Growers Choice Seeds Review 2024 – Most Reliable?

Want to be in on the trend and learn how good Growers Choice seeds are? In this Growers Choice Seeds review, you won’t just have the good and the bad — as enthusiasts ourselves, and we will take your hand and walk you through everything you need to know about this seed bank for you to find it fast and easy to decide whether or not it is a fit for you.

Don’t have the luxury of time to read this entire review? Don’t worry. I got you!

Growers Choice Seeds is one of those seed banks you would know at the top of your head that is your first option for common and standard strains and seeds. However, their library of cannabis seeds isn’t that vast, and they are yet to establish a better and stronger customer service department.

Growers Choice Seeds Review

Growers Choice Seeds History


Growers Choice Seeds is a company based and established in California and started out as a team of horticultural and medical experts with over 20 years of experience in the cannabis seed industry.

When they started, their main focus was to offer marijuana seeds to people in and around the country, catering only to United States customers. But now, they have expanded and opened their seed bank to countries in Europe, too!

They are such a focused seed bank that they’re offering a ton of options for cannabis seeds. As the company claims, they’re offering the best and highest quality cannabis seeds with top-tier, safe, and secure delivery.

Currently, they offer their products only in a few European countries.

Overall, they’ve grown to be one of the best and top seed banks you can work with if you plan to buy cannabis seeds online!

Growers Choice Seeds Review 2024

For this review, we will do our best to separate and categorize each part so that you’ll be able to understand it easier, faster, ad more conveniently.

Nearly all online reviews about Grower’s Choice Seeds are the same, not to mention all popular seed banks. But, in this review, you’ll receive brutally honest feedback about everything from how their website, customer service, product quality, and versatility to shipping, delivery, and many other factors!

Website Quality

First things first — what is the first thing you’ll see and encounter when you decide to purchase from Growers Choice Seeds? — Their website, right?

Website User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX)

From the beginning, their website is easy to use and straightforward. You’re opened with all the categories of cannabis seeds you’re looking for. Everything’s categorized, and everything is arranged.

Apart from seed selection, at the top of the webpage, you’ll see other categories such as cannabis grow advice, wholesale cannabis seeds, their blog, and the website contact form.

It is truly a sight for sore eyes, especially if you are the type of grower or breeder who wants everything fast and quickly.

Website Navigation

When it comes to navigation, I don’t have any negative comments about it. All links redirected me to where it’s supposed to point me; everything was offered and presented neatly, and the font was easy to read.

Overall, the website has been planned extremely well and falls perfectly into the category that both US and Canadian customers are looking for.

Seed Quality

Seed Quality

One of the most important, probably the most crucial things to look for in a cannabis seed bank would be the quality of their products — the quality of seeds.

As much as we all wish to find banks that only offer premium products, a lot of online shops and stores right now offer more seeds without thinking about quality.

Luckily, Growers Choice Seeds is a stranger to that. Out of the many different seed banks we have experienced (and I, personally), their seeds have been far superior to seeds offered by other seed banks.

A ton of growers and breeders rated Growers Choice Seeds to have the best and highest quality in the industry. This rating has been consistent for the past decade.

According to the company, all seeds are carefully and thoroughly examined, assessed, and handpicked by cannabis seeds experts and professionals to ensure that everything will be kept at the best and highest quality possible.

Furthermore, Growers Choice Seeds have standards in place that they aim to meet. It is known that they replace seeds that do not meet their standards, replacing them with a different set every single time.

Cannabis Seeds and Strains Selection

Cannabis Seeds and Strains Selection

The second most important factor to consider when choosing a seed bank would be the flexibility and versatility of its products. For example, who would want to work and choose a seed bank that only has a handful of cannabis seeds?

Growers Choice Seeds is famous for the wide variety of seeds they offer to their clients. They take pride in being one of the most open-minded seed banks as they support growers, breeders, and enthusiasts with the genetics and innovations they have with seeds.

A few years back, Growers Choice Seeds offered less than the majority of seed banks in terms of strain category and selection. However, just recently, they’ve offered an awful lot of cannabis strains and seeds!

