Paradise Seed Bank Review in 2024

People find online seed banks that provide quick delivery and good quality cannabis seeds at a reasonable price. Paradise Seed Bank does all that and more.

This Netherlands-based marijuana online seed bank is a great option for anyone buying cannabis seeds online. It has the experience, reputation of being an old enterprise, and a hugely loyal fanbase.

The Paradise Seed Bank is a company that ships to all of the EU and some other non-EU countries.

Let us dive into the detailed Paradise Seed Bank Review and look at all they offer.



The reputation of Paradise Seed Bank

They have made their reputation over many years of hard work. The Paradise Seed Bank has been around for a long time and has catered to its customers with high-quality seeds and exceptional service.

This has made a whole lot of people to fall in love with the seed bank. A lot of marijuana forums and websites consider Paradise Seed Bank to be one of the top seed banks in the world.

The icing on the cake is that they have won a lot of cannabis cups as well!

Really cool, yeah?

History of Paradise Seed Bank

The person who started the Paradise Seed Bank is Luc Krol. He had been involved in growing and breeding marijuana since the 1980s. A lot of his passion for marijuana enabled him to learn new things about it and eventually turn his passion into a business.

Paradise Seed Bank officially started in 1994. Ever since opening the seed bank, he has been focused on breeding and making strains that are of very high quality. Every generation of strain is better than the previous one with Paradise seed bank.

They are one of the oldest players in the online marijuana market.

If you see the reviews on their website, you will see the majority of the buyers are very happy and satisfied with their cannabis seeds.

Paradise Seed Bank Online Store Website

Their website is one of the best we have seen yet. It is so minimal, simplistic, and easy to follow.

You got this featured product section at the middle, which shows all the best marijuana strain currently. There is a huge tag list at the bottom of the home page which will help you narrow down to your favorite marijuana strain.

Paradise Seed Bank Review – Cannabis Seeds with 95% Germination Guarantee

They even have a page where they sell marijuana-related merchandise. The Cannabis seeds page has filters like THC, Gender, CBD, and Flowering times. These filters will help you narrow down search results for marijuana strains.

Quality of Cannabis Strain Seeds

Let us tell you one little thing that will prove that the quality of Paradise seed bank is better than all the competition. The same strain made by them has won the Cannabis Cup, and the quality of that strain has stayed the same even after 5 years of time.

Since 1999, Paradise seeds have won a total of 25 Cannabis cups. They have even been got the Plant of the Year 20003 award for their Sensi Star Strain from High Times Magazine.

That is outstanding quality, right?

They promise that they only sell the best of the best. Nothing lower than that is sold on their online store.

The strains from Paradise seed bank are medically approved to be used by a medicinal marijuana user. The reason for that is, from the sowing of the seed to collecting new seeds, they do everything in a controlled environment.

Whatever they grow, is of best quality only because everything is grown by themselves.

Paradise Seed Bank Strains Variety

Paradise seeds only offer autoflowering and feminized marijuana strains. There are 40 strains currently on sale at the time of writing this post.

The marijuana strain line-up on their store is a really great collection for people who want only the best stuff. All of these are exclusive strains which are bred by Paradise seed bank themselves.

If you need to try different things, then you can buy their mix seed pack which will contain a mix of all the best marijuana strains.

The following are their all-time high best-selling cannabis seeds.

Marijuana Information

Paradise seeds have their own Information page on their website. This page contains different sub-pages with a lot of information on marijuana-related things.

On these pages, you can read about the latest news of cannabis as well as their grow reports and growing information on various types of cannabis.

Make sure you check out these pages to know more about cannabis and other things related to it.

Do all of the cannabis seeds germinate?


People have been singing songs of how happy they are with the quality of cannabis seeds from the Paradise seed bank.

The quality control over at the Paradise seeds is so great that they themselves offer a germination guarantee of 95%.

Mind-blowing, right?

No one gives a guarantee that high!

We just loved this thing about them. A company will not risk such a guarantee if they are not 100% confident in their products. Paradise seeds is indeed a gem in the online marijuana seed bank sector.

Shipping Rates

They ship their marijuana seeds to the whole of the EU. Unfortunately, they only ship to selected countries outside the EU.

USA people, you are not going to get delivery in your country. They do offer deliveries in select non-EU countries; you should contact them first to clear this up before ordering seeds from them.

The regular delivery costs 5 Euros, whereas the registered mail with the EU will be charged at 10 Euros. If you live outside, then you would have to pay 16 Euros as shipping charges.

Registered shipping option comes with tracking as well.

How long does it take for the parcel to arrive?

The timings of the delivery will heavily depend on what country you are ordering to. You will get the seeds within a few days if you live in the EU.

Package Protection

Delivery guarantee is only provided with the registered shipping option within the EU. If your package gets lost in the transit, then they will send out a new one for free.

Is Paradise Seed Bank Parcel Discreet?

Yes, they send all the marijuana seeds in a very discreet envelope. The senders’ name on the parcel will be Paradise products, but if you would like something else, then you can contact them, and they will do what they can.

Handy, right?

What are the different Payment Methods?

There are a lot of different payment modes available on their website. You can pay with your credit cards/Debit cards if you live in the EU, people outside the EU will not be able to use their credit cards, unfortunately.

You can even pay with a Wire transfer, Cash, Giropay, Ideal, and Sofort.

Additionally, they also accept payment in Bitcoins as well. Bitcoin is the most secure and stealthy way to pay for your marijuana seeds as of 2020.

Promotions and Discounts

If you need a quick 10% discount at the checkout, you can use the code YYBHTFCM. You can even find regular promotions and offers on their website. They even giveaway free seeds as well, keep an eye on their website’s news section.

If you are a medical patient and need medical marijuana, then you would be happy to know that you can get a 50% discount on marijuana strains.

Just head over to their page.

Is Paradise Seed Bank Customer Services good?

You can easily and very quickly reach to the customer support team of Paradise seed bank. You can phone them, email them or you can even go to their shop as well.

Another great thing about their customer supports team is that they are quite active on marijuana-related forums where they interact with marijuana growers and customers to provide solutions and solve their queries.

They are quick at replying and solving customers problems.

Last Words

We are really impressed by the quality of the seeds they offer, along with their 95% germination guarantee.

They treat their customers as a priority and reply to them promptly. We also like that they handpick their seeds in order to make a stock that is made up of 100% high-quality marijuana seeds only.

If you are living in the EU, then this one of the best marijuana seed banks that you can order from. We are sure that you will not be disappointed at all.

Have a great day ahead!

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