11 Best Weed Subscription Boxes in 2024

Do you ever wish to have a stoner box like your friends do? Discover the best weed subscription boxes in the market right here!

Imagine you could have your box of happiness full of weed accessories! Fascinating, no?

But right now, here you are, without any of that!

You go to a party at your friend’s and smoke a joint, that’s it! But it doesn’t have to be this way. There’s a way you can enjoy having your own dubbies, vapes, bubblers, and whatnot!

All you need to do is read on…

Later in this article, I’m going to explain why these 420 goody boxes are a great way to chillax, so make sure you read till the end!

With these monthly smoke boxes, you won’t have to rely on anyone anymore.

Best Weed Subscription Boxes


Subscribe any one from the list below and feel the HIGH wherever and whenever you want!

Top 3 Picks For You!

Hippie ButlerDaily High Club Hemper

Hippie Butler

Turn your tedious household chores into a high-class habit with a bit of help from the Hippie Butler Box!

This 420 goody box monthly subscription will save you from going to the head shop and buy your smoking essentials discreetly.

At Hippie Butler, you can choose a goody box answering a questionnaire intended to assess and fulfill the specific requirements of every member.

By subscribing to Hippie Butler, you’ll get to select from three variants:

Rollers Club – A range of rolling papers, hemp wraps, lighters, pre-rolled cones, and other tiny tinnie fun and useful accessories.

Do you know what’s exciting about this box?

You can get all these at just 15.99 USD only!

Butler Box – For 39.99 USD, you get a classic selection of glass items, hemp wraps, rolling plates, rolling papers, pre-rolled cones, grinders, cottonmouth candy, dry mouth cure, lighters, and hemp wicks.

Hush! Enough for a month, right?

Masters Club – A complete collection of all the previously mentioned accessories! You can get all these luxurious items at just 139.33 USD per month.

If you have the cash for stash, the Top Shelf plan will work for you, with clients reporting a wider assortment of higher quality products.

Daily High Club

Daily High Club is one of the largest and most popular marijuana subscription clubs in the market. The Daily High Club sells almost everything from rolling papers to glass pipes, dab rigs, glass pipes, other smoking accessories, and clothes.

Once you subscribe to Daily High Club, you’ll have three different options for stoner boxes:

All Natural Box

How much do you think you can buy for $1?

With the All Natural Box, you’ll receive RAW 1.25 All-Natural rolling papers, RAW All-Natural filter caps, a matchbook, and a bee wick (hemp wick) at just one dollar.

Yes, that’s right!

Note: You’ll have to pay for transportation which is $2 for the US and $3.25 for the other countries.

Connoisseur Box

By subscribing to this classic box option, you receive seven to nine cured hand-picked products by experts for just $10 a month!

You’ll have the essential supplements, like lighters, rolling papers, and tips. But DHC will also give you a couple of wildcards, like bites and cleaning tools.

El Primo is a giant whale!

It arrives with about a dozen add-ons every month, and you’ll get a wide variety of products from different companies.

Along with some cleaning accessories, munchies, and essentials makes the El Primo Box one of the best stoner subscription box out there.

Hemper Box

Hemper, as the name suggests, is a weed subscription box where you get all your favorite smoking supplements at an affordable price.

The exciting subscription plans start with a Core Box for ten bucks every month, allowing you to pick six basic things, having them dispatched every month, and moving to a monthly Hemper Box full of stuff loosely revolving around a theme.

Subscribing options at Hemper involves the following plans:

Build-A-Box – Being the most cost-efficient option, Hemper’s Build-A-Box Core subscription provides a wide range of basic items for rookies and non-frequent smokers at $9.99.

Quite a number, huh?

Build-A-Box Plus – At just $21.99, you get to pick 7 essentials per box according to your necessities when you subscribe to the Bild-A-Box Plus option. You’ll need to choose 6 items from their ‘core essential’ products plus 1 from their premium collection.

The Hemper Box – While you can’t select your 420 goodies like the ‘build-a-box,’ Hemper guarantees you get the items you’ll want and need each month. You’ll be getting over $125 worth of things each time at just $39.99 only!

Very cost-effective, right?

