Black Cherry Gelato Strain Review – [Must Read THIS]

Because the internet has got significantly less info about this beauty, and no one knows who bred this potent strain.

The weed lovers only know how this strain makes them feel amazingly high!

And this is what I guess matters the most.

Well, there’s a lot more exciting stuff in the story of Cherry Gelato, which you shouldn’t miss at all. After all, you will know a best strain that you might have never tried.

So, in this detailed Cherry Gelato strain review, you will find your next favorite strain for sure!

Let’s get going:

Black Cherry Gelato Quick Overview

Black Cherry Gelato is a hybrid marijuana strain that possesses a fantastic taste of cherries, berries, and a citrusy blend that leaves a lasting impression.

And therefore, this strain is known for its two main x-factors:

Sky-level THC and its fantastic taste!

If you have ever searched for a sweet weed strain that can help you fly to cloud nine with just a single puff, you have finally found it.

Black Cherry Gelato has the ultimate potency to throw you into space by rushing the euphoric rocket in your veins while your mouth will get the whirl of delicious taste you can’t get over.

And, to the stoners who constantly push their limits to get adventurous and wild while smoking, you have got your final stuff this time.

With that said, Black Cherry Gelato is suitable for only experienced weed lovers because the effects of this potent strain might be overwhelming for the novices.

With the Black Cherry Gelato strain, you can get high and taste that you might have never got in your life before.

Black Cherry Gelato Strain Profile

Quick sneak-peek into strain:

THC: Up to 30% (Averagely around 26%)

Effects: Intense euphoria, happiness, relax

Flavors: Cherry, berry, herby, skunky

Usage: Anxiety, stress, chronic pain

Growing Info: 8 to 9 weeks of flowering time

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Black Cherry Gelato Background

Black Cherry Gelato originated from the Black Cherry Funk and Acai Gelato.

Further, the strain has 60% Indica and 40% Sativa genetics, making it a perfect hybrid with slight lineage towards Indica. Thanks to the parent genetics.

Black Cherry Funk is also a perfectly balanced hybrid that led the cross with Acai Gelato to develop balanced genetics in its offspring.

However, the Acai Gelato strain is known for the fantastic berry taste, which might be the reason why Black Cherry Gelato has got a mouth-watering fruity taste.

Black Cherry Gelato is the ideal strain for Indica lovers, who are fans of its hard-hitting euphoria and a better taste with a slight edge to the indoor growers (due to its shorter plant size).

Though no one knows who bred this one of the exciting strains, and, therefore, you will get the chance to be more adventurous while puffing this beauty.

Even if you plan to grow Black Cherry Gelato, you will get through an adventurous journey.

Overall, for the people who love the strains, which are exotic and want to try something new, Black Cherry Gelato has got it all.

Black Cherry Gelato Strain Review

  1. Cannabinoids in Black Cherry Gelato

THC can shoot up to 30% in Black Cherry Gelato.

THC stays around 26% in all Cherry Gelato phenotypes, though averagely. And, that is enough THC that can make you stick to one place.

Further, there are very few traces of CBD in this strain.

However, some phenotypes of Cherry Gelato were found to have around 15% THC. Though in most cases, you get sky-level THC.

Therefore, you can be assured that you will be getting a hard hit of THC effects with Black Cherry Gelato.

2. Black Cherry Gelato Effects

The effects of Black Cherry Gelato are powerful.

With just one puff, you get an intense rush of euphoria that will take you to cloud nine. At the same time, all of your worries and pain will start fading away.

Your negative thoughts will disappear, while you will be able to feel the happiness, positivity, and a mood-boosting surrounding. Your stress will burst, and you will get a deep sensation of upliftment.

Due to its relaxing and uplifting effects, Black Cherry Gelato is the perfect strain that you can have at the end of your tiring day and during the weekends.

Also, due to its ultimate calming effects, medical weed enthusiasts get this strain as beneficial.

3. Taste And Aroma

Taste is what weed lovers love the most about this strain.

Black Cherry Gelato has got just mind-blowing taste.

A sweet cherry, berry combination with hints of citrusy sourness and a slight blend of diesel will make your mouth crave it again.

In the initial stage, your tongue will feel the rush of sweet sugar like cherries and berries that will ultimately lead to sourness, with hints herby diesel which will whirl up by leaving a lasting impression.

Further, Black Cherry Gelato’s aroma has hints of herby flower, which goes a little intense after exposure to air.

That means as you will open up the jar of Black Cherry Gelato, it will fill up the space with an herby aroma that will be slightly pleasant and intense at the same time.

4. Terpene Profile

Just like cannabinoids, Black Cherry Gelato has got an enriched terpene profile.

The strain features terpenes like Pinene, Terpinolene, and Caryophyllene. And these terpenes are responsible for their unique aroma, taste, and blissful effects.

While these terpenes also helped the strain to fetch some medicinal properties.

