Top 6 Best Gummies In Canada 2024 Review

Whether you’re looking for bulk THC edibles, high-quality gummies, or simply the best gummies in Canada, I did you right and got the information you need. Indulging in weed gummies is an excellent alternative to other recreational activities like smoking and dabbing, and that’s what we’re here for!

Knowing where to go and where to look for retail or bulk THC gummies in 2024 can be simple. However, it can be a headache if you’re not that well-versed and unsure where to look for them.

4 Best place to buy Gummines in Canada

  1. West Coast Cannabis — Best Overall Dispensary For THC Gummies
  2. Low Price Bud Co. — Best in Mix & Match THC Gummies
  3. TogoWeed — Cheap Retail (Per Piece) THC Gummy Brands
  4. BC Weed Edible — Cheapest Bulk THC Gummies

So, I decided to help you out by giving you a list of the best online dispensaries where you can get them to satisfy your THC gummy cravings! In this article, we will focus on the following:

  • What Are THC Edibles/THC Gummies, and How Are They Made?
  • THC Gummies vs. CBD Gummies
  • Where to Get Bulk THC Gummies (and Other THC Edibles)
  • Online Dispensaries Where You Can Get the Best THC Gummies and Other Cannabis Products
  • Overall Best THC Gummies Brands You Need to Look Out For

I won’t just leave you with single information about THC edibles. I’ll also throw in a couple of information, like where you can get highly potent THC products, organic and natural ingredients, and even broad and full-spectrum CBD to top it all off.

Top 6 Online Dispensaries to Get the Gummies In Canada


Of course, THC gummies will be topping this list, so don’t worry. It’s only because, other than THC gummies, there are other cannabis edibles in the market worth noting. You’ll even find some that are gluten-free!

Let’s stop chit-chatting and get onto what we’re supposed to be talking about!

West Coast Cannabis: Editor’s Choice

Of course, my first choice will always be West Coast Cannabis. There’s just something about the brand’s reputation, consistency, and minimalistic nature that pulls me in every single time I need cannabis products.

Starting with their edibles, they have mix & match offer, herbivore edibles, one-stop THC gummies, Apollo Edibles, and many more! If you take a closer look at them, their offers are nothing but the best brands with high-quality ingredients and those subjected to third-party lab testing.

West Coast Cannabis has been one of the few-most active players in the industry that resells more than 15 brands of THC edibles. The trust they place in these manufacturers and producers is out of this world.

A few notable mentions of the top THC and CBD gummies in their collection include:

Browse all their THC and CBD gummies and indulge in their product selection’s freshness, potency, and naturality. Check their edibles menu out!

Low Price Bud: Best in Mix & Match Gummies

It’s easy to expect and look at THC and CBD gummies to be not as affordable as other cannabis variants because of their extraction methods. I mean, it’s already hard to produce and extract cannabis; what more if it’s added to something else like candy or chocolate?

Low Price Bud has actually been surprising, but in a positive way. They’re able to synthesize and provide affordable and relatively cheap THC gummies for prices and rates you would never be disappointed to pay for.

They have multiple edible categories, from the typical candies, and gummies to chocolate cups, candy colas, and even topicals, too! I literally went for like 5 minutes scrolling to see what they have, and it went on and on!

I tested out their Green Samurai Strawberry Bear Bombs and their Assorted Ripped Edible Bears, which were phenomenal.

I was also overwhelmed by the amount of Mix & Match offers they have because they offer it per brand. They have Potluck Mix & Match ediblesDoobie Snacks Mix & MatchMix & Match Ganja Edibles, and many more!

Look and see what edibles they are offering for yourself! Pick your poison!

TogoWeed: Best Cheap Retail THC Gummies

If you aren’t a soul for bulk THC-infused gummies (or any THC edibles), ToGoWeed is the best place for you. ToGoWeed has been one of my few fixes when it comes to a few-selected small weed gummies.

You can buy 7-piece Gemmies at 35mg for just $8.00, 2-piece BC Pineapples at 100mg for $14, and many more that are sold not in packs but per piece!

I was able to find my comfort in them through their CBD gummies and other cannabis edibles, particularly in Shatter Chews, Strawberry Feels, and other cannabis edibles like CBD Cookies and many more!

TogoWeed’s brand lineup is comprised of Twisted Extracts, StarLits, SeC, and Euphoria, but they’re working on adding more.

Check out ToGoWeed’s cannabis edibles menu and get the most out of your edible cravings fixed!

Haute Health: Best Dispensary With Recreation THC Gummies

Haute Health has been one of the best, most-recognized, and most-followed dispensaries in the country because of its reputation for being a health-centric dispensary. Now, most cannabis enthusiasts wouldn’t really care about brand reputation so long as they get the goodies.

