Greenpoint Seeds Review 2024 [My Experience] Is It Legit?

A lot of Greenpoint Seeds reviews out all over the web fail to give you real and concrete information about this seed bank. Instead, they give you the surface, which is what most reviews are supposed to tell you, but they fail to teach you everything you need to know, which is first-hand experience.

Not only are you going to learn who Greenpoint Seeds is, but you will also be enlightened on factual information about them. From checking the Greenpoint seeds website quality, shipping times to seed quality, the variety of strains they offer, and many more!

If you ask me which one is the most reliable cannabis seed bank, then it’s none other than ILGM! Far more reliable than Greenpoint! Visit the official website:

Who is Greenpoint Seeds?


Greenpoint Seeds is one of the first and more popular cannabis seed banks in the United States. Founded by Gu, he developed his passion for the cannabis industry and started to dive deep more into the entire process.

If you’re wondering whether it’s a dispensary or a seed bank, it is the latter, and they’re ultimately developing more and more marijuana seeds to offer cultivators, growers, and cannabis enthusiasts.

When Was Greenpoint Seeds Established?

It was established back in 2014 with the mission to offer high-quality cannabis seeds to people at decent rates. Gu, the Founder of Greenpoint Seeds, however, brought light into the industry back in 2006.

Is Greenpoint Seeds a Legit Seed Bank?

Is Greenpoint Seeds a Legit Seed Bank

Yes, Greenpoint Seeds is a legitimate seed bank offering a wide array of cannabis seeds, from regular and feminized seeds to autoflowering and indica-hybrid seeds, and many more!

They are part of the pioneers of the cannabis seed bank industry and many cultivars and experts rated them as a trustworthy seed bank.

Greenpoint Seeds Review in 2024

For this review, we will be tackling everything about Greenpoint Seeds! Buckle up and be ready, as everything will be talked about from “A to Z!”

Website Quality and Navigation

Website Quality and Navigation

When you want to know more about Greenpoint Seeds, what do you access first? — their website. So, it’s just right that we discuss how their website. To be straight and direct, their website was so easy-to-use and navigate.

It has the categories and buttons all in the right places, making it easy for visitors and users to navigate through it.

The homepage has everything; it has a dropdown of all the different types of cannabis seeds, the FAQ section, their blog, and many others!

As some type of a bonus, at the bottom part of the site, they even have a What Goes Into Our Genetics area where they have a list of all the different, amazing genetics and strains they have!

Website is a 10 out of 10, in my opinion; when you buy cannabis seeds, you don’t need to know everything about cannabis, seed banks, or any other factor, because their website is easy-to-understand and is set up nicely.

Seed Quality

Seed Quality

The quality of the seeds will depend on quite a few factors, the strongest ones, however, revolve around:

  • Breeder;
  • Condition of breeding; and
  • If they germinate

Greenpoint Seeds’ breeder is Heisenbeans, a renowned cannabis breeder who also happens to be a tattoo artist, giving him his intricate attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Years back, Heisennbeans and Gu (Green Point Founder) formed a partnership. This is what helped Greenpoint Seeds develop newer, better, and higher-quality regular and feminized seeds.

Based on reviews and feedback from their customers, personal experience, and cannabis enthusiasts, the quality of their seeds is top-notch. Not only are they grown in the correct environment, but they are also a company that guarantees flowers in your garden 100% of the time.

Strain Selection

Strain Selection

Next up would be by checking the selection of strains they have. Have you ever been into a shop, and the model or unit you’re looking for is not there? That’s frustrating, right? That is also the case with other seed banks here in the USA and other parts of the world.

A lot of times, customers get frustrated by the selection of cannabis seeds that these seed banks have. Not Greenpoint Seeds, though, as they have a wide array of cannabis seed options to choose from! If you are a customer and you want to look through a big library of strain categories or a variety of plants in your indoor grow area, this seed bank will never leave you disappointed.

If you’re looking for straight-up genetics, specific strains, or other particular factors, GPS is the perfect market for you!

Customer Service

Customer Service

Out of the many different reviews and feedback given by customers, they always say one thing — Greenpoint Seeds’ customer service is exceptional.

Most of the operators and agents here work with us, so if you want detailed information about how these seeds grow, how many weeks it will take, or an example of what should be done for them to grow without risk, they will be able to help you!

As per the company, they make it to the point that they train these people in order for them to give the best possible customer experience to clients and customers 100% of the time. Many people found this awesome and something that really gives value to their money.


Just like a few of its competitors, Greenpoint Seeds gives this deal of a 7-business day receiving of the order.

One thing we, and for sure many people didn’t like about their shipping schedule is that they hold order processing during weekends and holidays. Make sure you place the order during weekdays.

Their packaging is fire; it’s sent via USA regular mail and is discreetly packed. As per the company, they write GPS on the envelope for extra security and privacy.

Overall, they have fast shipping if you’re in the USA, but if you are in another part of the globe, it might take a while for your purchase to complete and come through.

Payment Options

Payment Options

Payment is one of the few strengths that GPS has over some seed banks. They accept credit cards, debit cards, and other forms of payment like cryptocurrency. Currently, the crypto they’re accepting are Dogecoin, Litecoin, and, of course, Bitcoin.

Germination Guarantee

This is also a big strength they have over their competitors because they don’t just do shipping wherever you are; it also has a germination guarantee! Because of the high-quality seeds they sell, they’re not afraid to give this guarantee to their clients!


For the last bit, of course, let’s talk about the camaraderie that has been built within and around of Greenpoint Seeds. Anybody who has ever tried to shop for seeds from the company can attest to them being a holistically improving and developing seed bank.

Unlike other seed banks, they’re responsive to inquiries, they’re able to get customers answers to their queries and concerns, and they have growers on speed dial in case they need to!

Overall, the business is one of the best companies you can go to if you’re looking for high-quality cannabis seeds. They have common and regular strains, exotic strains, as well as rare strains that you won’t find from others!


If you’re still confused as to whether or not you’ll try Greenpoint Seeds out, here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about it!

Where Do Greenpoint Seeds Operate?

Gu became enthusiastic about the industry and then moved from Florida to Denver, Colorado, in 2013 in order to keep up with the then strength of the cannabis seeds market in the said state. One (1) year after his move, he founded one of the most-trustworthy cannabis seed banks in Colorado.

Is Greenpoint Seeds Any Good?

Yes, in fact, Greenpoint’s customer-base look at them as the best and most effective seed bank because of the wide variety of seeds and strains, as well as the level of customer service they offer.

What Are the Available Cannabis Seeds From Greenpoint Seeds?

Greenpoint Seeds have in its arsenal a wide library of strains and genetics. Many growers choose them because of the variation, as well as the guaranteed germination of their seed pack. Among its many strains, the following ones are what’s considered the best:

Emerald Triangle
Fire OG
Florida OG
Bubba Kush
Northern Lights
Orange Cookies
And Many More!

Would You Try Out Greenpoint Seeds?

If you ever find yourself looking for cannabis seeds and you don’t have the slightest idea where to get high-quality ones, look back at this post and learn everything you need to learn about the company.

You’ll find one too many Greenpoint Seeds reviews out there in the market, but do they really know the ins and outs of the cannabis industry as we do?

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