Growers Choice Seeds offers plenty of options if you are looking for feminized seeds, auto-flowering cannabis seeds, and even high CBD varieties, all available for purchase!

NOTE: Don’t worry; all of the seeds you can get from Growers Choice are, by default, all feminized — if they’re not part of the auto-flowering varieties they have! You wouldn’t bother worrying about where to get them — they offer a germination guarantee!

Customer Service

As an American company, Growers Choice Seeds places high value on customer experience more than anything else. The customer service agents of the company have been trained to respond accordingly to various inquiries and concerns regarding the products they’re selling, as well as other things related or connected to it.

Customer Experience

Not only is their customer service department top-notch, but they are also flexible and versatile! They even ship to other countries, so if you’re not from the U.S., you can ask them about it!

They pride themselves in being a popular seed bank that prioritizes their customers ALWAYS. You can contact them using many different means, they will respond as fast as they can, and they have a section for these types of questions, too.

Blogs and Bits of Advice

Growers Choice is a customer-centered business wherein they care more about their clients than other banks. One reason why I think of it as legitimate is the fact that they have blogs and articles written to help and assist their clients in getting what they need and want exactly.

You can find a lot of US, European, and Canadian customers inquiring and asking about how to do this and that — as well as concerning other things, and they already have written pieces of literature for it.

Growers Choice Seeds Reviews

You’ll find a ton of different reviews for Growers Choice; whether it’s about how their website is built and put up, how much effort they’ve put in widening their selection to how vast their auto-flowering seeds, feminized seeds, and high CBD seeds are, you will find a ton of reviews and feedback on the internet about it!

A lot of people rejoice in the fact that Growers Choice Seeds is situated and based in California. It’s a lot easier for everyone because their products won’t go through the hassle of freight, shipment, and other things that are related to the shipment.

Rates and Prices

Whether you are a business owner or a regular consumer, what is one of the first things you try to look for when you’re buying a product? A lot of growers and breeders (both residential and commercial) try to look for rates and prices that are not only within their scope of the budget but also in terms of what they’re offering.

Growers Choice is a seed bank that you can absolutely trust and bank on to have decently priced seeds. You won’t have problems and trouble finding low-priced deals for seeds when you choose Growers Choice Seeds.

Discounts and Promotions

As good as they are, Growers Choice Seeds is not a company that’s known and famous for always having discounts and promotions like offering free seeds, getting exclusive discounts, and many more.

They have, however, a loyalty program that I, as well as other people, deeply appreciate. This loyalty program is open to everyone — for seasonal or standard users, in-house breeders, as well as commercial growers, breeders, and cultivators.

Growers Choice Seeds is a considerate seed bank, though, and they are in the process of continuously improving their discounts and promotional offers. Who knows? In a few weeks, months, or even the next year, they might have a special offer where they give out free cannabis seeds to their loyal customers!



Being one of the first and oldest dispensary banks in the market, it is safe to say that they have encountered a lot of hiccups on the road. And from there, they learned and tried perfecting their craft — and one of their solutions would be to build a shipping and delivery system that is smooth, flawless, and seamless.

Growers Choice makes sure that your seeds arrive in their best and pristine conditions for you not have any trouble with them.

Shipping Costs

This is where the slight misconception might be. Because of the fact that Growers Choice improved, developed, and reinforced their shipping and delivery procedures, you might find it to be subtly higher and more expensive than other shops and dispensaries.

This won’t be a problem if you are based in the U.S., as the delivery or shipping rates start at a standard fee of $9.95. For Canadian customers, this rate starts at $14.95, and for other countries (Europe), it is $30.

Worldwide Shipping

Grower’s Choice Seeds are shipped to many different parts of the world. However, they’re only currently known to ship in certain countries in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand (of course, after the U.S. and Canada).

Free Delivery

Another thing I didn’t like about Growers Choice is the fact that their high minimum order value. The company offers free delivery, but in order to be eligible for this, your order should not be less or cheaper than $500.

They are one of the banks that have a high free-shipping minimum, and that’s one of the things you need to note.

Shipping Times

The average shipping time Grower’s Choice offers is actually considerate in terms of where you are ordering. Now, it’s pretty clear that they are almost offering worldwide shipping, but the timings of when they deliver actually depend on where you are.

