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Best Cannabis Strains for Energy: Cannabis is a diverse plant bred in numerous ways to deliver a broad spectrum of effects. Strains that fit towards the Indica end of the spectrum tend to “stone” and relax the body, whereas Sativa has an energizing and uplifting effect. The last is great for recreational fun, yet they also serve as fantastic tools for boosting imagination and focus at work. Sativa-dominant strains have great potential for motivating individuals out of feelings of stress and anxiety. Let’s discuss the topic and also explore some of the best cannabis strains for energy.

While researching the best cannabis strains for energy, the strain that comes to our mind is the Durban Poison cannabis strain; visit the official website to buy high-quality marijuana seeds.

It’s also imperative to consider what kind of cannabis you ought to use when looking to have an energetic experience. When you take edibles, they go through your liver, which results in a higher probability of a more “couch-locked” mellow experience. You can also have a tincture dissolve under your tongue, smoking or vaping.

Furthermore, there’s the topic of cannabis Sativa vs. Indica. It is anything but a messy issue; we may even allude to a generally used phrase to help individuals remember the effects. Indica causes couch-lock experience. To get energy from your smoke, you’re going to need to go with something that has a strong Sativa influence. 

Would marijuana be able to Boost Energy and Creativity?


Numerous cannabis users report that certain types of cannabis can assist them with feeling more innovative and energized. Let’s discuss how cannabis and its cannabinoids can influence the brain and body to help you understand. 

Cannabis and blood flow to the brain

The frontal flap of the brain controls numerous critical cognitive functions. It’s what holds our essential thinking, sincere expression, judgment, memory, consideration, correspondence, and significantly more.

There have been various researches on how the frontal projection may adjust our inventiveness. And some studies have shown that highly inventive individuals have a high measure of blood flowing to their brain’s frontal point.

Studies have also explained that cannabis use can raise blood flow to the frontal projection, so numerous cannabis users say they feel more innovative after smoking marijuana. 

Cannabis and dopamine increase

When our dopamine levels are at a wholesome level, we will, in general, have more inspiration and feel more inventive. Numerous things can boost your dopamine if it’s a piece lower than it should be, such as exercise, eating a high-protein supper in the morning, and, of course, consuming cannabis!

Studies have shown that intense cannabis use (and CBD isolate use) can increase dopamine release and neuron activity within the brain. It is perhaps why numerous cannabis users say that using certain types of cannabis and CBD products can help them feel more energized, persuaded, and innovative. 

Top 10 Energetic Cannabis Strains

If you require an energetic hike, there are weed strains to increase energy. Sativa is a lively type of marijuana because it usually contains fragrant compounds known as terpenes that can give you a dose of power. Indica provides a more sedated kind of high. 

#1 – Amnesia Haze


We’ve seen so much discussion about how individuals new to cannabis should avoid the Amnesia Haze strain. Not so! You can try this 80% Sativa-dominant hybrid strain slowly, perhaps, but never avoid. 

Amnesia Haze is among the most well-known marijuana strains available today from California to the Netherlands. There’s a reason people in a LA dispensary cherish it as much as they seem in a coffee shop in the Netherlands. It is one of the most tranquil yet most potent sources of mellow energy. 

Amnesia Haze possesses a citrusy, muddy flavor and aroma which dependably uplift the mood. Besides, Amnesia Haze contributes some of the best of the Sativa feelings like heightened motivation and proper focus. At last, a full head high with strong psychotropic effects will drop you into a mellow buzz. 

#2 – Jack Herer


No list of best or famous strains is complete without this strain. You can always try any weed that gets its name from the renowned cannabis activists. This strain is among a couple of officially acknowledged medical cannabis varieties in the Netherlands. 

Jack Herer buds are nutty, creamy, sweet flavors, and a smooth, energetic smoke lending unwinding Skunk benefits and uplifting Haze traits. Moreover, Jack Herer has won more Cannabis Cup awards than many other strains. 

#3 – G-13 Haze

These days we say the original intensity of G-13 is not pure by decades of cross-breeding. Add the Haze to the blend, and you get the uplifting 80-20 Sativa/Indica ratio, with some powerful body buzz. 

So, what do we admire about G-13 Haze? It is possibly the best mix of hard-hitting Sativa cerebral effects and Sativa high that we love. Plus, that profound body stone is elusive in this cannabis strains. The outcome is a powerful daytime herb like no other. 

Do you wake up with anxiety but need to get up and start working towards your goal? Does the work you do cause you to suffer bodily pain? Or perhaps you need to focus all day on things that matter, and you also want to feel energized, happy, and into your senses. We get that—and the solution for your power-pack routine is G-13 Haze.

