Top 10 Best Cannabis Strains for Anger

Marijuana has a considerable amount of benefits. It can also help you ease some physical pain you’re experiencing and help you keep your cool mentally. Here we have the top 10 strains that can help you relax when you have to “take a chill pill.”

Explore this article to understand how medical marijuana can reduce pain and other symptoms of chronic diseases. Also, have a look at the best cannabis strains for Anger or IED (Intermittent Explosive Disorder).

When we think of the best cannabis strains for anger, the strain that comes to our mind is Bruce Banner, Cannabis Strain. Visit the official website.

If you are pained by the way your anger controls you rather than the other way around, there’s assistance. Among its different benefits, one of the significant benefits of meditation is that it reduces anger. But before we understand more about meditation for anger, how about we understand the issue and its effects? 

What is anger?


Anger is “a normal, usually strong, human feeling.” After a wave of anger, if you can hit the erase button, then that is fine. However, when anger gets crazy, a host of problems spring up in life: physical, mental, enthusiastic, and social. 

Social symptoms:

  • Breaking staff and damaging property 
  • Street rage 
  • Verbal as well as physical aggression 
  • Visit fighting 
  • Acts of harming oneself 
  • The heightened energy at the aggressive outburst 

Physical symptoms:

  • Undergoing tension
  • Tremors 
  • Fatigue after the outburst 
  • Tingling 
  • Palpitations 
  • Hearing a reverberation 

Cognitive symptoms:

  • Impaired fixation 
  • Weak word-related or scholarly functioning 

Why is anger unsafe for your health?

Anger triggers the essential flight-or-fight response. Mainly, it causes an increase in pulse, blood pressure, and stress levels. The breathing rate increases as well. When anger is ‘intermittent and unmanaged,’ metabolic changes are set moving that inevitably influence not just energy but also the overall quality of life. Unmanaged anger can cause some evil effects, such as: 

  • cardiovascular failure 
  • stroke 
  • decreased immunity 
  • skin problems 
  • insomnia 
  • high blood pressure 
  • digestive problems 
  • uneasiness and depression 
  • migraines 
  • negative emotions 
  • complications in prior health conditions 

Cannabis and anger management

Cannabis is useful to treat mental issues, as well as those that are physical. Individuals realize that the plant can be useful to treat uneasiness and depression. It can also take away the extraordinary anger that some individuals feel about running mill situations. Some individuals suffer from extraordinary bouts of anger, sometimes over the smallest issue. 

It includes street rage, the dreadful feeling you get when someone out and about cuts you off and then continues to go fifteen miles for every hour. Anger can demolish a person’s day and sometimes a person’s life, but cannabis, fortunately, can treat anger issues superior to some other medications available. 

Some research that doesn’t perceive weed as an anger suppressant guarantee that studies interface consistent cannabis usage to more typical fierce outbursts. These same sites state that research shows that these specific fierce offenders often do not have a history of savagery before using cannabis. 

Marijuana tends to quiet individuals down, with the occasionally terrible uneasiness assault that some users appear to get when smoking. Cannabis seems to be the main thing that calms angry feelings, obviously superior to the doctor who gave Ativan. 

For what reason are you even angry?

It’s best to ask angry smokers, so after discovering through forums, it appears that most stoners believe that the plant eliminates anger and that if it doesn’t, it just seems to make the user think “For what reason am I even angry?”

However, some stoners seem to believe that using marijuana to overcome anger is the same as striving to escape from their obstacles.

The thing is not to use cannabis to escape based on what makes you troubled but to use cannabis to quiet down enough to assess the issue rationally and fix it appropriately.

When angered, individuals will, in general, react without thinking and speak whatever pops into their head first.

This absence of thought-to-mouth channels can cause serious problems. Those that use marijuana for anger should use it to consider their actions in an angry situation thoroughly. 

Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED)

Intermittent explosive disorder (IED) is a disease concerning youngsters and adults involving short episodes of intense and wild anger or aggression. The Guardian estimates that about 16 million Americans suffer from this often-underdiagnosed condition. 

How marijuana can be effective for Intermittent Explosive Disorder?

Those with intermittent explosive disorder “detonate” into anger or rage for reasons unknown or grounds. Individuals suffering from IEDs feel as though they become overwhelmed with anger and can’t control their emotions. They may undermine or assault humans, animals, or objects. 

Medical marijuana for intermittent explosive disorder can help treat uneasiness, depression, and outrageous anger associated with the disease. It assists in addressing other mental and physical issues too. 

Individuals with IEDs often struggle with intense bouts of anger — in some cases, over the smallest issue. A good model is street rage, where you feel extraordinary anger while driving for things like: 

  • Individuals cut you off in traffic
  • Driving too slowly 
  • Blocking a path 

The anger individuals experience with this disorder can demolish their day — sometimes their life. However, fortunately, medical pot may help get these anger issues leveled out and potentially superior to other medications available. 

