What Are Stars Of Death Edibles? All You Need To Know!

Stars of Death are highly potent marijuana edibles.

However, these are popularized by the stand-up comedian and podcast host Joey Diaz.

Due to their extreme potency, Stars of Death edibles became immensely popular among the cannabis community.

Therefore, today, we’ll explore exactly how potent Stars of Death edibles are and if you can buy Stars of Death edibles in 2023.

So, let’s begin, shall we?

What Exactly Are Stars Of Death Edibles?


Edibles are a unique experience in the cannabis industry in comparison to the traditional smoking joint.

It was during the early times of weed when edibles were unregulated, and states like California were allowing almost any strength of edible to be available.

However, the strength cap has changed recently for the maximum amount of THC per package of edibles.

Therefore, the Stars of Death were once available with up to 1000mg of THC.

That is why, with such an extreme potency, Stars of Death marijuana edibles were so popular among the cannabis crowd.

It is now limited to 100mg in California with a 10mg cap per serving.

There were many producers of Stars of Death marijuana edibles, but the most notable companies were Anarchy or Starr1.

Therefore, if you have ever heard of Stars of Death edibles, you are probably hearing about the highly potent edibles that were once available with up to 1000mg of THC.

Stars Of Death Edible For Sale

In the initial times of edibles, Stars of Death edibles were famous due to their strength, especially in the black market.

However, currently, Stars of Death edibles for sale are available with not the same potency they used to come with.

As the edibles market is now regulated, Stars of Death edibles are available with a limited THC content of 100mg of THC with a 10mg per serving cap.

The 10mg may be an ideal dose for some cannabis connoisseurs and maybe nothing for some hardcore cannabis consumers who have developed a good tolerance.

Why Is Stars Of Death Edible Is So Popular?

As said earlier, Stars of Death contains heavily infused cannabis oil with THC up to 1000mg.

However, the biggest appeal of these edibles is not the flavor. Instead, the potency differentiates it from the other marijuana edibles.

What Is The Difference Between Edibles And Smoking?

As the name suggests, edibles are the products you intake from your mouth and indigest.

However, smoking means inhaling the smoke by burning the substance through heat.

Therefore, when you smoke marijuana, the THC high is comparatively quick because you directly absorb it through the lungs.

On the other hand, in the case of marijuana edibles, you eat and digest, which may take a while to show results.

But considering the THC amount in edibles, it may be higher than average cannabis joints.

Experts recommend starting slow with edibles, especially when you are new (more about responsible use in a bit).

Buy Stars Of Death Edible – Get Stars Of Death Gummies

It is less likely to find any Stars of Death marijuana edibles with such an extreme potency that it used to come.

But indeed, you can find Stars of Death gummies with low THC composition, which is due to new regulations in the market.

The main difference between smoking and having Stars of Death gummies is that it will not only provide a late high, but the Death Star gummy will be ingested first.

But, it also provides a much more potent high, comparatively more than smoking a single joint.

The average joint of cannabis contains approximately 5mg of THC, whereas the average edible contains nearly twice, 10mg of THC per serving (which is equal of two average cannabis joints).

It is why Death Star gummies are more famous for their potent high.

Where To Buy Stars Of Death Edibles Online?

Unfortunately, it is pretty hard to buy Stars of Death edibles online as legal edible is now capped to limited THC content.

However, California is the only state where you can find most cannabis oil products.

Therefore, if you live there, you can most probably find several cannabis oil products, such as gummies in edibles, through legal dispensaries.

But if you don’t live there, buying Stars of Death edibles must be hard.

What Happens When You Get Too High From Stars Of Death Edibles?

It is no no-brainer that Stars of Death can quickly give you an intense high due to its comparatively more elevated amount of THC.

However, the feeling of being too high can also be overwhelming if you are new to edibles.

Therefore, when you feel that the high induced by the intake of edibles is too much for you and you feel anxious, you can take steps to calm yourself down.

Also, firstly, you should relax as it will automatically reduce anxiety.