#4 – Durban Poison

durban poison cannabis strain

It is unlikely to make a ‘best cannabis strains’ list without this excellent landrace Sativa. With heredity from South Africa, Durban Poison grew as one of only a few readily available Sativa strains. 

Like some other excellent Sativa strains, Durban Poison is a daybreak powerhouse if you’re undergoing pain, fatigue, or different issues that hold you from being at your best. This strain is more potent than morning coffee for those who need higher dynamism.

Moreover, Durban Poison offers sweet and piney flavors, and it smells lovely with an uplifting yet productive buzz. It also renders notes of sour, earth, licorice, anise, making it a one of a kind glazing strain. 

#5 – Green Crack


The strain has its shoutout from Snoop Dogg as he called this strain ‘Green Crack’ after its desirable properties that many people cherish. We indeed find that part reasonable. But like the rest of the weed, we can vouch for Green Crack being a pure weed, with no undesired effects that you need to worry about.

Use Green Crack with the perfect dosage, and you will never be frustrated. It is one of the best Sativa cannabis strains for boosting energy and fighting fatigue. If you’ve noticed some adverse opinions of this strain, it is because of its unnatural or excessive dosage practice by users.

#6 – Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel cannabis strain

Stimulating strain Sour Diesel is one to go after when you need to be running on sparkling juice for the whole day. It also renders vibrant flavors for even the demanding cannabis consumer. With an elegant touch of taste and aromas, it will keep you satisfied. Where a beginner might be happy with something that is just plain sugary smoke, but Sour Diesel takes it to another level, mixing fuel, sour, citrus, and skunk notes for a powerful punch. 

When you consider Sour Diesel’s parentage, that perplexing flavor makes sense since it came from California’s famous Emerald Triangle in the 1990s. The strain is a cross-breeding of Super Skunk and Chemdawg. The smoke hits you so seriously and leaves you with a dream-like buzzing in both the physical and cerebral spheres. 

#7 – Candyland

Candyland strain

Candyland is the mild Sativa that elevates you but lets you ease. If you can’t handle Sativa strains, attempt this one. A hybrid between Platinum Cookies and Granddaddy Purple, Candyland renders those Indica genetics until they set you up with just enough joy. Appropriately named, Candyland is an exceptionally sweet-tasting, candy-like strain loaded with terpenes, with earthy hints of spice and fruity sweetness.

#8 – Jamaican Dream

Jamaican Dream strain

Ok, we’ve all known about classic Jamaican weed. Typically, this is what individuals allude to—a long-lasting, fast-hitting 90% Sativa-dominant offspring of Jamaican landrace. 

Jamaican Dream offers that educational morning buzz like you get from incredibly good coffee. It smells and tastes that way, along with other fruity, tropical notes such as citrus and pineapple, with a spicy, peppery aftertaste. 

Ideal for all-day use, the Jamaican Dream is perfect for imaginative pursuits and staying focused. It is an excellent strain for those coping with fatigue or depression, with lightweight euphoria bringing a raised mood with it. It makes it outstanding amongst other wake-and-bake strains going. 

#9 – Panama Haze

Panama Haze strain

Panama Haze is oozing with Sativa genetics. With levels ranging from 90–100%, such a genetic makeup gives electrical energy. This strain’s Sativa essence has garnered her much ubiquity within the worldwide cannabis scene. Such pure genetics originated from a lineage involving Purple Haze, Green Haze, and F10 Panama Elite. Masterful breeding has resulted in respectable THC levels that can reach up to 23%. Such intense psychoactive cannabinoids offer a powerfully energetic high that borders on psychedelic. 

#10 – Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough cannabis strain

Tastes and smells like fresh strawberries, Strawberry Cough has a significant coughy effect in the lungs at your first puff. This strawberry can make you cough even if you are used to tok-up pots, and it forces that sweet strawberry smoke or vapors even deeper into your lungs. 

The kick is delicious and renders an intense mental ride, an uplifting Sativa euphoria that leaves you loaded up with bliss instead of social anxiety. Besides, the THC concentration in Strawberry Cough can be overwhelming, from 25-35 percent. The adored hybrid of Indica Strawberry and pure Haze, Strawberry Cough, offers excellent, strong flavor without losing any intensity. 

Final Thoughts on Energetic Weeds

Every one of these Sativa strains is so unique, and we do adore them all! It was painful leaving some of our favorites off this list, too, but we trust you can see why we made every selection. 

As you consider every one of the best Sativa strains, weigh their benefits and qualities according to your ailment. We trust this list helps you find the best cannabis strain for you, and who knows—perhaps we’ll even discover a couple of more than force us to adjust.

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