White Runtz Strain Review – Everything you must know

White Runtz can replace your ice cream!

With a sweet, creamy, and fruity taste, White Runtz is something that quenches your sweet taste buds distinctively.

And, who would not love that while flying high with euphoria!

In this White Runtz strain review, I’ll tell you why experienced weed users love the White Runtz marijuana strain and what’s exciting about its flavors.

Let’s get started:

White Runtz Strain Overview

With 50-50 Indica and Sativa genetics, White Runtz is offspring of Gelato and Zkittlez strains which are already one of the legendary strains in themselves.

The strain is mainly known for its intense head high, making you escape all the worries and chill.

Though the mouth-watering sweet cum fruity taste makes you have it again and again.

Further, this strain has something exceptional for growers out there – quick finish time.

The strain finishes faster and gets ready to make you fly high within a few weeks.

Well, there’s a lot more to get excited about the White Runtz weed strain:

Quick Strain Information

In a hurry? Just have a look at these:

THC: 20-24%

Effects: Intense, long-lasting body high, giggly, creative, and increased focus

Flavors: Mouth-watering creamy and fruity sweet

Usage: Chronic pain, stress, and anxiety

Growing Info: 8-9 weeks of flowering time, gets ready for harvest up to late October outdoors

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History And Origin Of White Runtz

White Runtz was one of the hottest strains in the market.

Even still, it is.

However, it has become one of the rarest strains of original genetics. And that is why only a few people know about it.

The history of this potent strain takes back to when the original Runtz was famous as a cookie.

And eventually, the cross of Gelato and Zkittlez produced the Runtz phenotype – the White Runtz and Pink Runtz.

Every other dispensary was available with the White Runtz phenotype.

While the White Runtz got so popular around the country due to its unique genetic features, potency, and taste. Thanks to its parents’ genetics, who had a remarkable genetic history.

With that said, Zkittlez, an Indica dominant strain, is one of the premium and most loved strains of its time.

With intense aroma, pure-high, and fantastic taste, Zkittlez strain is still in demand. And, no doubt why this strain has won multiple awards.

Similarly, with Gelato, the strain is quite strong and delivers a beautiful time when smoked.

Therefore, in search of something unique, the crossing of these two strains happened, which resulted in another great strain – White Runtz.

And, now this strain is popular due to its unique genetic inheritance and effects, which is completely worth puffing.

White Runtz Strain Review

Let’s have a closer look:

  1. Cannabinoids in White Runtz

With THC ranging from 20% to 25%, White Runtz gives you an intense high, which hits harder in your head, slowly getting hold of your whole body.

Then soon, you get involved in the deep ocean of pleasure when the euphoria of White Runtz gets on the peak.

And, after the complete exploration, you will get the ultimate relaxation you deserve.

Due to the potency of this strain, make sure to start with smaller doses if you are a first-timer.

The smaller doses of the White Runtz will not harm you but still, even if you are planning to smoke it twice, then try to avoid going out.

It is because the high of White Runtz can make your senses alter if you have a low tolerance to THC.

Otherwise, buckle up and get ready for a roller-coaster ride!

2. Effects of White Runtz

Most of the people reported a calming high.

However, there’s more in between before getting to this.

The initial effects of White Runtz are pretty exciting when the euphoria rushes through your veins.

You feel like flying high to the sky. At the same time, all the worries, stress, and anxious thoughts fade away. You also get that good feeling of doing something new as it uplifts your mood.

While the sedative effects of this strain make sure you get over body pain. That is why White Runtz can be the perfect companion on the weekends or at the end of a tiring day.

In the middle of high, when everything is at its peak, you will surely want to avoid any task, socialize, or go out because the potency of this strain will not allow you to do this.

However, you can be sure that you will have a calming and soothing feeling at the end of the euphoric rush that will help you to the bed happily to sleep better.

3. Taste and Aroma

Do you know what I liked the most about this strain first?

Its taste.

Believe me when I say this:

White Runtz has one of the exquisite tastes of weed.

Thanks to its terpenes, though.

White Runtz features mouth-watering sweet, sour, and a slight hint of skunky taste that blasts in your mouth as you inhale it once.

While at first, you might get the mix of sour and sugary notes that can be blended with something like berries.

And this is why it tastes like one of the best weed strains out there.

When you whiff White Runtz for the first time, you will get the satisfying aroma of earthiness combined with fruitiness. At the same time, there are also some hits of candy.

In short, you are sure to have this strain again and again because of its taste and aroma.

4. Appearance

This beauty appears damn like a queen.

With the greenery and purple spots at some points, you will get an eye-soothing experience as you will have these buds in your garden.

The best appearance happens when the blue tint gets on the buds, and that will be pure bliss to your eyes. Moreover, the nugs will appear sprayed with a sugary cover.

