Mac Strain Review – Don’t Miss THIS.

Mac Strain Review: Well, this is what MAC strain is famous for.

Miracle Alien Genetics or MAC is a miracle in the cannabis world because it has great potency to deliver powerful effects.

If you, too, don’t believe in numbers and go for the results, you will surely fall in love with this cannabis beauty.

Further, this strain also leads to bettering some medicinal symptoms.

Read this MAC strain review to know more miracles of this beauty!

Mac Strain Overview

Bred by Calculator, Miracle Cookies or MAC strain has the genetic features of Alien Cookies, Columbian, and Starfighter.

The strain produces some intense levels of THC, which might be overwhelming for beginners and novices. At the same time, experienced enthusiasts will enjoy it the most.

Further, the MAC strain features a unique aroma and taste of citrusy, flowery, and fruity combination, which bursts into your mouth once you inhale it.

Also, keep some snacks ready because MAC will stimulate your appetite instantly.

However, the intense aroma fills the space instantly as you open the jar of MAC strain buds. Thanks to the enriched terpenes.

Overall, the MAC weed strain suits weed enthusiasts with some experience. As for beginners, the effects might be overwhelming for them.

And, if you want to go a little wild and adventurous, then go for MAC!

Quick Strain Information

Have a quick look at the strain profile:

THC: Up to 25%

Effects: Intense euphoria, creative, happy, and relaxed

Flavors: Citrusy, fruity, and slight hints of diesel

Usage: Stress, anxiety

Growing Info: 6 to 8 weeks

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Mac Strain History and Origin

The growers created MAC strain at the Calculator.

The strain has 50% Indica and 50% Sativa genetics, the offspring of Columbian, Starfighter, and Alien Cookies.

If you know the legendary GSC or Girl Scout Cookie strain, then get assured that you will love the MAC strain.

Because Alien Cookies is another fantastic result of GSC used to breed with Columbian and Starfighter.

While the Columbian is another legendary strain in the cannabis world since the time of the 60s, it is famous for its unique taste of tanginess and citrusy flavor.

And, when all of these legendary strains are combined in one place, we get the ultimate result – Miracle Alien Cookies.

Mac Strain Review

  1. Cannabinoids in Mac Strain

Do you know what impresses the most about MAC strain?

Its THC!

MAC features up to 25% THC and <1% CBD.

And this much THC content is sufficient to produce intense euphoria and give you the hard-hitting effects of cannabis.

However, this is not where the story is over.

Because even though the THC ranges from 19-25% THC, this strain can produce effects like GG #4, which has around 30% of THC compound.

It is where it surprises the weed lovers.

Higher THC of MAC strain also helped it produce some medical properties to help better some medical conditions.

This strain has sky-level cannabinoids for recreational users to give you a knock-out punch of euphoria.

2. Effects of Mac Strain

I know you might be eagerly waiting for this:

How does MAC strain make you feel?

MAC makes you feel like you got an intense hit of euphoria. At the same time, surges of creativity and happiness get hold of the body in a while.

As you inhale MAC strain for the first time, you can feel the rush of something energizing and uplifting. Also, you might be able to do some creative work with more focus. Thanks to its potency.

Further, it will also help you boost and lift your mood from a tiring day.

That is why MAC strain is the perfect companion on weekend nights or on a tiring day when you want to take a break from the hectic schedule.

However, you must remember that higher doses of MAC strain can surely lead you to sit on the couch for hours and do nothing.

Therefore, be careful how you use it initially. Novices should start with minimal doses and observe to which extent they can go.

3. Taste and Aroma

If you have ever had those fruity strains in your stash, you will surely love MAC for another reason.

This strain features a dank sour and sweet-orange combination of taste which finishes with notes of earthiness.

As you inhale MAC for the first time, you will feel the burst of citrusy flavor while the sweetness will whirl upon you later.

And, as this tasty storm ends, you get a deep flavor of flowery and earthiness, making your mouth crave it again.

Further, as you open up the jar or box of MAC buds, you will get the aroma of flowery buds combined with diesel hints. Then, of course, it has one of the fantastic aromas of cannabis.

So, overall, the combination of beautiful aroma and taste gives you the perfect cannabis time.

4. Terpenes

MAC strain has all the fantastic terpenes that can produce a better experience. The dominating terpenes in MAC are Limonene, Myrcene, Pinene, and Terpinolene.