For every doper who wants to stay up to date on a lot of the most advanced paraphernalia and has the privilege of having them shipped right at their doorsteps, Hemper is an ideal option.

Click Here to ‘Subscribe and Save’!


SensiBox can be your go-to option by offering you unique and quality products every month. You don’t need to go to the head shop, only walk to your mailbox, and you’re done!

Very easy and discreet way of getting a weed subscription box, right?

These stoners-favorite subscription boxes are specially created for both women and men with a passion for great herbs.

You can decide between him and her variants in the Original Boxes category.

Original Boxes For Her carries a minimum of 7 pieces per box, including hemp beauty products, goodies, snacks, clothes, and glass, as well as smoking accessories, such as lighters and rolling papers.

The For Him Original Boxes are slightly altered and features smoking items for men, bites, apparel, lighters, goodies, glass, and hemp-made products, with 7+ essentials per box.

Buy April SensiLightBox at Just $24 HERE!

At SensiBox, you can select between the monthly, 3-month, 6-month, and yearly subscription plans, and the price per box varies from $12.50 to $20 per month.

Awesome, no?

Let’s march towards our next target!

Puff Pack

With excellent packaging, transportation, and quality goods, take your roaching experience to the next level with The Puff Pack subscription plans!

Basic weed subscription boxes involve 3 types of subscription plans:

Artisan Box features high-quality items and accessories, adding one mystery glass product at $19 every month.

Remember: You need to pay an extra $5 for shipping and handling.

Mediator Box is a perfect blend of affordability and excellence that brings you smoking essentials, supplements, and one mystery object for only $9 per month, plus $3 for handling and transportation.

In Economist Box, you’ll receive all the essential items, such as lighters and rolling papers, at just $1 per month, adding an extra $2 for shipping and handling charges.

A perfect option for beginners!

Those who like surprises should go for the Mystery Box. It costs just 23 USD per month, having 5 to 7 mystery supplements, along with the glass item of the month.

If you like to enjoy the most sensual smoking adventure, Puff Pack has the Premium Pack, costing you $74 per month.

Did you know?

Its retail cost equals or exceeds $120!

You can also build a complete custom pack of your own. You can include more items in the existing boxes or make one from scratch by mixing papers, glass, lighters, and add-ons of your choice.

Nugg Club

Many of the cannabis subscription boxes you’ll see on the market today add something like smoking accessories or even CBD goods.

There are few, however, that provide real weed, concentrates, and other THC products.

The goodies in Nugg Club’s weed subscription boxes aren’t just leftovers, schwag, or tiny little sample sizes. Nugg Club offers full-sized, high-quality items that you pay a prize for at the dispensary–without the high-price.

Want to learn something interesting?

You can choose your subscription plan – monthly, bimonthly, or every three months.

What’s more, there are no questions asked, and you can unsubscribe any time you want.

Nugg Club has a single box plan that involves 5-6 premium weed products with selected favorites for Indica, Sativa, and hybrids buds, edibles, pre-rolls, and vapes.

Being a subscriber of Nugg Club, you get free access to Nugg Club’s large-scale marketplace, where you’ll discover a long list of goods that you can add to your box at 30-60% reduced rates.

Getting Bored? Here’s a T break!

420 thought of the day:

Each time you light your lighter, your lighter gets lighter. Until your lighter gets so lighter that it won’t light again.

Ok, now let’s get back on track and see if AU Box is worth subscribing to!

AU Box

Here comes the royalty in the world of marijuana!

With its luxurious packaging and high-quality essentials, the company wants to clear the air and prove that maryjane isn’t just for stoners anymore.

At AU, You can buy each box as a one-time order or prepay for three, six, and twelve months.

Having more than 5 subscription boxes, AU Box has something for everyone!

Day and Night Box – As the name suggests, you’ll get products to start and finish your day with when you request the Day and Night box.


You’ll have some cannabis-infused beverages, edibles, and hot chocolate, plus four Indica and Sativa products.

Edibles Box – If you like to get high on munchies, you’ll just love this Edibles Box. Each box contains seven to eight delicious surprises, like popcorn, chocolates, and cookies.

