Purple Urkle Cannabis Strain Review in 2023

Who doesn’t like to relax after a busy, hectic day? Purple Urkle is a perfect alternative to take out all your stress in a single puff. Read this Purple Urkle Cannabis Strain Review to know-how.

The Purple Urkle strain’s name apparently won’t make much sense except you are a fan of hit TV series Family Matters.

If you belong to the generation of the 1980s, you might remember Steve Quincy Urkle from the show Family Matters. This foolish character was likely to meet with accidents but in a hilarious way.

Consuming Purple Urkle will make you prone to being clumsy, that is the way the name caught on according to some users.

Like with a lot of classical strains of marijuana, the idea for the title is hidden in the mists of time, even though the name does seem relevant.

Purple Urkle Cannabis Strain Review


Purple Urkle Cannabis Strain ReviewPurple Urkle is possibly one of the most popular  Indica cannabis strains around, yet its roots are still an unsolved riddle. 

The foundations of Purple Urkle are wrapped in mystery despite being around since the ’80s. It is commonly known as “Purple Urple” and rarely “The Urkle.” 

It is considered to be the phenotype of ‘Granddaddy Purple.’ However, this is more often associated with the particular phenotype of ‘Mendocino Purps.’ This strain is recognized by its purple buds concealed by long orange bristles.

Purple Urkle is a well-balanced strain with rich earthy and grapey notes. In fact, some users match the taste to that of grape soda. So it’s ultra-easy on the taste buds.

Besides being pleasant, it also is recognized for its relaxing and euphoric high.

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Genetics of Purple Urkle

Not much is identified about Purple Urkle's genesis myth, but that it first emerged in the 1980s. 

Purple Urkle marijuana is a stabilized hybrid, and its heredity is attributable to Mendocino Purps, which itself evolved from the legendary Emerald Triangle region in northern California.

The strain apparently became known on the West Coast during the 1980s and was a familiar option in the Golden State once therapeutic cannabis was legalized in the mid-1990s.

According to Michael Backes, the writer of Cannabis Pharmacy, Purple Urkle was initially produced at the Cannabis Buyers' Club of West Hollywood while marijuana was illegal.

Its purple genetics, a consequence of its ancestors, including Grape Ape and Granddaddy Purple, soon made it a darling amongst weed lovers.

Regardless of its root, Purple Urkle's bright purple coloring, because of the right amount of anthocyanins, undoubtedly added to its name.

Cultivation of Purple Urkle

Not only does Purple Urkle give you a significant high, but it is great to cultivate as well. Your growing place will reflect its purple color, and you will appreciate the deep sweet-smelling fragrance all by itself.

Because Purple Urkle is very receptive to growing requirements like accurately controlled temperatures, developing this strain outdoors will not be a good plan.

Every climate change can affect to halting and restarting its growth. You can get the best mild and sunny weather, but that does not change by growing indoors under controlled conditions.

Purple Urkle Cannabis Strain Review

If you really crave to plant it outside or have no option, be satisfied with a per-plant yield of not more than eight or nine ounces.

With constant care, you can get a considerably better yield indoors. You have to pay close attention and nourish the plant with the optimal circumstances that it enjoys.

You can cultivate this strain utilizing hydroponics but will require to prune more often or use the canopy system called Screen of Green.

The point of either method is that you support the plant to generate colas instead of sturdier stems for branch and leaf growth.

Growing Difficulty

Purple Urkle is not a strain for newcomers. The challenge with growing Purple Urkle is that you require to follow a rigorous feeding schedule in order to get the best harvest.

Whether you are growing this plant indoors or outdoors, not following a strict schedule of nutrients will result in a less-than-desirable yield.

Purple Urkle does not have much resistance to bacteria, mildew, pests, or environmental fluctuations. In other words, you must preserve your Purple Urkle plants from almost everything.


It isn't simple to develop this strain outdoors. While it will be available for harvest by the middle of October, it requires a warm and sunny condition to thrive.

Besides feeding Purple Urkle a lot of nutrients, you need to develop it at colder temperatures than other Indicas. If it doesn't grow in the best circumstances, it can generate an unpleasant odor.


