the process. So, you’ll have the opportunity to listen to music more creatively than you usually would. To many, music is more delightful when they are high. If you’ve never attempted it, we think you’re missing out on this fantastic experience. Try bringing one of the weed strains on our list to your favorite music carnivals! 

Numerous users hotboxed and just listened to music. Within minutes, your legs and temples may freeze. You will lose in the music and believe that you are helping to make the music with your air drumming, 

You don’t have to focus on anything else. You can also go swimming soon after, so you will still be buzzing with insane body sensations. You need something where all you need to do is relax, kick some jams while just sitting in a parking part in your vehicle, but you also have energy and aren’t too tired to enjoy your incredible high by staying awake and alert for it. 

You can share your thoughts about what strain is best for having an ecstatic music experience.

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