Intimates Box – Intimate Box is the ultimate solution to your love life enigmas. The things inside the box would intensify your pleasure, no matter if you’re single or with a companion having cannabis-themed toys, lubricants, munchies, and much more!

Intimate Enough, right!

Sampler Box – If you’re just a newcomer and exploring CBD and other marijuana products, this box is for you!

Beauty Box – As you must have imagined, this box features all the beauty products you want to spoil yourself and feel like you’re in a resort. It involves cannabis face masks, cosmetics, and bath treatments.

Not enough?

The box will also have candies and chocolates in it, along with some pre-rolled cones and refined, high-quality buds!

Man Box – Made with the ordinary guys in mind, AU Box created the Man Box, having eight go-to supplements, including protein shakes, creams, or beard oils that no man should go without!

Pet Box – While you’re shopping for yourself, why not entertain your pups and kitties with a little something too?

AU Pet Box features non-psychoactive gifts, shampoos, creams, and even toys for your lovely darlings.

With maximum alternatives available, AU Box is definitely one of the best weed subscription boxes on the market!

Lucky Box Club

Lucky Box Club is called that way for a reason: you’re a lucky person if you can afford their 420 boxes. However, the boxes aren’t high-priced just for the sake of being rich.

They come stuffed with crafted products and high-quality names that LBC experts choose for each subscriber — that’s why Luck Box Club is one of the most trusted names when it comes to marijuana subscription boxes.

You don’t even need to subscribe to monthly boxes — you can order a one-time weed box subscription whenever you like and get 20% OFF!

You can benefit from another offer, which’s a 3-month subscription plan where you pay $349 for accessories worth over $450 in product cost.

Cool, eh?

The company also gives a Spring Collection Lucky Box with all the essential beverages, edibles, and herbs for a pleasant summer.


Because of strict cannabis rules, Luck Box delivers to North California only. However, the company also presents 2 CBD subscription boxes nationwide.

CannIBless Box

Relieve. Relax. Empower. Repeat.

This is what CannIBless believes in. The CanniBless association strives to rebuild lives and societies after the decriminalization of cannabis.

Getting a CannIBless subscription box means you get 4-10 things of weed essentials and handcrafted products that involve delicious meals and beverages at a very affordable rate.

Besides having fantastic cannabis products, you can support non-profit groups that promote cannabis social equity programs.


5% of the sales by CannIBless go to these organizations.

What’s more?

The company is releasing a series of relaxation-inducing anti-inflammation goods soon.

Stoney Babe Box

If you’re a puff puff princess, you would love Stoney Babe Box!

The Stoney Babe Box is created for every stoner with a tender side. It’s a fantastic gift for your beloved stoner lady!

Each box comes with unique keychains, jewelry, bath essentials, water pipes, flavored rolling papers, cosmetic items, and much more!

Having all the girlie supplements, Stoner Babe is a perfect weed subscription boxes option!

Want to discover something fascinating?

Since they are partners with Cratejoy, you can get 30% OFF your first order, so just click on this Get a Deal button, and grab this golden opportunity!



You might be thinking that only a thoroughly blazed first-year marketing student would make such titles. But, it’s not!

DoYouGoodyBox (referred to as Goody Box now onwards) is one of the big bulls in the smoke subscription box market. They offer a massive sum of five boxes, three of which feature CBD-related products (including CBD for dogs).

Here are their marijuana-related boxes:

OG Goody Box – @ $27.98 / month, you receive 5 to 9 weed items included each month, with a guaranteed glass item or vaporizer.

Top Shelf Goody Box – You get 7 to 13 essentials, including one glass or vape pen assured @ $79.98 / month.

Reviews of this company are a bit hit or miss– Most subscribers seem happy with the customer service.

Simultaneously, a few have had bad experiences with the average quality of the things included in their monthly subscription boxes.

Why You Should Buy a 420 Subscription Box?

With a 420 subscription box, you get some of the most advanced and most fabulous weed items. Each month, you’ll receive a unique variety of papers, pipes, and cleaning items that would make any weed-lover jump on the couch!

And the best part?

You don’t need to leave your house!

This makes it one of the best COVID-19 purchases you can make (after face masks, hand sanitizer, and toilet paper, of course).

