Greenpoint Seeds Review 2022 [My Experience] Is It Legit?

Are you striving to shop high-grade marijuana seeds with modern strains, germination guarantee, discreet shipping, and amazing customer support?

Well, Colorado-based Greenpoint Seeds is one of the best seed banks in the USA for you. Explore the Greenpoint Seeds review that I’ve furnished after my first-hand experience with the store.

With an impressive range of marijuana seeds, exotic strains, fast-shipping, and great membership discounts, Greenpoint Seeds has emerged as the leading seed bank for many US cannabis customers.

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Greenpoint Seeds Review 2022

Greenpoint Seeds review

Is Greenpoint Seeds a Legit Seed Bank?

Many users have reported Greenpoint Seeds as a reliable source of premium quality cannabis seeds. The company is based in Colorado, USA, and runs an online webstore to facilitate a wide range of weed seeds.

When checking the legitimacy, the first thing we see is its review on different online portals. Surprisingly, Greenpoint Seeds has earned 4.8-star ratings out of 5 on Trustpilot among more than 400 users. 

Impressive, right?

Many users have reported receiving high yields after cultivating Greenpoint cannabis seeds. They are also praised for their apt customer service as and when the customer needed. 

The website looks professional, and the detailed information on shipping, payment, company information, and other essential things show their commitment to serve customers. 

Even I have ordered some high-THC feminized seeds and had a great experience growing them. In addition, I got a discount too when my order exceeds $300.

I had a great shopping experience with Greenpoint Seeds!

Having analyzed all these factors, I can say that Greenpoint Seeds is definitely a legit and go-to seed bank for US customers. I highly recommend users order their seeds from GPS. 

Selection of Strains

Greenpoint Seeds stands out as they offer premium strains at affordable prices. Many happy users have reported me of having high yields from their regular and feminized seeds. 

The best part?

Greenpoint Seeds is an online brand that procures its seeds from top breeders in the industry. Genetics like Stardawg stud strains are the specialty of Greenpoint Seeds. 

I was skeptical about trusting this seed bank at first, but when I purchased MACdawg and Holy Smoke strains, I got pure and amazing genetics that get me outstanding yields.

Even JJ-NYC has praised Stardawg marijuana varieties in a classic report with High Times. Some of the most demanded Stardawg male strains are being sold on the Greenpoint Seeds store. When the brand introduced its “Wild West Series” strains, they disrupted the competition greatly.

Have a look at the variety of strains available at Greenpoint Seeds.

However you want to decorate your garden, and whatever is your growing expertise, Greenpoint has something to offer for everyone.

Greenpoint Seeds Website

I love the design and simplicity of the Greenpoint Seeds website. It’s easy to navigate, and you can search for almost anything from the homepage itself. 

Along with the search box, you can directly jump to any of the following categories.

What is more interesting is the company utilizes the left column by exhibiting its “Strain of the Week.” As of writing, the current strain of the week is Dunkaroos.  

At the bottom, you will get to know the company’s reputation through Trustpilot user reviews, rated 4.8/5 based on 448 user reviews. 

Footer shows all social media profiles of the brand. You can follow them and get informed and entertained by recent posts. If you have any questions regarding payment, shipping, or discounts, explore the well-written FAQ section

Overall, a well-placed search box, product filters, customized theme, and valuable information help Greenpoint earn the trust of a worthy user base. The website looks professional, and it’s a charm to shop from this online store.

Greenpoint Seeds Prices

Nearly 150 strains are available in the Greenpoint Seeds online store. Usually, you would find a seed pack priced at around $85. Some regular seeds Most regular seeds cost between $60 to $80. 

If you go for Animal Cookies, it ranges somewhere around $100 to $130. The famous MACdawg strain, crossed between Miracle Alien Cookies and Stardawg, is mostly available at about $147. 

Other popular Stardawg varieties range between $60 to $80; enjoy growing some of these outstanding weeds. All in all, every product on Greenpoint Seeds has a price range between $60 to $150.

Greenpoint has created tiers for all registered users. If you buy $15 worth of seeds, you are qualified to get a 2% discount on your order. It’s the first tier named the bronze category.

Likewise, the structure of membership levels is as follows.

Bronze Members: Spend $15+ = 2% off each order.

Silver Members: Spend $250+ = 4% off each order.

Gold Members: Spend $700+ = 8% off each order.

Diamond Members: Spend $2000+ = 20% off each order. 

If you become a diamond member, you will be the first to get the latest product information and get exclusive access to all new deals.

Interestingly, you can get a 50% instant discount on promotional days. And after that, your membership level discount will be applied. Thus, you can save as much as 60% on your total order amount. 

Very well planned!

You can visit the My Account page to view the status of your membership level. Therefore, it’s necessary to create your account on the website, then you can login and access your membership.

Besides, note that you will not be eligible to get a discount if you pay using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. 

Modes of Payment:

The company accepts various modes of payment. Feel comfortable paying through your desired payment method as the webstore accepts cash, credit or debit cards, cheques, and money orders.

Moreover, the company also accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and several other cryptocurrencies!