In the U.S., delivery is so active as most purchases can be received within 7 days, but a maximum of ten (10) days is said. Customers in Canada have a maximum of 14 days to wait, and all others have up to 25 days.

Overall Reliability

Last and most definitely not least is their overall reliability as a seed bank. Grower’s Choice has grown fond of a lot of eyes on their business, and so, they admitted that in order to avoid seed confiscation, as well as protect your products, they have your orders under stealth packaging.

Incorrect Products

The company is also pro-customers, as they easily perform replacement seeds if a client gives feedback that they’ve gotten the wrong seeds from their purchase. They know that people who buy seeds are oftentimes intricate when it comes to kind, type, and form.

Germination Guarantee

This is a guarantee that if you buy seeds from a company, you can expect your seeds germinated seamlessly and flawlessly. Whether you’re dealing with auto-flowering plants or regular (standard ones), they should germinate.

This was one of the least things I liked about Growers Choice Seeds. For you to be eligible for their germination guarantee, you need to purchase at least two seeds, and you need to do it within 60 days from the date you purchased them.

So, that’s everything for Growers Choice Seeds! If you want to guarantee seed quality, cheap and affordable rates, and even a wide variety of seeds, Growers Choice can be your go-to seed bank!

Pros of Grower’s Choice Seeds

Here’s a quick list of the benefits and advantages of choosing Growers Choice Seeds:

  • Grower’s Choice is based in the U.S., making shipping and delivery cheap and easy.
  • Their rates and prices are competitive and cheap compared to other seed banks.
  • They have great and reasonable shipping times for their shipments and delivery.
  • They accept many different forms of payment (payment by mail, BitCoin (BTC), Zelle, VISA, and Mastercard).
  • Growers Choice Seeds offers a 90% germination guarantee, so long as you are eligible for it.
  • They have a wide range of feminized and autoflowering strains from the typical northern lights, Jack Herer, Critical Mango, Moby Dick, Blue Haze, and many more!
  • They have stealth packaging, protecting your orders from any type of mishap that could possibly happen.
  • Growers Choice Seeds openly advertise discounts, promotions, rewards, and programs that they hold.
  • They have excellent customer service representatives and procedures.

Cons of Grower’s Choice Seeds

On the other end of the spectrum, here’s a list of the cons or drawbacks you might want to consider!

  • One of the main drawbacks they have is the expensive free delivery minimum of $500.
  • Their shipping timing can be long and difficult if you are in a hurry, as other banks have faster and more flexible times.
  • They have fewer-than-expected reviews on several forums and websites.

Overall, in my opinion, the pros and benefits outweigh the cons and drawbacks hard. No matter how bad you think they are when it comes to their cons, their benefits and pros are surely more important and more crucial than them.

What Makes Cannabis Seed Banks Good?

There are a lot of factors affecting the overall greatness and reliability of cannabis banks. Out of all these factors, the following ones are what’s considered by many breeders are the following.

Website Information and Ease of Navigation

When purchasing online, the website is one of the main enemies of most customers. Websites that are hard to read and navigate are often closed. The website must be easy on the eyes, properly set up, and made for beginners.

You know what they say, a 10-year-old must be able to navigate through the website smoothly for it to be labeled and tagged as “easy.”

Furthermore, since not all growers, cultivators, and breeders are knowledgeable about everything about cannabis seeds, so, a website that has all the relevant information on each particular seed would be extremely helpful in this regard.

Product Freshness

Freshness and quality aren’t the same thing — freshness is newness, while quality is like how potent, how effective, how rare, or how comprehensive your products are. Banks that always have fresh stock are the ones that are patronized more.

Think of it like a restaurant — would you be willing to go back to a restaurant after finding out that their produce aren’t fresh and delivered daily? Product freshness is important, especially in cannabis, because how seeds are treated reflects how potent, effective, and good quality they are.

Quality of Seeds

When shopping for marijuana seeds, it’s important that you know that they are top quality. You will find many banks that give free seeds, but don’t expect these seeds to be at best and at the top of the quality you’re looking for.