The White Runtz available in the market is entirely olive green with massive trichome coverage throughout the plant.

I’ll rate 8/10 for the appearance of White Runtz.

5. Grow Info

Growing White Runtz is not an easy task.

Even if you try to find this strain on the internet to get some help in growing, it is harder to find any correct information. Thanks to its rare availability in the market.

Talking genetically about the strain, then, it requires a slight low humidity level and the perfect temperature range to thrive.

Therefore, maintenance of this strain is higher, which might cause inconvenience to newbie growers out there.

However, growers with previous experience can surely get the most out of this strain. So let’s find out more on growing White Runtz weed strain:

Growing White Runtz: What You Need To Know?

If you are fascinated with marijuana strains’ potency and taste, then you can’t just step into the garden with bright dreams and hope for the best results.

Instead, you need a good knowledge of that strains’ growing Info, ideal environmental conditions, ideal temperature range, RH level, indoor or outdoors, climate conditions, and much more.

Here are quick things that you need to know about White Runtz that will help you grow this rare strain better:

  1. Growing Difficulty

It is tough!

But possible to get the most out of it.

Here’s how:

White Runtz requires relatively low humidity levels with an ideal 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit temperature range.

Keep in mind that this strain is sensitive to mold and diseases, and therefore, high RH levels can easily make this plant sick. Therefore, avoid that.

Newbies can also get their hands on this strain if they keep the growing environment ideal for most of the time.

2. Ideal Grow Environment

White Runtz is a versatile strain.

You can grow it indoors or outdoors.

However, the temperature range must be ideal. Higher grow-room temperature can harm the health of the plant.

Additionally, the colder climates do not affect that much as this strain is initially grown in the California climate conditions.

Even White Runtz can also tolerate slightly colder climate conditions outdoors. Ensure to provide your plants with proper sunlight during the flowering and vegetative stages.

3. Yield

Yield is impressive when you grow White Runtz.

Indoor growers can quickly get around 14 to 16 ounces per square yard, while outdoor growers can expect 16 ounces per plant.

And this is something that impresses me the most after the taste of this strain.

Therefore, putting your efforts and time into this strain will surely be worth it when you are harvesting.

4. Flowering Time

White Runtz is not a fast strain to flower and finish, but it has an average flowering time.

With around 8-9 weeks of flowering time, you can be ready to cure your buds up to late October.

However, if grown in a low-humid environment with nearly ideal conditions, White Runtz can surely finish faster.

Medical Benefits of White Runtz

White Runtz strain has medical benefits as well.

Though before I’ll take you to those valuable points, let me throw some insights into the terpenes of this strain which ultimately helps to develop taste and aroma with medical benefits:

  1. Limonene

It is the dominant terpene found in White Runtz. And this terpene is responsible for the fruity and woodsy aroma.

While experts also say that limonene helps burst the stress.

2. Caryophyllene

It is one of the common terpenes in weed plants. It produces a peppery taste while having antioxidant properties that help as an anti-inflammatory agent.

3. Linalool

It is one of the potent terpenes that is found in White Runtz. It has powerful medicinal properties to help with anxiety, insomnia, and even depression symptoms.

So, these are the terpenes that are found in White Runtz. And following are the medical symptoms in that this strain can be helpful:

  1. Stress

Bursting the work-stress or any other stress, White Runtz knows this very well. And due to its potency, people use it as a mood-booster agent that snaps the tension and makes you feel better.

2. Anxiety

The calming effects of White Runtz help burst the anxious thoughts like they burst the stress. And, no doubt why so many people have reported better feelings with this strain.

3. Insomnia

White Runtz can help you get better sleep at night.

Of course, you need to get a recommendation and ask your physician first, but due to its sedative and calming effects, people have reported a better sleeping experience.

4. Chronic Pain

The combination of sedatives with calming effects makes you feel better in chronic pain. Even when you are in a rush of euphoria, you forget about the pain.

5. Depression

In some cases, experts say that White Runtz can be helpful in the symptoms of depression as well.

This strain can surely help you achieve some good times with these many medicinal benefits.

However, using weed for medical conditions must be recommended by the patient’s doctor, and user discretion is a must.

Is the White Runtz cannabis strain Sativa or Indica?


Whit Runtz is a hybrid cannabis strain with 50% Sativa and 50% Indica.

What kind of high is White Runtz?

The high that White Runtz produces is mild and ultimately relaxing.

Why is White Runtz so expensive?

Due to the less availability of White Runtz original strain, it is expensive.

Final Thoughts

At the end of this White Runtz review, I’ll indeed say this is one of the strains that weed enthusiasts will love most and want to try out something new.

With high potency, perfect taste, and a blissful appearance, this strain is capable of making you fall in love with it. And, once you are into White Runtz, there’s no way back.

It will surely replace your previous weed strains and even those ice creams in your fridge!

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