Sensible Seed Bank Review in 2020 – Most Trusted Cannabis Mega-Store

Sensible Seed Bank has been a very consistent contender in the online marijuana business. With a wide array of payments methods and great customer service, it has successfully thrived over the period.

They have an enormous stock of various different kinds of marijuana strains on their online store.

The business of selling marijuana seeds started long back, and since then it has grown exponentially. More than 150 of the world’s best marijuana breeders provide their seeds to Sensible seed bank to sell.

No matter what you want, you will surely find it in their online store. Sensible seeds are one of the oldest players in the online seed bank business.

Check out the complete in-depth review down below to know everything about the company and its services.


Sensible Seed Bank Review – Most Trusted Cannabis Mega-Store

Sensible Seed Bank Review – Most Trusted Cannabis Mega-Store

The reputation of Sensible Seed Bank

People on the internet forums and review sites are loving Sensible seed bank.

For a customer, the main reasons to fall in love with Sensible seeds bank is the discreet packaging, freebies, top-quality seeds, and excellent customer support after-sales.

Trustpilot has a 5-star review for this best seed bank. People love this seed bank because they treat every customer like family.

History of Sensible Seed Bank

This seed bank has been selling high-quality marijuana seeds to their customers for more than 20 years now.

20+ years of experience in handling and sending out cannabis seeds have made them an expert in this field.

Sensible Seeds is a family-owned and family-run business. You can expect trustworthiness and truthfulness from them when doing business.

The company was started in 1992 in the UK. Since then, they have come a long way and now sell marijuana seeds all over the world.

Sensible Online Store Website

On the first look, the website may seem overwhelming to you. But, don’t worry once you look at the things on the homepage, you will see that it’s very easy to navigate through the website.

One the homepage, you will the Top search terms on the website which include things like pure Indica, high CBD, landrace strains, etc.

Sensible Seed Bank Review – Most Trusted Cannabis Mega-Store

They have even listed the top-selling feminized, auto and other famous strain right on the landing page, so you don’t have to go find it inside the menus.

Cool, right?

If you go inside all products option, you can then see the list of everything that they sell on their online store. This includes marijuana seeds, books, bags, and many other marijuana-related things.

Quality of Cannabis Strain Seeds

As it is a family run business, they have a policy of honesty with their customers. All the marijuana seeds that you buy from them are going to be of high quality only.

They inspect every order when they send it out.

Additionally, many of their marijuana strain have even won the cannabis cup. This is proof that the seeds are indeed of very high quality.

The seeds on the sale come from experienced and professional marijuana breeders who have years of experience and expertise in making cannabis seeds.

So, you should not worry about the quality of the seed that you are going to get.

Sensible Strains Variety

There is a lot of variety when it comes to the stock of Sensible Seeds.

Believe it or not, they have over 3000 different kinds of marijuana strain.

Really impressive, right?

These 3000 strains have been acquired from more than 150 breeders who live all around the world. You can actually go onto their website and check out the names of all these breeders.

The following are some of the best marijuana strain on their online store.

Having breeders of different parts of world has its own advantage. You would have access to different landraces and a lot of different strain which only grow in particular climate and certain parts of the world.

They even buy from a lot of different seed banks as well.

You are sure to find a strain for yourself. You have plenty of choices.

Sensible Seed Bank sells high-quality marijuana seed anywhere and anytime.

Do all of the cannabis seeds germinate?

Unfortunately, Sensible seeds do not provide germination guarantee, meaning if your seeds do not germinate, then they will not replace them for you.

However, if you find that your seeds are damaged, then you can contact them, and they will get it replaced for you.

Fair enough, yeah?

Shipping Rates

They ship cannabis seed worldwide; you can order it today to get it delivered to your home.

The shipping is not free. You have to pay extra for the super stealth shipping option.

When ordering different kinds of seeds in a batch, you can ask them to pack them inside individual plastic bags to make it very easy for you to identify them when they reach you.

How long does it take for the parcel to arrive?

If you are ordering inside the UK, then it will take from 1 to 3 days for your parcel to arrive.

However, international order can take up to 21 days to reach, but in most cases, it will reach within 7 working days.

Package Protection

The seeds are packed inside a very tough package. The package will have extra padding to ensure that no damage is done to your marijuana seeds.

If your parcel is lost, then they will send a new one without asking a question.

Is ordering from Sensible Seed Bank Safe?

You don’t have to worry about privacy when you buy cannabis seeds from Sensible Seeds. They pack their seeds inside everyday items like t-shirts and bead set to hide them from getting in wrong hands.

Even if your parcel is intercepted by someone, they would think it’s only the t-shirt, as the seeds are going to be well hidden inside it.

Another great thing about them is that they listen to the requests of their customers, you can actually suggest them an everyday item, and if possible, they will use that thing to hide the seeds and send it to you.

Cool, right?

Discreet Parcel

All of the parcels they send are very discreet and plainly packed. No marijuana-related information is displayed or written on the outside of the package.

Payment Methods

There are various payment options for you to buy cannabis seeds, check the following list:

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Bank transfer
  • PayPal
  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Bitcoin


Promotions and Discounts

Despite their website looking very old, you can rest assured about the latest offers and promotions.

You should keep an eye on their promotions page to see all the latest offers and discounts.

Currently, they are offering 5 free seeds if you spent over £50 on marijuana seeds. Another offer gives you a one on one free package on every sensible seed premium range pack.

Amazing, yeah?

They even have offers from individual breeders and seed banks, go here to see them all.

Is Sensible Seed Bank Customer Services good?

Sensible Seeds has been running successfully from more than 20 years now, over the years, people have been sticking to them because they listen to their customers and solve their queries.

The customer support staff at sensible seeds is always available through the help zone page on their website.

Last Words

With a stock of 3000+ marijuana strain from 150+ breeders and seed banks, this is surely one of the world’s biggest online marijuana seeds bank.

The offers and discounts on their website are really impressive, and you can save a lot when buying cannabis seeds from them.

If you are looking to get a personalized customer support staff and a seed bank which has been critically acclaimed to be one of the best, then this is one of the ideal choices you have.

Happy Seed Shopping!

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