Bonza Seed Bank Review in 2024 – Is this a good one?

Are you out to discover a seed bank that provides you with good seeds for a very reasonable price? Well, your search ends at BONZA SEED BANK.

All over the world, Bonza Seed Bank has acquired a good name by providing very good prices on cannabis seeds.

Hordes of people only come to you when you sell at a lower price than the industry average, and we think the Bonza company people have understood this very well.

You would be surprised to know that Bonza guys are active on other marijuana forums and other marijuana-related websites. They solve people’s queries and doubts there.

If you are interested in reading more about this awesome marijuana seed bank, don’t miss reading the in-depth Bonza Seeds review below.



The reputation of Bonza Seed Bank

People on the internet support and speak in favor of Bonza seeds bank.

By providing good great customer service and high-quality cannabis seeds, they have won over the hearts of the buyers.

Mainly, this seed bank will be suited to people who like to grow a lot of different marijuana strains on their own. They even have a wide variety of marijuana strains, which is another reason why people love this seed bank.

Read below what some of the customers of Bonza seeds have to say in their reviews:

Bonza Seed Bank Review – Lower Than Average Marijuana Prices

History of Bonza Seed Bank

Bonza seed bank started in 2009, and since then they have come a long way and increased their production to high levels.

What we love about this UK based marijuana seed bank is that they provide buyers with a choice of buying in bulk for their commercial operations of in small quantities if they are growing marijuana indoors at home.

Although compared to other seeds bank who have 25+ years of experience in marijuana breeding and seed selling, this comparatively new Bonza seed bank with 10 years of experience is walking tall with them.

Bonza Online Store Website

The website of Bonza Seeds is really clutter-free and simple to use for anyone.

They have a huge list of different types breeders on one side, and current top seller strains on the other side.

The homepage of the website lists all the cannabis strains which are recommended by them along with a list of all the newcomers as well.

Very handy, right?

A very simple menu bar on the top shows liked button to FAQ’s, Freebies, Support, and Shipping menus.

Additionally, they even have a currency converter on their website, which can be used to convert various currencies like GBP, CAD, USD, AUD, and EUR.

Quality of Cannabis Strain Seeds

Bonza Seeds is not directly involved in maintaining a high-quality standard for all of the seeds they sell.

They source their seeds from hundreds of different marijuana breeders and seed banks, so what they get is not in their hands all the time.

Despite that, all the breeders associated with bonza seeds do have their own inspections to keep the quality of marijuana seeds always high.

Why should you buy from Bonze seeds bank then?

Well, imagine you have a favorite breeder, and they don’t ship out their marijuana seeds to individuals or in your country. What do you do then? Well, then comes the Bonza seeds, they can source the seeds for you and then they can send it out to wherever you live.

Amazing, isn’t it?

People who have bought from Bonza seeds have given them very high ratings for getting only the fresh and good quality seeds.

Bonza Strains Variety

This is one of the biggest marijuana seeds bank right now on the internet. They have stocked up more than 2500 cannabis strains in their labs.

You would get tired of looking at them if you went reading the name of every marijuana strain!

The most famous brand seeds that you can shop on Bonza seeds are:

  • G-3 Labs
  • Paradise Seeds
  • Sensi Seeds
  • Cali Connection
  • Barney’s Farm
  • Dutch Passion
  • BC Bud Depot
  • And many more

You can get feminized seeds, regular seeds, autoflowering seeds and all others from their online shop. They have a great mix and match scheme where you can buy various different strains together.

The following are some of the best sellers on Bonza Seeds Shop.

Bonza Seeds Bank’s Blog

Love reading about marijuana strains?

Well, you are going to love Bonza Seed Bank Blog!

Their blog has articles and reviews about many different types of marijuana strains. These reviews include every detail about the marijuana strain that you can look up before purchasing to get a feel of what kind of marijuana strain it is.

The reviews include things like the taste, smell, effects, growing timing, medical benefits, adverse effects, etc. of a marijuana strain.

Germination Guarantee

When you order your marijuana seeds and sow them, and then what if they do not germinate?

Bonza seeds give out germination guarantee!

If you get your seeds and you do everything right, even after that if the seeds do not germinate, then you can contact bonza seeds, and they will replace the bad seeds for free.

Isn’t that really impressive?

Now you can buy seeds and don’t have to be stressful about getting bad seeds that do not grow.

Shipping Price & Arrival Timings

Bonza seeds sell and ship their awesome marijuana seeds all around the globe.

