6 Best Quality Shatter in Canada – Our Top Picks

Are you currently in the market for the best shatter Canada, and you’re not sure what to get or where to go? Before you buy shatter online, it would be best to look at this guide first!

We’ll outline the best shatter strains you can find and purchase online and the best online dispensaries you can go for!

Out of the many online Canada dispensaries you can work with, West Coast Cannabis is what we consider the best and highest quality when it comes to shatter strains and other cannabis concentrates. They’ve provided a ton of products from cannabis flowers, live resin, edibles to shatter, budder, wax, and other concentrates, too!

What is Shatter?


What is Shatter

Shatter is a type of cannabis extract that’s considered one of the rarest and most unique types of cannabis concentrate. It is solid in texture and translucent in appearance.

The reason why it’s called “shatter” is because it looks like you can shatter it like glass. This glass-like appearance was due to the extraction process that it has undergone.

How is Shatter Made?

Shatter is made from a wide array of production and manufacturing methods. However, the most common would be by the process of solvent extraction. This is an extraction method that uses butane or hydrocarbon solvents.

Butane extraction, also referred to as BHO (short for butane hash oil), is a process where the cannabis is placed inside a tube, and hydrocarbons are pushed through the plant matter, squeezing and extracting THC and CBD out of them.

What Are the Best Shatter Brands?

In Canada, there are quite a few brands that excel when it comes to the manufacturing and production of shatter. And while there are hundreds of companies and brands that create them, the following are those that have been hailed as the best extracts you can find!

Everest Extracts

Everest Extracts

The brand has taken surreal heights in producing high-quality shatter. They claim to produce premium shatter weed that you will absolutely enjoy, from the packaging, texture, taste, or aroma to flavor profile and benefits! Over the years, they’ve been considered one of the best concentrates in the industry.

Faded Extracts

Faded Extracts

Faded Extracts has become one of the best vendors of concentrates in Canada. Recently, they allowed customers to buy shatter online in Canada, as well as open opportunities for different sellers and vendors. As one of the best shatter brands, you can count on their house shatter to give you the benefits and overall effects you’re looking for!

Diamond Concentrates (Dymond Concentrates)

Diamond Concentrates

Diamond Concentrates, now known as Dymond Concentrates 2.0, is one of the best brands that produce and manufacture premium shatter. Their collection of AAAA shatters captured the hearts of enthusiasts and cannabis users all over Canada. They regularly release new products, but not just along the lines of shatter.

House of Glass Shatter

House of Glass

Last but most definitely not least is House of Glass Shatter or often referred to as HOG Extracts. You know they’re legit if they’re featured in Chronic Beaver or any other cannabis-related website. HOG Extracts have mainly contributed to some of the shatter circulating online.

All these brands are known for their premium or AAAA shatter, which you can buy online whether you’re in British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta, or even in the busy hustle and bustle of Ottawa!

Where to Buy Shatter Online In Canada?

Knowing what the best shatter brands are is one thing, but understanding the market and the matrix of where you can purchase high-quality cannabis concentrates is another.

There has been a lot of hearsay about who or which the best online dispensary is, and many world-renowned websites have stood their ground. Today, we’ll give our insights into where the best place to buy shatter online is.

West Coast Cannabis: Editor’s Choice

West Coast Cannabis

You’ll find many different types and dispensaries in the country, but you won’t ever encounter one as versatile and flexible as West Coast Cannabis. Armed with 50+ years of combined experience in growing, cultivating, and nurturing cannabis, you can bank on them to get you superb-grade shatter!

Looking to buy shatter online? West Coast Cannabis has all the good stuff you’re looking for! They have hot brands such as So High, Burn Extracts, and many more! They also have blended house shatter that you can purchase!

Best Shatter From West Coast Cannabis

West Coast Cannabis has an intense lineup of flavors! They have Girl Scout Cookies, Green Crack, Candy Land, Northern Lights, Jack Herer, and many more!

Don’t get overwhelmed with shatter prices, and buy shatter online per gram!

BudLyft: Runner-Up


Coming in hot is BudLyft, the online dispensary that many consider their “buddy.” Their influence in the market has grown since they entered the cannabis industry. They’ve offered many different cannabis products, from your usual flowers, edibles, and concentrates to accessories, CBD, topicals, and many more!

Like West Coast Cannabis, BudLyft has been featured by Chronic Beaver in most of its posts. They’re being promoted as one of the best and most reliable online dispensaries that offer different types of shatter!

Best Shatter From BudLyft

The online dispensary has a ton of offers for concentrate strains offered from different brands that vary in quality. For example, BudLyft’s best concentrates brands revolve around Willo, Boost, and others!

They’re more popular for their house shatter, but you can expect theirs to have excellent and high-quality potency than usual. Purchase per one gram or per kg (half kg) and get only what you need!

The Grow House Online: Best Online Dispensary With Endless Options and Cheap Shatter Prices

Grow House

For great shatter quality that’s not oversaturated, The Grow House Online can be what you’ve always been looking for. This dispensary is one of the best ones where you can buy shatter online as they’re safe and secure, and they have a strong presence online Canada.