Alternatively, you can pay them using credit or debit cards using the company’s MESH network. The company recommends using Google Chrome to use MESH when paying through credit or debit cards. FLEX Gold is another option for credit and debit card payments.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that PayPal, Venmo, or CashApp payment methods are not available at the moment. Besides, send cash via mail with caution as the company will not refund your money if it is lost in transit.

Shipping and Discreetness:

The company processes your order the following day of receiving your payment. However, they will not process and ship on weekends and holidays.

Generally, you will get your package at your doorstep within 2 to 10 business days. For this fast service, they use USPS mail that’s a professional delivery service. You will also get a tracking number to track your parcel.

While the company has a headquarter in Colorado, USA, Greenpoint Seeds seed bank ships all products worldwide. If you reside in the USA, you will enjoy fast, efficient, and discreet delivery from the brand.

You can track your shipment under the “Orders” page in My Account after login. Rest assured that they will ship discreetly to keep your secrecy intact.

Customer support:

Lots of users have praised Greenpoint Seeds for its quality of products as well as customer service. Many users have given this seed bank a 5-star rating on several review platforms.

The 4.8/5 average ratings on Trustpilot itself resemble its professionalism. The website is undoubtedly the best source of information on various topics. Still, they have given us a valid contact number and email to contact them and get our queries resolved.

Every genuine query gets a proper response from the customer support executive. Whether it’s growing, strain information, shipping, payment methods, or anything, you will be satisfied with the support team after engaging with them.


  • Strong and new Stardawg genetics 
  • Discussion forum and blog
  • Member levels discounts
  • Reasonable price
  • Amazing informative website
  • Worldwide shipping
  • 4.8/5 ratings on Trustpilot


  • Lack of autoflower strains
  • Very few landrace Sativa and Indica available

Final Words on Greenpoint Seeds:

In my opinion, Greenpoint Seeds surprises all and catches our attention by proving itself a pioneer in the cannabis seeds industry. Not only does it earn top ranking but also leading the market with its sterling reputation.

It’s no doubt GPS got so many positive ratings and reviews on Trustpilot and other platforms. With a decent webstore, exotic and appealing strains, worldwide shipping, member-level deals, and a customer-friendly team, Greenpoint Seeds excels at all fronts.

While you’ve to wait for weeks to get your package from foreign dispensaries, ordering your marijuana seeds from GPS could save you a lot of time. If you live in the USA, make Greenpoint Seeds your preferred choice of seed bank, and you can never go wrong.

Enjoy shopping with Greenpoint Seeds!

FAQs on Greenpoint Seeds:

Is Greenpoint Seeds a legit seed bank?

Yes, Greenpoint Seeds is a legit and top-rated seed bank situated in Colorado state of the USA. 

What is Greenpoint Seeds famous for?

Greenpoint Seeds became popular when they started offering the Wild West series strains, which are hybrid strains crossed between Gu’s Stardawg stud phenotypes.

The demand for Stardawg strains is still at large among US customers. Other popular marijuana products of GPS are Purple Punch hybrids and Animal Cookies hybrids

Does Greenpoint Seeds store offer discreet shipping?

Yes, Greenpoint Seeds delivers all products discreetly. The company uses USPS mail with tracking to deliver your package.

You may get your package between 2 to 10 business days after order processing. Besides, you can track your order under the My Account option.

Does Greenpoint have a physical storefront?

No, all operations of Greenpoint Seeds are online. They do not operate a brick-and-mortar storefront for the public.

Which payment methods are accepted at Greenpoint Seeds?

Greenpoint Seeds accept payment via cash, cheques, money orders, credit cards, debit cards, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and many other cryptocurrencies.

You can also use the MESH secure network to pay using credit or debit cards.

Does Greenpoint Seeds offer worldwide shipping?

Yes, Greenpoint Seeds seed bank offers worldwide shipping, including all US states.

How does Member Level discount work at Greenpoint Seeds?

The Member Levels program of Greenpoint offers many levels of discounts for users of different tiers. You must be signed in to get benefits from this program. You will get discounted prices based on your level as follows: 

—> Bronze: spend $15+ = 2% off on each order
—> Silver: spend $250+ = 4% off on each order
—> Gold: spend $700+ = 8% off on each order
—> Diamond: spend $2000+ = 20% off on each order

Note that payments made through crypto do not qualify for this discount. You can use credit/debit cards, cash, money orders, and cheques to receive member-level discounts.

Who are the best seed breeders?

> Grandiflora Genetics.
> Green Bodhi.
> Jungle Boys.
> Sirius Seeds.
> Super Sativa Seed Club.
> Covert Genetics.
> Envy Genetics.
> Brothers Grimm Seeds.

What are the disadvantages of feminized seeds?

Feminized seeds are not suitable for seed production since they do not allow the growth of male plants.

Are Greenpoint Seeds a Trustworthy Cannabis Seed Bank?

Greenpoint Seeds is a legitimate cannabis seed bank, although they rarely provide the same quality or pricing as other seed banks. Greenpoint Seeds offers a diverse selection of cannabis seeds for purchase, although the quality of the seeds is uncertain. The seeds will grow well for some consumers but not for others. As a result, it is usually advised that you get cannabis seeds from a more recognized and trustworthy seed bank.

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