But in my experience, Haute Health is a great option for recreational THC edibles, gummies, in particular. Check out Haute Health’s lineup if you want options for THC gummies in 2023.

You get a lot of weed gummies from Delta 8 THC, Gummy Bears, Coke Bottles to Grapes Jolly Ranchers, Blue Feet, and many more!

Their price range varies and is dependent on the amount of THC in them. For instance, a 4-pack of their 100mg THC Blue Feet will cost you $32.30, and their 10mg CBD full-spectrum gummies Coke Bottles are priced at $9.50 per 4-pack.

Check Haute Health’s complete cannabis edibles menu out!

BC Weed Edible: Cheapest Bulk THC Gummies

Some of you may have a solid fix in cannabis gummies that you want to buy them wholesale. Whether you’ll resell it or you’ll keep it for yourself, BC Weed Edible has the best THC gummies in terms of bulk or wholesale pricing.

Don’t get me wrong; they’re like how most dispensaries function. It’s just that you can get your favorite edibles in bulk without thinking of price surges and increases.

Not to mention the fact that they also display everything about their cannabis products, including the reviews and feedback left by previous customers who tried them out.

You can’t miss out on their lineup of Bliss Edibles as they have multiple flavors infused with 1080mg THC, from Kiwi, Mango to Blue Lemonade, Strawberry, and many more! If you’re looking for a dispensary that offers an unrelenting brand reputation, you can’t go wrong with them.

I don’t know how they do it, but the prices they offer are actually among the best in the entire market. Check their stuff out by accessing their complete edibles menu!

The Canna Society: Dispensary With the Newest Weed Gummy and Edible Brands

If you have yet to learn, The Canna Society is one of the most flexible and versatile dispensaries; you haven’t been in the game too long. Kidding aside, during my time wandering and finding dispensaries to trust, they showed up and gave me what I needed.

Over time, they developed and expanded their weed edibles menu and offered a ton of THC and CBD products. Some are organically grown, while others aren’t.

Another of the benefits of working with The Canna Society is that they have a ton of options you can choose from.

Although they resell Apollo Edibles, Pharm Craft Co., and even Twisted Extracts, they have hemp products they do and produce on their own.

Among their most sold would be their Bliss Party Mix THC gummies and their Atomic Wheelchair Mini gummies, which are both packed with delicious flavors.

They’re in the process of expanding their items of THC-infused gummies continuously. You can check and see the current THC edibles they offer here!

SpeedGreens: Dispensary With the Most Sales and Discounts on THC Gummies and Edibles

A lot of dispensaries capitalize on their reputation generally or with brands they resell. Still, SpeedGreens is different in the sense that they use a multitude of discounts and sales to promote and market their store.

I loved the fact that their shop instantly gives you an idea of what items are on SALE. It’s marked by a banner that says Best Seller, Exclusive, Free Gift, or New. 

Their gummy lineup is vast, and when I say vast, I mean you have 100+ options to choose from. Like others, their usuals are Twisted Extracts, Herbivores, Alice, and other similar brands that you have encountered at least once.

What caught my eye was their SleeBD. It’s among their newest additions to their arsenal as it is a CBD Isolate that usually calms your nerves.

Other than that, though, there’s nothing out of the ordinary. They also have MOTA, Atomic, and brands that are new in the scene.

Check their edibles shop out and see what the perfect products are for yourself!

BudLyft: Best in Edibles Variety

Last but definitely not least is BudLyft. The company lives up to its name—they (the entire team) have been so welcoming whenever you give them a ring. It could be because of what I order and how frequently I do, I don’t know. I just know that they have a ton of variety for THC edibles.

Their variety is remarkably satisfying. You can go from simple, low-kick THC products to full-blown edibles with too much THC. It’s funny to think that their edibles, when combined, put up mixed flavors like real candy.

They wave the flags and brands like Bliss Gummies, Twisted Extracts, Wilo Chocolate, Kizuna Gummies, and many more!

You will never fall short of what BudLyft has to offer because they all vary in type and brand!

BudLyft isn’t shy in showcasing what their hemp products, THC products, as well as THC edibles are. In fact, you can check them out here!

My experience with all six has been pleasant. I’ve never had a negative experience working with any of them, not to mention the fact that I go to a store for a specific purpose!

Out of all these, West Coast Cannabis has been the most promising. Their products are kept and stored fresh, making them taste amazing even after being stored for weeks (some even months). Not only that, but they also have other products such as CBD oil, CBD isolate, and many others you wouldn’t see in a typical dispensary!