The Grow House Online is known for its wide selection of cannabis concentrates, but among these, their edibles, vape pens, concentrates (live resin), hash, wax, distillate, and shatter online are the most sought-after.

Their house shatter is among their primary offers to clients, but they carry other brands, such as High Voltage, Terp Star, and many more!

Best Shatter From The Grow House Online Canada

Out of the shatter brands they carry, their house-blend shatter options have been hailed and deemed as the better option. Why? Because apart from the fact that they’re cheaper, most, if not all of them have received feedback from customers and clients all over Canada.

Looking to buy shatter online in Canada, but you’re not sure where to get them? Try and shop from Grow House and get your weed products and concentrates per gram!

Green Society: Online Dispensary With the Best House Shatter

Green Society

For almost all lists of online dispensaries about concentrates, extracts, shatter, and even high-quality cannabis, Green Society is almost always included. But, thanks to their killer weed and quality customer service, they’re always regarded as one of the best in the industry.

They’re known in the industry to hold the best house shatter in the industry. The brands of their concentrates vary, and they’re known to be one of the more potent, but their house shatter options are something else.

So, whether you’re looking for flower strains, a vape pen, concentrate, or even specific shatter brands, Green Society might just be the online dispensary you’ve been trying to look for.

Best Shatter From Green Society

Green Society is known in the industry for its vast options in the market. They have Faded Extracts, Mr. Dank Shatter, Golden Monkey, Dab Life, and many more!

You have access to AAAA shatter, AAA shatter, and many more in stock for their house shatter! Green Society has been and will always be one of our go-to online dispensaries if I don’t know what I’m looking for.

SpeedGreens: Best Online Dispensary to Buy Bulk Shatter


Are you on the hunt for bulk or wholesale shatter? Before you go about buying shatter online, not knowing where to go for the best deals, more discounts, and higher rewards, SpeedGreens might just be what you’re looking for.

SpeedGreens has been one of those online dispensaries that just get the needs and wants of customers and clients. From reasonable and almost extremely low shatter prices to a wide selection of flowers, edibles, and cannabis concentrates to an unlimited selection of weed kinds and types, you can count on them!

Best Shatter From SpeedGreens

SpeedGreens has a purely wide shatter collection, some of which are sourced from different shatter brands, while some are grown in the heart of British Columbia (BC).

SpeedGreens has a collection of labels you can choose from! They carry Galaxy Extracts, House of Glass, and Everest Extracts!

Haute Health: Best Cheap Shatter in the Market

Haute Health

Last but most definitely not least in terms of providing high-quality weed and various sets of concentrate is Haute Health. Haute Health is one, if not the only dispensary that offers quality cannabis concentrates at the cheapest and lowest rates possible.

They have regular deals for most of their concentrates, and, not to mention, they also offer a high-breed mix and match of products, too!

They have a vast plain of house shatter that you can choose from. So, if you’re unsure of the specific strain you want or want to purchase more per gram, Haute Health will be the best option for you.

Best Shatter From Haute Health

Haute Health is known to have the best deals in the cannabis industry in Canada, having shatter that you can get for as low as $20 per gram! Haute Health’s shatter selection is astoundingly large.

They have every strain you can think of! Whether you need Jack Herer, Green Crack, Obama Kush, Death Star OG, and many more!

Disclaimer: The majority of the house shatter and shatter brands that online dispensaries have are not lab-tested for potency. However, that doesn’t mean that they’re unsafe — it is just that all points and factors could not be 100% accurate. Nevertheless, they’re still safe for human consumption.


If you have other questions about the best shatter online in Canada, we’re proud to let you know that we’ve garnered some of the questions commonly asked by cannabis enthusiasts and smokers like you!

What Does High-Quality Shatter Look Like?

The majority of high-class and high-caliber shatter, like wax, would have an amber-to-almost gold type of color. Take a look at it carefully; if you see tints of green or dark green in it, it still has plant matter and was not properly extracted.

Shatter vs. Crumble: Which is Better?

It depends on what you’re personally looking for. Shatter is like hard glass — well, it literally is like hard glass. Crumble, on the other hand, is softer, and more malleable. Shatter is not the most flavorful, as some of the terpenes get lost during extraction, but it’s one of the more potent. Then, the crumble has more terpene content because of the lower temperature during extraction.

Nug-Run vs. Trim-Run Shatter

This probably is one of the more common questions asked when choosing shatter online. In the simplest and easiest ways to differentiate them, nug-run shatter types are those that have better taste, while trim-run shatter types are those that have plant-like taste and aroma. Moreover, the former is typically more expensive because of its premium profile.

Is Shatter the Most Potent Cannabis Concentrate?

It depends on the content and the mixing procedure. However, most shatter has high THC content, typically 80% or higher, making it one of the stronger and more potent cannabis concentrates there is.

What Are the Best Shatter Strains?

The best shatter strains actually depend on a few factors. However, the top picks for the best concentrates or best shatter are the following:

Juicy Fruit Shatter
Hawaiian Punch Shatter
Chunky Diesel Shatter
Gorilla Glue #4 (GG4) Shatter

Final Thoughts

Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to purchase the best shatter Canada, and which online dispensary you can get it from. Whether you’re looking for top-shelf shatter, house shatter, or even the typical smoke shatter, we got it all for you!

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