If you are at a party or bar, you should consider yourself taking a calmer place to relax.

However, if you cannot walk or get through the place, you can take your friend’s or someone’s help.

Here are some of the tips that can help you when you are too high:

1. Relax, As You Will Be Okay

First, understand that the high induced by cannabis edibles will go away after some time, and you will be completely okay.

You will automatically be normal after a few times, so you should relax and keep yourself calm.

To distract yourself, you can also involve yourself in some lighter activities.

Note: If it has already been a while and you feel the symptoms are worsening, contact the doctor immediately.

2. Drink Water Or Have A Snack

One of the best ways to keep yourself calm is by having a glass of water.

Staying hydrated while smoking marijuana or having edibles is a great way to calm yourself.

Also, the cold water can help you relax your mind when you are in the feeling of being too high.

Moreover, you can even have some light snacks, which can help you get distracted from the overwhelming feelings.

However, do NOT go for sweet or sugary snacks as they may elevate the high even more.  

3. Do Some Light Activity

Light activities such as walking outside (don’t do this if you cannot even walk properly due to high) can help reduce anxiety.

You can even watch your favorite TV show or talk to a friend to distract and calm yourself.

Purple Star of Death Edible – Red Star of Death Edible

Even though most recreational cannabis users are looking for the most potent weed edibles, it is now hard to find, such as Stars of Death, because of strong regulations on them.

Also, if you reside in Canada, it is nearly impossible to find because Death Star edible is not sold there.

Even though many recipes may claim that you can make Stars of Death at home, we do not recommend it.

The best way to enjoy marijuana edible is through the permitted dose only.

Remember that the ultimate goal is to enjoy and not to get in trouble with high doses of THC.

That is why here are some tips for responsibly using marijuana edibles.

Always Start Slow

This is especially recommended for new cannabis enthusiasts who want to explore the weed world.

Always start slow with cannabis edibles.

As explained earlier, edibles have a much higher THC than the average joint.

And even though the edibles might take some time to show their effects, that is why you should always start slow.

You must stay under your tolerance level to make the most out of any edible weed.

Know Your Tolerance Level

Do not push your limits under peer pressure or with any other factor.

Taking more than the tolerance level can also cause harmful effects, such as anxiety, paranoia, etc.

Therefore, get to know the right amount of edibles you can enjoy.

If you are new to it, start slow and find the sweet spot where you can make the most out of it.

Buy Quality Edibles

Do not fall for cheap edibles or cheap brands.

Always prefer high-quality brands that use the right quality of cannabis extracts.

It is because when you buy from non-reputed brands, you never know exactly what process is being followed to maintain the quality.

However, if you buy from a reputed brand that follows regulations, you can trust the product as you will know exactly what your package consists of.

FAQs About Stars Of Death Edibles

Where to buy Star of Death edibles?

Buying Star of Death edibles online is tricky because now the edible landscape is heavily regulated.

However you are more likely to find cannabis concentrate and potent THC based products in California, but if you are not living in the region, then it is less likely to find Star of Death edibles.

What is a Death Star gummy?

A Death Star gummy contains a high amount of THC (up to 1000mg), sold earlier when the edible market was not regulated.

However, weed edibles are now capped at 100mg with 10mg per serving.

What are edibles?

Edibles are the food products infused with cannabis.

Even though smoking weed is one of the most prevalent methods of consumption, eating edibles is now the new trend and one of the popular ways of enjoying weed.


No doubt, Stars of Death is one of the most potent marijuana edibles.

But currently, it is less likely to find the original quality Death Star edibles.

Therefore, the best way to enjoy weed edibles is by buying from a local marijuana dispensary by following the regulations.

Even though there may be several ways on the internet for Death Star recipes, we do not recommend it to follow.

Always prefer the quality manufactured cannabis products to enjoy the most out of your sessions. Even though it might be such a small dose but surely it will give you a good time.

Again, remember, the goal is to enjoy and get in trouble!

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