Do you like sour tasting and uplifting strain? Then you are going to love our post/Review of Zkittlez Marijuana Strain.

This is a hybrid cannabis strain which got a lot of fruity flavors from its famous parents.

Zkittlez marijuana strain was made by mixing Grapefruit cannabis strain with the Grape Ape strain. Both of these parents have a very distinct fruity taste.

This strain can sometimes come out as an Indica variant. It will give out uplifting experience, but we will talk about that later in this post in the effects section.

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So, the reason why we love this strain is that it won 7 awards in just a mere four weeks!

That is astounding, isn’t it?

The most famous achievement of this strain is winning the title belt in the World Secret Cup. This strain, eve since its inception, has been a people favorite all around the world.

Zkittlez marijuana strain has also won Cannabis Cup held in San Francisco and Michigan for being the Best Indica strain in 2015.


This strain is currently sold on the Seedsman Seed Bank, which is our second most favorite seed bank after the ILGM seed bank.

You can go onto the Seedsman seed bank, and you will find three different Zkittlez marijuana strain. All three of them are from a different breeder.

Seedsman sells their own bred Zkittlez strain if you like their products. You can even find two more variants that you can buy for this strain. One is bred by Fast Buds, and the other one is bred by Lineage genetics.

If you would like to check out the strains, then you can find the links below the image in the next section of this post.

Growing Lemon Thai Kush Marijuana Strain



Are you a beginner?

This strain is really easy to grow even if you do not have enough experience in growing marijuana by yourself. You can grow it indoors and outdoors both.

If you are planning on growing out in your garden, then make sure you grow it only if you have enough sunlight and no rain/humidity.

The strain could get damaged severely because of rain and humidity (a little bit of humidity is fine though).

One expert tip that we can give to growers that would like to get that mild purple color in their plants is to give this Zkittlez plant a little cold when it is flowering. The cold will make sure that the plant produces that purple color which looks different and eye-catchy.

Indoors Cannabis Flowering Time & Yields

If you grow this Zkittlez marijuana strain indoors in your home or basement, you would have total control over all the different factors that affect the plant-like humidity, light, and temperature.

It is highly recommended to grow marijuana indoors if you don’t live in suitable climates.

You would need about 7 to 8 weeks for this strain to flower and give you an awesome and very substantial amount of yield.

When grown indoors, you can expect a harvest of about 13 ounces of buds from 1 square meter of the plantation.

Outdoors Cannabis Flowering Time & Yields

If you have proper sunlight outside, then you can get up to 17 ounces of buds per plant.

That’s remarkable, eh?

The usually flowering and harvest time of the Zkittlez marijuana strain is at the beginning of October month.

Medical Benefits

There are numerous benefits provided this awesome medicinal cannabis strain. There is 0.2% CBD in this strain which makes it helpful in a lot of medical problems and diseases.

If you are struggling with high stress and depression, then this marijuana strain will be really helpful, smoking it will relieve your stress and relax you.

People who have chronic depression smoke this cannabis to get their moods uplifted and get a relaxed and euphoric experience.

After smoking this Zkittlez marijuana strain, you will notice that it suppresses and removes negative emotions and thoughts.

You are going to feel more energized after smoking it. It also helps when one is feeling nauseous during traveling.

Do you struggle to sleep and eat?

This is a great strain to trigger munchies, and you will eat better and sleep better by smoking this weed. One joint and you are going to drift off in your bed calmly.


If you have never smoked marijuana before, then this strain can rarely make you dizzy.

As the THC level on this marijuana strain is between 9% and 19%, we would say it will give a good average high. You can start smoking this even if you are a complete rookie.

The potent high is strong but not too overpowering over you. Smoking it will make you very relaxed and mellow.

It’s a great strain to smoke after a long day at work. Sit back, light up the joint, and relax as the high goes around your body and gives a great therapeutic experience.

One thing we have noticed about this strain is that it makes people happy!

Cool, eh?

Zkittlez marijuana strain will make the atmosphere very bright and interesting. You are going to get a lot of motivation and mood elevation.

Smoke the strain and feel the good effects of this weed asap! We are sure you will love it.

Odor and Taste

Zkittlez marijuana strain has a very nice aroma which is loved by everyone here at 420ExpertAdvisor.

Upon first smoking it, you will notice that it smells like citrus and a little bit sweet. If you like fruits that taste sour, then this strain will be like that.

The after taste of smoking it will smell a tone of herbal flavor and a bit of earthy smell.

The taste of this cannabis is a mixture of impressive grapefruit and tropical fruits flavors. It also tastes like sweet candies, we all like candies, don’t we?

Zkittlez Marijuana Strain Information:

  • Seedbank: Seedsman/ Lineage Genetics/ Fast Buds
  • Sex: Feminized
  • Pack Size: 1, 3, 5 and 10 Seeds
  • Variety: Indica
  • Strain Genetics: Grape Ape + Grapefruit
  • Flowering Type: Photoperiod/Autoflowering
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Flowering Time: 7 to 8 Weeks
  • Where to Grow: Indoor, Greenhouse, and Outdoor
  • Medical Conditions: Depression, Insomnia, Stress, Pain, Nausea, Eating disorder and Pain
  • Taste / Flavor: Sweet, Earthy, Tropical, Citrus, Berry, Herbal, Grapefruit and Fruity
  • Effect: Relaxed, Sleepy, Euphoric, Happy and Uplifted
  • Plant Height: Medium
  • THC Content: 9% to 19%
  • CBD Content: 0.2%
  • Yield: 13 oz/sqm Indoors and 17 oz/plant Outdoors
  • Outdoor Harvest: Early October
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