When you become a member, the company will send you its best goods, all neatly covered in some attractive packaging, to your doorstep every month.

How to Subscribe To A Monthly Smoke Box?

First things first, select one of the weed box brand names on this list. Most of them have been around in the business for a while, so you can rest assured about their reliability.

If you’re still feeling unsure, start with a single or two-three-month subscription plan just to break the ground.

Once you start receiving gift boxes and feel satisfied with them, you can proceed with a six- or twelve-month subscription plan and start saving some cash.

Before You Buy Your Weed Subscription Box, Consider This!

First of all, consider the price-quality rate for each box you want to purchase. Some brands (none of which are on this list, so don’t worry!) put too many fillers in their boxes.

Instead of providing you the supplements and something new to get going, they’ll just send you a set of stickers or lanyards. So before you decide on the best weed subscription boxes, make sure it includes the things you actually use when you get high.

Also, understand what kinds of themes the firm chooses for its monthly subscription boxes.

For instance, if you regularly smoke with your bae, many companies offer sensuous or sultry theme-based weed boxes.

On the other hand, if you’re a lone wolf, you might be better off ordering a box that’s designed for a single person.

And with that, our journey ends here!

Wrapping Up:

As you would have thought, there are lots of options to pick from. Hopefully, this article has made it simpler for you to distinguish between different types of boxes.

Out of all the names on the list above, we think the company that offers the best 420 gift boxes were AU Box, Hippie Butler, and Hemper.

All three seem to provide decent quality goods for their rate tag, and the assurance of classic crystal items included in your stoner boxes seems like an exciting deal.

No matter which box you choose to go for, you’re going to have a wonderful time with it, so explore all the available options and select the one that fascinates you the most. Happy hunting!

Which weed gift box would you get to your smoke partner?

Write your answer in the comment section below!

Word of Caution!

Marijuana for recreational or medicinal uses is not legal in all states. Before buying any weed or CBD box, please follow the marijuana laws of your country to avoid legal problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a subscription box for weed?

Smoking subscription boxes are the ideal, discrete method to receive all of your smoking materials delivered straight to your house. Subscription services supply anything from art glass bongs to high-quality grinders, vaporizers, rolling trays, and other stylish cannabis gear, resulting in a top-shelf smoking experience.

What is included in a weed box?

Smoking basics such as ashtrays, rolling trays, glass bowls, bongs, rolling sheets, and air fresheners are generally included in core boxes.

How does the cost of a subscription box compare to that of a dispensary?

While substantially discounted items vary in other businesses, the peculiarities of the cannabis market make it challenging to carry off. It would be helpful if you knew, but these discounts aren’t available anyplace else, especially at your local dispensary.

Is there a return policy for cannabis subscription boxes?

Returns on marijuana boxes are not permitted due to cannabis legislation. The case of accessory boxes, on the other hand, is a different situation. If a box arrives broken or incomplete, several subscription providers give consumers new boxes or reimbursements.

Can you order extra goods with subscription boxes?

Yes, you can order in some situations.

Can you put your cannabis subscriptions on hold?

Without a doubt! “Weed boxes,” like other subscription businesses, want to be as handy as possible. Customers may often put their subscriptions on hold for as long as possible.

Is it worth it to get a cannabis subscription box?

You should conduct some comparison shopping, as you do with any subscription box. Vendors will display the contents of a typical package on their websites. You can determine whether the overall worth of the contents is equal to the cost of the box.

Is it possible to obtain cannabis via a subscription box?

For legal reasons, smoking subscription boxes do not include natural cannabis. Instead, it exclusively contains smoking accessories and other smoking materials such as rolling papers.

How do you obtain a discount from weed companies?

It was previously indicated that you might be able to acquire savings from subscription service providers. However, you must typically be a frequent customer of a given supplier to be eligible for discounts.

How Do 420 Subscription Boxes Get Delivered?

Most cannabis subscription boxes are sent out on a specific day of the month, so you’ll always know when to anticipate delivery. However, there are a few subscription firms that mailbox purchases straight immediately every month. So your cannabis box arriving at your door is primarily determined by what’s inside.

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