Forbidden Fruit Strain Review: Ultimate Forbidden Indulgence

If you ask me to name one of the potent and rare Indica strains, I will call Forbidden fruit strain.

It is because this Indica beauty can shoot up to 25% THC with a fantastic taste that holds your body and mind to keep you flying into the sky for hours!

While on top of that, Forbidden Fruit strain quickly helps you alleviate the symptoms of chronic stress, anxiety, and muscle spasms.

And now you know why the pro-level weed enthusiasts crave this beauty.

Let’s dive deep into this Forbidden Fruit strain review and determine if you are ready to take a puff of this potent cannabis strain.

Let’s get started:

Forbidden Fruit Strain Overview

Weed enthusiasts looking to take their weed journey to the next level with some potent bliss – the Forbidden Fruit strain is for you.

This strain can deliver an intense high, and mouth-watering taste of fruitiness, which makes you have it repeatedly.

But, don’t fall for the fantastic taste and high because the higher doses of Forbidden Fruit can make you sit on the couch for hours, and you will not get to know how much time got passed.

And this is why this strain is so popular among weed lovers and those who know this bliss!

Quick Strain Information

Newbie? Get to see this strain rapidly:

THC: Up to 25%

Effects: Euphoria and ultimately relaxation

Flavors: Fruity and flowery with hints of citrusy earthiness

Usage: Chronic pain, muscle spasms, anxiety, and more

Growing Info: Average flowering time 7-9 weeks, impressive yield

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Forbidden Fruit Strain Background

Talking about the genetic history of Forbidden Fruit, then it is pretty mysterious.

Some weed experts have claimed that a breeder company in California bred it. However, mostly it is believed that the parent genetics were Tangie and Cherry Pie.

Tangie, a Sativa beauty, holds the potency to dominate once it gets into your body. And while the cherry pie is known for its taste and aroma.

Forbidden Fruit also inherited the delicious aroma and fruity taste from parental genetics.

And that is why it is one of the strains which can quickly get you on a roller coaster ride with just one puff while the fruity taste will burst inside your mouth to make you crave it again.

All in all, the genetic history of the Forbidden Fruit strain is enriched with taste, aroma, and potency, which you will be able to feel in it.

Forbidden Fruit Strain Review

As you have been through the basic information, now is the perfect time to dive deeper:

  1. Cannabinoids in Forbidden Fruit Strain

Cannabinoids in Forbidden Fruit are high!

Around 25-26% THC is enough to knock out with just one puff. That is why this strain is a game for experienced ones. Beginners are better to try something else if they can’t tolerate THC.

Even in the various phenotypes, the average THC cannabinoid stays around 25%, which is way higher than the other average weed strains.

This high THC content quickly pushes you up when you smoke it. And, you forget all the worries and fly high in heaven.

There are no CBD compounds in Forbidden Fruit, and therefore, you can measure no related effects.

2. Effects of Forbidden Fruit

It’s just amazing!

As you inhale Forbidden Fruit, you get a rush of euphoria hitting you from head to toe. Once you give hold of your body to this beauty, it takes you on a beautiful journey of pleasure.

All your worries start fading away while you want to sit on the couch and listen to your favorite track.

And, as you enjoy your favorite album, the euphoric effect repairs your muscles to make you forget all the pains.

At the end of this beautiful time, you will get to know you have been in a deep relaxation state. Your muscles will be repaired, and you will have a much better sleep after this.

Even though you will stay in that relaxing state for a while, you will crave to go into that rushing stage again.

3. Taste and Aroma

Have you ever had that taste of fruity cum flowery blend?

It is what Forbidden Fruit offers.

However, you will get more than that from this strain.

Along with fruitiness and a flowery blend, your mouth will feel the beauty of nutty and pine. At the same time, the citrusy and earthiness hints are there to conclude the taste.

And, when it comes to the aroma, it is something like earthy pine with fruity hints, which is quite overwhelming.

As you open the jar or box of Forbidden Fruit, you will get the intense hit of something fruity packed with earthiness.

While this experience is quite overwhelming, that makes you fall in love with this strain.

4. Terpenes

Terpenes play a vital role in creating taste and aroma.

And this strain is enriched in terpenes to produce such a beautiful aroma and taste.

  • Myrcene

It is the abundant terpene found in Forbidden Fruit.

And it is one of the most common terpenes found in cannabis, while Myrcene is responsible for delivering earthiness, peppery aroma, and flavor.

Also, its effects are sedative.

  • Caryophyllene

Caryophyllene is the second terpene found in Forbidden Fruit after Myrcene. This terpene can help alleviate the symptoms of pain and inflammation as well.

It also helps you to relax at the end.

  • Limonene

Generally, Indica dominant strains are high in limonene. Forbidden Fruit also possesses limonene abundantly.

It produces mood-elevating effects with energizing buzz. Research has shown that this terpene can be helpful in symptoms of cancer.