You will not ger free delivery on your orders, and the prices are as follows:

  • UK Shipping
    • Possum – Tracked and signed – £3.99 – 2 to 3 days
    • Kangaroo – Tracked and signed – £4.99 – 1 to 2 days
    • Flying Fox – Tracked and signed – £9.99 – Next Day
  • EU Shipping
    • Tracked and Signed – £10 – 10 to 30 days
    • Tracked, Stealth and signed – £15 – 6 to 10 days
  • North & South America Shipping
    • Tracked and Signed – £10 – 10 to 30 days
    • Tracked, Stealth and signed – £15 – 6 to 10 days
  • Oceania Shipping
    • Extra Stealth and No Tracking – £8.99 – 12 to 14 days
    • Tracked and signed – £10 – 10 days
    • Tracked and Extra Stealth – £15 – 6 to 10 days
  • Everywhere Else Shipping
    • Tracked and Signed – £10 – 10 to 30 days
    • Tracked, Extra Stealth and signed – £15 – 8 to 12 days

The stealth parcel is one of the best options out there to hide your seeds from everybody. If you choose the stealth options, Bonza Seed Bank will send out seeds well hidden inside things which are of everyday use like t-shirts and pens.

No once opening the parcel will know that there are seeds inside it, they will just see that everyday item, and you will be safe.

Additionally, they also provide shipping guarantee as well. If your parcel is intercepted or it gets lost somewhere, then they will send out a new one for no extra cost at all.

Remarkable, yeah?

Are the seeds safe inside the parcel?

Your marijuana seeds are not going to get any kind of damage when in transit. The reason for that is that Bonza Seeds have their own SeedPod packaging system.

These packages are specially designed to keep the cannabis seeds very safe and fresh. You don’t have to worry about damages at all.

Even though, if your parcel does get damaged during the transit, then make sure you inform them within 2 days. Send them photos of the damaged packaging, and interior packaging as well.

After that, they will review your order and send out a refund or a new parcel.

Discreet Parcel?

All the parcels that go out from Bonza seeds are carefully packed so that there are no signs of marijuana or anything related to marijuana on the parcel.

You will get a very plain looking parcel with only senders and return address on top of it.

What are the different Payment Methods?

When it comes to paying them, they, unfortunately, do not have as many options as other seed banks.

You can pay by Bitcoins, Visa cards or Master Cards.

Latest Offers and Discounts

They have lower prices for their products, and on top of that, they do offer promotions and discounts regularly. Make sure to check out their promotions and sales page to see what they have going on now.

At the time of writing this review, Bonza Seeds have an offer which gives you free 4 seeds when you spent over £40.

Keep checking the promotions page so that you do not miss any offers.

Is Bonza Seed Bank’s Customer Services good?

The guys at the customer service department of Bonza seeds are really helpful when you go to them with your queries and questions.

Additionally, they are also active in other popular marijuana forums as well. You can contact them there as well. If you go to their FAQ page, we are sure you will get the answer to your question.

The FAQ page has a huge database of all the questions along with their solutions.

If you still do not get your answer, then you can chat with them on their website and ask questions.

Last Words

Bonza seeds is a great place to buy marijuana seeds. They have a great variety of breeders and strains on their shop online.

Buying a few seeds of different kinds of strain is really efficient when using Bonza seeds. You can even order in bulk as well.

The website is also very easy to use with a list of all the Expert breeders no the homepage.

Overall, this is a great place to order marijuana seeds if you can wait a little while for the delivery. If you need to ask any questions or need advice, then you can either use the comments box, or you can contact us directly, we would be glad to help out.

Have a nice day!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I place an order from any country?

Bonza Seed Bank ships marijuana seeds to every country where it is allowed. Regardless, they advise you to verify your country and state regulations to ensure that you may legally acquire the things we sell. All items offered on the website are legal in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Is Bonza seed bank safe?

Bonza Seeds offers exceptional customer service, a large selection of seeds, beautiful promotions and discounts, and an extensive collection of free online growing information for beginners and expert growers. On the other hand, their seed quality is outstanding (backed by a germination guarantee!).

Where are bonza seeds manufactured?

The company Bonza Seeds is situated in the United Kingdom.

Is the bonza seeds a trusted seed bank?

Yes, Bonza Seeds is a trustworthy seed bank from which to order strains from other seed banks.

What payment methods are accepted by bonza seeds?

Credit cards, Bitcoins, bank transfers, cash, Delta payments, and the Neteller e-wallet are all accepted at Bonza Seeds.

Do bonza seeds ship globally?

Yes, Bonza Seeds ships internationally. However, they urge customers to thoroughly consider the regulations of their respective nations before placing a purchase.

Do the bonza seeds ship discreetly?

Yes, Bonza Seeds ships in discreet neutral packaging. The container is equally crushproof and bears no indication of the contents.

How Do You Germinate Seeds?

When you immerse the seeds in water for up to 72 hours in the dark, they will germinate. When it begins to display a tail, place it in loose soil with fertilizer. Keep it bright and moist, and a seedling will emerge.

What are the famous brand seeds we can get from Bonza seeds?

Bonza seeds collect seeds from various reputed brands. Following are some major brands you will find in Bonza Seed bank.
Dutch Passion
G-3 Labs
Sensi Seeds
Paradise Seeds
BC Bud Depot
Cali Connection
Barney’s Farm

What is the most reliable seed bank?

ILGM  is the most premium and reliable seed bank. Others are Seedsman, Crop King Seeds, MSNL.

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