Beautiful. Charming. Spectacular.

All of these words appropriately express the sensations that arise when you lay your eyes on the Purple Urkle plant.

The lively purple, vibrant orange, and drizzle of trichomes is a treat for the eyes. There is no other way to say it — Purple Urkle buds might be the best you will ever see.

Purple Urkle Cannabis Strain ReviewThe beautiful purple calyxes that we notice with the majority of Purple Urkle phenotypes are gorgeous. Among the forest of green leaves and stems, it's very pleasing.

But, just like other phenotypes of Acapulco Gold and Grand Daddy Purple, not every plant reflects the same color range. So, not all of them are assured of having the same dark purple color.

The flavor outline of Purple Urkle follows straight to Grand Daddy Purple and other purple strains. It is fruity and delicious with unusual grape tones. You will have a fresh and very sweet-smelling smoke from this strain.

Flowering Time


Purple Urkle grown indoors can be assumed to yield an average of around 18 ounces per square meter. This plant typically takes around 8 to 9 weeks to blossom and is ready for harvest.


When grown outdoors, this strain favors a warm and sunny climate it can flourish in. Purple Urkle might take a bit longer to flourish outdoors and be expected to be available for yield around the middle of October. This hybrid cannabis stain usually yields around 9 ounces of bud per plant.


Nonetheless, even with its demanding growing specifications, Purple Urkle is a quick finisher, taking no more than two months to reach maturity.

Plus, because it can provide up to 6 ounces of bud for every foot of its height, it's definitely one to pay off your troubles.

Flavor and Fragrance of Purple Urkle

As you break the bud of Purple Urkle, it kicks you out with a potent blend of pepper, spice, and chamomile, which come collectively to play with your sensations and awake your system for the attack ahead.

Beneath the thick forest of delightful flavor, the Purple Urkle strain covers a modest gasoline hint that peeps through the encounter and makes you doubt whether or not you actually exhaled it.

When it comes to the flavor, this is a great strain to enjoy when both smoked or consumed, especially form bongs or pipes.

The primary skunky aroma is soon overtaken by a more fruity flavor of berries and grapes. However, this is more of a fresh fruit flavor rather than an artificially grape soda.

But aside from its flavor, Purple Urkle also displays supreme Indica dominant effects that max out relaxation to put you in a situation of peaceful clarity that's ideal for meditation and concentration.

Effects of Purple Urkle

This delightful hybrid wears many hats. Purple Urkle quite probably has received the best of both worlds, with the Indica side of features possibly dominating most of the time.

This mellow monster is high at unwinding every bit of you after a long insane day of being busy.

If you fight with figuring out how to soothe your mind after having stressful times, particularly after having a bustling day at work, this strain is what you are craving for.

Purple Urkle will make you overlook all your worries and restore them with all the happy feelings in the world.

Once you begin to feel Purple Urkle's effects, you're likely to feel a tingling sensation that courses up and through the spine and limbs.

This sensation can weigh you down, changing your mood to make you feel better and less stressed. In some cases, Purple Urkle can also stimulate hunger from deep within your stomach, helping you master a non-existent appetite.

Intensely soothing and calming, Purple Urkle regulates the breathing, the ideas, and the body for a truly relaxing experience. As the tornado of stress and tension begins to sink and clear away, the strain then gets to work on cradling you off into a sleep existence.

It’s been defined as a “two-hitter-quitter,” indicating that two hits of this strain will make the user perceive its full effects.

If you dare to give in, Purple Urkle can leave you in a state of uninterrupted sleep for hours after it takes effect. For that purpose, it comes out as the best choice for night-time use.

As a potent Indica dominant strain, Purple Urkle will not think twice about settling you to bed, so it supports to schedule your use for those times when you're done with all of your daily engagements.

For low-tolerance users, Purple Urkle's pleasing smell and taste can help keep irritations at bay and be easy to use as a vapor thanks to its smooth taste profile.