Summing up, the terpene profile of Forbidden Fruit is impressive as the cannabinoid profile. That is why you can be sure that you will have a better taste from your previous strain.

5. Appearance

The appearance of Forbidden Fruit is a treat to the eyes. Buds are bright and beautiful to behold your sight.

You will observe a variety of shades on your buds as you will grow this beauty.

The buds will be denser, thicker, and greener, while you can also observe some patches of purple hues and orange.

Crystalline and frosty layering over the buds will make you fall in love while it will give you a hint of how heavy and potent these fruits are, which are eager to make you feel heaven.

Overall, the appearance of Forbidden Fruit is impressive as the buds are beautiful and have all the features that a potent strain can possess.

From curly orange pistils to thick, frosty, and crystalline buds, Forbidden Fruit has got a reason to stare.

6. Grow Info

The growing report of Forbidden Fruit will impress you as it is not a tricky strain to cultivate.

You need to give it the ideal outdoor grow environment to thrive and leave the rest.

It will flower within 7 to 9 weeks, so get ready for the harvest up to October.

On top of that, the strain is mildly resistant to diseases that make it a low-maintenance strain.

If you are thinking of growing Forbidden Fruit, you can surely get the most out of it by maintaining thriving basic needs for the plant.

Growing Forbidden Fruit Strain: Things to Know

Before we step into growing stuff, make sure you know your local laws and rules regarding growing cannabis.

The various states and countries deal with cannabis and the cultivation of cannabis differently. So, we want you to take a step further by staying under the laws.

And once you are comfortable with the laws, you can follow this guide along:

Growing Forbidden Fruit is comparatively easy, but that doesn’t mean anyone can produce excellent results.

There are certain things to know before you step in to buy Forbidden Fruit seeds from the market:

  1. Growing Difficulty

It is easy.


You have to ensure you provide the ideal environment to thrive, where the humidity and temperature stay in the perfect range.

Moreover, the plant is resistant to the fundamental plant issues that are the plus point of this strain. And therefore, maintaining it will be much easier.

2. Growing environment

You can grow Forbidden Fruit indoors or outdoors, anywhere until you provide it the conditions to thrive.

For indoor growers, the strain requires proper ventilation and air circulation. Humidity should be moderate, while the temperature should not be harsh.

With that much condition, you can easily make this strain the most productive plant in your garden.

Further, outdoor cultivators need to grow this strain in a moderate climate. That means the environment should neither be too cold nor too hot to handle.

Also, sunlight matters, and therefore, grow it in such a location where you can provide this strain the adequate sunlight.

3. Flowering Time

The flowering time of Forbidden Fruit is 7 to 9 weeks.

And, if you keep everything in ideal conditions, it can also get ready for the harvest within just seven weeks. Also, sometimes it takes up to 10 weeks to prepare.

Therefore, it’s all up to you how much time you want to get the results.

For outdoor growers, the flowering time varies according to the climate conditions, whereas indoor growers can control the growing environment to get the desired results in less time.

4. Yield

The yield is impressive.

You get more than you expect.

Indoor growers can get 15 ounces+ per meter square, while outdoor growers can get up to 16 ounces per plant yield.

And that is something that impresses us the most because you get such a heavy yield in low investment and low maintenance.

Medical Benefits of Forbidden Fruit Strain

Well, Forbidden Fruit is not only known for its potency.

Instead, this strain’s potency can also deliver benefits in some medical conditions. For example, people have reported better feelings in different symptoms.

Some of them are:

  • Muscle spasms
  • Chronic pain
  • Stress
  • Insomnia
  • Lack of appetite
  • Anxiety
  • Migraine
  • Depression

This strain’s potency and more potent effects can deliver some positive results in mood disorders.

For example, the stress’s primary effect can be bursting as this strain can easily do that. Also, avoiding anxious thoughts is something that this strain does perfectly.

Similarly, Forbidden Fruit is also helpful in other medical symptoms as well.

Though before you take any step further regarding medical conditions and weed, we want to take this decision on your own and ask your physician first.

The user’s sole responsibility and discretion are required.

Is Forbidden Fruit strain Indica or Sativa?


Forbidden Fruit strain is an Indica dominant strain with 70% Indica and 30% Sativa genetics.

How does Forbidden Fruit make you feel?

The high of Forbidden Fruit is strong yet relaxing in the end; higher doses without tolerance can lead to sitting on the couch for hours.

How long does it take forbidden fruit to flower?

Around 7 to 9 weeks of the flowering period are enough for this strain to produce impressive results. However, if you grow it in ideal conditions, it can reward you earlier.

Final Thoughts

Forbidden Fruit is an excellent strain for an adventurous weed enthusiast. Of course, this is not for the first-timers out there trying weed.

This strain is potent, tasty, and beautiful to make you fall in love, but you have to start with the more petite to average doses according to your tolerance capacity.

The higher doses can surely make you stick to one place listening to your album on repeat for hours.

All in all, you will be having a great time with Forbidden Fruit.

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