Top 9+ Best Kush Strains in The World

Kush, a cannabis genotype that arose in the Hindu Kush mountains, is famous among medical and recreational users. Here’s all you have to know about Kush marijuana strains. Let’s discuss the topic and explore some of the best Kush strains in the world.

While researching the best Kush cannabis strains, the strain that comes to our mind is the OG Kush cannabis strain.

You may have heard about Kush in numerous well-known hip songs. Let’s go through everything that Kush cannabis strains provide. The Hindu Kush, historically grown distinctly in the mountains of the same name, mostly runs along the border between India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

It is one of the most potent landrace strains available. The Himalayan slopes gave birth to this strain, which after some time, brought about numerous different cannabis that inherited aspects of its name—Kush. 

The word “Kush” has become compatible with premium cannabis strains in the last decade. High-quality cannabis is often called Kush among users. Kush became the go-to term for high-quality cannabis in the U.S., rapidly replacing its contemporaries. 

What is Kush?


Kush is essentially a cannabis Indica strain, which has risen in prevalence in the last decade and assumed a vital function in creating dozens of current hybrid strains. One will infrequently see a Kush strain that is a purebred Sativa, although this can happen with proper growing conditions, combined with relentless cross-breeding. 

When Kush is grown under distinct circumstances, its exceptional phenotypes turn out in a different light. Kush plants are known to develop and adapt to survive. Nowadays, Kush is grown worldwide, but its Himalayan genetics endured and continue to follow the strain, giving it both toughness and intensity. 

The rise of OG Kush

OG Kush first arrived in California during the 1990s, right around when Dr. Dre dropped his Chronic collection, which took the cannabis community by storm. 

The first is that a breeder professed to have gotten the seed from a bag of Chemdawg 91 strain in the Lake Tahoe zone in 1996; the second is that it was brought to California from Florida by a grower who presently operates an organization known as Imperial Genetics. He reports this strain’s parents were a male cross of Lemon Thai and Old World Paki Kush and a female Chemdawg plant. 

Unfortunately, OG Kush is a clone-just strain, and, around then, one couldn’t simply plant a seed of this strain. Or maybe, a cutting from an existing plant is required. 

There is a great deal of confusion about the name’s origin and what OG exactly stands for. Given that it came from California, numerous users thought it implied Original Gangster or just Original Kush.

However, the matter is that a consumer asked the grower who first bred OG Kush in California if it was mountain-grown, complimenting his buds’ quality. The grower answered that it’s sea grown.

Rapidly after that, cuttings of various OG Kush plants began making the rounds around Los Angeles and California. Those cuttings cleared a path for new, closely-related strains. 

These strains gained reputation and formed into Cannabis Cup winners themselves, including Bubba Kush, West Coast Dog, Larry OG, Tahoe OG Kush, Triple OG, Ghost OG, Diablo OG, and so forth. 

What does it like to be high on Kush?

Kush strains are famous for the utmost relaxing effect, all while making the user giggly and joyous. These traits aren’t standard among the different cannabis strains that originated from Kush. 

Kush cannabis with strong ties to Indica roots is exciting to find these days, as the cannabis community moved towards growing highly resistant hybrids.

However, those who still grow Kush with a higher Indica presence are known to create flowers with powerful cerebral effects that “sedate” the user. These buds are frequently prescribed as an approach to fight insomnia. 

Top 10 World’s Best Kush strains

100-plus strains contain the word Kush in their names, and a lot more happened by cross-breeding Kush strains with different cannabis. As previously referenced, the Hindu Kush is known for its resilience and the capacity to grow just about anywhere, a useful quality that made the Hindu Kush one of the most sought-after strains by growers and breeders. 

As it currently stands, there are overwhelmingly more hybrid and Indica Kush strains than Sativa Kush strains. Additionally, most of the Kush strains aren’t pure indicas and Sativa, but preferably hybrids whose one quality is more dominant over the other. 

Here are picks of some of the best Kush strains. 

#1 – OG Kush

OG Kush Marijuana Strain Review

The OG Kush has imprinted in history as the most mainstream and versatile Kush strain on the lookout. How OG Kush began and precisely the expression “OG” has a rich and colorful history. Some say that it’s short for sea grown, while some describe it as original Kush. 

OG Kush is an unaffected strain with a high THC of up to 26%. It provides you a powerful high, which can also help soothe medical conditions such as pain, depression, and stress. This strain has a powerful smell, similar to pine, spice, and citrus. The strain’s powerful aroma is the most prominent characteristic of OG Kush. 