Best Places to Get Bulk THC Edibles

There’s something about buying edibles in bulk that makes it satisfying, especially for cannabis enthusiasts and tokers. And that’s why I decided to dig deeper and give you more information about the best places to get bulk THC gummies and edibles in general.

West Coast Cannabis

The dispensary speaks for itself; West Coast Cannabis is a true dispensary that offers the best THC gummies in the market. The likes of Sky High Edibles, Apollo Edibles, and Potluck edibles, you can get it from them and buy them in bulk!

Although they’re sold per pack, getting them wholesale will get you deals that will make you purchase more!

West Coast Cannabis is also a great dispensary as they offer promising Mix & Match deals for gummies in varying amounts, too!

NOTE: Check out their Mix & Match offers that are brand-specific here!


For SpeedGreens, the sky is the limit. The dispensary even has a “bulk deals” category for their Atomic products. It’s priced at $640, and you get 20,000mg THC gummies and free gifts along with it, too!

It’s one of the longest-running deals they have, and it’s evident why. Besides this, SpeedGreens also holds several promos and programs that would seem ideal for people who buy in bulk and sell them in retail.

Make your decision straight, though, because SpeedGreens does not offer refunds or exchanges, unlike other dispensaries. Regardless of type, they don’t offer a money-back guarantee for your orders.

BC Weed Edible

Last, but most definitely not least, is BC Weed Edible. They’re a company famous for their concentrates as they offer premium products that have undergone the strictest extraction methods out there. And yes, you can buy them in both retail and bulk.

Besides that, BC Weed Edible is one of the largest resellers of multiple edible brands. These brands claim to use only the best ingredients taken from the cleanest and neatest plant material out there.

Their edible menu is a compilation of regular THC-infused gummies, strong gummies, THC chocolates, and many more! They even sell them in bags instead of packs!

If you’re interested to find out what they offer, how they offer it, and the current deals that they have for wholesale THC gummies, check them out for yourself!

So, if you want to purchase edibles and gummies in bulk and are unsure where to go, try these three out. I always buy as many cannabis products as I can from them because of the handsome and enticing offers they have!

Overall Best THC Gummies Brands in Canada

Besides dispensaries, I also dug and found information about the best THC gummy brands. Of course, what I looked for were brands that didn’t use high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, or gelatin and were third-party lab-tested to ensure not only entertainment but also safety and security.

Nonetheless, here are a few of the best THC gummy brands in Canada!

EVN: Best Overall Brand For Delta 9 THC Live Rosin Gummies

When you look at their website, you’ll see that it’s clean, neat, and has the information you need on what you are about to purchase. Besides presentation, EVN also takes pride in its innovation with the cannabis plant.

They’re able to create CBD products like gummy bears, sleep powders, CBD oils, melatonin gummies, and even dog treats, too!

Claiming to be all-natural, you wouldn’t find any hint of chemically-induced elements in their work. They work and only meddle with natural ingredients, making you feel comfortable and safe!

If you want to learn more about what EVN has to offer, you can check their complete menu out!

BATCH: Best Recreation THC Gummies

Do you want to get the best THC gummies for recreation or fun activities? BATCH’s lineup of CBD and THC gummies are the perfect pieces of treats you’re looking for. Made from 100% organic hemp grown in Wisconsin, it gives off that chill, relaxing vibe that all of us want.

Thanks to the perfect blend of CBD and THC (not really equal; 25mg of CBD and 5mg of THC), each strain will make you feel like you’re floating and stress-free.

I have yet to try it, but based on other people’s reviews, they have great profile flavors that can positively blend in with the natural ingredients of candies or gummies.

Of course, they’re vegan, gluten-free, and free from elements that could tamper with the product’s taste or make matters worse.

Don’t strike that hemp plant just yet! Check out what BATCH has to offer and make the pick of your own!

NOTE: The company says that they’re still improving their lineup of flavors and that we just have to wait!

BudPop: Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC Edibles

Dubbed as the top brand that derives hemp plants for cannabis enthusiasts and lovers in the USA (and Canada), BudPop is legit.

Whenever I hear or read the term delta 9 THC, BudPop is one of the few brands that come to mind immediately. The brand breathes and lives Delta 9 THC edibles as it’s evidently part of their main menu.

Among their best sellers is their Blue Dream Berry Delta 8 gummies. It’s vegan-friendly, highly potent, and non-GMO. It’s also third-party lab tested, so you’re safe while consuming THC. You can check it out here.

The brand is strictly straightforward. They make some of North America’s best CBD and THC gummies. You can check out their Delta 8, Delta 9 THC, THCa, as well as CBD products to see the best products you can get for yourself.