You need to learn how to scout and check for good-quality autoflower seeds, feminized cannabis seeds, male plants, or even replacement seeds, so you don’t get ripped off! Grower’s Choice has some advice for that on their website!

Wide Seed Selection

Seed quality is one thing, but the library of available seeds is another. A seed bank that has a good inventory of marijuana seeds is a company you can trust and “bank on.” The reason for this is that you would know how experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled they are in terms of handling both regular and high-quality seeds. The following are the seeds most banks and companies offer:

Feminized Seeds

These are the seeds that have either grown naturally or have been genetically engineered to grow buds or flowers. Many of these seeds are genetically modified and changed because there is only a 50% chance of seeds naturally produced to be females.

Auto Flowering Seeds

These are the cannabis seeds that don’t need changing or varying light cycles in order to produce buds and flowers, unlike the former. Some of the cons and drawbacks of these auto-flowering cannabis seeds include lower yields, lower THC content, and they have no time for recovery.

Medical Cannabis Seeds

Last and most certainly not least are the cannabis seeds that are typically and usually consumed for medical purposes. They’re considered the natural alternative to over-the-counter prescriptions and are patronized by many people because of how natural they are — they grow from the ground!

Try to find a seed bank that has everything from feminized and auto-flowering seeds to medical cannabis seeds and many more!

Fair Shipping Costs

Let’s not be hypocrites… We all love to hear low rates and prices in shipping, right? And who would patronize a business that has skyrocketing rates just for shipping? Part of the best traits of a seed bank is its partnerships and connections with courier, shipping, and freight companies.

Flexible Payment Methods

Flexible Payment Methods

Last and most definitely not least would be a seed bank’s flexibility in payment methods. Now, as most of us know (especially those that have been in the cannabis industry for quite some time now), most dispensaries and seed banks accept payment only via E-transfers, cash, or cryptocurrency.

However, you will now find a seed bank that accepts a wide array of payment methods, such as Zelle, VISA, and even Mastercard.

You might find all of these in a single seed bank or not. But, in all honesty, the best thing to go for would be to work and get products from a seed bank that has a reputation for being honest, clear, concise, and secure. You can get high-quality seeds, and you can always get fresh produce, but finding a bank that is honest? That’s rare.

Growers Choice is one of the banks that can give you the honesty we’re talking about, from how they will tell you that it is the last seed to whatever you need to know about the products you’re purchasing.


Not sure about the wholesale pricing of Growers Choice Seeds if it’s good for United States customers like you? Or is there other unclear information about it? Don’t worry; here are a few of the most asked questions revolving high-quality seeds!

What is the Most Reputable Seed Company?

When it comes to cannabis or marijuana, there are a ton of trusted, reliable, and reputable seed companies. However, what’s considered the best here in the United States are:

ILGM (I Love Growing Marijuana)
Crop King Seeds
Rocket Seeds
Seed City
Marijuana Seeds NL (MNSL)
Growers Choice Seeds

Do Commercial Growers Use Autoflowers?

Yes and no — let me explain.

Because of how easy and convenient they’re grown and taken care of, many amateurs choose auto-flowering plants. However, as they go further, they find it to have lesser and fewer yields and, therefore, not good enough for commercial cultivation.

Where Does Growers Choice Seeds Get Their Seeds?

Growers Choice Seeds work with many different in-house breeders that are in the U.S., Europe, as well as Canada.

What is the Typical Shipping Time to the U.S?

The average shipping time of orders within the country can take about 7 to 10 business days. Several users reported receiving it just within 7 days, but a maximum of 10 days is recommended.

Final Verdict

Overall, Growers Choice Seeds is a decent seed bank that gets most customers excited. They’re able to deliver to other countries, and therefore, they have many customers wanting their business; they are better than other seed banks in terms of customer service, and their shipping costs aren’t rip-offs.

I would personally say, in this Growers Choice Seeds review, that the seed bank is one that I would highly recommend. If you’re looking for regular cannabis seeds, high-CBD medical seeds, and even replacement seeds, they’re the ones you can count on.

If you are part of the demographic of seed buyers who wants hassle last, go with Growers Choice Seeds! They have a few of the best cannabis seeds you can ever get in the market, and they are flexible in terms of shipment!

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