The smell is so strong it’s challenging to sustain OG Kush plants. Moreover, it is fast-flowering at 7 to 9 weeks and produces 500 to 550 grams of yield per plant. OG Kush is a hybrid strain that came from Chemdawg, Lemon Thai, and Pakistani Kush. 

#2 – Pineapple Kush

Marijuana Seeds NL (MSNL) SEEDS BANK REVIEW – Authentic and Reliable Online Seed Bank

Pineapple Kush is a tropical weed strain with a lively and mellow high. It comes with a pineapple flavor with a taste of sour diesel. It is an Indica-dominant cannabis strain that will make you relaxed and euphoric. The tropical fragrance adds to the calming influences of this strain. 

Pineapple Kush has a moderate THC level of up to 17%. You’ll get 500 to 550 grams of yield per plant in dried form, and it will flower rapidly in just 7 to 8 weeks. Its parents are Pineapple and OG Kush. 

#3 – Critical Kush

critical kush cannabis strain

Experience a long-lasting stoned effect that helps you relax and calms all day long with Critical Kush. It has a high THC content at 19%, which is why it’s sought as both a medicinal and recreational strain.

This Kush can calm medical conditions like pain, muscle spasms, inflammation, and insomnia, which is incomparable with conventional medications for insomnia and pain.

The soothing influences of Critical Kush are excellent for relaxing after hectic work. It is the weed strain for you if you strive for a pleasant, satisfying high to help you deal with anxiety and stress.

Moreover, this Kush blooms in just 7 to 8 weeks and will give you 500 to 550 grams per plant. It flowers in late September when it is grown outdoors. The strain originated from the powerful genes of a Critical and an OG Kush. 

#4 – Purple KushPurple Kush cannabis strain

Purple Kush feminized marijuana has gotten one of the most notable strains that render an attractive purple color and buds with orange and white hairs. One glance is all it takes to detect this plant. Its scent is distinctly savory that you’ll cherish.

It thrives indoors and outdoors and is easy to grow. The flowering takes an average time of up to 8-9 weeks, and the highest yields. Indoors, this plant can create up to 400 grams of buds.

The THC level of Purple Kush is amazingly high at nearly 24%. Dissimilar to most highest-THC cannabis strains, Purple Kush is not extremely psychedelic. Instead, this weed will keep you stuck to the couch for many hours while keeping your muscles relaxed.

Moreover, it is the perfect smoke for those lazy Sundays when you need to rests and experiences a profound degree of quiet.

#5 – Special Kush

Special Kush strain

Special Kush is a unique strain from a well-known cannabis seed bank in Canada. This Kush is comfortable to grow, which is perfect for first-time growers and even experienced growers.

The effects are regular to Kush varieties, while the smell is also as strong. You might need to control odor when you grow this incredible strain. 

You’ll get large flowers in just 7 to 8 weeks of germination with nearly 500 to 550 grams per plant. Special Kush came from combining two potent strains Afghani and Kush. By studying its heritage, you can immediately foretell that Special Kush can help with insomnia, pain, inflammation, anxiety, and stress.

If you experience sleeping problems recently or something on your mind is causing wakefulness, this particular strain might be the Kush for you. 

#6 – Candy Kush

Candy Kush strain

Candy Kush tastes and smells, just like its title. It is a sweet variety of the classic Kush strains, with some users comparing it to candy floss. Candy Kush is a slightly offset strain with a relaxing effect and a slight psychoactive effect. 

The uplifting effects are the first to set the mood, and when you are finally starting to feel relaxed, you’ll dive into the calming opiate effect. It is the ideal strain for a midnight cap or something that will calm you down, especially when you’re stressed and anxious. 

Candy Kush flowers in just seven weeks, one of the quickest blooming Indica strains and Kush strains. You’ll get nearly 450 to 500 grams per plant of yields in dried form. This sweet strain originated from the genetics of a Sweet Special and a Royal Kush. 

#7 – Hindu Kush

19 Hindu Kush

The Hindu Kush is a potent Indica named after the mountain range among India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, where it arose. It has a high THC level of up to 18%, making it a favorite strain among medicinal marijuana users.

One taste of Hindu Kush will immediately make them feel a strong sense of quiet wash over you. The cannabis strain will make your limbs heavier, furnishing you with a blissful couchlock.

Moreover, it’s the perfect strain to smoke in the night, as it will also make you sleepy. It has a long-lasting effect, which can assist with pain, nausea, stress, insomnia, and absence of appetite. 