Keep an eye out for their promos because the brand likes to surprise everyone with what they can offer. Take a peek at BudPop’s product line!

CBDfx: Best Gluten-Free THC Edibles and CBD Products

Upon accessing their website, they proactively display and say that they are a company that breathes organically-grown hemp CBD products. Furthermore, the brand produces a wide array of products, from THC gummies and THC edibles, mushrooms, CBD oil, topicals, pet products, and many more!

CBDfx is the brand that placed all its energy into producing high-quality cannabinoid wellness products that aim to promote better and healthier lives.

In addition, CBDfx claims that their processes are only done via a single-pass CO2 extraction method. This is what’s responsible for the production of premium CBD oil. Don’t be afraid to work with them! They offer a 60-day money-back guarantee, they have been potency verified, and their products are all solvent and cruelty-free.

So, if you want THC and CBD edibles that are gluten-free, or if you are health-conscious, CBDfx might just be the brand you’re looking for.

Check out what CBDfx has to offer! Their item lineup of CBD gummies will definitely pique your interest!

Summit THC Edibles: Best Natural Hemp-Grown With Natural Flavors

One of the best in the market, Summit is proud of its all-natural, organic hemp-grown products. They innovate with multiple processes and strategies to provide the best possible experience to customers and consumers.

The newest addition to the family, HHC Gummies, is a perfectly-balanced Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC. You can choose to use them to improve your mood, give you a good night’s sleep, and, overall, make you feel good vibes!

Like others, Summit doesn’t promote the use of artificial flavors or dyes; instead, they make use of fruit pectin, tapioca syrup, and other natural ingredients that could contribute to the taste and texture of the treat.

Their HHC Gummies are just part of the many products they offer among their best-sellers. Head over to their website and take a peek at their delta-8 and delta-9 gummies, as well as their library of organic CBD products!

Delta Remedies: Best and Strongest THC Gummies

I know what you’re thinking; the name sounds and looks wrong, but let me tell you how it’s not. They’re deemed to be currently at the top of the ladder when it comes to strength and potency.

Delta Remedys has these ring gummies, which are small candies or treats that are packed with 100% natural ingredients, and a village of happy customers who left feedback and reviews about their work.

What I enjoyed most about Delta Remedy’s treats and edibles is the fact that the taste isn’t candy-like. It’s more like a pill or a tablet that has just been enhanced with natural flavors.

When consuming, you rarely need to worry about health because medical professionals have lab-tested and assessed them. If you want to see this for yourself, visit their website and check out their complete menu! See why they’ve been deemed by many as the brand that holds the best and strongest THC gummies!

3Chi: Gelatin-Free, Vegan, and Organic Hemp Grown

By far, 3Chi has been one of the best and most innovative in terms of brand reputation. Besides the fact that they have the most talented graphic artists and designers, the company also doesn’t fall short on information, especially about something they’re offering.

The company is employed by a few of the pioneers and most-experienced people in the industry, particularly in the advancement of delta 8 THC, delta 9 THC, as well as cannabinoid testing.

Their shop is comprised of the most prestigious library of products you’ll ever see. They have everything from true strains, vapes, edibles, tinctures, drinks, and many others more!

This vegan, organic company leverages its knowledge in the cannabis industry unlike any other. Their THC gummy selection is rallied by some of the experienced and seasoned enthusiasts because of how selective the procedure is.

Besides their edibles that are gelatin-free, as well as their organically hemp-derived products, they also have a resource you can use to further your knowledge in the cannabis industry.

Check out 3Chi and see how you can work with them to achieve the satisfaction you crave for!

How to Choose Your Cannabis Gummies

Besides knowing the best dispensaries to deal with and the best brands you could try, it’s also imperative to learn how you must choose your gummies. There are a few cues and key factors that make up high-quality gummies, and these are ingredient quality, testing, flavors, and scent, and of course, brand or company.

Quality and Ingredients

Ingredient quality is a must when it comes to cannabis products, especially things you would put inside your mouth. While others argue that tests should be the priority, content must be on your pedestal because they make up what you consume.

Check the ingredients and elements of how the product was made. Know for sure whether you’re consuming CBD or THC edibles, CBD isolate, or broad/full spectrum CBD.

Weed gummies can be made with a lot of different ingredients, both good and bad. We want to make sure that you consume natural ingredients and be kept safe from harm.

Third-Party Lab Testing

The next thing you want to look at is whether the product has undergone serious testing. Third-party tests should be embedded in the manufacturing process; they should not be skipped, nor should they be ignored.

Some companies don’t know it, but the majority of consumers and customers consuming THC actually look at labels and see whether the product is safe or not.