  • Pinene – tastes like pine, this terpene can induce medical properties of anti-inflammatory agent. It also relieves pain.
  • Terpinolene – this terpene induces medical properties to increase sleep quality. Therefore, people with sleeping issues might get benefit from this terpene.
  • Caryophyllene – one of the common terpenes in weed plants, caryophyllene is an antioxidant agent.

Overall, this strain is perfectly balanced with taste, aroma, and effects, which is due to the enriched terpene profile that it possesses. It has also led this strain to produce some medicinal benefits.

5. Appearance

By looks, Black Cherry Gelato is above-average.

At first glance, you will be surprised by the small green nugs.

At the same time, the trichomes will be coated with frosty golden amber along with orange hairs, which look pleasant, making you stalk the plant a bit more.

And, once you get into growing this strain, you can indeed find this beauty as a compact plant that produces a beautiful pungent herby aroma around it.

Growing Black Cherry Gelato

Impressed by this strain?

And, want to grow?

Hold on; I have something important to tell you:

First of all, you need to confirm your region’s local laws for growing weed, if it is allowed.

It is because different countries and provinces have various regulations concerning weed cultivation.

And therefore, you are recommended to be comfortable first according to the laws and rules.

After that, you can move ahead to the strain grow information you need to know before buying Black Cherry Gelato seeds.

  1. Grow Difficulty

Due to the less availability of information on the internet, it is tough to say whether this strain will be easy or difficult to cultivate.

Even though it doesn’t matter how much skilled you are, you better join a community to get the most out of this strain in the first shot.

Further, the Black Cherry Gelato weed seeds are tough to find with original genetics, and therefore, growers can opt for the clones.

This strain is something like an adventurous journey that you don’t know what comes next, so you need to be better prepared beforehand.

2. Environment

While growing any plant, the environment matters the most.

And, luckily in the case of Black Cherry Gelato, you can grow it anywhere, indoors or outdoors. However, this strain loves to thrive in a little sunnier climate with humid temperatures.

Due to slight Indica dominance, the strain’s plant size will be average, making it fit in any space.

Growing outdoor can allow the plant to spread its branches more, leading to more yield.

It is not clear how resilient this strain is to the plant issues. Therefore, you have to keep a regular eye on the growing environment of this strain.

3. Flowering Time

Black Cherry Gelato flowers within just 45 to 50 days with harvest time up to 55 days.

Therefore, you can consider this strain one of the faster strains. However, providing the right growth environment can also lead to even earlier finishing.

Overall, it is not challenging for this strain to make the most. All you need is to provide this strain with the ideal growing environment.

4. Yield

Comparatively, the yield of Black Cherry Gelato is average.

You get around 2 oz yield indoors, while in the right conditions, you can also push this to 18 oz in outdoor gardening.

5. Training

As the yield is average, you can perform some plant training to boost the output accordingly. However, I will recommend you do so in the second round of cultivation of this strain.

Do not perform any training for the first time, as you might not experience how this strain can behave during training.

Therefore, to avoid any consequences, get to know a growing strain once. And once you know its potential and behavior, you can also put some training techniques to push the yield.

So, these are some factors which you have to keep in mind. First, ensure you don’t rush things and observe the strain’s behavior during the flowering and vegetative state.

Also, to master this strain in the garden, you might have to get through some unexpected factors once as very little information is available on the web.

However, you are advised to join the growing community to get help from other growers.

Medical Benefits of Black Cherry Gelato

Potency and taste might be the x-factor why weed enthusiasts love this strain the most.

However, this strain also has some medicinal properties that can help in different symptoms. The most-reported medical symptoms to get better with this strain are:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle spasms
  • Depression
  • Chronic pain
  • Fatigue

Thanks to enriched terpenes, and genetics, Black Cherry Gelato has some medical properties to help you.

However, using weed for any medical symptom is the user’s sole responsibility, and a physician’s prescription is needed to access from the dispensary.

Therefore, ask your doctor first before taking any further regarding weed for your medical condition.


Is Cherry Gelato Strain Indica or Sativa?


Black Cherry Gelato strain is a slightly Indica dominant strain. It has got 60% Indica and 40% Sativa genetics.

What is the strain Gelato good for?

It is suitable for getting an intense high due to the 26% THC level. However, considering its medicinal properties, it can be ideal for anxiety, pain, and depression.

What are Cherry Gelato strain effects?

The effects of the Black Cherry Gelato strain include an intense rush of euphoria, upliftment, happiness, and ultimate relaxation. That is why it is the perfect Indica strain to go on an adventurous high.

Final Words

Black Cherry Gelato can be your next favorite strain for the taste and effects.

If you are looking for a weed strain that can push you on a tiring day or evening of weekends, it is your perfect companion.

You can have one puff of Black Cherry Gelato and forget all of your tiredness and stress for the time being until you get another whiff.

Overall, it is one of the great strains for experienced weed lovers. Beginners are recommended to start with smaller doses accordingly to tolerance.

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