Greasy Pink Strain Info 2024

If you’re looking for the best, the most accurate, and the most detailed Greasy Pink Strain info, you’re on the right page! Being one of the most popular strains in Canada, the Greasy Pink strain is something you don’t want to miss.

It is also easily one of the best-selling strains that hit the market because of its overall effects.

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Greasy Pink Strain Info


Greasy Pink Strain Info

If there’s a strain that can be toiled and partnered up with ladies, it would easily be the Greasy Pink. The lovechild of the renowned and acclaimed Bubba Kush with the Pink Genetics of Pink Kush, you’ll genuinely be mesmerized and amazed at what this strain can do.

  • Type: Indica Strain
  • Grade: AAAA
  • CBD: Less Than 1%
  • THC: 22% to 27%
  • Typical Use: Anxiety, Loss of Appetite, Depression, Stress

With about 27% THC, this unique indica strain’s effects are perfect for cannabis enthusiasts and cannabis connoisseurs. Prepare yourself for a barely visible high, thanks to the combine genetics of its parents, which is mostly indica strain.

When taken out, the pungent buds are adhesive-like and sticky. This Greasy Pink Kush has bright green buds, taken from the Bubba Kush with little pink hairs from its Pink parent.

The buds are perfectly crafted, coated, and enveloped by its sugar-like trichomes, taking that it is from the sweet lineage of the Pink Kush.

Greasy Pink Effects


The effects of this strain are actually the one that gets me. Used by both recreational and medical marijuana patients, this moderately-heavy indica is known for treating anxiety and mood disorders, as well as giving sufficient pain relief to people.

Moreover, some people also use this for chronic pain like migraines, headaches, muscle aches, and other similar types of inflammation or pain.

Even if the strain comes from two (2) heavy indica variants, this bright-green, pink hairs pungent buds strain can deliver Sativa-like effects, maintaining, of course, its indica effects because of the Pink genetics.

Greasy Pink Taste


It has this trademark taste of sweet gas, earthy, and somehow woody dankness. What’s surprising is its grassy flavors, which could be due to the legendary Bubba Kush genetics.

It has this dark sweetness to it, as some type of an aftertaste, per se. The Greasy Pink Kush might just be the strain for you if you are after that heavy stone effect without an unusual taste.

Greasy Pink Aroma


Its aroma is somehow dank, with hints of flowers and a mixture of sweetness and Diesel-like. The primary contributor to what it smells like is definitely its parents, not to mention the fact that its sugar-like trichomes envelop the buds pretty abundantly.

Overall, this strain’s pungent buds, along with the pink hairs and bright green structure, is alluring.


Have more questions about the ever-famous Greasy Pink? Here are some of the questions people like you have asked!

Why is Pink Kush So Strong?

It’s not actually a “really strong” strain; instead, it is a reasonably potent one coming from its THC levels reaching anywhere between 18% and 30%.

Is Greasy Pink the Same As Super Greasy Pink?

Yes, they are the same! They’re only marketed differently, but if you care to look at the descriptions, effects, tastes, and smells, they’re 100% identical.

Is Pink Runtz Indica or Sativa?

It is a hybrid strain that has a THC content ranging from 23% to 25%. Virtually, it has no CBD, which gives this smooth, energetic, fast-hitting high that you will get from a mostly indica strain.

Final Thoughts

If you can’t get a hold of a reliable source to let you know about the Greasy Pink strain info, you’re in for a treat! As much as we can give you all possible factors that point toward this unique indica strain, it would be barely visible considering the fact that its parents’ strains aren’t too far apart.

But, if you’re trying to look for that fashioned giggle session stoned level, this moderately-heavy indica is for you.

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