  • Limonene – produces the taste of lemon-like citrus and is responsible for boosting the mood. This terpene can also help you to stimulate your appetite. That is why the MAC strain has mood-boosting effects and some citrusy taste.
  • Myrcene – is one of the common terpenes found in cannabis. This terpene ultimately makes people relax and get better sleep.
  • Pinene – producing taste like pine, Pinene helps reduce pain and anxiety.
  • Terpinolene – this terpene is responsible for producing calming effects.

Overall, the MAC strain has got adequate terpenes that are capable of delivering not only better taste but also producing some medicinal benefits.

5. Appearance

MAC is a natural beauty.

It appears like an angel stepped down from heaven!

The greenish and purple woven with bright orange hairs will hold your sight. At the same time, you will fall in love with its dense, thick, and crystalline buds (Of course, you will also fall for its taste).

And, as you will be growing this strain in your home’s backyard, your neighbors will surely be jealous of you for getting those beautiful buds in your garden.

Also, the bud’s aroma will ensure it fills the surroundings with a pleasant tone. Thanks to its terpenes, this strain is great in taste and aroma.

Overall, the appearance of the MAC strain is very appealing to the eyes, and you will surely want to get some plants of this strain in your garden.  

Growing Mac Strain: Things to Know

If you have decided to grow MAC strain, you are about to have one of the best weed cultivation experiences.

Because this strain is one of the beneficial strains for the growers, and, irrespective of your growing skills, you can be assured of a great result.

Though you need to get to know certain things before you step into buying MAC strain seeds:

  1. Local Laws

The first step towards cultivating any weed plants is knowing if the laws allow it in your region.

Therefore, get to know the local laws first.

Check if it allows you to grow marijuana plants in your region. As in different countries and provinces, the laws apply differently.

And we want you to be safe while doing anything related to weed; therefore, make sure you are comfortable with the laws.

Once your local or regional authority permits, you can quickly move to the gardening step.

2. Grow Difficulty

Once you are ready for cultivation, you need to know some factors beforehand to help you achieve better results later.

MAC strain is simple and easy to grow.

It can produce beautiful results that you can never imagine with less effort. This heavy yield strain can make weed buds rain if you give them the right conditions to thrive.

Even novices and beginner enthusiasts can also get the most out of it.

However, you need to provide it with the right growing conditions.

3. Grow Environment

MAC strain loves to grow in a little warmer climate. However, it is one of the strains which can thrive in any environmental condition without any specific requirement.

It is why it efficiently produces heavy yields in outdoor and indoor cultivation. However, it would help if you watched the light/dark time while growing up outdoors.

Also, the strain can tolerate some plant issues, but it is always better not to let the plant push its limits because you need a better yield.

Further, while growing MAC strain indoors, you need to keep a little space because this hybrid can push its leaves upwards.

Though in most cases, it doesn’t bother you at all.

Under environmental conditions, keep the temperature between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. And make sure the RH level doesn’t exceed the limit.

Keeping growing conditions in favor will help you achieve the results faster.

4. Flowering Time

MAC strain flowers in 9 to 10 weeks, which is faster.

However, it can even finish earlier if it gets nearly ideal growing conditions.

Further, the strain gets ready for the harvest too late in October in outdoor conditions. And same goes with the indoor growers, differing from just one week earlier.

Overall, the MAC strain can be one of the fast strains.

5. Yield

The yield is higher than average cannabis plants.

While growing indoors in the right conditions, you can expect around 400g/meter square. However, outdoor growers can get up to 550g/plant yield.

Also, training on the plant can boost the yield to some extent. However, you are recommended not to do so if you are a complete newbie or unsure of your training skills.

Medical Benefits of Mac Strain

MAC strain has got some excellent medicinal properties. Thanks to the enriched terpenes.

Also, this strain’s higher THC levels and potency is responsible for it. People have reported a better stage in the following medical symptoms:

  1. Anxiety
  2. Stress
  3. Depression
  4. Lack of appetite
  5. Chronic pain

The dominant terpenes in the strain make it easy to cut off your mind’s stress and anxious thoughts. That ultimately help you to relax, leading you to get better sleep at night.

The strain can also be helpful in symptoms of clinical depression.

However, using weed for any medical symptoms is the user’s sole responsibility, and one must take any step after the physician’s prescription.

Final Thoughts

MAC strain is one of the famous and potent strains.

It has the ultimate potency to give you the pleasure of the weed world. However, the strain also possesses some medical properties.

And that is why it is nearly available in almost every dispensary.

Ending this MAC strain review, this strain is for those who want to get some thrill and be adventurous.

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