Medical cannabis for intermittent explosive disorder may cause a gentle uneasiness assault in itself for some individuals when users smoke it, depending on the strain. However, the right strain tends to quiet most individuals. 

The purpose of cannabis use for anger is not to get your psyche away from the underlying issue making you angry. Instead, quiet you down enough to assess the issue rationally and fix it appropriately. 

Individuals often react without thinking when angered and say whatever is at the forefront of their thoughts at that exact second—not pausing to think before speaking can prompt severe problems. Using cannabis and intermittent explosive disorder treatment will assist you with thinking through your actions during a situation that has driven you mad so that you can react satisfactorily. 

Side effects of Intermittent Explosive Disorder medical marijuana treat

Traditional IED treatments typically incorporate both psychotropic medications and social cognitive therapy. They’ve shown some success, although limited, and with side effects in some cases. Some patients refuse to take specific drugs, such as prescribed opiates, because they unnaturally adjust their state of mind. Opiates are also highly addictive. 

Intermittent explosive disorder is associated with other conditions like: 

  • Stress 
  • Tension 
  • Depression 
  • Consideration hyperactivity disorder 
  • Bipolar depression 

Cannabis strains for anger

1 – Bruce Banner from ILGM

bruce banner cannabis strain

This Hulk of the marijuana plant is one of the most dominant strains promptly obtainable today. Bruce Banner induces a distinct feeling of rapture that is joined by a special sweet floral note. This strain is well appreciated in the US, especially in Colorado, where it is commonly easy to obtain. 

Bruce Banner, an adequately named uber-strain, will get you high like no other. This hybrid is an unimaginably uplifting strain that will take just a few puffs to get there. 

Bruce Banner is a clear favorite for some looking for the ideal parity of a positive mindset blended in with a composed lightness. 

This social Sativa is a powerful state of mind elevating machine. You will seem euphoric and like you have your mind in another place. Bruce Banner is a reliable helper with a very uplifting effect that will make you feel happy, smiley, and giggly, all on the double without needing a reason. 

Moreover, it is a Colorado classic strain that will make you feel warmly hummed and relaxed, breathing in the sound waves. This hybrid can bring motivation to you, mainly if you are the artistic. You will find yourself pondering over excellent and energetic concepts you never had earlier. 

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2 – Blue Diesel from Seedsman

blue diesel cannabis strain

Blue Diesel is a multitalented Indica dominant strain perfect for both daytime and nighttime use. It is incredibly sweet-smelling and pleasant to smoke, which is why it was famous among some of the most well-known strains accessible on the cannabis showcase. 

Blue Diesel creates a high that can be described as nothing short of amazing, as it is uplifting and fast-acting, generously inducing an unquestionably pleasurable state of relaxation. This strain does not make a love seat lock and will make you feel instantly happy and invigorated. 

This Indica dominant hybrid is a definitive vibe right decision, leaving you feeling uplifted, and free from whatever everyday stresses might be plaguing you. Blue Diesel creates a marvelous body high that is joined by an energetic head high that will keep you focused.

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3 – Frank’s Gift from Seedsbay

franks gift cannabis strain

Straight to the point’s Gift is a Sativa powerful hybrid (75% Sativa and 25% Indica) cannabis strain that is a phenotype of the Skunk Haze. It is a darling strain by users of all experience levels with a crazily high CBD ratio that bottoms out at around 20% and highly medicinal results. Its high is generally smooth with negligible effects because of a limited THC level. The ‘high’ starts with a relaxing euphoric lift that leaves you feeling blissfully happy with a slight increase in energy.

As your mindset soars, your body will slowly become more relaxed, soothing any physical aches and pains while dulling negative and racing ideas. Because of these effects, it is excellent medicinal marijuana for treating conditions such as tension, dull pain, muscle spasms, and emotional episodes. 

This bud has a slightly bitter hearty homegrown flavor with just a hint of woodiness. The smell is incredibly strong, with a substance alkali hint highlighted by woody earth and a corrosive effect. Furthermore, its buds have small pieces of dusty green nugs with sparse, almost bright hairs and a coating of minuscule clear crystal trichomes that look slightly smooth in the light. 

4 – Girl Scout Cookies from ILGM

Girl Scout Cookies GSC

Named in apparent sarcastic wit, Girl Scout Cookies are more extreme than its name might imply. A slightly Indica-dominant cross strain, GSC is known for its strength and essence. It is famous in the scene for its effectivity and clean high, but is a moderately low yielder opposed to other strains – but its one-of-a-kind strength makes it worth the wait. 