Medical Benefits of Purple Urkle

Purple Urkle is very famous among medical marijuana patients. It has the potential to give relief to people across a full spectrum of diseases.

Many patients love this strain for its particular medical expertise. Insomniacs prefer this strain for its capacity to generate a calm, restful night of sleep, soothing even the most severe cases of sleeplessness.

Purple Urkle helps tranquilize the body and mind, which indicates it is often prescribed to patients with a stress disorder, depression, or anxiety. This is because of its capacity to help reduce negative feelings from your mind.

The sedative effects of this strain also ensure that it is utilized to handle the pain of ailments, such as fibromyalgia.

A number of disease symptoms have also become easier to control with the help of this medical cannabis strain.

Purple Urkle is very good at overcoming pain that patients may undergo from muscle contractions, joint problems, and even migraines and headaches.

Side Effects of Purple Urkle

Purple Urkle can produce a healthy body high, so if you aren't looking to be stabbed in your seat for much time, it might be best to take it easy on this one.

Sometimes, you might encounter a slight headache from smoking too much of this bud.

Although it is dubious, one viable reason why this strain is named Purple Urkle is due to what occurs to clumsy people who use too much of it. It gives you an intense body high, so if you try to do any strenuous actions while high on this weed, you might have a Steve Urkel type accident like this:

Purple Urkle Cannabis Strain Review

Occasionally, you might get a little dizziness, mainly when used in high doses. In rare instances, this may turn into a mild sensation of paranoia. 

The most usual side effect of this hybrid is a perception of dehydration, ending in a case of cottonmouth, which may also be followed with dry eyes.

What We Liked

  • Long-lasting relaxation
  • Aids medical ailments
  • A perfect blend of flavors
  • Small to medium-sized plant

What We Didn't Like

  • Average yield
  • Difficult to grow

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why is purple weed purple?

The flavonoid anthocyanin, which also gives blueberries their purple color, is responsible for the purple pigment found in purple weed. Although every strain of cannabis includes a variety of flavonoids, significant levels of anthocyanin are uncommon among marijuana varieties.
Over the last few decades, enterprising weed breeders have sought and crossed strains with naturally high anthocyanin content. Grandaddy Purple was one of the first strains to develop densely purple buds, but the "purple sauce" has spread wildfire among cannabis breeders throughout California and beyond.

Does purple weed make you sleepy?

Some purple cannabis strains may make you tired, while others may not. However, many people find the euphoric effects of THC to be soothing regardless of the surrounding terpenes, but only cannabis with indica-dominant genetics will dependably produce a hypnotic experience.
Even sativa terpenes don't seem to have purely stimulating effects, so don't expect to remain awake all night if you smoke the incorrect purple strain before bed. If you want the most considerable sedative effects, make sure your purple strain is an indica like Grandaddy Purp or Purple Kush.

Does weed color matter?

Most cannabis strains are mostly green as they mature. From bright lime-colored colors to dark greens tinted with purple, many shades of green are portrayed. More stains can develop or become more apparent in both leaves and buds as plants blossom and begin to mature.
Cannabis with a purple color scheme is stronger or more edible than weed with a different color scheme.

How strong is Granddaddy purple?

The Granddaddy Purple strain is a popular strain with a high THC content of around 21% and exquisite candy-like tastes. It's a mix between Big Bud and Purple Urkle, a potent hybrid. It gives you a tremendous cerebral high followed by a deep sense of relaxation that certainly puts you on your couch. You will feel calm and should be able to fall asleep once you have savored the sense of delight.

Final Thoughts

Purple Urkle cannabis strain is potent and seems to be making a comeback in California. Although it has been relatively successful for a couple of decades, sales of this strain are starting to rise again.

It seems that medicinal and recreational consumers enjoy the relaxing feeling and grape soda taste in the same way.

It is a beautiful strain to lay your eyes upon, but it is not that simple to grow. We don't suggest trying to grow Purple Urkle except you have many successful grows under your belt. 

If you want to enjoy weed and would instead not be spotted, this might not be the perfect strain for secret use. we hope you have enjoyed reading this Purple Urkle Cannabis Strain Review!

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