Note that some companies don’t have physical copies of it and, instead, post the results or analyses on their respective websites for people to see.

Flavors and Scents

I mean, what are the two things you look for before buying candy? How do they smell and taste like, right? I get how consumers want their treats to be third-party lab tested, but going back to the roots of treats; we want our candies to taste good and smell good.

The list above shows you almost the entirety of choosing cannabis or weed gummies. There are stray differences in the way they smell, taste, and even feel when you chew on them.

Brand or Company

Of course, you don’t want to work with a brand or a company that has a bad reputation when it comes to product quality, right? Other than third-party lab-tested results, it’s also imperative to look and find a brand or a company that has the best reviews and feedback from the market.

In front of you are some of the biggest and most prominent names in the weed edibles industry. It’s good to try other brands and stuff out, but I would suggest sticking with world-class products if you’re just starting.

Taking a pick of the edibles you’ll purchase is not a walk in the park, nor is it something you can do out of muscle memory. One thing is for certain, though, after reading this guide, you’ll be mindful of the next THC gummy brands you will patronize and work with.

Understanding What THC Edibles Are

In a nutshell, they are edibles or treats that contain tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, for short. These organic hemp or THC infusions are added to the list of ingredients to create the edibles.

The term “edibles” is vast as it can refer to anything from treats you can eat or drink. So, THC products can range from candies like gummies, chocolates to brownies and even drinks!

So, if we look at what THC gummies are, they are THC-infused gummy candies. They may have artificial flavors, but most companies claim they don’t include them in manufacturing.

How Are THC Edibles or THC Gummies Made?

The idea of making THC-infused gummies is the same as regular or standard gummies. And the reason why customers don’t see the infusion of cannabis is because the product added is cannabis-infused oil.

Like standard gummies, manufacturers tend to force their products to have natural flavors with natural ingredients for customers and enthusiasts to enjoy.

Are Edibles the Same as Flowers or Concentrates?

Technically, yes. Consuming THC, in any form or shape, will let out its effects. Regardless of how they’re processed or treated, you will feel the intense effects of THC.

My personal experience with some of the strongest THC gummies I’ve tested was incredible, to say the least. Not only were they good, but some were even better than mediocre-level flowers and concentrates, to be honest.

In addition to that, edibles also provide the same health benefits as other forms of cannabis. Whether they’re cannabis gummies, chocolates, or other hemp-derived CBD products, as long as they’re packed with major and minor cannabinoids and other cannabis compounds, they’re good.

THC Gummies vs. CBD Gummies: Differences and Similarities

I feel like explaining what THC gummies are wouldn’t be complete without you knowing about CBD gummies.

Like in standard marijuana, THC and CBD edibles carry the same idea. THC gummies, since they contain the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis, have 20% more tetrahydrocannabinol or THC than CBD gummies, which typically only have 0.3%.

Yes, their main difference would be in the concentration of THC, which is responsible for the intense effects the substance gives. It’s not very far from cannabis products that are labeled THC and CBD.


The first time I tried ordering THC gummies was a mess. I didn’t know what I was looking for, and I was wondering if it was organic hemp, THC, or CBD—or something else. So, I got you now; I prepared a few commonly asked questions about the best THC gummies (and CBD gummies) you may find in the market today!

Are CBD Gummies Legal in Canada?

Yes, CBD and THC gummies are legal in Canada. They can be sold, distributed, and consumed within the perimeter of the country. However, transporting cannabis, cannabis compounds, or other weed-infused products outside Canada is an automatic offense and will be subject to legal and federal charges.

Does Canada Sell Gummies?

Yes, being a country that accepts the use of cannabis products (in any shape or form), you can expect them to sell THC gummies, in fact, some of the best ones in the market today. There are multiple sources and dispensaries where you can get them that are based in Canada.

What are Sativa Gummy Effects?

The effects of sativa gummies are similar to the effects of regular sativa flowers or concentrates. They can be in the range of heightened creativity, a better sense of pleasure, a relaxed and uplifted mood, and a sense of euphoria scattered throughout the body.

What are the Strongest Edible Gummies?

There are many, and an influx of cannabis enthusiasts and experts conspire and give claim that their products are the best and strongest. Among these are:

Final Verdict

The best gummies in Canada aren’t always what your friends tell you. I know some of you may not have found a few keywords you’re looking for, especially with the strain or the flavor. But let me tell you this, no matter how good artificial flavors are; you will always go back to natural flavorings because they’re not only healthier, but they also taste better in the long run.

Get the best and highest quality of gummies without overpaying and without stressing about where you can get them!

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