A strain that is named misleadingly, Girl Scout Cookies, is notably potent. Those seeking out a happy, euphoric high have found their match. It unwinds the body without making it feel disturbing. 

It has been famous for providing an energetic boost of creativity and sociability, a high best enjoyed in good organization. Other effects incorporate a sense of certainty and unwinding, causing good vibes, giddiness, and the desire to laugh and goof around. 

The high is said to start in your mind, stimulating the temples and spreading into the body. While the mind becomes euphoric, the body slowly follows by delving into a widespread feeling of relaxation. With a better-than-expected THC level, Girl Scout Cookies can give an impression on even the most seasoned smoker. 

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5 – Pineapple Express from Seedsman

pineapple express

Put on the map through the infamous stoner film; Pineapple Express is a Sativa-dominant that is ideal for a lucid daytime high. Not at all like the film suggests, Pineapple Express is notably more smooth than insane and chaotic. 

A guaranteed feeling of happiness will sneak in on you when you smoke Pineapple Express. Not at all like what its namesake film suggests, there is nothing outrageous about this strain. 

Pineapple Express is a smooth strain that will leave you feeling joyous, uplifted, and all set about an entire day with enthusiasm. You will feel a sense of happiness and a boost of energy from this famous strain. It is a specific state of mind lifter, often leading creative types to concoct outstanding and startling ideas. 

Pineapple Express can relax you without making you feel sleepy or tired, making it the ideal daytime toke. It will keep you feeling blissful, with a bit of daydreaming and laughter to cause you to remain alert. 

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6 – Master Kush from ILGM


Originally called “High Rise” as it first grew in Amsterdam, Master Kush is a predominant Indica strain. It is one of the best famous strains in the world of cannabis. Even Snoop Dogg has appreciated this strain once. Moreover, it has won the Cannabis Cup awards twice.

This Indica is no beginner’s strain. Master Kush is seriously dominant and doesn’t need many whiffs to take effect. It will drive you into relaxing your entire body and producing stunning visuals that will add to the pleasure. 

Master Kush will make your body feel comfortable. If you are tired, you will value this strain’s superb effects.

This almost pure Indica will slightly affect your cerebral buzz but is tied in with making your body relax completely. Absolute happiness can be there in the user’s body when smoking Master Kush. It will keep you consistently satisfied for a couple of hours, ultimately preparing you for your sleep.

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7 – Skunk #1 from MSNL

skunk #1 cannabis strain

Skunk #1 is the widespread parent strain responsible for the introduction of many now uber-famous strains. This hybrid was made during the ’70s and provided a pleasant physical relaxation felt from head to toe, allowing recreational and medical users to find a genuinely innate sense of quiet. 

Skunk #1 is a potent hybrid cannabis strain that gives pleasure. This strain is slightly Indica-dominant, making it perfect for the treatment of numerous medical conditions. It is also a thoroughly enjoyable decision for a recreational smoker toward the finish of a long workday. 

This strain’s essential focus is to give you all out head-to-toe relaxation. Skunk #1 resembles getting a stimulating mind massage, making you feel euphoric, happy, and giggly for reasons unknown. It is a pleasurable Indica, as it can make you want to be more chatty, inspiring you to fill the night in joyful talk.

Skunk #1 will initiate strong positive feelings, making you feel instantly happy and relieving you of any worries. This uplifted state can persist for its whole high, allowing you to pull in your positive vibes, and with a more significant dose, this weed can indeed take over your thoughts. 

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8 – Strawberry Cough from ILGM

Strawberry Cough cannabis strain

Strawberry Cough is a distinct Sativa that is famous because of its intense strawberry-smelling and tasting presence. Although its exact blend of strains is diverse, it renders clear thoughts. Strawberry Cough can be more efficient on the mediocre state of mind, but usually toes the line quite consistently and is an easygoing strain. Its quick effect is that you will burst out into a cough, as your throat will feel an intense tingling sensation after smoking it. However, when that potent effect disappears, Strawberry Cough becomes more delightful. 

It’s not a fast-acting weed, and there will be a deferral in feeling its effects, as they will gently descend on you. A healthy boost of energy can arise throughout, and this Sativa will make you need to leap out of your seat and get things done. 

Strawberry Cough will actuate a sense of feeling relaxed and happy and make you think a path of uplifting thoughts. Strawberry Cough is quite perfect when you are stressed and need a little encouragement to accomplish the tasks at hand. This strain will loosen up you without making you feel tired. It will make you welcome refreshing effects. 

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9 – Canna Tsu from Seedsbay


It is necessarily a cross between two mainstream high-CBD strains, precisely, Cannatonic, and Sour Tsunami. Its high CBD and low THC ratio provide mental clarity and a constant high. Canna Tsu can be taken in the daytime without problems and will immediately offer a calmness.