#8 – Royal Kush Automatic

Royal Kush Automatic strain

Mixing an intense OG Kush and a ruderalis strain is the Royal Kush Automatic. This hybrid automatic strain can grow almost anywhere where there’s good soil. It has an exceptionally pungent skunk smell and fragrance with a short flowering time of 6 to 7 weeks, providing you 120 to 170 grams per plant in dried structure. 

Royal Kush Automatic produces a physical, clear high that can take time to influence. But once it’s in charge, you’ll experience the giggles, dizziness, and that brand name couch-locked effect.

You’ll cherish that it can flower in just 6 to 7 weeks growing buds with dim and frosty tips, which are delicious trichomes that are perfect for producing concentrates. 

Royal Kush Automatic holds low THC of up to 13%, making it an excellent medicinal marijuana strain. You will get 120 to 170 grams per plant with proper care.

#9 – Cherry Kush

Cherry Kush strain

With two such renowned strains as parents, it’s no big surprise the Cherry Kush strain is as well known as it is today. Cherry Kush is also famous as Cherry Pie because of its pleasing flavor. This genetic cross is where power meets taste and creates something magnificent.

The smoke and flavor are the definite highlights of this strain. The initial sweet and sour cherry taste comes with earthy tones. You can enjoy smoking this weed as it helps you relax or manage chronic pain. The high is fast-acting, starting cerebral with uplifting and euphoric effects.

Furthermore, it slowly renders pleasant and profound sedative high. So, too numerous tokes, and you may find yourself attached to the couch. Hence, we would say this strain is best for evening and night time because of its strong Indica influences. 

#10 – Bubba Kush



This cannabis originated in the world-famous cannabis-loving state of California. Reports say it is a cross of the hybrid OG Kush and unknown Indica from New Orleans. The Northern Lights strain is also accepted to be a lineage of its parentage. 

The Bubba Kush strain holds 90% Indica and 10% Sativa. This Indica-dominant plant delivers a powerful euphoria, thanks to its high THC levels of 22%. Although its CBD level is genuinely low, it still contains some exceptionally healing properties. 

This strain can take care of pain and stress very well. It also helps with curing depression, leaving patients in a better mood, and coping with day-to-day life. 

Final Thoughts

Landrace Kush developed naturally in the most distant, mountainous Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, and Northern India regions. 

OG Kush is one of the best Kush strains because of its legacy. It’s somewhat difficult to classify one marijuana variety as the absolute best, mostly because each yield varies in quality and cannabinoid and terpene levels. There are also numerous variations of a more or less same strain. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is kush an indica or a sativa strain?

The original Hindu Kush is an indica; however, many strains and variations may have varied traits, most indicators, or hybrids that are indica-dominant.

What is the most potent indica strain?

Purple Kush is a potent strain that can contain up to 27 percent THC. This flower is 100 percent indica and is regarded as one of the most potent strains in the world. This strain, a cross between the Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani, has landrace ancestry and provides a pure indica effect.

How does Purple Kush smell?

This Indica dominating strain has Afghan origins as well. It has vivid purple leaves and a distinct grape aroma, much like the previous two.

How many different Kush strains are there?

Many growers crossbreed cannabis plants to create new strains with distinct traits. As a result, specialists estimate that there are approximately 700 cannabis strains.

Is it possible to get high on purple kush?

Purple Kush is a well-known strain for its soothing properties and is the ultimate indica. Its rich purple hue and earthy perfume will captivate you. It provides a fantastic body high after a long day and a method to attain the peak of relaxation when outside.

How potent is Kush?

It is an indica-dominant (75%) strain with THC levels ranging between 18.5 and 27 percent. OG Kush has a calming effect and some euphoria, making it an excellent sleep strain.

What effect does Kush have on you?

Kush strains are primarily indica or hybrid, which may make you feel extremely calm and drowsy. Kush strains are popular among medical marijuana users due to their pain-relieving effects. On the other hand, some kush strains might make you feel joyful and concentrated.

What are Kush’s side effects?

Elevated mood, relaxation, changed perception, psychotic symptoms, intense anxiety, disorientation, paranoia, hallucinations, aggressive behavior, suicidal thoughts, high heart rate, rising blood pressure, vomiting, renal damage, and seizures are some of the drug’s side effects.

What is the appeal of Kush?

Kush plant produces thick, sticky buds that have been popular since the mid-1990s. Furthermore, OG Kush, a high THC indica strain, has a powerful psychoactive impact – most users describe joyful, euphoric emotions that come on rapidly and dominate their senses.

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