Canna-Tsu is a highly enjoyable strain that is a relaxing and calming hybrid. Its effects must be described as soft and peaceful, a light floaty cloud covering you with a mild but full-bodied effect of being eased, from head to toe. 

It is an uplifting variation that is especially delicious because of its numbing body effects, leaving you feeling untangled from whatever you feel might be pulling you down. Moreover, this strain can also allow you to be more focused, as its psychological high is just a little psychoactive, but empower you to stay focus. 

Canna-Tsu is a happy-go-fortunate sort of smoke that is all for a good time. It will make you need to glide around with a changeless smile on your face, absorbing all the positivity. Besides, it will certainly keep you in a euphoric mood, guaranteeing you an easy and fun time. 

10 – Stephen Hawking Kush from Seedsbay

stephen hawking kush cannabis strain

It got its name after the famous Dr. Stephen Hawking, the smartest man on the planet. If you have issues with irritation, fatigue, nausea, and nervousness, this is one of the high CBD strains you need. This strain won’t just cure what ails you, but it will also leave you relaxed and focused. 

Stephen Hawking Kush, or SHK, is the second release in the Great Minds series of seeds from Alphakronik Genes. Named for celebrated scientist Dr. Stephen Hawking, SHK was made by pollinating a Harle-Tsu female with a Sin City Kush male. 

This Indica-dominant hybrid is also part of Alphakrokik Genes’ CBD+ line of genetics that emphasize high-CBD strains. Stephen Hawking Kush has three known phenotypes, all with bright cherry and berry flavors that blend in with a minty note. The soothing, relaxing effects help fend the pain off and also stimulate your stomach to suppress nausea. 

Last Verdict

These are our top 10 strains for individuals with anger problems, and we trust some of these picks can assist you with enjoying life.  Medical marijuana is a superb treatment for these types of conditions. Besides, medical cannabis has been shown to briefly give alleviation unmanageable pain, short-term pain, or pain with no identifiable source. 

Marijuana rapidly takes the place of any medication of Big Pharma. It has not many adverse side effects and isn’t addictive, which makes it a fantastic medication. Those who suffer from anger problems can benefit from the effects of cannabis, using it to control their irrational thoughts and replace them with more quiet, positive results in generating thoughts. If you do undergo anger problems, using medical marijuana provides you with much help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does marijuana affect emotional intelligence?

Marijuana has been shown to drastically slow emotional processing. According to a new study published in Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology, prolonged marijuana use may impair one’s capacity to perceive emotional states in others, which is one of the characteristics of what psychologists call emotional intelligence.

Does marijuana effects on your brain?

THC, the primary psychoactive element, activates the area of your brain that reacts to pleasure, such as food and sex. This causes a dopamine chemical to be released, giving you a euphoric, relaxed sensation.

Is it possible to get violent while high?

Marijuana usage leads to violent conduct via increasing aggression, paranoia, and altering one’s personality (more suspicious, aggressive, and angry). However, recent illegal and “medical marijuana” (mainly cultivated by caregivers for medicinal marijuana) is far more potent and prone to provoke aggressive behavior.

How long can marijuana stay in your system?

A moderate user (many times per week) can test positive 7–21 days after their last usage. For example, a heavy user might test positive for up to a month after their last usage. People that consume marijuana may experience a sound effect for 1-5 days. Marijuana can be identified in a hair test for up to 90 days.

How potent is Kush?

It is an indica-dominant (75%) strain with THC levels ranging between 18.5 and 27 per cent. OG Kush has a calming effect and some euphoria, making it an excellent sleep strain.

Canna-TSU gets you high?

Canna-Tsu does not provide the extreme euphoric high associated with high-THC strains, but its effects are such that it may help treat chronic pain, muscular spasms, seizures, migraines, and cramps.

What is the purpose of Strawberry Cough?

It is uplifting, euphoric, and energetic, stimulating creativity and a positive attitude. But on the other hand, Strawberry Cough can cause dry lips, dry eyes, dizziness, headaches, and moderate psychosis.

Does weed calm down anger?

Marijuana usage alters the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) area of the brain, which aids in the regulation of emotional control and reactions to the conduct of others. These alterations may result in a “short fuse” and outbursts of rage.

What is the Bruce Banner strain useful for?

It boasts thick nugs and a THC level as high as 29%, and the Bruce Banner strain is excellent for treating pain, anxiety, nausea, sadness, and other symptoms. Keep an eye on your dose to avoid dry mouth and disorientation. Bruce Banner, when properly managed, is a terrific stimulus for exhilaration and all-is-well inner calm.

What is the function of Pineapple Express weed?

The high quantities of THC in this plant will provide a robust and euphoric experience. Customers may notice a desire to laugh, a lack of interest in issues or concerns outside of the current moment, a distorted sense of time, and plenty of muscle relaxation.

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